The Merry Month of May!

There are several reasons why May is so merry this year.

♥ My daughter Jean came to visit for Mother’s Day.

♥ My brother’s birthday is in May.

♥ I got to go to my first dance of this year.

♥ The magnolias and lilacs have blossomed.

♥ Spring finally arrived.

What a blessing it was to have my three children together for Mother’s Day! Since Jean lives in Seattle it has been many years since she came for Mother’s Day.

I wore my pre-loved wrap pants which I bought for $5 while shopping with my dear friend Maggie, she’s the one who spotted them (pun intended) I love the random polka dots and they just happen to go with a polka dot top that I bought at Ricki’s many years ago.

I added a belt that belonged to my mom. It always makes me happy to wear something of hers, especially on Mother’s Day.

Happy days in Kincardine, Jean’s first time visiting us in our new homes.

Wonderful memories to treasure!

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A Special Mother’s Day

First time having my three children together for Mother’s Day in 22 years! I was so happy that Jean, my firstborn, came to visit us from Seattle!

Our first adventure when she arrived was rescuing three baby red squirrels. No mother in sight so my son had to be the father and feed the little darlings!

Shopping adventures are always fun and double the fun with Jean! Browsing through the shops of the charming town of Kincardine, Jean found some lovely things, including this top with wavey colourful stripes (Cathrine Lillywhite, made in Italy) at ACCENTS. This cool necklace is included.

The beach adventure was fabulous with the most glorious sunsets in Ontario right here on Lake Huron!

Photo by Jean

Do you ever have days you wish would never end? Do you ever have moments you want to relive again? Well, these are those kind of days that I cherish and hope to have my children all together again! Perhaps next year for Father’s Day!

Thank you for stopping by, please come again …

To be continued…


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TWICE as NICE: Turquoise and Fuchsia

What a lovely surprise when my daughter Jean sent me both these tops. They are super soft with 3/4 length sleeves and a cowl neck. We both have a tradition of buying two-of-a-kind when we like something (in different colours) as my mom did too!

I paired the turquoise top with velvet Navajo inspired print leggings that I’ve had for years. The boots are also over ten years old.

I’m wearing the fuchsia top with mini houndstooth print pants (which have very fine vertical and horizontal fuchsia lines going through) and gray thrifted sneakers.

The daffodils are out and Spring has finally arrived just in time for Jean’s visit. What a fabulous Mother’s Day this will be!

Makes me feel like smiling!

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Handknit cardigan and thrifted skirt

If you know me, you know I love thrift shops, I’d say half my wardrobe is thrifted or secondhand. I was happy to find this pink and gray plaid skirt for $5.00. It’s an unusual asymmetrical kilt-style wrap skirt with a faux fur pom pom.

I bought this pink cardigan in 1988 (over 30 years old) it has dainty ribbon rosebuds sewn on. Yes, it’s a cardigan but I’m wearing it backwards, something I learned from my mom.

Hair: CK Hair Studio, Kincardine
Cardigan: Adrienne Vittadini
Skirt: thrift shop
Tights: Roots
Shoes: non leather – Maggie’s clothing exchange

Adrienne Vittadini (born October 9, 1943, in Győr, Hungary) is an American fashion designer.

When she was 13, her family fled Győr during the 1956 Hungarian revolution. In 1979, she started what would become a multimillion-dollar fashion business as a hobby.” ~Wikipedia

“In 1979, Adrienne Vittadini launched her own lifestyle brand. With a European heritage and an American sensibility, the name Adrienne Vittadini has long been synonymous with designs that have a modern point of view.

Recognized for its exceptional knitwear, Adrienne is coined the
‘Queen of Knits.’ ” ~Adrienne Vittadini website

Her styles are classic and timeless, this cardigan proves it!

Have you worn a cardigan backwards?

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OOTD – second-hand dress by Bala

This was my outfit of the day when I got my hair done last week, second-hand dress from my friend Maggie’s clothing exchange. It’s made in Canada and I can wear it in cooler weather as a tunic with a top and tights.

