Sentimental Journey

My mom and dad’s wedding. Stuttgart, Germany, July 17, 1948

Today is Sunday. Sentimental Journey, a song by Les Brown echos in my mind as I write this post. I heard it often growing up in a home where my mother continuously played her albums on her new portable HiFi. She would stack several albums up and they would automatically play non-stop for hours. No wonder I danced around the house all the time.

Lora and her sister Trudy (you can see the HiFi). Toronto, Canada 1964

It was heavenly because her music was truly uplifting. Everything from Big Band instrumentals to pop music of the day, like Connie Francis and Pat Boone. She let me play my Beatle records; my brother was a drummer and he played Sandy Nelson and the Ventures. Eventually, my brother got the HiFi when my mom bought a beautiful new stereo cabinet that sounded like an orchestra was in the house.

I’m enjoying reminiscing of days of yore. Gone but never forgotten.

Little Lora, age 4

Lora’s school photo

My mom was a fashion icon, she looked like a movie star. In the late ’50s she wore her hair like Kim Novak and in the early ’60s I remember her perfectly styled French roll and elegant updos. Her image changed drastically from when she got married with brown curly hair (typical of the ’40s look) to after her beautician and modelling course, with a complete makeover: blonde and very modern.

Lora and her sister Trudy. Germany, 1956

When I think of my mom, I think of music. When I hear songs from my mother’s collection, I think of her and it evokes feelings of happiness and thoughts of my childhood. This music is like a hug from my mom. She had the warmest and most affectionate hugs!

My loving mother passed away on Sunday, November 11th, 17 years ago today.

I miss her hugs!


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Summer Reprise

After a few rainy days with cooler temperatures, we enjoyed some wonderful warm weather again in October. It felt like summer was back for a few days. (Photos taken in Cambridge in September.)

During our weekend getaway in August, I bought these gray leggings hoping they would go with this top. I’ve worn the top with capri leggings in the summer and now I can wear it with these leggings. It’s the design and detail that got my attention. They’re very comfortable and great for wearing in my dance classes. These pink booties are from the last century.

There’s something about ruins that reminds me of our time in Scotland. Tantallon Castle, North Berwick (near Edinburgh) was a few km from where we lived. We loved exploring the area. Castles are jaw-dropping, this one being on a cliff overlooking the North Sea with the huge Bass Rock in the distance was magnificent. We had a spectacular view of the Bass Rock from our bedroom window. I will never forget the thrill of looking out at the sea when I woke up every morning to a gorgeous view!

Enjoying this awesome autumn

and looking forward to Christmas!

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Autumn Florals

My daughter Jean (Jean of all Trades) wrote an article Floral Dress for Fall and inspired me to imitate her look with my floral mini dress, a denim jacket and red tights, perfect transitional outfit. I get a lot of inspiration from her as well as from other fashion bloggers.

Florals for fall are a way of extending the summer feeling; with jackets and cardigans we can get more wear out of summer clothes. Since my three children have their own homes, I enjoy the luxury of having my very own dressing room. That means I never need to pack away “out of season clothes” and get more wear out of everything.

Jean got her floral mini dress at a clothing exchange. Add a denim jacket with tights and boots, she’s ready for cool autumn days. Read more


Flowers are for the eyes what music is for the ears!

“Do you make ‘out of season’ clothes work year-round?” ~Jean Coburn

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What I Wore to the Costume Ball

I love dressing up, it was always an integral part of my childhood and not just once a year. It was one of my favourite things to do, playing dress-ups with my mom’s clothes or making my own Hawaiian hula skirt. My mom’s friend made a Roaring ’20s flapper dress for me with rows of silky fringes. I loved dancing and acting in my house, I could be whatever I wanted to be. It was all make-believe and I had a good imagination.

I’ve had this top for over 10 years: made in the USA, pretty lace and sparkly rhinestones around the neckline and tiny ruffles on the edges of the sleeves. My butterfly necklace and belt with a flower (both old) are perfect for this outfit.

I’m still me all these years later and love playing dress-ups just as much as ever. This outfit is so fun to dance in, I felt like a butterfly floating around the dance floor! It twirls beautifully! Something I always loved as a child. I only liked dresses and skirts that “danced” as I would tell my mom when I was in the fitting room of a store. I would spin around and if the dress or skirt didn’t flare out, I’d tell my mom, “It doesn’t dance.”

Some things never change.

Did you love something as a child that you still love now?

Happy November!


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Flowers are Forever

We don’t have to venture far to enjoy the beauty of nature and visit charming towns in Southern Ontario. Stratford is one of those places we love to go on a road trip.

This poncho with floral embroidery is a lovely autumnal look and perfect for a walk by the Avon River where beautiful swans are swimming and preening their feathers on the river bank.

A stroll through town.

That’s my son photo bombing …

My pants are faux leather and faux suede. They are super comfortable.

Florals will never go out of style, just as flowers will always be a beautiful part of our gardens and meadows. What we borrow from nature stays in style, because it’s timeless. Old as the hills, it has stood the test of time.

Floral prints will never be passé.


