A funny thing happened on the way to the flea market

Actually, it wasn’t really funny, but it sounds like a great title for my post.

However, it was an interesting place to take a photo on our way to the Fremont Flea Market. I like industrial art. The green foliage, in contrast to this rustic what-ever-it-is, makes a unique backdrop.


We always go to the Fremont Flea Market every time we visit Seattle.
This trip–September in Seattle–we went there twice!!


I bought this colourful cotton dress/tunic with a zipper up the front.


Couldn’t resist this unique asymmetrical patchwork top.

top Version 2

I bought these funky leggings. Fun and comfortable to wear for my dance classes.


I enjoy meandering around aimlessly, chatting with interesting people, like the couple selling their personal collection of German pottery. I bought one for Jean and one to take home.

german-pottery germany-pottery-2

I’m happy to support vendors and artisans. I bought rings, earrings, bracelets; easy things to take back to Canada because I can wear them or put them in my purse.

I would have bought these pink mid-century garden chairs but they won’t fit in my suitcase.


A stroll around Fremont before heading to the harbour to see the Sea Shepherd, which I will post next time.

Version 2

An artistic fence made with skis and snow boards.


Do you shop at flea markets and what treasures have you found?


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20 Responses to A funny thing happened on the way to the flea market

  1. josep-maria says:

    The tunic dress with zip is very nice, has a beautiful print and a very original design, but I hope to see it one day without pants. The asymmetrical top is cute. I love design and color. This one looks perfect with your white pants so your own. The dancers are another distinction of yours, and red … more so. The pottery, jewelry and furniture are very beautiful, sure to make you happy. A nice and interesting post. Here we do not have flea markets (or they are very rare). Your culture of using things is very interesting. And you … as always, wonderful in the photos.

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much dear Josep-Maria! I’m surprised to hear that you don’t have flea markets. The Fremont Flea Market is a weekly event all through the year. We have them in Canada, some only in the warm weather because they are usually outdoors.

      In this post I had to try the tunic on over my pants because there was no fitting room to try on clothes. Of course, I agree with you that the tunic must be worn without pants as I did on another day. The top I could wear immediately because white pants go with everything. 🙂

      Happy Friday!

      ❤ carmen


  2. That certainly is one rustic “what-ever-it-is’!
    That zip dress almost looks like the tunics I made for my Eskimo dolls way back in 1991!
    The leggings are so funny! And more red shoes!
    Those pink chairs are so ethereally gorgeous!
    That surfboard fence is fun!

    Here is something written by a grandmother friend. I though you might enjoy it.

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  3. There aren’t any flea markets in Poland 😦 . There aren’t any second hand car boot sales, either 😦 But I know them from England and like you, I really liked them there. You’ve chosen great things – the jewellery is beautiful. As always you look ever so happy and radiant 🙂 🙂 I am sure you a had a great day 🙂 . kisses – Margot 🙂

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  4. ToryBri says:

    What a unique looking flea market. From your pictures it looks like there are some great items. I’m drawn towards those giant gears in he first picture. Although the softer side of me likes those funky leggings (and your cute flats) Both you and Jean look fantastic, thanks for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      Isn’t it? It’s my favourite flea market, I always find interesting things there. Of course, you would notice my flats. 🙂 They are non-leather with ribbon lacing around the edges and little bows.

      Thanks so much for dropping by!

      ❤ carmen

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      • ToryBri says:

        Oh my gosh Carmen those are so cute. I have a pair of flats with a similar looking bow on the toes. It always puts a smile on my face when I look down and see those darling little bows on the toes 😍

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  5. utesmile says:

    I love flea markets and you have a beautiful one there. What great stuff they sell. I do love your funky leggings. On the stalls are beautiufl bright coloured things. That flea market looks really great!

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  6. robjodiefilogomo says:

    What a fun trip Carmen!!
    We rarely go to flea markets, but it’s not like we’re against them!!
    Love the asymmetrical top that you purchased!

    Liked by 1 person

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