Leopard and Lace

I love lace and I love leopard. Animal prints inspired by nature and the delicacy of lace makes an intriguing contrast; I love pairing them because it expresses the romantic side of me and the wild side of me.

leopard and lace

I was happy to find a scarf that combines lace and leopard, just perfect. The unique roses detail on the scarf is leopard print.

leopard and lace scarf

My black lacy knit cardigan is from Le Chateau (Canadian made) thrifted $12. Lace skirt is a shimmery bronze colour. I found these leopard heels at a thrift shop for $6. and can actually walk a few blocks in them.

leopard shoes

Good thing I brought along my leopard ballet flats, so I could enjoy a stroll along the Avon River in Stratford, Ontario.

swan on the Avon

Take time for nature and enjoy the simple things in life!


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20 Responses to Leopard and Lace

  1. ToryBri says:

    Love the leopard and lace look. Although this post is over 3 years old leopard is still a hot trend this season. I’m loving my leopard flats.


  2. For some time now, I’ve been fascinated with animal print pumps. Enough so, I buy whenever I see a great pair for my wife. LoL. So it’s always good to see others appreciate this amazing pattern.


  3. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Leopard and lace … surely not every leopard/lace combo works as well as this one does, but boy, does this one look terriffic! Scale and color … taking notes as I speak!
    Two lovely swans! The feathered ones can be crabby, at times. Looks lovely and friendly here. Just don’t run out of goodies!


  4. OMG count me in as in love with the total ensemble…..so romantic esp. with that backdrop!!!



  5. dan says:

    I wouldn’t have thought to match animal print to lace, but your post says that it really works! It’s alovable outfit!
    P.s. I think I will crib your idea to bring a pair of flats in the bag…just in case….


  6. LeeLee says:

    You look great! Super cute outfit.


  7. Patti says:

    Such a pretty look! Thanks for sharing with visible Monday.


  8. Bob says:

    Does Doug ever take a poor photo….a photo in which you are not poised just so? Perhaps you might do a blog of the “bloopers”. Ha ha


  9. Bob says:

    O my, you are always so classy….your radiance just beams forth out of the pictures.


  10. Violet says:

    You look fabulous in lace and leopard print! 🙂 I really like the photo of you and the swan. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy nature and the simple things in life! Cheers! 🙂


  11. utesmile says:

    Beatuiful , I do love your shoes! 🙂


  12. Ralph says:

    Wildly romantic. I like that Carmen. Have a lovely Sunday my friend. ❤


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