Pink Puffer Coat and Pink Puffer Jacket

We are still in the middle of winter here in Kincardine. The only way to change that is to move south. Next best thing is to keep warm with my new pink puffer coat.

While shopping this season in the little town of St. Jacobs (not far from where we used to live) a customer was wearing a pretty pink puffer coat. So I did what I often do, and asked her where she bought it.

First time ever, the answer was – right in the store that we were in! WOW!! What were the chances?! Thankfully, there was one left in my size.

No feathers in this coat: completely cruelty-free and totally warm! I love the shimmery shine and heart stitching.

Yes, those are snowflakes falling in March!

Do you see the hearts?

Beret, booties and teddy bear tote are thrifted

What’s in the bag? Dance shoes and things I need for my line dance class.

Beret: thrifted
Hemp scarf: Jean’s Eco Boutique
Puffer coat: The Weathered Gate, St. Jacobs
Leggings: COZY
Non leather booties: thrifted
Tote: Harrods via thrifted


If I could only keep one winter jacket, it would be this pretty pink puffer jacket that I got in Seattle. My daughter Jean sold them in her eco boutique: weightlessness and fluffiness, so warm with wind protection, drys rapidly, two-way zipper and zip pockets, machine washable.

Best part–it’s 100% ANIMAL FREE Outwear – “We replaced goose down with state-of-the-art technology, PLUMTECH®: it is warmer, more breathable and lighter. We have a daily commitment: to improve the sustainability of our company in full respect of the animals, the environment in which they live and the people who live there.”

Doing GOOD feels GOOD!

Lake Huron in March, frozen waves and ice

Warm wishes!

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What I wore Family Day

Family Day is a statutory holiday in Ontario since 2008, a day to spend time with the family. We visited our oldest son’s family (my three grandchildren–and two cats are a new addition to the family) and our youngest son came along too.

I wore this pretty sweater with hearts which I bought at Zacks.

“Zacks is a Canadian business that caters to the contemporary, fashion conscience, well-dressed woman committed to meeting her evolving needs. In 1921, the first Zacks opened in Kitchener, Ontario. Today there are 19 stores across Ontario and Quebec. Zacks offers an inspiring selection of career and casual wear in sizes ranging from 4 – 18.”

I paired it with my new blue jeans from CLEO. Theses flares are perfect worn over boots and they have silver snaps on the sides that are not only decorative but functunal because they open.

If we all do a little, it counts for a lot. We’re working to leave a smaller footprint – from sourcing more ethical fabrics to using less energy in our stores. We’re committed to be better for you and better for the planet.

To be today’s choice in meeting women’s fashion needs, by offering styles that are flattering with a dress up/dress down versatility that gives you the value and quality you can trust, in a fun, friendly, easy to shop store.” ~CLEO

My red hearts clutch was bought in the ’70s.

God blessed us with three grandchildren!

Our first grandson is 16

Our granddaughter is 13

and our youngest grandson is 3

wearing the T-shirt his big brother wore when he was a boy and his uncle wore it and his dad wore it too!

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With all my hearts

❤️Hearts are my trademark❤️Perhaps I’m in love with love❤️

I bought this sweater recently and wore it on our weekend winter getaway to Crystal Beach. It’s cozy and warm!

❤️ Love is patient, love is kind ❤️

You might say, I collect hearts

Sending love with all my heart!

Happy February!

Jeremiah 31:3

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Anything Goes

Gone are the days we can only wear skirts a certain length to be in style, in today’s fashion scene we can wear anything from mini to maxi, and from skinny jeans to palazzos. No matter what “they” say is “in” or “out” at the end of the day – or rather, at the beginning of the day – we decide what we’re going to put on.

It’s very liberating to make our own decisions instead of being dictated by the fashion industry. My mother worked in retail (Holt Renfrew — high-end women’s fashion) for several years after leaving hairdressing due to allergies. She told me they change styles so that people keep buying new clothes.

Follow the money. While I do like to help the economy, I believe in SLOW FASHION. Fast, cheap fashion is not only bad for our environment, but also hurts the workers in the garment industry.

As for me, I will keep my skinny jeans, leggings, capris, bell-bottoms, gauchos, palazzos, joggers and any style I like no matter what “they” say! (My joggers are way more stylish than sweat pants.)

Do you follow fashion “rules” or stop wearing something because “they” say it’s out-of-style?

In this day and age we can wear whatever makes us happy!

Fashion is fun!

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I’m a wall flower

I certainly wasn’t a wall flower last night for New Year’s Eve! We danced and celebrated! As some of you may know, I teach dance and lead Ceili-style dances, fun dances from Ireland and Scotland, but also from other countries.

Red is a festive and cheerful colour that I love wearing at Christmas. Black is elegant and dramatic, my traditional choice for New Year’s Eve.

Both remind me of my mom. She had a gorgeous 1950’s red velvet, fit ‘n flare dress (and had one made for me when I was 8 years old). I enjoyed being her mini-me.

My mom also had a black velvet three-piece dress – 2 tops (one sleeveless and the other long sleeves) and a matching pencil skirt – that she wore with black lace tights. She looked like she was ready to walk on the red carpet like a movie star or a model on a catwalk.

My mom made a big impression on me as a child and I loved playing dressups with some her old clothes and high heels. Those were happy days that influenced my appreciation for style. These memories still bring a smile to my heart when I think about them.

The end of a year is a time I look back at happy memories and thank God for His goodness and mercy. As a New Year begins, I look forward to new adventures and surprises.

Wishing you a year filled with blessings!

It’s a wonderful life!

