Classical Chinese Dance

My friend Maggie invited me to go with her to see a Classical Chinese Dance Performance; it was my first time. Being a dancer, dance instructor and choreographer, I enjoy watching the beauty and creativity of dance. It is inspiring.

The performance was magnificent! What a fantastic show! The dancers were skilled; acrobatic and powerful, graceful and dainty (typical of classical Chinese dance). Choreography was spectacular, costumes were fabulous, video scenery backdrops were magical! An enchanted evening!

I am wearing a black, loose knit, wrap top (which looks lacy). The skirt is creased satin (shiny copper) with a chiffon ruffle. The delicate, double-strand necklace was a Christmas gift.



About carmen

Beauty is only skin deep, but health goes deep to the bones. Money can buy designer clothes, but it can’t buy health.
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7 Responses to Classical Chinese Dance

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  2. jm says:

    The great dancer in a dance show, wearing a wonderful look. Skirt and top are spectacular. The interview for Chinese TV, too. LOL.


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  4. You both look so elegant! I’ve never seen a live dance performance like the one you described. I’d love to – it sounds fantastic.


  5. carmen says:

    Thank you Jeannie!! I have had that skirt for years and never worn it!!

    ❤ carmen


  6. gracefully50 says:

    Hi Carmen! The show sounds wonderful. You, my dear, look soooo elegant!


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