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Niagara-on-the-Lake in Autumn

With so many pleasant autumn days, we had another chance to drive to Niagara-on-the-Lake this month. The sun was shining, no wind and it’s always a little warmer on the Niagara Peninsula. First stop, the Lavender Shop, always a treat for the senses: the fragrance, the colour and the taste of lavender cookies. 🙂

This romantic town is on the edge of Lake Ontario, and it’s just a few blocks from the lake to the heart of town.

Lavender knitted top

This new-to-me knitted top looks crocheted and is a gift from my dear friend Mioara.

We enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the streets admiring homes and gardens, and an afternoon of window shopping (that’s right, I didn’t buy anything) and then a veggie panini for dinner before heading home. So many flowers still in bloom. I’d love to live here but real estate is very pricy.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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Tartan Doc Martens and a Tartan Tie

I bought these Doc Martens in Scotland in 1994: a classic boot, Black Watch tartan, grunge style from the ’90s. I usually wear them with pants, this is the first time I’ve ever worn them with a skirt.

This denim maxi skirt was a hand-me-down from my daughter in the ’90s.

Blouse: gift from a dear friend
Tie: borrowed from husband
Denim skirt: belonged to my daughter
Boots: Dr. Martens from Scotland

Inspired by Patti from VISIBLE MONDAY, I decided to wear a tartan tie.

I borrowed the tie from my husband who doesn’t wear ties anyway. He has such a unique collection; this way they’ll get some use: a tartan tie from Scotland, a floral tie from the ’60s, a paisley tie and I bought him one with little VWs–really cute–which would be perfect for me because I drive a blue Beetle.

Did you notice the barn cat in the first photo? Here’s a closer look.

Have a wonderful week!

tartan heart

Linking up with Patti at VISIBLE MONDAY

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What I wore to the Pioneer Tower

We used to live across the river from the Pioneer Tower for 25 years. The view of this century old tower took my imagination back to the fairytale stories of my childhood and I imagined Rapunzel living in a tower like this.

During our vacation in California in 2006, we were staying in Huntington Beach at an ocean-view hotel. We traveled along the Pacific Coast highway to beach towns, as far north as Malibu and down to San Diego. Stopping at some lovely beaches like Laguna Beach and Long Beach, where I bought this designer outfit in a little boutique in Long Beach.

The skirt and matching top have an asymmetrical design. I love the colours and unusual patchwork of various fabrics. It has an old-fashioned feel to it like something from medieval times yet with a modern twist. It seems timeless, still in style after all these years.

My faux suede boots were bought in Huntington Beach.

After this photoshoot we went for dinner to a new Mexican Restaurant in town and enjoyed a delicious bean burrito with brown rice, guacamole, tomatoes, corn and more.

This outfit is almost 12 years old, but has never been on my blog till now. Whenever I wear it, I think of our holiday in California, Christmas 2006.

Do you have clothes older than 10 years?

Have a marvellous Monday!

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What I wore to the Apple Butter Festival

It was a splendid autumn day for the annual Wellesley Apple Butter Festival. I wore a black asymmetrical hand-knit wrap top which I bought several years ago at a Christmas market. This asymmetrical plaid skirt is over ten years old and my black booties are thrifted ($10.)

Wellesley is an old little town about a half hour drive from where we live. The local arena is converted to a huge craft show and vendors are along the village streets. One of my dear friends that I hadn’t seen in ages was there.

I bought a cute owl eternity scarf and lovely red, black and beige plaid gloves with a little bow and black lace trim.

This festival always draws a crowd but this year seemed larger than usual. We always buy apple fritters but the line was too long, it would take an hour to get some so we decided not to wait. Instead, we meandered around the village and enjoyed talking to a local–an elderly gentleman who used to live in this old house. It’s 160 years old and he was happy to tell us some of the history.

We browsed through an antique shop–a former mill–with many unique items.

The town offers free wagon rides to the local Apple Cider Mill with a tour of the mill and you can watch apple cider being made. We took our grandchildren last time and it was educational as well as tasty!

There’s antique cars on display and remote controlled boats on a pond, live music and dancing (I’ve previously danced with a line dance performance group).

An enjoyable day trip, one of autumn’s pleasures.

Thanks for stopping by!

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What I wore to VegFest

We took a little day trip to Guelph, Ontario to VegFest on a pleasant autumn day. It was an outdoor event held at Riverside Park. It’s always more fun to go with friends and family to share the tasty experience.

We bought soup mixes form Soup Girl to make at home: great for autumn, fills the house with delicious aroma and is comfort food on chilly days. You can order online here.

Besides delicious food, there are many vendors like WULLY Outerwear, an ethical Canadian company who make warm winter jackets and vests. Luanne tried on this stylish blue jacket.

We’ve been to six VegFests and always enjoy the atmosphere. Some happy memories of the Hamilton VegFest.


It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada

Since thanksgiving is about being thankful for family, friends, food and health, I decided this post is just right. There’s so much to be thankful for and I am thankful for the abundance of heathy food the Good Lord has blessed us with, without causing suffering to our animal friends.

Compassion is not a crime

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