Threads 4 Thought: eco-friendly fashion

A T-shirt dress is as timeless as a T-shirt.

T-shirt dress

I wore this simple cotton T-shirt dress on my vacation in NYC, styled for summer.


What I love about it is that I can add a long, cozy cotton cardigan and black tights and it transitions into fall and cooler weather, even winter. That way I get more use of my clothes and don’t need to pack anything away till next season.

It’s fabulous to have a dressing room instead of a closet to keep my clothes, the benefit of having a spare bedroom since the children have moved out. BTW this is not my dressing room, it’s my daughter’s eco-boutique.

T-shirt dress 3T-shirt dress 4

Threads 4 Thought is a sustainable fashion company.

I bought it at DRIZZLE & SHINE eco-boutique.

T-shirt dress 5T-shirt dress 6

It’s perfect for my dance classes. As much as I love dressing up, my lifestyle, teaching dance and most of my activities call for casual clothes, but that doesn’t mean shabby or frumpy.

When you have comfort + style, what’s not to love?

Cotton spelled C O M F O R T

Version 2

This has been a memory of September in Seattle. I’ll be going again soon!




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18 Responses to Threads 4 Thought: eco-friendly fashion

  1. Love your writing style, very engaging!

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  2. thebellestyle says:

    Hi Carmen, the ways you style that T-shirt dress are incredibly amazing! ♥


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  3. Love your dress. It looks elegant and comfortable.

    BTW, do you mind checking out my blog?

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  4. Love the fact that you literally transition from summer to fall or even winter with this dress. Love that handbag!

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  5. Ooooo !!!! This long cardigan – this is just my style !!!! LOVE IT !!!! And your long T-shirt come tunic top is also great . As always you look stunning :)))) Kisses – Margot :)))

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  6. Carmen! One of my resolutions for the New Year is to pop over to my friend’s blogs more for comment! Love this tee shirt dress and it does look wonderful both for spring and Fall. Love the poncho with the black tights, very elegant. it looks very comfortable too! Hope you are enjoying getting ready for the holidays!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Jess! You have a lot of friends and it’s kind of you to take time to stop by! I love getting ready for Christmas 🎄 and I enjoy all the festivities! ❤️



  7. Patti says:

    Looking wonderful, Carmen! Love your daughter’s boutique. I’m going to wear a tee dress today too, with black tights – great minds and all! xox

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  8. josep-maria says:

    The t-shirt dress is beautiful, for its print and its simplicity, but you also improve it a lot with the red accessories, your personal touch (which beautiful figure with the belt …). I like the cardigan and the option of style with black stockings, the dress acquires a beautiful versatility without losing anything of beauty or elegance. With the open cardigan your image is really spectacular, a great style and a great outfit. It is evident that your classes need comfortable clothes, but it is impossible to imagine you disheveled, you are the opposite, in your image and in your life. The images are in Jean’s shop, but I’m sure you’d like to have a dressing room as big as her store, right?

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much for your detailed review of my outfit and very kind compliment! I do like this dress with the red accents for warm weather and black stockings and a cardigan for cool weather. Oh yes, a dressing room as big as Jean’s store would be luxurious. 🙂 I’m content to have a little room, I don’t know how I managed in the years that I only had a closet. lol



  9. Jodie says:

    I love the t-shirt dresses too–they are super versatile!! In fact, I just thrifted a winter version—the sweatshirt dress!!!

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  10. Hi Carmen you make it look so easy! You do a great job on dressing up a t-shirt dress. The photo taken in Central Park with the red belt and red purse is very chic! But I really like how you put it with the cardigan and tights for this time of year. I’m sure you’re looking forward to the Seattle trip. Have a wonderful day hugs Terri xoxo.

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Terri! I love dressing up outfits in different ways with accessories and for the various seasons. Seattle is a great city and I’m happy to be going to visit my daughter in the New Year! 🙂



  11. Joni James says:

    Interesting, I’ve never seen that dress. It must have sold quick! I must get in to Drizzle again. It’s been too long!

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    • carmen says:

      Hi Joni! I had a hard time deciding because it also came in gray with black splotches.
      Thanks for shopping at Drizzle and Shine. See you in January! 🙂



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