Instant Summer

Living in southern Ontario, winters can be dreary, cold and harsh, so we decided to go further south and have a rendezvous with our daughter, Jean who lives in Seattle. We haven’t seen each other since her last visit to Canada, summer 2010.

I saved time and money by packing only one small carry-on bag. The airline charges $30 to check in bags. This means a well-planned wardrobe, mixing and matching to get better mileage out of my outfits, is of utmost importance. No need to line up to check in a suitcase or the frustration of waiting for it afterward (and no possibility of it getting lost!).

First day in Florida: black cotton lacy top and khaki capris.

One of my hobbies is walking around neighborhoods to look at homes and gardens. Pompano Beach has some gorgeous houses with Mediterranean architecture and impeccable gardens with lush tropical plants, towering palm trees and exotic flowers.

Sunshine and warm weather – just what the doctor ordered!

Where do you go to escape the winter? Or are you lucky enough to live in Paradise?

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8 Responses to Instant Summer

  1. jm says:

    Catalonia and Spain, also has a wonderful climate. Someday you can visit. I love your blouse.


  2. Carmen says:

    Thank you Jeannie! It was fantastic and a great escape from the frozen north!! Now I feel like hibernating, but alas, my classes start tomorrow.

    Thank you for stopping by!


  3. gracefully50 says:

    I want to be in Florida about now! It’s been so dreary here. You look beautiful as always!
    I love water…so where there’s water, that’s where I want to be…sunshine is a must, of course!
    Have fun with your daughter!


  4. Lucky Duck says:

    Carmen, you look great! And I love your philosophy of packing. So happy that you were able to get away and get some good Jean and sun time! Even more thrilled that Jean made it! She missed quite the storm in Seattle… lucky!!


    • Carmen says:

      Thanks Shannon! It was a great way to start 2012, seeing Jean after such a long time and choosing a warm, sunny place to share some new adventures!! The Everglades and Flamingo Gardens being the highlights of our vacation … and then there’s shopping!!!!


  5. Deidre says:

    Hi Carmen!
    You still look like you are 20 or 30! I turned 60 on September 12, but i don’t dye my hair, so I probably look my age. It’s nice to keep in touch with you and hear about what you are doing! Thanks for sharing your vacation pictures! They are lovely! God bless! Deidre


  6. Deidre says:

    Carmen, you still look like you are 20 or 30! I just turned 60 on September 12, but I don’t dye my hair, so I probably look my age! I am trying to exercise more and lose some weight. It’s nice to hear about what you are doing, and see your vacation pictures!


    • Carmen says:

      Thank you Deidre!

      Dancing helps keep me in shape and I have been a vegetarian since birth (my mom could not get me to eat meat). I am vegan for the most part, Jean got me started on that. I try to eat the healthy food God made – no complaints, because I love beans, lentils, walnuts, almonds and cashews, as well as all the delicious fruits and vegetables God made for us to enjoy!!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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