Road Trip to a Lavender Oasis

We took the road less traveled on this amazing summer afternoon to a lavender oasis in Southern Ontario.

My love affair with lavender started many years ago as a child and was rekindled again when I started buying lavender products: from candles and fragrance sachets to lotion and shampoo. The scent is heavenly! It’s a healthy addiction!

St. Jacobs Farmers Market has a lavender booth; MiKel’s Lavender OasisMike and his wife Kelly are owners of a lavender farm about an hour from where we live. What a delight to be in a lavender garden!

They have a little shop in a rustic old barn. Anyone know (or remember) what this machine beside me is?

Life is good and lavender makes it sweeter!

Take time to smell the lavender!


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Cherry-picking in red, white and blue

One of my favourite colour trios is red, white and blue: a great summer combo, not just for Independence Day.

Just the right outfit to go cherry-picking at the market. I bought this blue hat at the market. My big reusable shopping tote got filled with goodies: cherries, blueberries, asparagus, sprouts, mushrooms, vegan waffles, fresh homemade bread, pure maple syrup and lavender lotion.

Cherry on the top!

I like the mini blue and white stripes with little red cherries on this top. I wore my cherry earrings and necklace. The cherry purse is from Pike Place Market, Seattle.

I’ve also worn this top with denim capris.

Have a cherry-on-top kind of day!


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Baby needs a new pair of shoes

… dancing shoes, that is …

Dance Plus in Toronto has a yearly sale for top quality dance shoes, some made in England. After trying on several pairs that I liked, I almost bought these but they had a 3-inch heel and I prefer 2.5-inch heels. They look very elegant but 2.5 is more comfortable and safer.

The store has a fabulous collection of ballroom music CDs!

A stop at Ikea to buy veggie balls (but they were sold out!). I’m lovin’ these new HUE pants!

They remind me of Rupert, the storybook bear who wears trousers like these in yellow.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fantastic Friday!

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Does it spark JOY?

My daughter Jean and I watched Marie Kondo’s series “Tidying Up” in January. Her method of organizing clothes is to pile ALL clothes on the bed. YES! Everything! My ceiling is not high enough so I decided to go through the closet from one end to the other.

Marie suggests parting with anything that does not spark joy. Everything sparked joy, so that saved me the trouble of having to hang everything back up again. My clothes are my friends and for me, they have happy memories woven through the fibers. Sounds crazy? Only someone who feels the same can relate.

Some of my outfits that spark JOY!

Have you tried the Marie Kondo method?


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Something old, something thrifted, something vegan, something gifted! 

Something old …

This little scarf is almost as old as I am. It belonged to my mom; little scarves were her trademark.

something thrifted …

My unique shirt is recently thrifted, (Parsley and Sage) 100% cotton. I love the tie-dyed effect and the dazzling trim on the front and back.

something vegan …

This red crossbody purse is top quality, soft nonleather, bought during our winter vacation in Seattle (on Whidbey Island). It has a compartment for everything and goes great with these booties.

something gifted …

My daughter Jean gave me these cute little red booties, I’ve worn them more than she did. She doesn’t wear leather anymore (here’s why). I don’t buy leather anymore but I still wear the ones I have.

Do you shop at thrift stores and wear pre-loved clothes?

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Wearing Florals to the Florist Shop

If you’re one of my followers, you’ve seen this jacket already a few times. This shade of blush pink is almost a neutral because it goes with so many things I wear. I’ve worn it with blue jeans, white jeans, black pants, pink floral jeans, shades of magenta leggings and here with black floral pants.

I promote slow fashion and ethical clothing. Getting use out of what’s in our wardrobe and having versatile clothes that you can mix and match for different looks is key to stretching our dollars. These floral pants are a recent purchase at a thrift store when my fashionable friend Maggie and I were in a fashion show and we decided to go thrift shopping afterward.

You might think you’ve seen me wearing them before because I have another similar floral pair. They’re a little different but I bought these ones, planning to cut them shorter and make capris. That way I’ll have pants and capris with a lovely floral pattern. So next time you see these, they’ll be capris.

My Favourite Spring Jacket

I have a collection of little flower purses in various colours, so handy for my cell phone and keys, lipstick and a tissue.

