NORTHERN REFLECTIONS: red sweater give-away!

With 24 days until Christmas, I am offering a give-away this week. This lovely red sweater from NORTHERN REFLECTIONS: 100% cotton, easy care, value of $46.99 CND, size small.

Here’s all you need to do to win:

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Easy! Winner will be announced on Instagram.

I will need your address if you win. Free shipping in Canada.

Not your size? Then please check out Northern Reflections collection and use this coupon code with An Additional 10% OFF Entire Purchase – Online Only. The code is NRHOLIDAYCARMEN and will be valid until Dec 31, 2021. Free shippng in Canada!

These are my go-to pants this season: drawstring and stretch for comfort, and the style is flattering and goes with every top in my wardrobe.

Click on Instagram to win!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Northern Reflections is a quality Canadian women’s clothing company, I’ve been a happy customer over the years (since 1985 when the first store opened) and I’m delighted to collaborate with a company who cares about our environment and values SLOW FASHION.

Today I’m wearing this festive top that can be worn during the holidays and through the winter. Fashionable and comfortable are two things that I look for when I buy something. These drawstring pants are a must-have, they come in black and charcoal.

Click here

Click here

“This year, our Winter Collections are dedicated to all things fun and cozy. You’ll find plush knits in gorgeous wintry palettes, a wide assortment of super-soft sleepwear and of course, a whole section of fleece sweatshirts and gift-worthy festive styles, that we are proudly known for.”

“The Conscious Choice Collection”

“With the world becoming more conscious of the impact we have on our environment, we at Northern Reflections have increased our efforts to create look-good, feel-good and do-good fashion. With a focus on being kind to ourselves and our planet, we have launched many new initiatives to decrease our carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Take a peek below to read about three of our newest fabrics we have introduced to our new Conscious Choice Collection.”

“Introducing: Northern Traditions. 20th Oct 2021. At the heart of everything we do and all we stand for is the firm belief that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and cherished. Today, we are proud to take our vision a step further and introduce Northern Traditions – a capsule collection of essential clothing styles ….”

~Northern Reflections

Check out NORTHERN REFECTIONS website and you’ll be sure to find something for yourself or a gift for someone on your Christmas shopping list. Use this coupon code with An Additional 10% OFF Entire Purchase – Online Only. The code is NRHOLIDAYCARMEN and will be valid until Dec 31, 2021.

I only collaborate with companies and products I use and believe in.

Free shipping in Canada. 🇨🇦

Happy shopping!

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Remembering Lora Herrmann

Reblogged from my daughter Jean – 11.11.11

Lora Maria Herrmann Czech isn’t a household name. Still, she was well-loved and is missed by her friends and family. She passed away ten years ago today. The time since her death seems to have gone by so quickly. It’s weird to think that for a quarter of my life, she’s been gone. She was a big influence on me.

Oma in Toronto

See, I was her first grandchild. She adored all three of us and was a big part of our lives. She lived in the apartment next door, and later, when my parents bought a house, in a house of her own a few miles away. To me, she was Oma.

Oma was born on August 9, 1926 near Stuttgart, Germany. She went to went to modelling school and also earned a diploma that qualified her as a cosmetician, esthetician and hair dresser.


When she immigrated to Canada in the spring of ’57 she opened her own beauty parlour in Toronto. It was so successful that her husband decided to open a shop too! After several years as an entrepreneur she developed an allergy to the dyes and perm solutions she was exposed to in the salon.

She switched careers and worked at Holt Renfrew and Eaton’s in retail fashion, all while raising her two kids (my mom and uncle). Her flair for fashion and love of style made an impression on me. Some of my earliest memories are me in Oma’s apartment, wearing her shoes. She was only a size 6, but I was a kid, and those were big shoes to fill.

Oma and Trudy in Stuttgart

Working in high-end fashion gave Oma the opportunity to collect wonderful clothes by famous designers. She taught me about Missoni, Pucci, Diane von Furstenberg, and Prada (I wrote about Oma’s hand-me-downs a few weeks ago).

Oma had style and grace. She helped me dye my hair a perfect shade of blonde when I was in high school. Nothing brassy, nothing ashy. Something between honey and wheat. What a skill!

Mom and Oma

Oma loved music and art, and filled her home with both. I remember visiting her when I was in university. I was too poor for cable so she let me watch MTV during dinner. When “Kiss” by Prince came on, I panicked. What would she think? He was dancing in “questionable” clothes. Oma looked at his outfit and approved. “Wonderful flared pants,” she said. “And can he ever dance in heels!”

