Classic Cars: a museum on wheels

I enjoy going to car shows and automobile museums. There’s something about old classic cars that evokes happy memories of days of yore and takes me back in time.

Summertime means classic cars will be seen on the roads as they gather together for car shows in many cities and towns in Southern Ontario all through the summer. Our city has an annual event every July with a parade of cars slowly cruising down the main street and then parking along the curbs, so everyone can enjoy looking at them and chatting with their owners. I love how well-kept they are and many have been beautifully restored.

Cruising on King starts with Show and Shine in Victoria Park where the cars can be viewed all afternoon. There’s entertainment after the parade, a fantastic family event!

The owner invited me to sit in the driver’s seat!


This year I wore my dress with red roses and polkadots with a retro vibe made me fit in with the times!


From Seattle to Toronto to Germany, it’s so fun to attend car shows and browse through car museums. You don’t have to own a vehicle to appreciate it. Below is a selection of photos taken during the past few years.


Last but not least, my little blue Beetle, a classic from 2000, that I plan to keep, and who knows, perhaps my Beetle will be in the parade someday with my grandson behind the wheel!

who is in the back seat

Have a wonderful weekend!


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VegFest and a Body Bag

Our city hosted its first VegFest on the weekend. I wore my body bag. Did you know that’s what they call fanny packs in Germany? They use the English words body bag! Apparently, fanny packs are back in style. I bought this one with a colourful, delicious, fruity pattern at a craft sale at Christmastime. This is my first time wearing it and its perfect for the occasion!

My granddaughter with her uncle (her dad’s brother).

Sea Shepherd was there and you can read more about our adventure on board the Martin Sheen vessel in Seattle.

Their mission: “Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.”

Frog Hollow Farm Sanctuary sells beautiful crossbody bags to raise money for feed for the animals. There are several delightful animal prints to choose from.

My pearl gray tank top has lace detail and a ruffled hem with a racer back. I bought it 7 years ago at Hollisters.

These crinkled white palazzo pants are cropped with slits and pockets on the sides. I never need to iron them. I bought them 10 years ago at Spanner.

Cherry earrings with a matching pendant, colourful bracelets and red vegan sandals complete the outfit.

There were long line ups for all the delicious vegan food.

Check out Maria’s blog for some sweet vegan recipes.

Did you ever use fanny packs? Do you think they are passé?


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Big Bold Polka Dots

I’ve always loved polka dots ever since I saw Mini Mouse (one of my fashion inspirations) every size from tiny dots to big bold polka dots!

Version 2

My polka dot top is second hand ($3.) I bought it because it reminded me of my mom. It’s exactly the same colour with the same size polka dots as my mom had (a two-piece dress, matching blouse and skirt that looked like a dress but could be worn separately. She had several two-piece dresses). Wish I had her outfit.

I can wear it with blue jeans for a casual look.

polkadots with jeanspolkadots with jeans3polkadots with jeans 2

Polka dot top: thrifted
White tank top: gift
Blue jeans: Hue
White jeans: Le Chateau
Vegan sandals: Made in Italy

I’ve worn it as a vest over a white tank top with white jeans.

polkadots with whitepolkadots with white jeans

Rosa’s Garden

My dear friend Rosa used to be my neighbour for many years, our children grew up together. Although we both moved from the neighbourhood, we still live in the same city and keep in touch.

Rosa has a beautiful garden that she takes care of herself. She plants flowers and paints and decorates with such creativity. Her garden is an oasis in the city, with a Mexican ambience, lush and colourful. She paints with Mexico blue (paint she brought back from Mexico on one of her trips).

This is a place you can relax and enjoy a siesta!

$3 dollars is the least I have ever spent on a piece of clothing.

What is the best bargain you’ve ever had on a thrifted item? Please tell me in the comments!

God bless America!

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My Canada Colours: red and white

I wore my red and white gingham dress to our Ballroom dance class party.

What to wear to a Canadian Barn Dance 

Marilyn’s barn is the perfect setting for the festivities. Her county-style decor matches her country-style hospitality. Everyone enjoyed the dance and refreshments. Thank you so much for hosting Marilyn!

I wear red and white during this time, but I really miss BLUE. In my childhood, our Canadian flag was red, white and blue. If I had any say, I would have had the red maple leaf in the middle with blue on the sides. I’ve been wearing red and white to my dance classes and dance parties.

God keep our land glorious and free!

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Lazy Days of Summer

With the arrival of Summer today, we can now be assured of no more snow in Southern Ontario. Spring can be very temperamental. The weather changes its mind from day to day making it difficult to decide what to wear.

Now is the time for capris and sandals and more day trips. Visitors will be coming from Germany. We’ll be enjoying garden parties and dancing in the park!

I love the easy breezy days of summer…

wearing my all-white outfits…

Flowers and blossoms make beautiful backdrops for fashion bloggers.

Jean posing by a beautiful red Rhododendron bush, the state flower of Washington.

Nancy, Charlotte and Jodie have such fun together!

Jess always looks elegant and stylish.

welcome summer!



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Active Lifestyle

I was a hula hoop champion and can still keep it going endlessly like this giff. Seriously, I have to stop on purpose because I can keep it going forever. I only met my match once during one of my children’s dance classes a few years ago. I was in my 50s and my student was 5. We were the only two left in the hula hoop completion when all the other children’s hoops had fallen to the ground. We both had to stop eventually and declare it a tie.

From my childhood days I loved dancing and skipping rope. I was always on the go and my mother said I never walked, she always saw me skipping home from school. I’d go up and down the curbs like Gene Kelly in Singing’ in the Rain and yet I had never seen the movie.

