Sunday Best

The doors of this church building make a magnificent backdrop for my Sunday dress.

red door 1There’s a tendency for people to dress more casually nowadays. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to dress my Sunday best, not to show off, but because I dress up for weddings and special occasions–going to a church service feels like that.

red door 2

A bonnet, string of pearls and little white gloves completes my vintage style.

Version 2Trinity Anglican Church 2

I have so many lovely dresses and skirts not suitable for my work which requires casual, comfortable clothes. Having said that, my dressy clothes still need to be comfortable. This one fits the bill, a comfortable, fashionable day dress.

blue door 1blue door 2blue door 3

This is Trinity Anglican Church in the heart of Galt (now part of Cambridge, Ontario). It is a picturesque town with beautiful historical buildings. Taking a leisurely walk along the riverside on a Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed the view of the old stone buildings, steeples and bridges. Scottish settlers founded the town of Galt in the 1800s. There are unique shops, antique stores and restaurants for fine dining. This is a lovely place for a day trip.

Trinity AnglicanGalt on the Grand

red door 4red door 5red door 6

Happy Sunday!



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Graphic Tee and a Matching Hat

Version 2

This outfit makes a fun fashion statement. My graphic T-shirt is thrifted and I thought it would be funny to imitate the art on my tee by wearing a straw hat and a ponytail on one side.

 graphic tee 3graphic tee 2

It has lace on the back and sleeves.



Hat: New Dundee Craft Fair
Sunglasses: my mom’s from the ‘50s
Purse: Florida Flea Market
Cuff: made from an old vinyl record by an artisan in Brooklyn.
Shoes: Payless


My grandchildren are sometimes behind the scenes on my photo shoots. They’re used to me taking a myriad of photos and videos.

granddaughterVersion 2

Do you have a favourite graphic T-shirt?

graphic tee 4

Earlier this year my Friday dance class showed up with everyone wearing black and white. It was so cool and completely unplanned. I joked and said, “I see you all got the memo.” We decided to make every Friday a fashion theme. I’m always noticing and commenting on what they wear anyway; I have very fashionable ladies in my classes and they all know I’m a fashionista.

This Friday’s theme is lace, which means I have a lot of choices. I’ll be wearing this top but with blue jeans.

Fashion is Fun!

pink heart

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Camouflage Pants

With these colourful, pretty flowers for a backdrop, my pants are now camouflage.

floral pantsfloral pants 2Version 2

When I saw these pants, they reminded me of a pair of bell-bottoms with a similar print, that I made in my teen years. I made a matching long-sleeved blouse and a little sleeveless crop top. That gave me three options: blouse and pants, crop top and pants, or I could wear my blouse open like a jacket over the crop top. Those were the days of matchy-matchy.

floral pants 4floral pants 5floral pants 6floral pants 7floral pants 8floral pants 9

This pendant is from Drizzle and Shine. Anyone know what it is?

 Version 3

Comfortable vegan shoes, laces up the front, zipper at the back.

 Version 3

Charming little towns in Southern Ontario are scattered everywhere. One of my favourite places is Elora.

black topHave a fabulous weekend!

blessings carmen

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Find something to celebrate every day

lace outfit 1

We should try to find something to celebrate each and every day. This should not be too difficult. After all, there are blessings in abundance all around us like air – sometimes larger and more magnificent than an elephant, sometimes tiny as a dandelion seed floating around us and goes unnoticed. But we have to spot it and catch it! Which means we must look diligently for it and take the time and effort to grasp it.

Sometimes we’ll need the help of a magnifying glass or even a microscope as we look with patience for a micro-blessing to celebrate and sometimes a telescope for it is far away and may never be in our reach or visible to the naked eye but it is a blessing just the same.

We don’t have to own something to appreciate it and celebrate it. Like a star–who can touch it? Who can buy it? Who can possess it? But we can enjoy it without holding it in our hands and without displaying it on our mantel.

Rejoice in a new day! Smile to greet the sun! Laugh, sing and dance in the rain! Celebrate life while we have breath!

Let’s not just celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, and occasional special days but every new day. Use the good china, dabble on the expensive perfume, splash on the best aftershave!

lace outfit 2

I paired this ecru lace pencil skirt with a black lace sleeveless V-neck top and wore a flocked velvet Kimono with fringes.

velvet Kimonobackvelvet Kimono 2

I’ll be wearing this outfit for Thanksgiving dinner. That’s something to celebrate, food on the table, sometimes taken for granted. That’s why I always thank God for every meal.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

blessings carmen



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Autumn can wait

Last week was perfect for this outfit because we had a heatwave. I’m not complaining–more opportunities to wear my summer clothes and enjoy a stroll along the river by the Old Mill ruins. It’s a picturesque location and people come here for wedding photography.

Old Mill

These cropped pants are cool and I paired them with a black sleeveless top.

Old Mill 2Old Mill 3Old Mill ruins.JPGOld Mill 4

I brought my little mesh topper for the evening after the sun sets.

