Lady in Red

Whether you’re going out on a date with your Valentine or celebrating a special occasion–dressing up adds spice to life.

red dress

A lady in red will always be outstanding in a crowd.

red dress 2

I tried on this elegant gown in Le Chateau on my way home from work today. A bare shoulder looks sensuous and glamorous.

Long black gloves makes me feel like I’m in romantic movie scene. My little black satin purse is big enough for a cell phone, tissue and lipstick.

black gloves and satin purse

Gentlemen in Black look sophisticated and I have chosen two suits from THE BLACK TUX that will look great with my red dress.

Ladies – which suit would you like your man to wear?

Gentlemen – which suit would you choose to impress your date?

Dress to impress!!



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Happy February … roses roses roses

February – the month of hearts and roses …

roses 1

Today’s outfit is monochromatic roses: everything from my top to toes.

roses 2

I love the textures of this long top: black velvet roses and a chiffon hem that looks like I’m wearing a blouse underneath–instant layering. The black chiffon hem is perfect for pattern mixing

roses 3

Top: Reitmans
Leggings: Aeorpostale
Boots: Target
roses 4

Leggings are a staple in my wardrobe because I teach dance and wear them to classes often, so I have more than a dozen pairs.

roses 5

These ones are faux lace. (Is there such a thing as faux lace?) At any rate, they have a pretty lace pattern.

roses 6

A close up view shows the lace print looks so realistic.

faux lace

I bought my faux lace rubber boots at Target when they were closing last year (boo hoo! so sad they closed after only two years in Canada).

rose rubber boots

I have a collection of silver roses jewellery; my necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring are roses.


 Happy Februarycarmen



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Monochromatic in shades of gray

Gray–one of my favourite neutrals.

gray top 1

This top is made to look like a lace top worn over a chiffon blouse with a ruffled hem–a layered look.

gray lace top

To keep these gray tones from being boring, I’ve added texture and floral patterned skinny jeans.

gray top 2

And silver metallic ballet flats …

Subzero temperatures outside and another gray day in January, but I’m keeping warm at the Butterfly Conservatory, enjoying the colourful butterflies fluttering about and the sparkling waterfall.


Butterfly ConservatoryI found this top in a thrift shop.

gray top 3

While on Facebook I noticed an ad with this same top!


They have a coffee shop as well, a lovely place to relax with a cup of herbal tea and a good friend!

life is like a sandwich

<3 carmen


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It’s a Jungle in there

This is January in Ontario, Canada …


I’m wearing my white cotton sundress made in Peru.

white sundress from Peru

I bought it in September at the Wellesley Applebutter Festival.

waterfall 1

I’m at the Butterfly Conservatory, in Cambridge, Ontario–a great escape from a cold, blustery day!

waterfall 2

The handkerchief style cut looks lovely for dancing.


I didn’t think I’d have a chance to wear it till next summer, but the weather is warm and wonderful in the jungle at the Butterfly Conservatory.

bench 1

Next best thing to flying south.

bench 2

A warm oasis to get away from the frigid air and just breathe this sweet jungle air.

bench 3

I wore my butterfly necklace.

butterfly necklace

And changed into my metallic sandals…

purse and sandals

This is Thelma the walking stick.

walking stickwalking stick

The butterfly you see on my dress is not photoshopped, it was flying and looks almost transparent. Watching the myriad of butterflies is fascinating! They feel so delicate when they rest on my hand.

I got a season’s pass and have been here three times already; I’ll be getting away whenever I get a chance! Have you ever been to a butterfly conservatory?


pink heart



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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Memories of 2015.

As I look back at 2015, it started off as a good year and a wonderful dance opportunity at the beginning of the year with my beautiful friend, Maggie…

Maggie and carmen

And then a trip to Seattle to visit my compassionate daughter Jean in January (she got me started o my vegan journey)…

Jean and carmen

February was my birthday (63) and I got to wear my mom’s elegant DVF dress …

DVF wrap dress

Dancing in the rain with my energetic grandson and my Marimekko umbrella (I love rainy days)…

Dancing in the rain

Many lovely times with my fashionable granddaughter …

my darling granddaughter

Having fun at the park with my grandchildren …

at the park

A summer vacation in Germany (Jean came too) to visit family and dear friends was a dream come true since I hadn’t been back to my homeland in 21 years …

vegan drinks Berlin

I am very thankful for many good times! Without these happy memories, how could I have gotten through one of the worst years of my life? But I don’t want to dwell on the negative, I will focus on the positive.


