September in Seattle


I was so excited as the plane landed at the Seattle airport and we were on our way to see my daughter and her new eco boutique! Jean was working in the store so we took the Link Light Rail to Capitol Hill. I was thrilled when I saw her store from a distance and held back tears as Jean came out to great us!

Drizzle and Shine is a beautiful store, but it is much more than that. It is a boutique filled with eco items, showcasing local designers, fair-trade and everything is cruelty-free, many items made in the USA.

“Eco items that are made to last will make you feel great. Doing good has never looked so good!” ~ Drizzle and Shine


I packed a small carryon suitcase with black a white clothes, knowing I would be on a shopping spree in this delightful shop. Jean’s store has clothes, shoes, purses, jewellery, accessories, socks, tights, underwear–everything a girl needs. There’s even a men’s section.


Exquisite and unique jewellery.jewellery

Super soft camisole sets and bamboo tights in a variety of colours.

The moment I stepped in the door, a dress called my name! You know how that is, right? The colour, the style, the fit and the fabric–organic cotton, so soft and comfy.

amour-vert-dress Version 2


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Summer Place

We have enjoyed an extended summer during October. However, autumn leaves must fall and it will soon be time to winterize our Summer Place. We also call it the Tree House because it overlooks the forest, three stories high, since our house is built on a hill. It feels like I’m up in the tree top!

Besides having breakfast there every morning, it’s a lovely place to entertain family and friends, whether it’s tea for two or garden parties. There’s a stairway to the lower deck and the garden for more guests.


In German we call it the Gartenzimmer (Garden Room) with a lovely view of the garden. Although most of the flowers are gone, the trees are still green with some turning gold. No need to rake the leaves after they dance to the ground because nature takes care of them in the woods.


I’m wearing an organic cotton top that I bought at Jean’s eco boutique, Drizzle and Shine. It’s made by Synergy, a fair-trade company in Nepal where the employees earn a living wage. I love buying ethical clothing and supporting small businesses and artisans.


A lovely shade of gray with dolman sleeves and beautiful hand-stitching on the neckline and 3/4 length sleeves.

Version 2

Goes well with so many of my pants, here I’ve paired it with black and gray floral jeans.


Our Summer Place has a roof to shade from the sun and keeps the rain off. We can sit there even when it rains and listen to the sound of raindrops on the roof. Little mini lights that look like tiny stars all around the perimeter, create a beautiful ambience in the evening all through the year.

It is a big screened balcony, so no mosquitoes to bother us, no flies to disturb us and no bees to intrude while we’re enjoying our dinner.

I grew up with this song echoing through our house, it evokes the happy moments of my childhood.


Do you have a special place to relax or read away from the madding crowd?


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Ruby Slippers

I’m lovin’ my ruby red shoes that I bought at Drizzle and Shine in Seattle. Red is my favourite colour for shoes. These ones are made in USA, with wedge heels, peep toes and hearts. (OKA-B Microplast technology provides a lightweight, flexible shoe that remains comfortable and durable.)


The weather is wonderful, feels more like spring and summer as we are already halfway through October. With temperatures in the 20s °C (70s °F) I didn’t even need a cardigan or jacket.

fountain fountain-2

We were invited to a wedding in London, where I led fun dances at the receptions, such as the Canadian Barn Dance, Gay Gordons, Hava Nagila, Cumberland Reel (Scottish) and Waves of Tory (Irish).

gazebo gazebo-2Version 3The bride was stunning, her gorgeous dress was thrifted and updated by a professional seamstress, fantastic idea! The dinner included vegan option of delicious lasagna, salad, vegetables and potatoes. (I ate the lasagna!)


It was a perfect day.happy-ever-after

Version 2

Have a lovely week!!


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Life is a Beach

One last trip to the beach before the cold winds blow. We have to endure a long, frost-bitten winter here in southern Ontario. So I take every chance I get to relax and enjoy warm weather. I was made for sunny days!


Hard to imagine this warm tropical scene with real palm trees will soon be covered in ice and snow.


It was a lovely day on Monday this week, not quite warm enough to go swimming (besides, I don’t swim) but perfect for a stroll along the shore, walking in the sand and looking out at the big, blue sea, that looks more like an ocean.


This is Lake Erie–a beach that is usually packed with people, now almost bare, even the seagulls have left–just miles of sand, big blue sky and diamonds dancing on the water.


The charming beach town of Port Dover is the place to relax.


My pink cotton top with laces was perfect for the day.


Our grandson went treasure hunting. Click the photo and watch him dig!treasure-hunting

A little shop with home decor.


A sign to watch out for wild life, sometimes we need to slow down.


