Salesladies make the best models, as I mentioned in my previous post. This is another pullover that one of the salesladies was wearing when I was shopping at Northern Reflections (Canadian Women’s Apparel Store) proving once again that real woman make better models than mannequins or clothes on a hanger.

This pullover has a peplum back and fun patchwork with plaid print and jacquard floral design in red and blue, perfect to pair with blue jeans. It’s a lighweight jerseyknit and a great transitional top for spring.

A carpet of dainty blue flowers makes such a pretty backdrop in the spring and this year they are out early.

Do you know the name of these little flowers?

My blue beret is made in England, a recent addition to my Basque-style beret collection. I have 13 berets, all–except one–are thrifted. That’s not counting my knitted berets and a velvet beret and two faux fur trimmed berets.

I’ve always liked the look and thought berets are great for anyone, sort of neutral like jeans. Berets can be worn with casual clothes and they also look elegant with dressy outfits.

A Day Trip To Kincardine

Just the right outfit for a stroll along the beach of Lake Huron on a pleasant Saturday afternoon in Springtime.

Northern Reflections

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Northern Reflections is one of my favourite Canadian stores. I had a wonderful opportunity to model for this company on the catwalk at a fashion show a few years ago.

While shopping there recently, one of the salesladies was wearing this windowpane plaid top. (It’s not the first time I’ve bought what a saleslady had on.) It has three buttons on the sleeves and little slits at the sides, another stylish black and white outfit.

My beret is thrifted. The fabric tote is handmade by a local artist and reminds me of my vacations in New York City. Shoes are from Maggie’s clothing exchange.

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Floral Blazer with Black and White

Florals are not only for every season but they are also timeless all through the decades! I remember making my own bellbottoms and matching top in the ’60s with colourful flowers on a black background. I still have them somewhere in a box.

This floral blazer looks great with black pants and pink accessories. I love how it matches my booties that I bought a few years ago at Hudson’s Bay (Canadian department store). I wore it today to go on a shopping adventure.

I’ve worn it with white skinny jeans and different accessories, sometimes with a black top and also with pink.

This round pillow is part of my shopping spree and looks perfect with my duvet and shams I bought recently.

It’s a joy to see crocuses popping up, the

first signs of spring and hope of new


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SHOP LOCAL – Support Small Businesses

From thrift shops to charming boutiques, I’m sure to find something unique!

Case in point …

These funky tunics (100% cotton, made in Nepal by an ethical company). Jackie (owner of La Jolie Molly boutique) was wearing one when Maria and I went shopping in Ridgway, Crystal Beach. We both bought one. Maria’s has short-sleeves; I chose 3/4 length and folded them up a little. Great to pair with leggings. The design and butterfies are so cute. We love the pockets!

Visiting Maria is always an adventure!

This past year has been extremely difficult for small businesses. While the mega stores like Amazon, Walmark and Target are making more money than ever, so many small shops have had to close their doors forever.

My daughter’s eco boutique is going online


“The worst part about closing the Drizzle & Shine physical location will be laying off my wonderful staff. I didn’t make this decision lightly. And frankly, it wasn’t really a choice. We just can’t stay open and pay the expenses of a brick and mortar store with the drop in sales we’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

Going exclusively online doesn’t take the time and work that running a physical location requires. People are the best part of a store. But without customers to interact with, displays to set up, shelves of inventory to replenish, events and fundraisers to plan and run, there isn’t enough work for any of us.” read more

Let’s support small businesses and shop local.

Say yes to new adventures!


Linking up with AMY and NANCY


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What to wear to the dance class?

Getting dressed is a fun part of my day! It’s like playing dress-ups every morning! Sometimes it’s hard to decide–not beacuse I don’t have a thing to wear–just the opposite, I have so many lovely choices.

Putting an outfit together is easy with my very own dressing room where everything is handy and in full view. All jewellery, shoes and accessories are displayed like a little boutique. That’s one of the joys of being an empty-nester!

I chose to wear this black and red plaid dress for this week’s Ballroom class. The dress looks like a top and skirt but it is one piece. I like the high waisted lace up and the handkerchief style which looks pretty when twirling on the dance floor.

The top part being black so I’m wearing black tights Drizzle and Shine eco-boutique and black shoes Maggie’s clothing exchange. I found this vintage heart pendant at a flea market in NYC.

Two of my pleasures in life: fashion and dance!

What pleasures do you enjoy?

Remember to have fun!

It’s good for you!


Photos by Andrew


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A Time To Dance

I feel so blessed to have a profession that I love! Doing what I enjoy and getting paid for it doesn’t seem like work. I am a certified fitness instructor and started teaching dance in 1985. I used to conduct classes 5 days a week, and I’ve been trying to cut down since my “retirement” when I turned 65 four years ago.

Now I rent a dance studio and teach two days a week, something I hope to continue for the rest of my life, God willing!

Getting ready for the first dance class of this year, I wore my high low skirt that I bought a few years ago, perfect for dancing and looks so feminine. It’s a flowing, sheer fabric that looks amazing when I twirl.

Although I think it looks lovely with a black lace blouse, I regret not having bought the matching blouse at the time, because then it would look like a dress. That way, I could wear it either way.

