Olive Green Linen Jacket and a Thrifted Scarf

There’s a beautiful old willow tree on the back road of our neighbourhood where I like to go for photoshoots. I grew up in Willowdale, a suburb of Toronto, where the majestic weeping willows grow. I love how they are one of the first to leaf out in the springtime and the last to lose their leaves when autumn comes. 

I’ve been taking some things to secondhand shops: great to support charities and employ people as well as keeping things out of landfills.Naturally, I took a look around before leaving the store because you never know what you’ll find.

I spotted this olive green scarf with small silver studs. I bought an olive green linen jacket about 15 years ago but didn’t know it was the exact same shade. Greens can be tricky because there are so many different hues.

I love my white jeans any time of year and especially after Labour Day! I often add a pop of colour, in this case, olive green. This cropped jacket is cool and lightweight. Perfect for cool summer nights or pleasant autumn days.

The purse was also a recent purchase in a thrift shop, handmade with a Paris design, and I have another SLOW FASHION outfit.

Have you gone thrifting lately?

❤ carmen

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Black and White: a classic look

Maggie is my inspiration for black and white outfits. She has exquisite taste and always looks so chic! Maggie has a gift for thrifting, she finds the best clothes (saves money and saves the environment too). Black and white is a timeless and dramatic style.

Girls’ Night Out – or I should say girls’ night in

Our friend May invited us over for girls’ night in at her lovely home, with our black and white theme. After a fun photoshoot on May’s beautiful deck overlooking the forest, we had fun line dancing and then enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Friendship is worth more than gold!

Friends are treasures!

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Tie-Dyed T-shirt and Blue Jeans from Hollister

Summer has left us once again, but given us many memories to cherish!

Besides dancing by the lake, we have gone to the Marina in Hamilton five times just to take in the view and meander along the lakefront. This time we spent the day there with family and friends.

I’d go there at least once a week if I lived in Hamilton. If you know me, I love water in any form from puddles to ponds,  little streams and babbling brooks to rivers and lakes and the big blue ocean. Although I’ve never learned to swim, I’d rather stay on dry land and just enjoy the beauty anyway.

We waited till sunset before heading home. A quick stop at the lookout point to view the city as night falls.

Where have you been to lately?

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Sporty Elegance

A white cotton sweater, black and white windowpane checked pants, a pair of gray polka dot sneakers and I have put together a sporty look to go to Hamilton marina again.

Add a blue/gray lace duster and now I have what I call sporty elegance.

I made that up but decided to check if such a term exists. Sure enough, it does! I suppose there’s nothing we can think of that hasn’t been thought of.

I wore this ensemble to the Hamilton Lakefront. We had a fun time line dancing and meeting a new friend who owns a sailboat. She invited me to go sailing, a fabulous adventure, but it was too windy! Better than swimming: I can enjoy the water and stay dry!

The perfect eternity scarf (100% cotton) with anchor print, hand-made by a dear friend. My sweater is 100% organic cotton bought in Seattle 8 years ago.

Wishing you all smooth sailing in the ship of life! Hoist up the sail of HOPE! Take the adventure, it’s worth the risks! 


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Day Trip to Hamilton Marina

A road trip to Hamilton is about an hour’s drive from where I live. Hamilton is a city by Lake Ontario and has a fabulous view of the lake at the marina. We’ve had three outdoor line dance events at Pier 8.

I wore my new capris bought at Zacks (Canadian store) and made in Canada. I love the tropical, vibrant print. Capris are my favourite summer pants.

It’s the perfect outfit for a stroll through Rockway Gardens, enjoying the last of the summer days!

Ever since my children grew up and left home summers last longer. Gone are the days when summer ended when school started in September. Now September is one more summer month with fabulous days, I’m enjoying every single one of them and making the most of the moment.

Make every day count!

Linking up with Nancy

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Crystal Beach: biking and shopping

Besides enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Erie, Crystal Beach is a charming little town and great for biking around the quiet streets with cute cottages.

I wore my Leopard and Roses (ethical company) tunic. I bought two of these in different colours. They are great for transitional outfits I can wear in every season. I wore my burgundy one in winter.

