Time to hibernate … and call Maggie

I’m under the weather, taking time to rest and stay out of the cold. Thankfully, my dear friend and assistant, Maggie, can teach my classes while I recover and sip on echinacea tea with fresh squeezed lemon (vegetable soup is simmering). I’ll spend some time reminiscing of wonderful times we’ve shared.

For my dear and beautiful friend, Maggie!!

Maggie is elegant and I love her style. She has exquisite taste in everything from clothes to home decor! We both have a passion for fashion and enjoy shopping together. Whether it’s thrifting at local consignment shops and second-hand stores or shopping in Toronto, we always find something we like … and stop for a bite to eat at a sidewalk cafe, little coffee shops or vegetarian restaurants.

We also share the joy of dance together. Maggie is a beautiful dancer, with grace and poise, she encourages everyone to put in “feeling.” We never miss a chance to dance! Maggie has a dance studio in her house and we’ve spent many fun hours practicing dances for classes and workshops.

Gallery of some of our fun times together

I treasure your friendship and appreciate all your help in dance classes: assisting, teaching and taking my classes in my absence!!

I look forward to warm weather when we can sit outside and enjoy good times together!



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19 Responses to Time to hibernate … and call Maggie

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  2. popcosmo says:

    Feel better soon! This has just been the most awful, strange winter and it sounds like the worst of it got to you. But what a sweet post for your friend – I love how you turned the negative of your illness into such a positive for your friendship. What joy and what a delight to look through the moments you shared. Hope you have a quick recovery after indulging in some “you” time!!
    xo ~kim & chloe


  3. Hope you recover soon and this cold weather will change to spring in the near future. So cold here in Minnesota too. Lovely tribute to a friend. You two make a striking pair and I can imagine your dancing. It’s a wonderful to have a special person in one’s life that shares your passions!

    blue hue wonderland


  4. dan says:

    I do hope you will recover soon, Carmen! Bad weather is so boring…
    Dancing is a lovable way to stay fit and to have some fun! And to meet friends too!


  5. LFFL says:

    Oh, look at you, Miss Thing! You ladies look GORGEOUS! I love it. Feel better soon.


  6. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Get well soon, Carmen! Sweet people always get over their colds faster than the rest of us … it’s true! Lucky Maggie … lucky you!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you my dear Jan! So sweet of you, that means you get over colds super fast! I’m feeling somewhat better, cheery notes and well wishes do help! Plus my husband serves me echinacea tea with lemon juice.



  7. Maggie Li says:

    I’m thrilled with all the pictures and kind words of me you posted in your blog. I treasure your friendship so much too. I enjoy our girls days out as well, looking forward to do it again when the weather is nicer. Like the quote …never miss a chance to dance. Hope you are feeling better from your cold.
    From Maggie with LOVE !


    • carmen says:

      My dear friend Maggie!

      It was a pleasure to put this little album of memories together!! You are beautiful inside and out!! This is only a few of our photos and there are many more. A picture says a thousand words and each photo brings back such wonderful moments!

      Thank you for showing me all the nice thrift and consignment shops. I still want to take you to a new one I found.

      Come dance with me!!
      ♥ carmen


  8. utesmile says:

    I hope you are getting better. Love the photos, so full of life. Eat you greens it suits you too!


  9. I loved looking at all these pretty photos!! Get well soon Carmen! I wish I could drop by with some soup!


  10. josepmbadia says:

    Carmen, you look so happy and pleased with your friend and dance partner. It’s lovely to have a friend with whom to share the happy moments. The pictures are very beautiful and both are very stylish. The photos on your balcony, near the river, are always wonderful.


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