ArmedAngels – eco fashion

What’s better than an ArmedAngels skirt?

ArmedAngels skirt 1

TWO ArmedAngels skirts!

I first heard about this ethical company in Germany when my daughter Jean and I were in Berlin. In the meantime, she has opened her own eco boutique in Seattle and carries ArmedAngels clothing: a brand known for their sustainable materials and fair working conditions.

While I was in Seattle I bought two skirts in the same style but different colours and patterns, both made with organic cotton.

One with bold colourful geo squares …

ArmedAngels skirt 2ArmedAngels skirt 3ArmedAngels skirt 4

and the other is black with tiny polkadots.

Version 2ArmedAngels skirt 7ArmedAngels skirt 5

I’ve worn them with black bamboo tights (also from Jean’s store Drizzle & Shine) and can wear them with bare legs when the weather warms up.

I’ll tell you about my wrap top in another post (I bought two, my other one is black).

Happy Spring!

❤ carmen


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Road Trip to Lake Washington

One of the things I absolutely love and appreciate when we visit our daughter in Seattle (besides the weather and shopping) is the way Jean plans the adventures and places we go to.

The weather was like springtime in Ontario even though it’s winter. On this particular day, we took a road trip along a windy road and hilly lakeside community. The homes are gorgeous and the grass is always greener in Seattle.

We stopped at a couple of parks with a great view of Lake Washington. It’s wonderful how time spent in nature rejuvenates us. Quite a drastic change of scenery from the day we spent in downtown Seattle with the hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market.

Jean’s jacket is from a clothing exchange and she bought these $180 plaid jeans on sale for $30 at Nordstom Rack a few years ago.

My black and red houndstooth coat is from Frank Lyman (if you follow my blog you’ve seen it already) My pants (also worn before) are a mini plaid pattern.

One of the things that makes Seattle so enjoyable is that it’s a city surrounded by beautiful scenery: parks, nature, lakes, islands, mountains–just what I need after the madding crown in downtown Seattle.

Take time for a walk in nature!

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Exploring Downtown Seattle

Our holidays in Seattle always include an excursion downtown with a new adventure every time. We’ve had dinner at the top of the Space Needle and a ride on the huge ferris wheel, a tour around the city on the Duck ride and an underground tour with a fascinating history of Seattle. We’ve been up the oldest elevator of the Smith Tower (which was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi). And of course, the famous Pike Place Market where vendors and artisans sell their wares.

Pike Place has a Crumpet Shop where they make the best and freshest crumpets on the planet! (And they’re vegan!) I also enjoyed some shopping (which I’ll show in future posts).

The Seattle Art Museum has a wonderful gift shop: artistic ties, lovely totes, beautiful scarves and more all made by local artisans.

We walked all day without getting tired and then 15 more blocks up Pike Street to 15th Avenue on Capitol Hill to Jean’s eco boutique.

Jean had a busy day at her store. She wore a lovely grey velvet jumpsuit. We were all hungry and enjoyed dinner at Wayward Vegan Cafe.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

❤ carmen

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Fremont Flea Market – Seattle

We always enjoy great adventures every time we visit Seattle and there are always new places to explore, but we never miss a chance to go to the Fremont Flea Market, it’s on our to do list every time!

We never go home empty-handed because there’s always something unique or a treasure we find: from jewellery and clothes to antiques and memorabilia.

I spotted this little red suit case like the one I had when I was five (which didn’t survive my childhood) and I remember carrying it proudly onto the plane when we left Germany in 1957 to live in Canada.

The coat Jean is holding in the photo above was a fabulous find: it’s reversible and looks custom designed.

The suit case is just right for my doll and the little brass keys will be for my teddy bears.

I love supporting local artists and bought some lovely cards from a photographer.

We enjoyed many sunny and pleasant days, just right for wearing my new coat–perfect for the usually milder temperatures in Seattle–it will be suitable for spring and autumn back home.

Do you like flea markets and what treasures have you found?

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Gas Works Park – Seattle

What was once an eye-sore and toxic waste site has been transformed into an industrial playground and urban park with man-made rolling hills. It’s a perfect place for a picnic overlooking beautiful Lake Union. Jean wrote about it on her blog.

The first time I saw it was from a distance while on a DUCK RIDE ten years ago. It looked like a rusty monstrosity, yet somehow, has an artistic appeal. It has an interesting history of what was once the Seattle Gas Light Company.

This time we went for a leisurely walk on a pleasant day in January. The rolling hills are fun to climb. I’m lovin’ the moderate Seattle climate, a few people were even wearing shorts. Back home it was snowing with sub-zero temperatures.

I love parks and this one is so unique. It’s a great place for dogs and cats too! Jean took this cute photo of Strudel the Cat.

Life is a walk in the park!

What park have you been to lately?

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Birthday Adventure on Whidbey Island

This February Jean treated us to a weekend getaway on Whidbey Island. It’s the place I’ve been looking forward to visiting ever since Jean wrote about it on her blog.

The ferry crossing Puget Sound was amazing! We drove on with Jean’s Mini Cooper. More than 200 tons of cars, plus the ferry which weighs 4,384 tons and 1,500 passengers, it defies logic how a steel-hull vessel can float. It baffles me!

Next to flying, a ride on a ferry is the best thing. I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’ve been on plenty of ferries and boats in my life. I love looking out at the sea.

Jean rented a fabulous A-frame cottage, I’d love to live here!

I’m wearing my new big heart sweater I bought at Drizzle & Shine. This loose-knit style is ultra comfortable and great to relax with a cup of tea by the fireplace on a cool evening on the island.

