Boxing Day Sales at Zacks

The first Zacks opened in Kitchener, Ontario almost 100 years ago (1921). Today there are 19 stores across Ontario and Quebec: working with Canadian manufacturers and some importers. Everything in the store was 50% off for Boxing Day.

I bought this sweater because I like the tartan sleeves which gives this top a layered look. It’s everything I love in a sweater: style and cozy comfort and it’s long enough to wear with my burnt velvet leggings.

I wore it for a luncheon at my place during the Christmas holidays and for a day trip to Sarnia with my family.

Sarnia is a two-hour drive from where we live. We took a walk by the St. Clair River; across the bridge is the USA.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Necknots Infinity Scarf Necklace

My cardigan ($5) and tote ($5) were recent treasures found at a thrift shop. With the money saved, I can afford to buy this unique infinity scarf necklace, made in Canada by NECKNOTS. I love to support artisans and promote small businesses.

Necknots has a huge selection so it was difficult to pick just one! There are several cool ways to wear them, here I’ve shown it wrapped twice and three times. It makes a beautiful statement piece and really adds pizzaz to an outfit. It looks metallic but it’s fabric, super soft and silky. They even have vegan leather, looks like leather but is incredibly soft and supple.

We’re planning another trip to New York City this year and I’ll be bringing my newly thrifted tote (Robin Ruth). I ❤️ New York!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Let’s stay young at heart!

My grandson is 4 and a half months old!

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A new decade of fashion – 2020!

It’s been 100 years since the flappers changed fashion: the Roaring ’20s when hemlines were raised and waistlines were relaxed. Gone were the days of huge ornate hats and constraining corsets. Thank goodness! Some things are passé for a reason.

Vintage styles—whether genuine vintage or vintage-inspired—have grown in popularity this century. I love how we can borrow fashion from different eras, that’s one of the things I love about our times.

Some things never go out of style, like lace and ruffles.

When I bought these wrap pants last summer with my fashionable friend Maggie, I knew I’d have lots of tops I could wear with them; everything goes with black! We had so much fun doing a photoshoot together as you can see HERE if you missed it.

I just love the style of these wrap pants with ruffles: so comfortable, perfect for dancing and my tattoo tights. Here are some of the tops I’ve paired them with.

I wore this red top with a lace neckline to a Christmas party.

Black and white is always a classic, inspired by my fashionable friend Maggie.

This pink lace top was thrifted and looks great with black.

I can wear any print as well as solid colours. I love the style of this polka-dot blouse for a chic boho look.

All black is dramatic for my New Year’s outfit. It’s a tradition that I wear black for New Year’s parties.

It will be interesting to see what styles will be popular during the next few years. Have a Fashionable New Year!

What did you wear for New Year’s Eve?

Do you like vintage styles?

Wishing you blessings of health and happiness for 2020 and beyond!

“Every good and perfect gift comes from above!”


Let’s stay young at heart!


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The best things in life are free!

And one of the best things I got for free at Maggie’s clothing exchange is this fabulous skirt! The velvet and jacquard lace patches are sewn together to create an elegant textured look; animal print and black gives it a designer style. It’s fully lined and a perfect winter skirt. There’s no label, so it might be hand-made.

One of my favourite second-hand things!

I wore it for Maggie’s birthday party …

and a Christmas Market …

Do you have something special that was free?

The best things in life aren’t things!

  • family and friends
  • love
  • faith
  • joy
  • hope
  • peace
  • health
  • a good night’s sleep
  • kisses and hugs
  • smiles and laughter
  • memories
  • kindness
  • compassion
  • encouragement

What can you add to this list?

Lots of love and hugs!

❤ carmen

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My Christmas Shoes

My obsession with red shoes began as a child and to this day they’re my favourite colour for shoes and boots. My new red shoes–made in Germany by Rieker–are quality, nonleather, comfortable and perfect shoes for dancing. These are already my favourite shoes and I’ve worn them to every Christmas party and dance that I’ve been to this month.

This dress is from Maggie’s clothing exchange party. It’s sleeveless so I’m wearing a little black shrug bought at One-of-a-kind Christmas Show in Toronto a few years ago (Lotus Noir, hand-made by Sandra). The dress is asymmetrical, layered and has sequins that add sparkle. I’m wearing nude fishnet stockings for a festive and feminine look.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas!

May the joy of this season be yours throughout the year!

Faith   Hope   Love

❤ carmen

Three sleeps till Christmas!

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Maggie’s Clothing Exchange Party

My daughter Jean hosts and attends clothing exchange parties in Seattle frequently. My dear friend Maggie is a thrifting specialist and when I told her about Jean’s parties, she thought it was a great idea and has decided to host one every year.

