Endless Summer

S is for Summer.

This cotton top has a swirly “S” – it’s a patchwork of 3 different prints. I bought it at the Fremont Flea Market in Seattle five years ago and wore it to visit the Sea Shepherd at the Seattle marina.

Paired with these indigo jeans (secondhand) it’s a casual and stylish look for the marina and waterfront. The stretch denim makes them very comfortable, and cool because they are capris. This outfit takes me from the beach to shopping at the weekly promenade in uptown Kincardine. The vehicle traffic is closed Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays all summer long to allow pedestrians the opportunity to enjoy shopping and dining safely.

Today is sunny and breezy and we start every day by going to the beach and reading a chapter from the Bible. 🙂

I just love it when summer lingers a little longer, after all, the cold winds of November will be here too soon and then we’ll have pleanty of time to wear coats and boots and scarves and hats and gloves. *sigh*

Until then, I’m enjoying the gardens and beaches of Kincardine, Ontario–an extended summer holiday!

As I listen to The Endless Summer by the Sandals, my mind drifts back to the ’60s and my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. I had the opportunity to live in Costa Rica and spend Christmas in the tropics with sand instead of snow, but that’s another story for another time.

If I had a choice, I would live in a place that has eternal summers.

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By the Seaside in Blue and White

Kincardine, Lake Huron – Elisa Cavaletti shirt and denim capris

Ever since our youngest son moved to a small beach town in Ontario, it’s almost like having a cottage. Every weekend we drive up to visit and enjoy life in cottage country. Simple pleasures of walking along the shore feels luxurious: a treat for the senses and so invigorating!

Blue and white, being my favourite colours for the seaside and by coincidence–or perhaps subconsciously choosing these shades that harmonize with the sea, sky and clouds–I notice I do wear blue and white frequently when I go to the lake.

Summertime always means going to the beach for some fun day trips and weekend getaways. Here are a few of the beaches from three of our Great Lakes.

Grand Bend – Zara linen shirt and Hollister blue jeans
Hamilton Harbour, Lake Ontario – Hollister T-shirt and Hollister blue jeans
Crystal Beach, Lake Erie – tie-dye top and white capris
Bayfield, Lake Huron – white maxi sundress
Lake Ontario – white mini sundress
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Lake Ontario – linen blouse with blue and white paisley pants
Georgian Bay – lace blouse and white jeans
Port Dover, Lake Erie – cotton top with blue and white paisley pants
Sauble Beach, Lake Huron – blue and white stripe top with deck pants
Southampton, Lake Huron – blue bell sleeve top and white jeans

Even while visiting family in Germany, I happened to wear this navy top with white starfish and white wide-leg linen pants.

Lake Starnberg (Starnberger See) near Munich in Bavaria – navy top and linen pants

The sight of water evokes romance in my mind. I still have a dream to take a cruise on the Love Boat. Dancing on the Love Boat would be devine! Perhaps a canoe or kayak would do, reminds me of The Notebook when Noah took Allie on a little rowboat. Remember the boat scene? *sigh* I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic. Are you?

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Happy Labour Day!

September is still Summer; warm and sunny is just my style, I’m a summer kinda girl and in no rush for sweater weather. I’ve still got summer clothes I haven’t worn yet and I wear sandals as long as possible, even in October if the weather is nice enough.

This black and white ensemble was perfect for the beach while in Kincardine and also for dancing West Coast Swing. The tunic can be worn without a belt for a relaxed look but I prefer it with a belt. I love the handkerchief hemline and paint-splattered print.

Tunic: Madison Clothing Boutique, Collingwood
Belt: over 10 years old
Capri leggings: Speidel, Germany
Sandals: non-leather Denver Hayes – Mark’s
Sunglasses: New York City 2014

Happy September dear friends!

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All dressed up and somewhere to go!

My granddaughter turned 12 last week and that’s a time to celebrate. I wore my new light gray wrap pants, 100% cotton, made in India–and paired it with this feminine top. I love the mesh and appliqué detail at the neckline and little cap sleeves.

I kept the jewellery simple with a handmade beaded bracelet that was a gift from my daughter and silver heart earrings.

I had to make a decision whether to wear the white top or the gray one.

August has some special birthdays for me: my mother and both of my grandmothers were born in August. My granddaughter and youngest grandson were also born in August.

One of the games we played is BIG BOGGLE. How many words can you make with these letters? They must be beside or diagonally beside each other– e.g. SALT

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Kincardine: Ontario’s Scottish Destination

What a way to start a summer morning (especially with a busy day ahead) coffee and a stroll along the beach of Kincardine. The locals say that when you live here, you’ll never want to move away. Our youngest son has made Kincardine his new home.