For jewellery, I chose a black “lace” necklace (looks like lace but is actually metal) and a black “lace” bracelet, hand-made with an up-cycled inner tube from a bicycle tire (very soft and comfortable to wear).

My mom had several two-piece dresses and they were so versatile. I inherited one of them (designer Diane von Furstenberg).

I also have two more skirts with matching tops that I bought at my daughter’s eco-boutique Drizzle and Shine that I can wear together or separately.

I hope you dance!


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Winterizing a summer dress


Since living in our present home–with all three of our children grown up and moved out–I had the luxury of turning a bedroom into my dressing room. So now I never need to pack away any out-of-season clothes–a fashionista’s dream!

With summer being too short for my liking, I can get more wear out of my summer clothes. This dress is an asymmetrical style with a wild leopard print and floral mix, it’s like wearing a crazy quilt. I just love it styled this way! 

I bought a leopard print halftee which works perfectly to wear under this summer dress. I’m also wearing a black dickie for a little extra warmth and a leopard scarf. With this long cardigan, cozy bamboo tights and leopard print booties, it’s warm enough to wear in winter in Canada!


Styled for summer with a straw hat

Happiness …

is finding joy in what you have!

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Snakeskin Print Joggers

My mother loved animal prints, so I’m always drawn to them because it makes me think of her. When I saw these joggers on a clearance rack outside the store, I headed straight to the fitting room and was delighted that they fit because they were the only pair left. They’re comfortable and so far I’ve only worn them around the house.

Today I decided to go out for some fresh air for a photoshoot. I wore my Covered Perfectly top (made in USA) with animal print jewellery (made in Canada). My faux fur jacket is from the Canadian designer, Joseph Ribkoff (made in Canada).

My brown beret is thrifted–$2.99–part of my beret collection.

Faux suede booties are at least 15 years old and they still fit! Isn’t it great that we don’t usually grow out of shoes when we grow up and that’s my excuse for having more shoes and boots than I really need.

What are your favourite animal prints!

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With Love from Zacks

I love supporting Zacks: Canadian women’s apparel since 1921. The first Zacks opened in downtown Kitchener, Ontario, with 29 stores across Ontario today.

I fell in love with this cute graphic top because of the little red and pink hearts! It also has a drawing of red lipstick and nail polish (a woman’s secret weapons). I wore it for my birthday and Valentine’s Day! ❤️ 

“Zacks is a Canadian business that caters to the contemporary, fashion conscience, well-dressed woman committed to meeting her evolving needs.”

Those who know me well, know that hearts are my trademark. Perhaps it’s because I was born in February, the Valentine’s month. Or that I was born in Germany where hearts are common in folk art and jewellery. Or it could be because one of my favourite TV shows, when I was a child, was I LOVE LUCY and the opening theme song featured a heart. ❤️

Perhaps it’s because I am hopelessly romantic! In any case, when I see something with hearts, I simply can’t resist!

My favourite birthday present

Please be gentle with my heart

                            ❤️Some of my heart jewellery❤️

What is love?

Sometimes it’s a word thrown around for anything and everything: I love my shoes, I love my car, I love my job. There was a time when I didn’t use ‘love’ for things, instead I would say, I like my shoes, and I saved the word ‘love’ for people and animals and most of all God.

I look at love as having layers and levels; love has various depths and expressions.

The love we have for a spouse is different than the love we have for a parent or child. We can love a friend or our dog, but it’s not the same as the love we have for “The Love of our Life.” 

Is love a feeling or is it a choice? Both.

Falling in love is a feeling and staying in love is a choice.

In English, we have one word for ‘love’ — whereas In Greek there are different words for love.

  • agape – a strong, deliberate love, unconditional, a choice
  • phileo – affection, friendship, brotherly love (where Philadelphia gets its name–city of brotherly love
  • eros – romantic and passionate love 
  • storge – love of family, parents, children, siblings

Most of us love our spouses, family and friends. However, Jesus tells us to love our enemies. How is that even possibe? How do I love my enemies? With a level of love, a choice: I can pray for them, forgive them and not wish them any harm.

Have compassion. Be kind.

Don’t hate anyone. Wish everyone well.

Tell the ones you love that you love them.

Jesus loves you.

God is love.

Love never fails!


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Camouflage: Pink, Black and Gray

Last summer, I was delighted to find a pair of pink camo joggers (lightweight cotton). Now I found a winter version of pink camo, fleece-lined leggings (warm and cozy) in fact, the company is called COZY. 

I stayed comforably warm with my pink puffer jacket (SAVE THE DUCK) and COZY leggings on our road trip to Hanover, Ontario. Our oldest son is moving to Hanover with his wife and children. 

Never having been a fan of green camouflage because it reminds me of hunting and war, I always wished they made it in pink, so when I found pink camo, I got a little obssessed and even bought pink camo PJs. 

Pink beret: Zacks
Pink puffer jacket: SAVE THE DUCK
Grey sweater: Northern Reflections via thrifted 
Black dickie: Northern Reflections
Pink scarf: thrifted
Camo leggings: COZY
Pink booties: old (from the last century)


SAVE THE DUCK a product that is animal, human and environmentally friendly.”


Road trip to Hanover

The road less travelled to Hanover is peaceful: a scenic winter wonderland and charming country homes.


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