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My New Christmas Coat

Actually, it’s new for me. However, it is per-loved bought for $20 at a thrift shop. Made in Italy and looks like a fabulous designer coat with a whimsical vibe. I love red coats in winter to brighten up my mood; psychologically, it makes me feel warmer and so cheerful.

What colour do you wear to lift your spirit in cold weather?

May your days be merry and bright!

Wishing everyone a simply wonderful Christmastime filled with hope, faith, joy and peace!

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I’m delighted to collaborate with Northern Reflections again! I love promoting this great Canadian company!

This blue buffalo check sweater caught my eye while browsing through their online store. It also comes in red and black which I love, but I decided to go for the blue this Christmas season.

“Here at Northern Reflections, we are on a journey
towards more sustainable practices. We are
embracing decisions to reduce our footprint
and positively impact the world around us.”

Northern Reflections

Made in Canada

It has the five “Cs” that I look for in a sweater…

Chic – Classic – Casual – Comfortable – COZY


Looks great paired with jeans and perfect for layering.

On sale now!

I always find something I love whenever I shop at Northern Reflections. They have lovely accessories and jewellery, I purchased this pretty butterfly necklace, it has an adjustable chain so I can wear it any length I prefer.

Beauty is in the details

“With the world becoming more conscious of the impact we have on our environment, we at Northern Reflections have increased our efforts to create look-good, feel-good and do-good fashion. With a focus on being kind to ourselves and our planet, we have launched many new initiatives to decrease our carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Take a peek to read about three of our newest fabrics we have introduced to our new Conscious Choice Collection.”

Let’s make a difference and keep spreading the word!

Happy Christmas shopping!

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Sweater Season: chic and unique

One of the things I like about fall is wearing cozy sweaters. This chic sweater with a unique design was from Maggie’s Clothing exchange. It has a velvet turtle neck and a bit of bling on one sleeve. The detail with diagonal trim of lace and velvet makes it chic and unique.

I paired it with these pants, also from Maggie’s Clothing exchange. I like the trim with silver studs along the side seams.

New faux suede booties are perfect for dry autumn days. My canvas backpack is also pre-loved.

Something old, something new:

My corduroy cap is several years old and my faux suede booties are new.

My first time attending a Clothing Exchange Party was in Seattle which my daughter Jean hosted. It was a lot of fun! Since then, my friend Maggie has hosted three fashionable and fun Clothing Exchange Parties!

Here’s Jean’s list to help anyone who wants to host a party:

  • Guests, don’t forget to RSVP (that means reply with a yes or a no) so your host can prepare accordingly.
  • Bring as little or as much as you want to get rid of, but don’t worry if you’re taking more than you bring. Others will probably bring more than they take. It all evens out.
  • Swap gently worn items only and leave items with holes or stains at home.
  • Shoes, purses, belts, hats, and costume jewelry are also great to swap (plus, with the exception of shoes, accessories will fit almost anyone).
  • Don’t fight over the goods! Remember that you wouldn’t have had any of the items if you hadn’t been invited. And you won’t get invited back it you don’t play fair.
  • Gather up and try on a few pieces at a time. Keep what you like, and return the rest promptly so others can discover them.
  • Wear something that’s easy to slip in and out of and make sure you have on decent underwear. I wear boy shorts and a full-coverage bra so I don’t feel quite so undressed.
  • Hosts, set aside a bathroom or bedroom for shy guests. Not everyone is comfortable changing in a group environment.
  • If you host a co-ed clothing exchange (I’ve been to one), it’s best to set men’s stuff up in one room and women’s in another. Most people don’t want to sort through clothes they won’t wear. Plus, I’m not aware of too many people who want to try on clothes in mixed company.
  • Thank your host by bringing a bottle of wine or offering to drop off the leftover clothes at a donation center for her.

Have you ever hosted or attended a Clothing Exchange Party?

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These boots are made for walking!

I planned this outfit around these burgundy booties; not only are they pre-loved, they are also vegan. I pulled out my burgundy polka dot leggings, added a burgundy hemp scarf and topped it off with my pre-loved burgundy beret. Another casual autumnal look with one of my favourite colours.

Berets are perfect for this time of year and I’m glad I have a collection of colours so I can match any outfit. All but one of my berets are pre-loved ($5 or less).

These boots are made for walking the trails of our forest, the sound of crunching leaves is music to my ears. Leisurely autumn strolls along the shore of Lake Huron or just a walk in the neighbourhood, these booties are up for the adventure.

My little shoulder bag is just the thing I need for essentials on a hike: cell phone and keys and lipstick.

The first time I ever heard the term pre-loved for second-hand items was reading fashion blogs! Let me know one of your favourite pre-loved finds in the comments.

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Hydrangeas and Autumn Leaves

Ruth’s garden

The photos above were taken in my dear friend Ruth’s amazing garden. She gave me a bunch of hydrangeas and I put them in vases in every room.

Beret: Zack’s (Canadian women’s apparel)
T-shirt: thrifted – made in Canada
Hoodie: Roxy (over 15 years old)
Heart necklace: Little shop Whidbey Island, Seattle
Houndstooth pants: Maggie’s clothing exchange
Vegan Purse: Marshalls
Non-leather booties: Pre-loved
Hydrangeas: Gift from my dear friend Ruth from Church

These pre-loved houndstooth pants have a little stretch and are as comfortable as jeans but more style! Houndstooth will never be passé and always a classic. Do you have houndstooth in your wardrobe?

One of my favourite things about autumn is the glorious hydrangeas, and another is autumn leaves of gold and crimson.

“Autumn Leaves” echos in my mind as the majestic trees are garbed in gold and crimson. A walk on a little country road is a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Kincardine. 

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