There are lovely shops in this friendly town, a more relaxed pace than the hustle and bustle of cities and shopping malls.

We looked at a couple of houses for sale.

“Leopards and Roses. Ethical Fashion. Wearable Art.”

Together we can make a difference for our environment, for people and animals. Let’s make the world a kinder place!

Fashion with compassion!

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Grand Bend: day trip to the beach

Real beach waves hairdo! The wind styled my hair!

I’m a summer kinda girl but I prefer the beach after four and especially at sunset when it’s not so crowded and a little cooler. 

During the day, we visited family in Sarnia (about two hours from where we live) and then drove to Grand Bend together. Even though on this day the waves were so choppy and it was very windy, we still enjoyed blue skies and the beautiful view of Lake Huron (one of the Great Lakes).

They don’t call them The Great Lakes for nothing, these lakes look like the ocean! I have been to four of the Great Lakes: Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. The only one I haven’t seen is Lake Superior (the largest fresh water lake in the world and has more water than the other four lakes combined).

I wore a white linen cropped shirt (one of my summer purchases from Zara). It’s so cool and comfortable. I love the relaxed, carefree look of linen. Paired with these stonewashed jeans (from Hollisters) is a perfect look for a walk on the beach and wading in the water (just up to my ankles).

My bag is hand-made by a local artist bought at a Christmas fair

These new sandals are my most comfortable wedges ever (Skechers–who says Skechers are frumpy–not these ones!) 

Have you been to a beach this summer?


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A Dose of Vitamin SEA

A mini-vacay to enjoy another trip to the beach. Just what the doctor ordered: Vitamin Sea, sure makes me feel better during these times, an instant pick-me-up that lasts for days!

I wore this off-the-shoulder cotton knit top–blue and white looks beachy, cool and it’s comfortable. I saw it in a window display and it reminded me of a T-shirt that I tie-dyed myself in the ’60s except this one is more stylish and feminine. I love the off-the-shoulder style and that it’s long enough to wear with legging capris.

Have you heard the rule that if you wore it the first time it was in style, you shouldn’t wear it again? Well, I don’t believe that. In fact, that’s often what draws me to something, perhaps it’s nostalgia. Besides, I think tie-dye is timeless, don’t you?

Sandals are from Drizzle & Shine, my daughter’s eco-boutique in Seattle

A beautiful Lake Erie sunset

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Pink Camouflage Joggers

I’ve been wanting pink camouflage pants or leggings since before I even knew they made them in pink! Finally, I found these pink camo joggers in Collingwood, made in Italy.

I love these colours but I don’t like green camo because it reminds me of war and hunting. Pink makes me happy and reminds me of peace and compassion. Plus it’s my mom’s favourite colour, I have so many memories of her wearing pink!

A stroll through Victoria Park couldn’t be more comfortable walking in these unusual pink and silver non-leather sandals.

Normally, I don’t wear joggers, but these are different: very stylish, not frumpy gray ones. They are so comfortable and come in a variety of fabulous prints. This time I wore them with a white top but I think pink is a good choice too.


We celebrated our granddaughter’s 11th birthday! She wore PINK and the theme was pink and the icing on the cake was pink. My mom would have been so happy!


Madison Clothing Boutique now has an online store and I am going to order two more as soon as I decide which prints!

Life is beautiful! Enjoy it!

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My Grandson’s First Birthday!

What a blessing it is to have three grandchildren! Our oldest grandson is 14!

My mom was born in August and so were two of my grandchildren. My youngest grandchild is one year old–a milestone! It was my granddaughter’s idea to celebrate together since their birthdays are only a few days apart. 

I wore my new pink Elisa Cavaletti blouse (made in Italy) that I bought in Niagara-on-the-Lake last week–my mom’s favorite colour and the colour I am wearing most days this month as a new tradition in honour of her.

I bought these sandals in Collingwood at Madison Clothing Boutique. Lady Comfort is the perfect name for these non-leather sandals: so comfortable I can walk in them all day and so feminine.

Celebrating birthdays is always a joyous occasion!

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