Memories are made of this

As another year comes to an end, I am feeling nostalgic, looking through pictures taken this past year and also ones from the last century! I’ve decided to post a few of my favourite photos of my brother Johnny and me (at least those I have on my computer).

A project for 2012: scan all my pictures; that should take a whole year.

carmen and Johnny


Left to right: me, my cousin Marion, Johnny and a friend


Me and Johnny


Johnny, me and Mom

Mom and Dad, Johnny and me

Old pictures make me smile as I reminisce. A flood of sweet memories fills my mind, precious moments captured forever.




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8 Responses to Memories are made of this

  1. j-m says:

    A post sweet, wonderful and tender, like you. In the seventh picture, I was born in 1957. So you were already a beautiful girl with a wonderful smile. Johnny’s smile was also beautiful.

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  2. Carmen says:

    Thank you, Barb!
    Hope you post some pics once you get them scanned.
    Thanks for stopping by!!



  3. Barb says:

    These are wonderful. I was just commenting to my husband that we needed to scan old photos and slides. I’m not sure how to start…or even if I’m up for it. Lot’s of memories in those boxes. Thanks for the nudge.


  4. Lucky Duck says:

    Carmen, this is a beautiful post. These photos are bringing tears to my eyes; they are so touching. Again, I am so sad for the loss of your brother, and I can’t even begin to imagine the healing you’ve had to go through. Thank you for opening up on your blog and sharing your story with us. Love to you, and wishes for a wonderful new year.


    • Carmen says:

      Thank you for taking some time to look at my little nostalgic photo album, Shannon!!

      I’m enjoying your stories: Paris, Disney World and the Mall of America. I’ve never been to Paris, but got to see it through your lens. Last time in Disney World was when Jean was a little girl, but Florida is on my calender for January! And shopping malls? Well, I practically live there!! I am happy to help keep the sales people employed and to keep the economy going.

      Love and all the best in 2012!!


      • Lucky Duck says:

        Hehe, the economy – yes! That’s what I’ll tell Mike… 😉

        It has been so much fun to get to know you through your blog and through the wonderful things Jean has shared with me. I hope to meet you in person sometime in the new year!


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