Lady in Beige

I have been called that. Hopefully, it’s a compliment. Sounds a bit boring but I do love my neutrals. Even though I’ve been adding lots of colours and prints to my wardrobe, and I try to add pops of colour with shoes and accessories, I still gravitate to my neutrals.

neutrals 1

Spring has been fickle this year: with a few sunny, warm days and then cool and rainy days again. That’s ok with me as long as it doesn’t snow … again. Gives me a chance to wear sweaters and jackets that will soon be too warm to wear.

neutrals 2

This outfit has texture: my sweater is a nubby cotton knit with a cotton lace yoke from Suzy Shier, leggings are corduroy (HUE) and my boots are faux suede that I bought in California. They are very comfortable, which is a plus for high heels.

neutrals 3

 Do you love neutrals?



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12 Responses to Lady in Beige

  1. Esther MacQueen says:

    May I exchange several emails with you please about fashion, and your views about life which I share as well. Thank you.


  2. You do rock neutrals! I love the textures in your outfit, especially the cord leggings.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Jean! Neutrals are a fundamental part of a versatile wardrobe. So easy to pair with colours–e.g. red and black, orange and brown, pink and white, yellow and gray, beige and coral. ❤


  3. Bob says:

    Of course, “Lady in Beige” is a compliment. You would never warrant a non-compliment!!!!!!


    • carmen says:

      What a kind thing to say, Bob! So I will take it as a compliment 😉 My first post in this blog was an outfit in gray. I do think that neutrals are an important part of a lady’s wardrobe. (And also for a gentleman’s wardrobe! 🙂 )

      ❤ carmen


  4. Honestly, you look like a movie star Carmen & you rock those neutrals!!!



  5. dan says:

    I share your love for neutrals, Carmen! And seems as if we have both just recently added colours to them…
    I think that neutral shades are very sophisticated and never boring! In Italy it is very common for a woman to wear them…
    Your sweater is so nice! And the lace details go perfectly on it…useless to say that you are wonderful in those photos!


  6. Ralph says:

    You have great dress sense and presence Carmen ❤


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