Pink sunglasses: Bartell Drug Store, Seattle
Blue top: at least 14 years old
Floral joggers: Madison Clothing Boutique, Collingwood
Tote: handmade, little shop in Neustadt
Non-leather sandals: Madison Clothing Boutique, Collingwood

I wore a baby blue cotton-knit top and my new floral joggers–made in Italy–that I bought at Madison Clothing Boutique this summer. I also bought the sandals there last summer. The tote is handmade by a local artisan in Neustadt (another little town in Southwestern Ontario). It’s non-leather and machine washable. How cool is that!

We’ve been working very hard at getting the house renovated and a walk by the beach is the best reward for a hard day’s work! 🙂

Kincardime is a charming beach town and a piper plays at sunset on the stairs of the lighthouse every evening during summer.

A walk along the shore at sunset is refreshing for the soul as I admire God’s amazing creation and I can sleep better at night.

What refreshes your soul?

Linkup with Jess

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In the good ol’ summertime!

One of our favourite beaches on Lake Huron is Kincardine where our youngest son bought a house recently. We’ve taken trips to Kincardine and Hanover many times during the past few months, helping our sons who have moved away.

This T-shirt is from Simons. It’s super soft and cool.  “Eco-friendly fabric: LENZING™ ECOVERO™ | SUSTAINABLE ECO-RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION | A LOWER FOOTPRINT  – forest conscious, reduction of emissions, water conscious.”

What memories have you been making this summer?

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Weekend Getaway in Pink

For a weekend getaway, I wore this pink cotton T-shirt with palm trees; it was a gift from my dear friend Elisabeth when I was in Germany in 2015.

Shopping is always on the agenda, after all, I love helping the economy and especially small businesses. As soon as I walked into Madison Clothing Boutique in the town of Collingwood, I noticed these cute pink pants made in Italy.

Walking into the store I wore black capris and walking out I wore my new purchase (which I sometimes do, buy it and wear it) especially since they matched my top so perfectly.

Next stop was Blue Mountain Village where Madison Clothing Boutique has another shop and I bought a pair of floral joggers (also made in Italy). The shoulder bag came in a few colours, of course, I chose PINK!

On our drive home we stopped for a stroll around the charming town of Elora and enjoyed a refreshing, pink, raspberry sorbet–matched my outfit.

After a fun weekend getaway,

there’s no place like home!

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Animal Print and Polka Dots

Pattern mixing is easy and safe with a monochromatic look. The gray and white subtle zebra and leopard print top compliments these gray and white polka dot capris. And to complete the outfit, I wore gray sneakers with white polka dots, a casual look for home and garden while visiting my oldest son and his family in their new home.

My top is over ten years old and debuted on my blog HERE with black denim leggings. The capris–bought at Macy’s eight years ago–have also been on my blog HERE with my Lisa Cavaletti blouse. I’ve worn the top and capris numerous times, but first time wearing them together.

Quite a contrast to my wild, colourful pattern mixing HERE.

Lazy summer days call for casual clothes with style!

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Flashback Friday: Hat Attack

lavenderdenim bluepinkblack and white

Once upon a summer, my granddaughter and I made a video of my hat collection. Since then there have been a few new ones to add to my collection like the ones above and more berets. (My grandchildren call me Mimi.)

All my berets are thrifted and it’s great to have them in a variety of colours. Cost varies from $2 to $5 each.

I made my first hat when I was 12; a gray tam o’shanter which I upcycled from an old skirt that I had outgrown. Upcycling was very common in WWII years; my mom had told me how they would never throw things away, but find ways to make something useful out of anything. I also started crocheting–a skill my mom taught me–and made some hats as well as many other things during my teen years.

gray tam o'shanter

I used to have a few hats, but ever since I started blogging and have my own dressing room, my collection is growing. I’m not sure if it was blogging or my dressing room that is responsible for my millinery assortment. Either way, I now have room for them, and my granddaughter, friends and I have fun with them.

Thrifting has also contributed to my hat attack and I’d say most of them are second-hand even though some look brand new. Then there’s my husband who is an expert thrifter and just can’t resist a bargain, he found most of my berets.

I have summer hats to protect me from the sun and winter hats to keep me warm during the bitter-cold weather. I want my hats to be more than functional, I want them to be FUN and fashionable!

gray with black pom pomleopardgray flapper hathoundstooth hat

Thanks for stopping by!

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Pussy-bow (necktie) gets its name from a cat’s bow tie, it’s a classic style with a vintage vibe. The pussy-bow is a feminine version of a man’s tie. (Although, there was a time when men also wore them back in the 17th and 18th centuries.)

Very popular in the 50s and 60s, I remember my mom wearing blouses with a pussy-bow and she always looked so chic.

Even though I don’t own a blouse like hers, I like silky summer scarves that I can tie in a big bow to resemble this pretty look. I’m definitely on the lookout for a blouse with a pussy-bow, something I think every fashionista needs, right?

🐞 Sheer scarf with ladybugs 🐞

Do you have a pussy-bow blouse or have you tried wearing a scarf tied in a bow?

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