I’m also wearing a dickie from NORTHERN REFLECTIONS for added warmth. It’s still chilly and windy most days, but as soon as temperatures rise, I’ll lose the top and tights and it will be a fun, little summer dress to wear on the beach with sandals.

Clothes that take me through the seasons are my favourite because they transition all year around and I can get more wear out of them.

Do you wear second-hand clothes?

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New hairdo just in time for Easter!

I haven’t been to a hair salon since before I moved in December. I’ve passed by CK Hair Studio while walking along Harbour Street in Kincardine that leads to the beach, and decided to check it out. So happy I did! Cassi, the proprietor, is a very talented artist. Her shop is charming, what a pampering experience!

I walked out feeling like a new woman!

I wore this elegant coat that I got at Maggie’s 2nd Clothing Exchange Party (last November), too cold for Canadian winters but just right for autumn and spring. The shimmery gray goes with everything. I love the huge collar and crinkle fabric with a matching belt. My scarf and shoes are also from the party, as is the dress I am wearing that you’ll see next week.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know what a clothng exchange is. I had never heard of this fabulous idea until my daughter told me about it. Friends gather for a get together: bring clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery anything they don’t wear or use anymore. Then you find new treasures and everyone goes home happy. It’s like shopping without money!

Remember to call someone you love for Easter!

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Herringbone jacket and vegan suede legging

Is it spring yet?

No sign of spring yet, but it’s a good time to wear my lightweight jackets. I’ve had this herringbone jacket for a few years and bought these vegan suede moto leggings last week at CLEO. They are super soft and stretchy; I love the detail stitching. Red booties add a pop of colour; they have walked for miles around Seattle when I visited my daughter.

Vegan Suede Moto Legging

Style # 4000004258



Limited Time – 70% Off!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Dress Rehearsal for Spring

There was still a giant snowglobe outside my window but I’m in the mood for getting ready for spring, trying on outfits that I’ll be wearing to the beach. Now that I live in Kincardine, a charming beach town on Lake Huron, walking along the beach is a daily activity.

Thankfully, we had a few milder days this weekend and the snow is melting!

Blue and white are my favourite seaside colours. This blue chambray shirt ties at the waist and I’ve paired it with my white deck pants which are perfect for wading in the water. Can’t wear sandals yet, but I will as soon as the snow melts.

White capris are also cool for summer.

The good thing about March is that not only is it the last month of winter but it’s the month my grandson was born 16 years ago!

Birthday blessings to my dear grandson!

Are you getting ready for spring?

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Winter in Kincardine in black and red

I bought this black and red windowpane check coat last autumn and it’s perfect for spring. With temperatures rising after a brutal winter, I love taking a walk into town and stroll along the shores of Lake Huron, my new home.

It’s hard to imagine warm sunny days as I look out on the icy lake and barren trees but it won’t be long before spring arrives.

Black and Red coat for Autumn and Spring

Beret: thrifted
Red and black dickies: NORTHERN REFECTIONS
Red and black long sleeve T-shirts: NORTHERN REFECTIONS
Coat: Winners
Black leggings: little shop in Connecticut
Red boots: Germany 1982 (a gift from a dear friend)
Red booties: Rieker

The boots in the first few photos are 40 years old! SLOW FASHION

God keep our land glorious and free!

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Fashionable and Cozy: faux fur trim vest three ways

I got this faux fur trim vest at Maggie’s clothing exchange party. The shimmery silver tone is a perfect neutral shade to wear with practically anything in my wardrobe. It’s reversible with magnetic closures and has two pockets.

All three tops are from NORTHERN REFLECTIONS.

My Valentine’s Day outfit yesterday. This red long sleeve T-shirt came in an assortment of colours to choose from: I bought three (red, black and white) comfortable 100% cotton and well-made.

I made the necklace, a string of silver hearts in various sizes.

Worn with a black T-shirt and leopard print joggers for a fun, casual look.

I wore this black and white windowpane check top on my 70th birthday (also from NORTHERN REFLECTIONS) with faux leather and faux suede pants, a more elegant look.

Winters in Ontario, Canada are freezing cold; vests are wonderful for layering and keeping warm. Fashionable and cozy!

Kincardine sunset beyond the lighthouse

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