London VegFest

I woke up to blue skies and the sun shining in my window, a perfect day for a road trip to London (Ontario). It’s worth the drive to London to attend VegFest for delicious vegan food, vendors, artisans and speakers with interesting topics.

vegan-hot-dogs vegfest

It was especially delightful to see my dear friend Anita at one of the tables. Anita and I have been in the March to Close Down All Slaughterhouses  in Toronto and to bear witness together at one of the slaughterhouses near where I live.

anita-and-carmen carmen

I’m always encouraged to meet compassionate people like Scott who used to work in a slaughterhouse and is now vegan.


Meeting compassionate people is so heartwarming.

Frog Hollow Farm Sanctuary 


Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary 

cedar-row-farm-sanctuaryFollow Mercy for Animals on Facebook

How excited I was to see SEA SHEPHERD!!!

While in Seattle we got on board one of Sea Shepherd’s vessels and I’ll be writing about it soon, they are courageous women and men who take action where no one dares to go to stop the cruelty of marine animals.

sea-shepherdHemp hearts are delicious and nutritious. I bought a bag and it’s good to know Richardo’s is at the St. Jacobs Market near where I live. Check out all the ways you can use hemp.

hemp-heartsSimply Plant Food

A mom and daughter team: Lori makes exquisite jewellery and her daughter helps and set up this beautiful display!

simply-plant-foodMore beautiful, compassionate ladies …

hair-circusAnd you never know who you’ll run into …

carrotSpeakers with interesting presentations…

vegan-infoI had many compliments on my vegan purse and had opportunity to tell people about my daughter’s eco-boutique.

carmen-2Lunch was scrumptious …


And we bought a vegan chocolate cake for dessert to take home.

vegan-cakeSo ends a fabulous day at VegFest!

instagramEat your veggies!


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20 Responses to London VegFest

  1. SO…WHAT DO THEY MAKE…vegan leather out of? 🙂


  2. It was nice to meet you too Carmen! Thanks for sharing the link. It’s a great blog post and I even got to see some things I missed at the fest!

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much for all you are doing for the animals! We would love to come to visit before winter and bring our two well-behaved grandchildren. 🙂 🙂

      ❤ carmen


  3. It must have been a fantastic day in LONDON 😉 😀 . You look lovely – great shoes !!! I love your posts with pictures of these cute places. HAve a great day – kisses – Margot 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      It was fantastic, even though it wasn’t London, England! Our London is a small hick town in comparison to England’s London. lol (My apologies to my London, Ontario friends.)

      I’ve been wearing a lot of black and white; I love adding pops of colour like these vintage granny shoes that belonged to my daughter in the ’80s.

      ❤ carmen


  4. utesmile says:

    That sounds great, Love that giant carrot you ran into… Surely it was very interesting. I’m just checking out the links…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. josep-maria says:

    It seems a very intresting place and you sure were very happy there. It is nice to see so many people worried about healthy eating and for the defense of animal rights. As always, you looked lovely, your pants are great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Josep-Maria! I am very glad that you care and that more and more people are concerned about health, animals and our environment. We share a beautiful world; compassion and responsibility is important.

      ❤ carmen


  6. Sounds like a fantasic day! It’s always great to be with like-minded people. Thanks, as always, for promoting my store.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      It was amazing! Jo-Anne McArthur was one of the speakers. I have met her before: a remarkable animal advocate and award winning photojournalist.

      I miss shopping at your store but I’ll be back! I always get compliments on everything I bought. I’m looking forward to the scarves I ordered from you and I really need some pineapple leather shoes! ❤


  7. mihrank says:

    very impressive, great details and wonderful adventure…

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  8. I love those red boots! And Anita’s shirt matched!
    It all looks wonderful. the photo booth was a great idea!

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  9. Emy says:

    Looks like a great day. That’s what I like about your blog, it’s so much more than fashion. You always look beautiful while showing a compassionate lifestyle. The purse is fab, love the fringes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      It was absolutely GRRRREAT!!! Thank you so much Emy! We agree that compassion is more important than fashion. No one and no animal should suffer for fashion. The purse is my favourite and the quality is superb!

      ❤ carmen


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