Do you fancy florals?

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Here Comes the Summer!

I put together this black and white ensemble and felt like a street artist ready to do some chalk drawings on the sidewalk. Today is my son and daughter-in-law’s anniversary–15 years of marital bliss!

Beret: thrifted $1.99
Heart necklace: The Star Store, Whidbey Island
Top: Covered Perfectly, made in USA
Gingham smock: Marshals
Jeans: Le Chateau
Sandals: non leather

I wore it with black capris and a white top, nice and cool for summer. Lilacs are still in bloom!

We took a stroll around the neighbourhood and a Sunday drive to enjoy the lovely lilacs and spring flowers in the gardens!

Celebrate the summer!


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Lilacs and Leggings

Lilacs are blossoming in every shade from white to pink to lilac and magenta! Spring arrived late this year, but there’s always a silver lining and therefore the blossoms are lingering longer. Magnolias have just vanished as the lilacs appeared and are still here. This is our neighbour’s dwarf lilac tree and a beautiful spot for this post.

Leggings are perfect for my dance classes and so comfortable around the house and garden too. I have a lovely leggings collection, mostly fun prints and patterns from tartan to florals and paisley to leopard print, even lace leggings. I’m showing two today.

Tartan leggings: like new, recently purchased at a thrift store for $5.

Floral leggings: petite fleur print, I love the dainty little flowers.

Covered Perfectly

I have five Covered Perfectly tops: they are the perfect length for leggings, made in USA, top quality. I’ve had them for years and need to order more. Please take a look at Pauline’s remarkable story, a cancer survivor and a successful businesswoman.

We had a lilac tree in the garden of a house where we used to live. During this season, I love fresh lilacs in our home and especially in our garden room. The fragrance is heavenly!

Have a Fabulous Friday!

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Accidental shopping and accidentally vegan

Now don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, but last month I went shopping by accident. I had no intention of going shopping. Really. I had not planned to buy anything. Honestly. I accidentally walked into a store and bought two pairs of sandals (which are accidentally vegan) and this black top.

I like the top because of the mesh neckline and ruching at the sides. long enough to wear with leggings. It’s perfect for all my patterned leggings.

These sandals are made in Italy. Now I have four pairs in different colours. They are very comfortable, can be worn with pants, capris or a dress. I love the little leopard print straps.

Another pair of non-leather black sandals with zippers at the back. First time wearing sandals this year! YAY!!

Have you ever gone accidentally shopping?


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My Outfit

Pink straw hat: New Dundee vendor
Pink sunglasses: Bartell Drug Store, University Village, Seattle
Pink Panther earrings: gifted
Pink scarf: Lizzy R, St. Jacobs
Pink jacket: Made in Italy, boutique in Snohomish, Washington
Magenta blouse: Ricki’s
Magenta leggings: Plume and Thread, made in USA
Gladiator sandals: gift from my dear friend Roxanne

These leggings are new from Rhumba boutique in St. Jacobs: made in USA, bamboo and cotton blend, needless to say–SUPER soft and comfy! Plume and Thread is “a socially conscious brand that treasures human relationships, just like you do. Our hardworking hands create each detail in Philadelphia, PA.”

Pink Panther Earrings

We started the day off having a delicious breakfast–tofu scramble made by Chef Douglas. Luanne and I had a pleasant discussion about fashion and women over 50. Can a woman over 50 wear Pink Panther earrings? What about a woman who’s almost 70 (in three years)? Well, you already know my opinion because I’m wearing them. Luanne (50) has gingerbread man earrings. Fashion is fun!

Our Day Trip

New Dundee is a sleepy little town, the kind you’d miss if you blink your eyes passing through. With only a little over a thousand residents, it sure draws a crowd every year for the town’s annual community garage sale. The park if full of vendors selling new things and I was so happy to find the perfect straw hat for my blush pink jacket.

I bought the scarf in St. Jacobs recently and I love the silver butterflies on it. I’m so pleased it all matches.

Straw Hats

Luanne and I both bought straw hats: I chose pink for my outfit which will go with several of my summer clothes and she chose blue for hers. The blue hat is perfect for jeans and her sporty look.

Fashion is fun and even more fun with friends!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic Friday!

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