Through good times and bad times and the really ugly times–one thing remains constant…

God is good, all the time!!!

smilestay close

pink heart
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Gray Pinstripes and Pink Wild Roses

This outfit mixes masculine and feminine.

DSC05022 copyBlouse: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
Skirt: thrifted
Coat: RW & Co
Booties: thrifted

DSC05021 copy

Pinstripes always remind me of men’s suits ever since I was a little girl.

DSC05025 copy DSC05027 copy

My brother chose a pinstriped fabric when he asked me to make a suit for him.

DSC05024 copy

When I saw this gray pinstriped skirt in a thrift shop, I loved how the asymmetrical design and pink wild roses applique added a feminine flair to it.


I paired it with a white lace blouse and added a lacy scarf with fancy fringes to make this outfit even more feminine.

lace blouse

I have several pink tops that I can wear with this skirt. I love pink wild roses …. spells ROMANCE!


pink heart

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Platinum Velvet and Basic Black

Something old and something new–not just for brides; that describes my wardrobe. I have clothes that have been with me for many years, like this shiny velvet skirt I wore today and have worn for dancing many times, including an interpretive dance I performed recently.

platimum velvet skirt

Happy memories are woven through the fibres.

black top and velvet skirt

 It is a unique shade I call platinum gray, it shimmers and has sequins sewn around the waistband.

brass sequins

My black top is new, a very basic top that I’ll be able to wear with many skirts, comfortable cotton and perfect for dance.

velvet skirt

Top: Speidel (from Germany)
Skirt: Smart Set
Booties: thrifted

DSC05037stay close


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Updo for the holidays

Christmas EveChristmas Eve at church, parties and gatherings, company for dinner and going caroling with friends are part of the festive activities during Christmastime. My three children have birthdays during this season (my youngest son’s birthday between Christmas and New Year) so it has always been a busy time of year.

Top: Vero Moda (thrifted)
Belt: gifted
skirt: Winners

Christmas Eve I wore a black velvet peplum top from Vero Moda with a red velvet tiered skirt, and snowflake earrings and necklace.

Christmas Eve

After the Christmas Eve service we open our presents.

opening present

I wore a black lace ensemble to a dance this week.


My red and black shawl with roses adds a Spanish touch to this outfit.


I enjoy dressing up and up-dos are perfect for special occasions.

Blouse: little shop in Laguna Beach, Ca.
Skirt: Free People
Shawl: craft sale
Shoes: Payless

Now I’m looking through my dressing room. Hmmm … I haven’t decided what I’ll wear to the New Year’s Eve dance.

Thank you for your visits and kind comments. I appreciate your support and encouragement!

Wishing you a healthy, blessed New Year!!

Prospero Año y felizidad!!

Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!!

<3 carmen

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It feels like Christmas!

It’s even snowing on my blog, thanks to WordPress. These dainty snowflakes fall from December 1st to January 6th.

We had our first snowfall in November, that only my grandchildren could get excited about and build their first snowman of the season … at night!

I’ve been reading lovely Christmas posts and this one is exceptional, please click the photo to see the amazing art of Inese. She has captured the beauty of winter (without the cold) in her charming winter scenes.


The streets and houses look magical with all the twinkling lights and decorations.

photo 2

Shopping was a bustle of fun and I love hearing Christmas music echoing through the mall and shops.

photo 1photo 3photo 5

I took my granddaughter to visit Mrs. Clause.

Mrs. Clause

Fun and laughter and happy times with friends and family is a wonderful part of the holidays.


But the real joy of Christmas is celebrating the Saviour’s birth (even though we don’t actually know when Jesus was born).

Joy to the world

Wishing you a joyous and peaceful Christmas season!


Linkup Top of the World

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My Christmas Sweater

Time to wear my Christmas sweater again.

Christmas sweater

I wear it at least once a year.

Christmas sweater

Red brightens up dreary days.

Christmas sweater

Red makes me feel warm.

Christmas sweater 2

My snowflake earrings sparkle like snow.

snowflake earrings

I bought this houndstooth scarf at the Christkindl market a couple of weeks ago. Now I have three houndstooth scarves. My ruffled one is here.

on the rock

My “new” black booties are thrifted.

black booties

Do you have a Christmas sweater?

Three more days till Christmas Eve!


love carmen



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