Oma wasn’t a gambling woman but she made one bet with me—and won. In the ’80s I wore skinny jeans. Oma liked the universally flattering silhouette of a flare (hence her appreciation of Prince). I hated flares and swore I’d never wear them. She told me everything comes back in style after a time and that one day I wouldwear them. “Twenty bucks says I never do.” I replied.

Oma and Jean

Fast forward to the mid-90s, when retro-70s was in. I arrived at Oma’s place wearing denim bell bottoms. “You owe me twenty dollars,” she said. She made me pay up. She was a woman of her word and made sure I was too.

In my youth, I’d never have guessed how much Oma shaped me. I’ve focused on fashion in this post because fashion was a big part of her life and this is, after all, a style blog. But in so many ways, I’m who I am because of her. So even though she’s gone, her wisdom, style, and influence lives on.


Lora Maria Herrmann
9-9-1926 — 11-11-2001

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DRIZZLE & SHINE: eco-boutique SALE!!!

A message from my daughter Jean

After being an exclusively online store for six months now, and as I reflect on the past five and a half years, one thing has become clear: Drizzle & Shine was meant to be an in-person experience.

November 30th will be the last day to shop online. After that, I’ll be shuttering the store indefinitely. 

Every single item online is on sale. Shipping is still free for orders over $50. Keep an eye on Instagram for brand spotlights. Just because we’re not selling eco-friendly vegan wares doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Almost every brand we’ve carried has its own website.

I wanted to have a physical store so people could touch and feel the merchandise. I wanted to make connections with people and have valuable conversations about the perils of fast fashion, the benefits of organic materials, and how veganism can extend into our wardrobes. And I did. My staff and I worked at Drizzle & Shine partly because we love fashion, but also because we love this earth, and the animals who inhabit it. We wanted to make good purchasing decisions, and share what we learned with others.

The beauty of a physical location is that we had a lot of walk-in visitors. People who saw cute clothing in the window and came in to shop. A lot of people left knowing a little more about the environmental impacts of our fashion choices–and that we don’t have to sacrifice style to do good. It’s harder to convey that behind a cyber wall.

A small portion of our customers were vegans who understood the mission of Drizzle & Shine. To you, I give a heartfelt thanks. You were the life blood of the business. A bigger portion of customers were Capitol Hill locals, Kaiser Permanente staff and patients, and curious by passers. To you, I also say thanks. You opened your hearts and minds to something new. That’s huge!

The summer pop-up we participated in this past August reminded me of how energizing an in-person experience is, and how this store can’t do what I want it to do without that connection. We’ve endured lockdowns, limited capacity shopping, reduced hours, mask mandates, and more. I’m truly thankful for every single person who kept us afloat for 20 month of challenges. Perhaps there’s another retail location in the future. A post-pandemic store in a neighborhood where my staff feel safe and we can meet in person again.

 Keep voting with your dollars, and ask yourself “who made my clothes?”

Thank you so much ❤️

Jean of all Trades



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Secondhand sweatshirt from a street vendor

Not your typical sweatshirt, this one has style!

Shopping secondhand is one of the ways I like to find treasures and keep things out of landfills. I found this gray BENCH sweatshirt ($6) on one of our weekends in Kincardine where vendors set up along the street selling everything from handmade jewellery and clothes to crafts and big soft pretzels (yummy).

My pretzel necklace is from Germany.

The best part of shopping in Kincardine is the beach only two blocks away where you can find treasures of another kind: fossils, rocks and some rocks which are painted (and left in random spots to encourge the finder) and a communtiy garden along the beach.

Ironically, my sweatshirt is made by BENCH and I found this PRAY stone on a bench at the beach!

What treasures have you found?

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When Covered Perfectly came out with this top, I knew I wanted to buy one but I procrastinated ordering it because I thought the company would be around forever. You can imagine how disappointed I was when the company closed and were sold out of my size.

I wondered if I could buy one secondhand. I checked eBay, no such luck. Then I remembered seeing Nicole from High Latitude Style wearing one and took a chance to ask her. She was kind enough to send it to me! Thank you Nicole!

“Everything is made in America from super-soft, luxurious MicroModal. You will love the way the fabric feels against your skin! Happy shopping”

~Covered perfectly

The good news is that COVERED PERFECTLY is back, so I bought one for my daughter, Jean.

Kimberly saved the day after Pauline Durban retired and Kimberly took over the business. I love supporting small businesses, especially ones owned by women, I admire their strength and aptitude.