We spent the next day on a fun adventure in the little town of Langley. I was delighted to see a colony of bunnies roaming freely around the area. No need for lawn mowers or fertilizer, the bunnies are keeping the grounds meticulously trimmed. Apparently, they are domesticated rabbits that escaped from the fair several years ago.

Relaxing by the sea with a beautiful view.

Always time for some shopping …

and thrift shopping …

It’s a very artistic town with art everywhere. After a delicious vegan dinner to celebrate, we stayed until evening to enjoy the annual Art Walk.

Then back to the cottage to relax by the fire of a woodstove and watch a movie.

I didn’t want to leave.

This is the kind of home I could move right in. It’s my dream, not a new dream, but an old dream rekindled.

Yes, these are snow flurries and we were about to experience our first snowfall in Seattle–the kind of weather we were trying to escape from when we left Ontario. C’est la vie!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

❤ carmen

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NW Trend Show – Seattle

What a wonderful experience I had going to my first fashion trade show in Seattle! The event is for wholesale buyers and I got a peek into what it’s like to see fashion before it gets to the stores, I was overwhelmed! My daughter Jean invited me to join her and I watched how she chose her spring and fall clothing lines and jewellery that she ordered for her eco-boutique Drizzle & Shine.

The venue was fabulous at Pier 91 with a gorgeous view of Seattle’s skyline, including the Space Needle.

With about 100 exhibitors showcasing apparel, jewellery, accessories and footwear, Jean is very particular with buying only eco-friendly, fair trade and cruelty-free items. This is what sets her store apart from other stores. Jean has already done all the homework and background checks, so her customers can be assured that everything in her eco-boutique is ethical.

“We specialize in items that are kind to the earth and animals and that are made by people who are treated fairly. We donate a percentage of each sale to nonprofits that align with our values.” ~Drizzle & Shine

Exquisite jewellery from Tasi – handmade from Portland

US designed and made fashion from Pink Wheels and organic and fair trade fashion from Indigenous

I wore my new colourful skirt from Drizzle & Shine made by Armed Angels sustainable fashion.


It was inspiring seeing all the spring clothing; I look forward to when the winter is over. Jean ordered so many lovely items including florals and cherry print dresses, and amethyst earrings (my birth stone, which I will buy from her store).

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Snowing in Seattle


We woke up to a blanket of snow this morning.

Wouldn’t you know it, just after I wrote about sunny in Seattle in my last post, it is now snowy in Seattle! Many flights were cancelled and delayed today. Schools are closed and so is Jean’s eco boutique

I’m so glad I bought this Save The Duck jacket (sustainable and cruelty-free) It’s a good time to test it on this cold day in February. I feel warm and cozy, it’s super soft and lightweight. I love the zippered pockets and hood. This shade of misty rose is so pretty.

Jean is wearing a Save The Duck coat in a lovely shade of champagne, a new red cotton toque made in USA and her first time wearing these winter boots made for trekking in blizzards!

Back home the temperatures are rising to 12°C, guess it’s time to return to Canada!

Six more weeks of winter or is it six more weeks till spring?

pink heart 350


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Winter Vacation in Seattle

The grass is always greener in Seattle: flowers are blooming, trees already have buds and the air is balmy!

It may not be bikini weather, but it feels like springtime! Most days have been sunny with blue skies, a few drizzly days but no snow, slush or ice. Back home in Ontario, family and friends have been reporting dreadful weather with temperatures below average, even -50 with the windchill factor. Glad we escaped!

This week (outside the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, Washington) was so mild that I took off my coat even though I was wearing a lace top.

Lace top: clothing exchange (from Jean)
Skirt: made in Canada
Tights: Bamboo from Drizzle & Shine
Shoes: faux suede

My flared skirt has a mini houndstooth print with lacy roses.

The outdoor patio has a beautiful mural with a real fountain that made me feel like I was in Italy in the countryside.

Jean made this asymmetrical necklace and gave it to me.

Flowers growing by the patio.

Even stores are already selling flowers outside!

What a delight it was to find a little painted rock by a flowerbed outside the mall with an encouraging message! It made my day! On the back it says to keep or re-hide. I decided to keep it as a little memory of Seattle, but plan to paint some rocks with my granddaughter when I return home to Canada. It’s such a great idea!

Have you ever found treasure rocks or have you painted some rocks to hide for others to find?

Have a fabulous February!

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Day Trip to Snohomish, Washington

A view of the Snohomish River, it doesn’t look as beautiful in January as it does in the summer, but with weather mild enough to take off my coat, I’m not complaining. Jean wore her SAVE THE DUCK jacket, a lovely shade of misty rose. I bought one too. It’s super soft, lightweight and warm. Best is that it’s also cruelty-free, hence, save the duck. Jean sells them in her store; they come in black, silver and turquoise too.

“PLUMTECH® is an innovative padding that comes from the need to create the softness of animal feather while keeping the advantages of thermal padding technology.” ~Save the Duck

I first discovered this charming little town while reading Jean’s blog.I added it to my list of places I’d like to visit while in Washington. It was just as I imagined it would be from Jean’s photos and description: small American town, perfect for a walk along the main street and browsing through the shops. 1st Street is lined with antique shops and unique boutiques from one end to the other.

Jean found this coat in The Queen Bee (made in Italy) and I bought one too. It will be perfect for springtime in Ontario.

Lunch at Grilla Bites was delicious, they have tasty vegan and vegetarian options.

Before heading home, we stopped in at Centre Public House for drinks, a nonprofit pub with proceeds going to the cause of your choice: wild life rescue, a local food bank, abused deaf women’s advocacy or homeless transition. Jean had wine, Doug had coffee and I had hot apple cider.

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