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Indian Summer

Homeward bound and arrived back this week from Seattle. I need some time to organize a thousand photos of this fantastic city and the beautiful new things I got at Jean’s eco boutique. In the meantime, we’re enjoying fabulous summer weather here in southern Ontario.

dsc08045 dsc08046 Love this shade of orange, an autumnal look and I can wear it with a cardigan or blazer or a denim jacket when it’s cooler.


I bought this silver necklace in Germany last summer and found the matching earrings in Seattle.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Let’s be thankful for what we do have,
and not grumble about what we don’t have.



❤ carmen

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How to Style a Jean Jacket

Most women own a pair of jeans or two. Just as you can wear pretty much anything with jeans, a jean jacket is just as versatile, perhaps more so.

These ladies inspire me. I never owned a jean jacket until my blogging friends showed me how they wear theirs.

My daughter Jean is wearing her thrifted denim jacket with a gorgeous purple dress by Synergy, organic cotton, that she sells in her eco boutique. I love her store!

“Everything in the store is free of animal products. And everything is a combination of fair trade, organic, local, USA-made, and/or recycled. We choose brands who think big, have small footprints, and give back.” ~ Drizzle and Shine

Fashion with compassion: for people, animals and our world.


Karen‘s outfit is a perfect example of summer into fall transition,”The olive color say ‘Fall’, while my sleeveless blouse say ‘not yet’.” ~ Karen

Gail is wearing a faded denim jacket with a lovely shade of blue chambray overlay dress and cute booties.


Suzanne chose a look that is glamorous with an animal print dress and high heels. Love how she added a skinny belt. I picture her walking through the streets of Paris.


Patty is wearing a cute little cap-sleeved denim jacket, perfect for wearing over a peplum top or tank top. This is a great style for warm weather.


Annette’s outfit is a classy, casual look, just what you’d expect from a lady of style. All black: silky blouse and tailored trousers. Her metallic shoes complete this look.


Anna’s thrifted jacket is perfect for brooch collectors, hers is embellished with unique ones and each one tells a story. I particularly like the little lizard.


I’m wearing a black faux suede skirt and faux suede boots with my thrifted jean jacket and added a black fabric flower.


Do you own a denim jacket?

I’ll be on my way home to Canada on Sunday and can’t wait to sort through a thousand photos–September in Seattle–a fabulous time with Jean in her new eco boutique. I enjoyed a wonderful shopping spree and I’m going home with a new wardrobe. All clothes, shoes and accessories are fair trade, organic, and cruelty-free.



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How to Style a White Denim Jacket

Everyone needs a white denim jacket, but until last summer, I didn’t have one. My dear friend Elisabeth gifted me with this jacket while we were shopping in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany.

Version 2

A sporty look worn with my cherry red jeans this summer …


This clean, crisp look can also be worn after Labour Day according to my opinion. White denim jackets look so fashionable and here are two fashion bloggers to prove it! I love how each one has styled her jacket.

Karen‘s look is very elegant, wearing her white jacket over a black maxi dress.


Tracey is wearing her jacket over a pretty purple top and a gray and white striped maxi skirt. Very chic.


I’ve often worn mine with white jeans.


How do you style your white denim jacket?

Next post: How to style a jean jacket featuring a few of my favourite fashion bloggers.

Fashion is fun!


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In the Pink

Rose Quartz is one of my favourite stones; I love the translucent, pale shade of pink.


This top from Germany has a wrinkled look with lace cap sleeves.


Pink like cotton candy that goes perfect with my pink polka dot capris.


Flashback to last summer in Germany …

Version 3 Version 3 dsc02955 dsc02952




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Summertime Blues

Today is the last day of summer.

This top is is from Dear Goods, Berlin (people, animal and ecofriendly) bought last summer during my holiday in Germany. Being a summer-lovin’ girl, I don’t rush into fall fashion until absolutely necessary.

blue-stripes Version 2 blue-stripes-3


Cute little keyhole on the back.


Stripes are always in style, just one of those timeless patterns that I never get tired of. A cool nautical look that I wish I had brought with me to Seattle because on Sunday we went to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society‘s “open house” (a two-day special event aboard the sailing ship Martin Sheen before they leave for Mexico).  It was very interesting what they are doing to help the animals of the ocean. I’ll be posting about it soon.


Photos of striped top taken in Canada.

Farewell Summer, see you next year!

I miss you already!



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A Little Lace Frock

On a previous visit to Seattle, I bought this little white lace dress.

Version 2

I hadn’t worn it till this summer. Here with a white slip.


I’ve worn it with a black slip.Version 2 Version 2

An updo for a elegant look.

lace-dress-5 lace-dress-6 Add a pop of colour with my flower yellow-purse

It makes a pretty beach coverup too.

Version 2

Keeping this short and sweet because I’m in Seattle, happily busy helping (and shopping) in Jean’s eco boutique, Drizzle and Shine.


Enjoy the moment!!


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