I know the hard work that goes into this because my daughter opened her own store five years ago in Seatte–DRIZZLE & SHINE eco-boutique.

Jean did a marvelous job to curate everything in the store is free of animal products.

“Everything is a combination of fair trade, organic, local, USA-made, and/or recycled. We choose brands who think big, have small footprints, and give back.”

~Drizzle & Shine

2020 was a rough year for local, small businesses which rely on daily customers. Sadly, the lockdowns affected her store, however, DRIZZLE & SHINE is online.

Jean styled her snow leopard print top two ways: a classy look in black and white with a pop of red (she wore her top backwards for this outfit) and a casual look with orange jeans and a green scarf, just the right outfit to play with sweet little Katie.

I styled mine with a little pattern mixing–pinstripe leggings for a casual look and dressed up with a polka dot skirt and red boots. My top has a V-neck and I also have worn it backwards.

Our style challenge is not a competition but to show different ways to style the same item.

Thank you Jean for sharing your style!

Please take a look at all the fabulous styles at Covered Perfectly.

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Twice as Nice: gray and ivory dolman sweaters

When you can’t decide, buy one in every colour. Well, this pretty dolman sweater came in three colours and I only bought two.

The buttons are sewn on the front to make it look like a cardigan. I think I’ll try wearing it with the buttons at the back. My mother did that, wear cardigans backwards. Have you ever tried that? She would also buy things in more than one colour, a tradition Jean and I do too.

Gray with blue camo leggings … Ivory with pink camo leggings

I feel like Alice in Wonderland sitting on these huge Muskoga chairs!

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Black and White Dolman T-shirts from Drizzle and Shine

When a package arrives from my daughter’s online eco-boutique, I’m all smiles and feel like a child on Christmas Eve (I’m German and we get to open our presents on Christmas Eve!)

Today I’ll show two tops I received. Both tops are the same Dolman style but I orderd one in black and one in white. They are soft and flowy–bamboo and cotton blend–made in USA.

I’ve styled my black one with pink: pants made in Italy and topped off with a pink hat (thrifted). Sandals are from Mark’s. (bought recently and still available here.)

I paired my white one with these blue and white deck pants for a fresh nautical look.

Deck pants are great for wading in the water!

I marvel at all God’s creations from delicate butterflies to a glorious sunset every evening. I’m sure sunrises are beautiful too but I have not seen hardly any in all these many years. I like to sleep in. 😉

Sleeping is one of my favourite activities, I do it every night and it gives me strength for the next day! It’s part of my beauty routine, they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. 😉

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Summer Wrap-up

Southern Ontario is a beautiful piece of God’s country. There are so many interesting places to visit, we don’t have to drive far to enjoy beautiful scenery and charming towns. Flowers are everywhere and make perfect backdrops for this sunny season.

These are a few of the places we visit in the summertime and we still have a lifetime of exploring to do in this wonderful province.

Visiting our oldest son and family in their new house in Hanover.

Helping our youngest son who moved to Kincardine, into a house that needs a lot of TLC – everything from painting, cleaning and new floors etc.

A day trip to Collingwood is always fun.

We never miss a chance to go to Elora once or twice.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

We don’t need to get on an airplane and spend mega-bucks to drive to interesting places and see beautiful scenery!

It would be perfect if it was summer all year long!

What places have you discovered in your country / state / province?

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Endless Summer

S is for Summer.

This cotton top has a swirly “S” – it’s a patchwork of 3 different prints. I bought it at the Fremont Flea Market in Seattle five years ago and wore it to visit the Sea Shepherd at the Seattle marina.

Paired with these indigo jeans (secondhand) it’s a casual and stylish look for the marina and waterfront. The stretch denim makes them very comfortable, and cool because they are capris. This outfit takes me from the beach to shopping at the weekly promenade in uptown Kincardine. The vehicle traffic is closed Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays all summer long to allow pedestrians the opportunity to enjoy shopping and dining safely.

Today is sunny and breezy and we start every day by going to the beach and reading a chapter from the Bible. 🙂

I just love it when summer lingers a little longer, after all, the cold winds of November will be here too soon and then we’ll have pleanty of time to wear coats and boots and scarves and hats and gloves. *sigh*

Until then, I’m enjoying the gardens and beaches of Kincardine, Ontario–an extended summer holiday!

As I listen to The Endless Summer by the Sandals, my mind drifts back to the ’60s and my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. I had the opportunity to live in Costa Rica and spend Christmas in the tropics with sand instead of snow, but that’s another story for another time.

If I had a choice, I would live in a place that has eternal summers.

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