Invitations were sent out to our fashionista friends.

What a huge success! Maggie is a fashion expert and knows how to display and organize, she made it look like a unique boutique. There was plenty of wine and refreshments.

There was a designated area behind a cute curtain where ladies could try on clothes European-style (a shared fitting room). There was also a washroom for the bashful ladies who need privacy!

Three of my favourite items I got: party dress, cape and skirt.

What a fabulous time we all had!

I hope we’ve inspired you to host a clothing exchange party!

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Florals and Pinstripes​ and a Flapper-style Hat

Pinstripes always make me think of men’s suits. I made my brother a green pinstripe suit in the 1960s especially for performing with his band. It’s a pattern that looks elegant on men and women alike.

A touch of pattern-mixing, I dressed my pinstriped leggings up with an embroidered floral Kimono: a mix of masculine and feminine. I wore it to Maggie’s Clothing Exchange Party which I’ll show next time.

Jewellery and booties are thrifted, The little purse (perfect for my cell phone) is handmade by an artisan in Seattle’s Pike Place.

To top it off I wore my new gray hat that I bought at the Elvis Festival from a street vendor this summer. It has a flapper vibe and reminds me of the Roaring 20s. I’m grateful for the Flappers of the last century because Fashion Saves the Birds.” Consumers have a lot of power, we can make a difference with what we buy.

You can read the story here.

Fashion with compassion!


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Covered Perfectly: houndstooth​ top

Covered Perfectly is an American company founded by Pauline Durban. This is one of my favourite tops, not only because I love houndstooth, but it’s so comfortable which every Covered Perfectly top is. Comfort, quality and made in the USA! I outa know because I have five tops! Booties from Le Chateau which I got from a thrift shop like new!

Houndstooth–as my daughter Jean says–a classic pattern that outlives the trends.

You’ll find lots of flattering styles and gorgeous colors to choose from. Take advantage of the buy two and get three! FREE shipping in America.

Happy shopping!

❤ carmen

Black and white, always a classic! One of their newest tops: Snow Leopard

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What I wore to a Christmas Market

I got several compliments on my newly thrifted jacket (made by Parsley and Sage). I wore it for the first time to the Fashion History Museum recently and now to Fair November.

Ever since I heard about Fair November, we go every year, but we almost missed it this time. I love going to Christmas markets and craft shows to support local artisans and find unique gifts. The ambiance and Christmas decor warm my heart–especially on a cold November day–I look forward to Chrismas as we celebrate the birth of JESUS!  It never ceases to amaze me to see the creativity of the artisans, I always find something special.

It’s held at the University of Guelph and I love that they have a huge vegan selection of food in the cafeteria where we enjoy lunch after shopping.

I start my Christmas decorating in November. When do you start decorating?

        🎄Only 4 weeks till Christmas Eve!🎄

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Joseph Ribkoff: Canadian fashion company

You never know what treasures you’ll find thrifting. Case in point–this chic faux suede jacket made in Canada by Joseph Ribkoff. Shopping at Goodwill and secondhand shops is easy on the budget, great for the environment and helps support a good cause. Win, win, win!

Joseph Ribkoff is a Canadian designer who started his own business in the fashion industry in 1957 when he was only 21 years old. His company is known for quality, high fashion and timeless classic styles.

After retiring from hairdressing, my mother worked for Holt Renfrew (high-end Canadian retail store) for a few years and I became familiar with Joseph Ribkoff fashion as well as other famous designers like Diane Von Furstenberg. I can’t afford to shop at Holt Renfrew so it’s a delight to find these luxury brands while searching through thrift stores.

I share Joseph Ribkoff’s sentiments …

“We design for a state of mind—for a woman that feels young.”

“We focus in on a fit for a woman who is anywhere from 40 to 80 years old. However, the women who wear our clothes don’t see themselves as older; they feel young.” ~Joseph Ribkoff

When I started blogging 8 years ago I wanted to encourage women no matter our age that we can look good and feel great!

  • Staying young –  having a positive outlook and good attitude.
  • Keeping active – various forms of physical activities according to interests and abilities.
  • Living healthy – eating nutritious, plant-based food, getting proper rest, taking care of skin and hair.
  • Being fashionable – having fun with style; clothes, shoes and accessories.

Thank you for helping me to reach almost 300,000 hits and almost 2000 followers. I appreciate everyone who has stopped by to read and click the like button, and especially those who take time to comment.

Everyone who reads my blog knows I love SLOW FASHION.

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