DRIZZLE & SHINE: Third Anniversary

It’s been three years since Jean opened the doors of her eco boutique DRIZZLE & SHINE in Seattle and started selling fair trade, vegan, eco-friendly wares.

Fair trade for people. We care about garment workers: that they are paid a living wage with good working conditions.

Vegan for the animals. Because no animals should suffer for fashion.

Eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment. We need to be good stewards of the earth.

I have bought a closet full of ethical clothes from DRIZZLE & SHINE. This wrap top made in USA by THREE DOTS which I love so much that I bought another one in black. Looks great with a skirt or pants.

Happy Anniversary Drizzle and Shine … Shine on!

We can all make a difference with what we buy.

“Doing good has never looked so good!”

“Style isn’t worth the suffering.” ~Jean Coburn

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Things that go bump in the night

It was that moment between being awake and asleep, just as you’re slipping into slumber. We heard a huge thud that shook us into being wide awake.

“What was that?” I whispered to my husband who was already sound asleep. Furniture falling over? An earthquake? An intruder? He got up to investigate while I stayed under the covers. He checked everywhere: even the garage and basement, then returned with a puzzled look on his face. Nothing. We couldn’t have both imagined this earth-shattering sound.

The next morning a neighbour told him that a huge tree had fallen in the forest behind our house. Our young explorers were among the first to arrive on scene.

We thought it wood make an unusual backdrop for my newly thrifted jacket. With some days feeling more like autumn it was the perfect day to wear it.


My outfit

This lightweight empire-style jacket is super soft, made in Canada and has cute plaid fabric buttons and zig-zag stitching for detail. It’s perfect for spring weather in Ontario when temperatures fluctuate more than a woman’s mood swings.

Most of my jackets lately (almost all are pre-loved) are colourful or pastel shades. However, I still love earthy tones and neutrals and it depends on the day what tickles my fancy. The warm greyge shade is a bend of grey and beige.

I’ve worn these corduroy leggings numerous times on my blog and even more in real life.

These are fashion boots rather than functional ones that we need during winter in Canada.

My dry-weather boots are faux suede fabric, which I purchased in California, Christmas 2006. They’re not suitable for Canadian winters because they aren’t warm enough and the salt, slush and snow would ruin them. I noticed some women wearing boots in California when I was wearing sandals.

So what’s happening in your neck of the woods?

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She Wore Red Velvet

Red velvet is one of my fondest childhood memories. My mom wore red velvet. This is the dress she wore in a modelling show in the 1950s. She also had beautiful matching red velvet dresses (fit and flare style) made for herself and me when I was eight years old. I loved my little red velvet dress and felt like a princess when I wore it.

Red velvet makes me feel regal: the feel, the look, the colour evokes memories of my dear mother. I was thrilled to find this vintage red velvet blazer in an antique mall. I wore it on my grandson’s 13th birthday dinner party.

I’m wearing it for Mother’s Day with my mom’s Diane Von Furstenberg skirt (which is actually part of a two-piece dress) I added my mom’s black belt.

Blazer: thrifted at an antique store
Top: H & M
Skirt: DVF (from my mom)
Pleather purse: thrifted
Faux suede shoes: Ross Seattle

Belt and cross: belonged to my mom

I miss her dearly every day.

My three children

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!


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Black and White Reversible Jacket

It was the style that attracted me to this knit jacket; I love the black and white plaid and when I tried it on and noticed it was reversible, it was definitly coming home with me.

One of my favourite ways to style black and white is with red. The belt belonged to my mom and I probably wear it more than she did. My vintage shoes are hand-me-downs from my daughter Jean (she bought them in the ’80s when she was a teenager) and they go great with my new red vegan purse I bought while we were on a weekend getaway on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Springtime in Ontario means one day can be pleasant and the next day cool, one day sunny and the next day raining, so I wear jackets and cardigans depending on the temperature.

Tulips and daffodils are growing, blossoms are starting to bud and we just saw our first butterfly on the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Style Challenge: In the PINK

Jean and I both bought these pretty pink spring jackets with a military vibe (made in Italy) on our day trip to Snohomish, Washington. They also came is navy blue and grey. There are buttons on both edges on the front and no buttonholes.

Jean is wearing her jacket with a grey sweater and vegan knee-high boots. I’m wearing all black with faux leather and faux suede pants. Jean has also worn hers with grey jeans and I plan to wear my jacket with white jeans. These jackets look fantastic with blue jeans. (That’s Alice the Cat)

Pink is my favourite springtime colour!

What’s your favourite colour this spring?


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SLOW FASHION: Burgundy and Black


My love affair with burgundy began when I was a teenager and I’ve had this rich colour in my wardrobe ever since. I bought this quality top in Germany in 1982 when I was 30. I wash it by hand and it still looks new. That’s what I call SLOW FASHION.