Keeping active is essential for optimum health. I teach dance for children and adults–line dance, ballroom and folk dance for fun and fitness.

I’m a certified fitness instructor and in my training I learned what I already knew–keep moving, find an activity you enjoy and you’ll stick with it.

  • dancing
  • walking
  • biking
  • swimming
  • go to a gym
  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • play with your children/grandchildren in the playground

I also lift weights, impressive, right? … well, not bicycles, but I do lift 5 lbs in each hand (don’t laugh) to keep my arms toned.

Hobbies are fun and many are useful “mind games” like doing crossword puzzles, sudoku and other brain teasers are good workouts for the brain, keeping our minds active.

I enjoy writing and photography which is why I like blogging. We don’t need to BE the best, we just need to do OUR best. Most of the photos on my blog (which I am not in) are taken by me and sometimes I’ve used a tripod to take photos of myself. I’ve done photoshoots for friends and also videography for weddings.

Take time to play and have fun!

What do you do to keep active?

What’s your favourite hobby?


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Live a Little

One doesn’t need a lot of money to enjoy the little pleasures in life and to live a little!

By live a little – I mean, let’s learn to live with a little less: appreciate what we have and spend more time going for walks together and enjoying each others company. Treasure people more than possessions.

Thrifting is one of the ways to live more simply: finding one-of-a-kind treasures, easy on the pocket book and keeps things out of landfills.

This 100% cotton top is thrifted (Dream Desigual) with a fun print, kangaroo pocket and a hoodie. A casual look with faded blue jeans for relaxing.

These shiny canvas shoes are perfect for this casual outfit and I’m ready for a walk in the woods. Walking is a great way to keep active; the only equipment you need are two legs and it’s free with a lifetime membership.

Walking in nature and breathing fresh air fills the senses with awe and appreciation for God’s creation!

Best things in life are free!

  • love
  • walking in the woods
  • strolling through a neighbourhood
  • exploring trails on a bike
  • playing games
  • taking your children/grandchildren to a park
  • going to the library
  • watching sunrises and sunsets
  • dreaming
  • hugs

Live simply! Love generously!

Share hugs and kisses!


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The SURPRISE of a Lifetime!

Have you ever been surprised? I mean REALLY surprised! Totally and utterly and completely surprised!!

This was the BIGGEST and BESTEST surprise in my entire life!

I had just finished teaching my classes for the day, it was 8:30pm. My husband picked me up and seemed a little hurried to get me out of my class, I usually chat with my dance participants or do a few after class dance requests.

However, I honestly did not suspect anything.

When I walked out the doors of the building, I saw a young lady about three metres away. She had her back to me and was talking on her cell phone. There’s always people coming and going at the centre where I work and this was the first time ever that I said, “That looks like Jean” (our daughter) and I was about to go up to the young lady to tell her I have a daughter that looks like her, when she turned around and to my surprise, it was Jean!!

She came to visit for only two days but we made the best of this short time to enjoy the moment. I’ve captured a few memories of these days that made my heart smile! We went thrift shopping and Jean bought a faux wrap dress similar to one I have (without her knowing it). We went to a line dance with Maggie (where we take our students occasionally). Jean didn’t mind me wearing my dress at the same time because it’s a different colour. We often like the same things and have worn each others clothes.

We stopped by to visit her oldest brother (left) at his office and her young brother (right) came with us. This was the first time I’ve had my three children together in eight years!

With so little time and so much we could do in Southern Ontario, we decided to take a little trip to the St. Jacobs Market and bought a few things.

Vegan chocolate, Jean is holding a cocoa pod.

A mother’s joy to gather her children together, we had a lovely family celebration in our treehouse and a walk in the woods after supper.

A special going away breakfast served on my mom’s beautiful dishes.

Farewell photos …

Breakfast in our house in the morning and at the end of the day sleeping in Seattle.

It was like a dream, did I image this wonderful time?

Thank you with all my heart for surprising me and making a memory to last a lifetime!

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The Tale of the Travelling Top

Once upon a time there was a fashionable blogger named Jodie who had a lovely mesh top. Carmen enjoyed reading Jodie’s Touch of Style blog and one day commented on the pretty top. Carmen had seen a lot of Giveaways offered on blogs, but this one was tops! She simply admired Jodie’s burgundy top, and totally to her surprise, Jodie offered to give it to her!

Jodie lived in a far away kingdom and had plans to visit the village of Seattle. She would stop by Carmen’s daughter’s eco Boutique. Carmen had plans to visit Jean, but alas, plans fell through and her trip was postponed. Since it had been eight years since Jean had visited her home town, she decided to bring the top with her on her upcoming visit.

Lo and behold, one sunny day in May, a brown paper package arrived! It took a long time for packages to arrive in those days. Carmen was delighted when she opened the package and the pretty top magically appeared!

She wore it to walk through a nearby village.

She wore it to a Victorian Tea Party.

Lady Maggie suggested that Carmen should wear a white top under it so the lovely design of the burgundy top would show better. 

Carmen put on her royal floral crown and is ready to wear it to the Ball.

And they blogged happily ever after!

Moral of the story: blogging is an adventure, there’s a lot of wonderful people in the world and some of them are bloggers! Thank you so much Jodie!!


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Blossoms of Springtime

The world looks brighter with the arrival of May flowers; short and sweet, these tiny flowers have already disappeared like the morning dew on roses. It seems the barren trees sprouted almost overnight as buds popped out, and leaves and blossoms magically appeared since these photos were taken this month.

Just a casual day in jeans and a sweatshirt.

A wonderful surprise!

I’ll be showing this beautiful top in my next post! Thanks a million Jodie!!

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