Version 2

To make a little extra money and keep useable items out of landfills, when we find furniture on the curb we take it home in our truck. We found 5 Queen Anne dining chairs thrown out on garbage day and rescued them, now we’ll find a new home for them.

Queen Anne chair



One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure.

blessings carmen

Linkup: Jodie’s Style

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Twice as Nice: Ecru and Blue

Blue and White

Here’s the skirt I showed in my previous post but this time in blue. I love pairing it with a white lace top. I often buy two of a kind–even shoes–I have these shoes in blue and burgundy (bought in Germany in 1982).

blue skirtVersion 2blue skirt 3blue skirt 4

Ecru and Black

This skirt is unbleached cotton, a natural shade of ecru and this time I’ve paired it with a black lace top. My necklace looks like lace is actually metal. Cuff is upcycled bicycle inner tube.

ecru skirtecru skirt 2ecru skirt 3ecru skirt 4

My cool cat-eye sunglasses from the 1950s belonged to my mom. She was a fashion icon.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Something Old; Something New: Ruffles and Lace

I bought this blouse around the turn of the century–WOW, that sounds old! The skirt is new this summer.

burgundy blouse 1This burgundy crêpe blouse with ruffles around the neck and down the front doesn’t have any buttons, so I wear it over a burgundy camisole (which also has tiny ruffles around the neckline). I love this crinkly, semi-sheer fabric.

My velvet choker with a silver heart and a tiny burgundy rose is from Germany. Version 2

When I bought the skirt, it was one of those times that I couldn’t decide on a colour so I bought one in ecru and one in blue. They also came in black and white, but I refrained from buying four skirts.

burgundy blouse 2burgundy blouse 3burgundy blouse 4burgundy blouse 5


Burgundy is one of my favourite colours in autumn.

What is your favourite autumnal colour?

❤ carmen


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Green Tee

Is the other man’s grass greener?

green T 2

Well, this one is pretty green. We spent a lovely Saturday afternoon checking out an Open House in Cambridge this summer. The beautiful grounds back onto a little creek. The property is meticulously kept, yet has the charm of a natural setting.

green grass

I blend right in with my green Tee. I’ve had it for a few years but it’s the first time on my blog and I had no idea it would match my surroundings so perfectly.

green T 3green T

When it comes to T-shirts, anything unique which has artistic details gets my attention. I don’t think I have ever owned a plain T-shirt. There has to be something special about it.

green T 4This one is asymmetrical with little bits of fabric squares that have silver beads and black strings sewn on randomly. Even my necklace (hand-crafted and gifted) is a tiny tree on a green background which goes with the theme.

close up

Looks like tulips but these are actually solar lights “planted” in old stumps. I’d love these for my garden.


There was a time I didn’t have anything green in my wardrobe. I still don’t have a lot of green, but I love it because it’s a fresh colour of nature. Nature will tell you that green goes with all colours. Just look at any colour of flowers and they always have green leaves.


My darling granddaughter.


We’re still enjoying green in our neck of the woods. We’ve had a warm and sunny September with more warm days in the forecast.

Fall can wait, I’m in no hurry!



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Say Yes to Adventure

Exploring Central Park


Funny, we go to one of the biggest, bustling cities in the world to hang out in the parks! I guess that’s what I love: civilization, but never being too far from the wonder of God’s nature.

Central Park 3Central Park 1Central Park 2A city without a park would be like a desert without an oasis. Parks are therapeutic amidst the concrete and asphalt. While I stand back to admire the work of people who have designed and built these amazing structures in our cities, we need God’s creation to bring balance to our lives.

schist rocksschist rocks 2This was our last day in New York City and one more opportunity to explore Central Park. We meandered around with no particular place in mind but ended up in some beautiful gardens.

Central Park 4Central Park 5One of the best things about the park is because it’s so big, there are woods that look like you’re in a forest with nature trails, rocks and streams.

rocks 1Version 2

There are also gardens and fountains where you can enjoy the aesthetics of well-kept gardens with not a flower out of place.


pondgarden 4Version 2garden 6garden 7Life is an adventure!




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Black and White Paisley Pants and a Guest Fashionista

1While in New York City we went to a park almost every day and since we were staying near Central Park, we enjoyed adventures in the park many times.

On this particular day, I wore black and white paisley pants and another opportunity to wear the little black topper I bought in Harlem.

Version 2Version 2

By sheer coincidence and to my surprise, my dear friend Maggie bought one in a thrift shop in Canada. I had never seen her wear it, but when she saw the photos of my topper, she commented that she had the same one. This proves that I have good taste, since I bought the same thing as Maggie without knowing it. 🙂


Maggie is a true fashionista and thrift shopper, always finding the hidden treasures in consignment and secondhand shops. I love her style, she always wears beautiful outfits with great accessories. I love going shopping with her!


I bought this daisy bag in the same store as the toppers. Anyone who knows me well knows I love daisies!




❤ Thank you Maggie for being my guest today! ❤




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