This is my first time wearing these tassel earrings. They came in a dozen colours, I chose burgundy.

This wrap skirt is one of the newest items I’ve bought recently: a timeless romantic style with ruffles and a flounce hem. Made in the UK and just happens to match my top!

April 24th being Fashion Revolution Day–6 years since the tragedy in Bangladesh–support companies that are kind to people, the earth, and animals. Ask companies “who made my clothes?”

I’ve styled this outfit with my tattoo leggings, which peek through slightly on the dance floor. Black stilettos, black belt and a little black evening purse and I’m ready to go dancing tonight.

Do you have a colour you’ve been faithful to forever?

❤ carmen

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That’s the message of GOOD FRIDAY and RESURRECTION SUNDAY!

I’ll be celebrating the Easter season with dancing. Through the years I get invited to teach celebration dance to people from various denominations, as well as doing worship dance presentations. Just as the Bible says in Psalm 150:4 Praise Him with tambourines and dancing!

What a joy it is to know the love of God and rejoice together for what He has done for us! What a beautiful world He created for us and how marvellous are His ways!

Thanks be to our wonderful Saviour who loves us with an everlasting love! ❤️

As for Easter dinner, no animals will be on the menu. We enjoy the abundance of God’s provision that He designed for our bodies as He said in Genesis 1:29. I live a happy, healthy life without causing misery and cruelty to animals.

There’s a galore of vegan recipes on the Internet

You love dogs, you love horses. Why not show compassion to other animals who suffer needlessly? I know most people won’t watch videos of what goes on at factory farms and slaughter houses because we don’t want to be reminded of this bloodshed, it might spoil our appetites. Please consider the cruelty that goes on behind closed doors. The dear animals that are then packaged in plastic and put into the freezer section of our grocery stores.

Please don’t eat us!

Your fridge is not a cemetery. Your body is not a graveyard.

❤️ Choose life

❤️ Choose health

❤️ Choose a more compassionate world

Thank you for reading and may God bless you with the abundance of nutritious, plant-based foods to share with family and friends this blessed Easter season!! ❤️

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Diane Von Furstenberg Two-piece Wrap Dress

This vintage dress (made in Italy) has stood the test of time with style and quality. Little did my mom know when she bought it in the ’70s that three generations will be enjoying it for 50 years!

This is not the first time I’ve shown this two-piece wrap dress on my blog, but it’s the first time showing how I can wear the skirt with a black top. I can also wear the top with a black skirt or pants.

It belonged to my mom and my daughter Jean received it first, but she is kind enough to let me have it for awhile. I’ve only worn it for special occasions and always as a set.

Recently I wore the skirt with a black top. Once to my grandson’s 13th birthday party and also to a wonderful vegan restaurant with friends.

It’s the only two-piece dress I have. I’d like to buy another one because it would be great for travelling and creating different looks.

Do you have fashion heirloom from your mom or grandmother?

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While I was shopping in downtown Seattle I got tattoos. Not the real kind. I’ve always wished there were stockings that looked like tattoos and as I passed by a dress shop, there in the window display, my wish came true!

I was allowed to try them on because they are mesh leggings. Now the only problem was deciding which ones to buy.

Here’s the choices …

Two reasons I don’t have real tattoos: I don’t like pain and it would be like wearing the same thing everyday. I prefer to have prints, patterns and designs on my clothes rather than on my skin. 🙂

Which ones do you like best?
Which ones do you think I bought?
The answer is here.
❤ carmen

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April Fools! It’s NO joke! This is April in Ontario. I was hoping to put away my winter coats for the season but we had another snowfall. There’s a lovely nature trail through the forest behind my house and it does look beautiful with freshly fallen snow.

My cousin and friends in Germany are sending and posting photos of spring blossoms. My fashionable blogging friends are showing off their lovely spring outfits …

 meanwhile in Canada …

I’m still wearing my SAVE THE DUCK puffer jacket. At least it’s pretty in pink and I’m wearing floral jeans and pink boots, perfect for spring, right?

Tam O’Shanter: upcycled and handmade by me
Jacket: Save the Duck (no feathers or down)
Jeans: United Colours of Benetton
Boots: faux suede (over 10 years old)

I made my Tam O’Shanter when I was a teenager. It’s upcycled from a skirt that I outgrew. My mom taught me to upcycle because they did it during the Depression and WWII (not that they used the term upcycling back then).

Jean and me in our SAVE THE DUCK puffer jackets: weightlessness and fluffiness, so warm with wind protection, drys rapidly, two-way zipper and zip pockets, machine washable.

Best part–it’s 100% ANIMAL FREE Outwear – “We replaced goose down with state-of-the-art technology, PLUMTECH®: it is warmer, more breathable and lighter. We have a daily commitment: to improve the sustainability of our company in full respect of the animals, the environment in which they live and the people who live there.”

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

spring is here

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