Summer Breeze

There are many nature trails where I live and warm summer evenings are perfect for riding my bike. The sun stays up late on warm July evenings. The fragrance of the meadow and beauty of the wild flowers are simple pleasures of life that we often don’t take time for because of our busy lives.

bikeclose upbike 2backmeadow 2meadowmeadow 3white summer dresswhite summer dress closeupIMG_5402


<3 carmen

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The sky’s the limit: blue skies and cloud 9

And that’s where I’m going: up above the clouds and across the BIG pond! I’m off to Germany for a month.

I am so looking forward to this vacation that has been too long in the making. It’s been 21 years since I’ve been there and as a procrastinator, I keep putting it off till next year. However, next year may never come so I’m going THIS year!

Visiting with my cousins and family and friends will be wonderful. Perhaps I’ll even get a chance to meet some bloggers! The BEST news is that my daughter Jean will be flying out from Seattle to meet me in Stuttgart, then we’re off to Munich and the fast train to Berlin where we will go to VEGAN STREET–something we’ve been wanting to do forever!

I’m wearing my white skinny jeans (they go with everything) and my new blue fringed kimono from Garage. Blue and white for the sky and clouds where I’ll be soaring; I love flying!

DSC02560 DSC02563 DSC02565 DSC02567 DSC02566silver heart necklace DSC02571 DSC02572

 Germany is not only my homeland (where I was born and have been back five times since living in Canada) it is also a beautiful country: rich with history, magical castles, romantic towns, modern cities and breathtaking scenery. I know I will have tears in my eyes when I see the little red rooftops of the charming houses as my plane descends on this storybook land: a place of a myriad of treasured memories.

Have a great summer and make some happy memories!!

<3 carmen

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Take the last train to Clarksville Elmira.

Train Ride

I love making memories and the slow train to Elmira, Ontario was just the perfect adventure to make a wonderful summer memory for my grandson. He had never been on a train before and this old steam engine takes us back in time; the railroad car we were in was made in 1923. We watched the beautiful countryside through the huge open window and crossed the Conestoga River on a high bridge.

1923 railroad carbridge

I wore my colourful, multi-patterned skirt. Each panel has a different print and I love how it flares.

multi-patterned skirt

We stopped at the little town of St. Jacobs and got off to see this 99 year old steam engine.

steam engine 99 years oldI snapped a few shots of railway cars no longer in use.

DSC02239 DSC02233

No time to stop and shop in St. Jacobs (after all, my grandson came for the ride–not to shop).

antiques store in St JacobsThat’s my youngest son working on the railroad.IMG_0052This track is no longer in use, so no worry that a train will be coming.IMG_0063IMG_0068End of the line of a fantastic adventure, another day trip in Southern Ontario.

Make some summer memories!

<3 carmen


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Clothing Exchange: Hearts and Flowers

clothing exchangeI went to my first clothing exchange while visiting my daughter Jean in Seattle. It was so much fun and a wonderful experience. I helped Jean shop and prepare refreshments for her guests. Jean is a gracious host and served delicious, nutritious vegan dishes that everyone enjoyed.

I am searching for the photos of the delectable food Jean prepared with a variety of fruit, veggies and vegan cheese that tastes better than dairy.

vegan cheese

All the guests were so courteous and made this experience very enjoyable!

guestsguests 2This dress was going in the clothing exchange but Jean gave me first dibs! It was her dress–she wore it last summer on our vacation in New York City. The petite flowers are coral, pink and turquoise, so I wore a coral cardigan, added a pink belt and a turquoise purse. Jean gave me this heart belt and straw hat many years ago–I added a black flower. I clip on different flowers depending on my outfit. I have a bold sunflower and a red rose.

high low lace dress

This lace dress has a colourful, calico print and a high low style, that’s three things I love: LACE, FLORALS and HIGH LOW. I wore it for the first time on a lovely afternoon in July.

high low lace dresshigh low lace dress

Off-the-shoulders for a garden party …

garden partygarden partygarden partygarden party

and tea for two …

Welcome to my garden room …

welcome to my garden

Morning tea with Maggie and if I ever host a clothing exchange, she will be the first one on my list; Maggie has exquisite taste and I love her style.


Have you ever been to a clothing exchange?

<3 carmen


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Wrap dress styled for summer and winter

Shopping with my daughter Jean is always something I enjoy. I bought two wrap dresses last summer in New York City at Bebenoir. (My first one you can see here.)

Although sometimes we have very different taste, many times we like the same things and I can’t count how many things we have the same–from jewellery to shoes (and everything in between). I bought the same houndstooth dress that Jean is wearing and she bought this wrap dress too.

Jean and carmen

 It has a fabulous black and purple Hawaiian print with a dash of orange. Love how Jean has styled hers with an orange camisole and her cute vegan purse. Check out her post about this dress and her unique shoes!


It’s great to get more wear out of dresses that can be worn all through the year and I knew this one is perfect for warm weather with bare legs and sandals …


Tights and boots means I can wear it in the fall and winter, I also add a black cardigan for warmth.

wrap dress with tights

 Sometimes I wear it as a tunic over capris.

Eiffel TowerStatue of Liberty

That’s a wrap, folks!

Have a fashionable week!!

<3 carmen



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I love daisies

Daisies have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that make me smile. :-) They are my favourite flowers. I love their simplicity, a symbol of humility. I’d rather wear a crown of daisies than a diamond tiara. The simply things in life are really the BEST things in life!! <3

DSC02045DSC02046daisy topclose upDSC02051DSC02050

These photos were taken at the German Concordia Club in Kitchener, Ontario–a place I have enjoyed taking ballroom dance lessons and have had the opportunity to conduct two line dance workshops.

I hope you dance!

<3 carmen



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Greetings from Canada!

I wear my Canada colours every Canada Day!

img_62581 img_62631 img_62661-1 covered bridge

I’ve had this skirt for years; it has a white lace print on a red background.

img_62561 img_62531 img_62541-1

 My dear friend Diane wore her new Canadian maple leaf T-shirt to dance class yesterday.


She just bought it at OLD NAVY so I dashed over right after class, but they were sold out. (It wasn’t a wasted trip because I found a pair of cool, white, linen, wide-leg pants!)

Lots of people wear red and white today!


Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!!

Loving greetings to my readers and friends all over the world!

love carmen

Happy 4th of July America!


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Palazzo Pants at a Grandioso Palace

Well, it’s not quite a palace but it sure looks like one and feels like one walking around this marvelous, HUGE estate.

Langdon Hall

Palazzo pants are grand for an elegant affair. A similar look to a long skirt. Palazzo means palace in Italian.

palazzo pants

While on vacation in New York City last summer, Jean and I bought these lace teal palazzo pants at a flea market in Brooklyn.

teal palazzo

These are handmade and I love to support local people. In the 60s I made several pairs of white lace palazzo pants and sold them at a boutique. Wish I’d have kept a pair.

palazzo pants

I made mine with a lining sewn in like shorts. I haven’t been able to wear these ones because there was no lining and it looked a little very sleazy just wearing black undies. I bought a pair of black workout shorts and it’s perfect.

black workout shorts

 Sexy, yes; sleazy NO!

closeup palazzo pants

My first time wearing them recently was to the historic Langdon Hall: a luxurious Hotel Resort and Spa in the country, a mansion with several other beautiful buildings on the estate and meticulously groomed gardens.

Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall is a lovely day trip in Southern Ontario or a fabulous weekend getaway. A very romantic place to have a wedding reception or any special event. But you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy this charming place, it’s delightful for dinner or afternoon tea for two.

tea on the deckon the deckAn elegant ambiance in every room.

dinning roomSolariumA walk around the gardens is astonishing!

Langdon Hall the pond the pond the pond

I love wild roses!

wild roses

Thanks for your visit and I hope you enjoyed the tour!

<3 carmen


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Long Cardigans in Black and White

When I can’t decide which one to buy, I buy them both. Actually, my mom started me with this habit; she would buy the same thing in different colours and my daughter Jean and I have continued this tradition. In fact, it doesn’t have to do with deciding which one I like better, rather it’s because I like it so much that I buy two, three and sometimes four and even five (yes, five!) in every colour! I do the same with shoes.

These long cardigans came in black and white. I had already bought the pants a few weeks ago when I saw them in the window display at Le Chateau.

window displayDSC01546black cardiganclutchelastic belt with lace tiewhite cardigan white cardigan

The weather in spring is like an escalator at the mall: up and down. I really don’t mind as long as it doesn’t snow. Cardigans and jackets are practical at this time of year, even in the summer there can be cool nights and the malls are always air-conditioned, so I often need a cardigan.

These cardigans from Le Chateau are a loose knit, so soft and comfortable. And why not buy the sandals I’m wearing in black and white as well?

black and ahite sandalsone of everything


<3 carmen


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Summertime: Ladies in White

My first post of ladies in white featured nine beautiful women.

On the first day of summer 2015, I am showcasing nine gorgeous ladies who embrace the romantic look of white! Click on their photos to see more of their style.

Annette from Lady of Style

Annette from Lady of Style

Gaby from Stylish Salat

Gaby from Stylish Salat

Dawn Lucy host of FUN FASHION FRIDAY

Dawn Lucy host of FUN FASHION FRIDAY Linkup

Dawn LucyWhether fair-skinned, olive or brown–white suits each skin tone. Whether blonde, gray, redhead, light brown, brunette or jet-black–all look great in white. I know some people shy away from white but it really is a lovely, cool look! I hope this post inspires everyone to get a white outfit for summer! There are different shades of white, so some may prefer to wear winter white, off-white, ivory or pale gray, rather than pure white.

The look is fresh and breezy. Here’s what these fashionable ladies are wearing.




Sarmistha from Style Over Coffee

Falasha from Bite My Fashion

Falasha from Bite My Fashion

Falasha from Bite My Fashion

Falasha from Bite My Fashion

Johanna from 101 Things I love

Johanna from 101 Things I love

Wednesday Pants Linkup

Allison host of WEDNESDAY PANTS Linkup

Willfully Elegant

Willfully Elegant

Garments Speech

Garments Speech

All white with pops of colour is one of my favourite looks.

white 6 white 1 white 2 white 4

Do you have an all-white outfit to share?

Please add the link in your comment.

To all the fathers reading this I wish you a

Happy-Fathers-Day-happy summer


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