Turn on the brights!

I’ve been noticing my wardrobe shifting to neutral shades of black, gray and beige over the years. While these non-colours are good to have in our collection, we should be careful not to let our wardrobes go bland and dull. Apparently, older women have a lot of neutrals and that can get boring and predictable.

Time to turn on the brights: wild and flashy! I’ve started buying more colourful clothes again and even colours I’ve never worn before. I wear fuchsia, purple, turquoise, bright yellow, orange or a mixture of vivid colours. I bought these leggings recently for $5. and this photo was taken today by one of my dance students. My turquoise Covered Perfectly top is a great match.

turquoise and south west colours

I still tend to wear a lot of neutrals, even though I love colours. Pops of colour is a great way to brighten things up.

There are several easy, fun ways to add colour: bold and bright necklaces, outstanding arm candy, colourful scarves, purses, belts, tights and shoes.

As a teenager, I wore (and sewed) many of my own outfits: bell-bottoms and mini skirts with bright flowers, inspired by Cher. Those were the days of flower power, psychedelic paisley and groovy prints. I was a fashionable hippie, no tattered, frayed jeans for me; I wore farout, crazy clothes! LOVED IT!!

turquoise necklace

paisley and red belt

Then I got into a period of solid colours, lots of neutrals, hardly any prints or patterns in my wardrobe. Now I’m old enough to go to crazy again and I’m buying funky designs, wild animal prints and bright colours. LOVIN’ IT!!!

purple coat

Despite winter, I will not be stuck in a rut with only black coats and brown trousers, gray skirts and beige cardigans. God made the rainbow for us to enjoy the spectrum of glorious colours!!

What colours are you wearing this winter?

Turn on the  B R I G H T S


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20 Responses to Turn on the brights!

  1. woodlucker says:

    I agree with you completely. It’s very cold where I live and I find I need color in the winter to brighten my mood. You look great in all of these colors and outfits. The patterned leggings look fabulous on you!

    blue hue wonderland


  2. Suzanne says:

    You just look fabulous! Those leggings are perfect for your mile long dancer’s legs.

    Whomever is praying for more snow please tell them to STOP! I fear we are being buried alive this year. Good thing your bright colours can lift you out of this dreary winter.



  3. Brights, for sure!!! I love the black and teal combo – just lovely chica! Celeste 🙂


  4. I am afraid I have too many neutral non-colours in my wardrobe too!! I do not have much opportunity for clothing purchases up in the wild north of Manitoba but I hope to hit up some stores in the summer. Thanks for the inspiration – and for making older look better!!! 🙂


    • carmen says:

      It’s easy to slip into neutral, life seems to go that way – lol. I can’t imagine living in the wild north of Manitoba (anymore than living on the North Pole!! Oh my!! It’s hard enough in southern Ontario in the winter. Not sure I would be motivated to wear pretty clothes, I’d be bundling up in layers and layers of undershirts and pullovers and sweaters!

      We really must go shopping when you come to visit in summer. London has some great shops and a huge mall, then we’ll plan to have lunch at the vegan restaurant – VegOut.

      Here’s hoping!
      ♥ carmen


      • Can you believe I am only now figuring out that on my phone I can see your replies to comments I made on your blog! Duh! Lol.
        I so wish I was coming this summer & could visit with you!!! Next year will have to be our year!!
        And you would totally rock the layered winter look!! You should do a northern Canada shoot! We’ll put you up with a bed & meals!! 😃


  5. I love to mix colors together. Neutrals are elegant but usually I have some color on as well: reds, blues, yellows, you name it. It’s nice and cheerful.


  6. popcosmo says:

    You look amazing in all these photos – from the all black to the bright… so I really think you can’t go wrong in anything! I tend to gravitate towards neutrals, they are easy to mix and match. But I do have some pops of color in my closet and will pull them out on occasion. Plus, I always try to wear an accessory with color if my clothes are neutral. And, if everything is neutral, then I try to add texture. I’m getting there with color though… it’s a process!
    xo ~kim (and chloe)


    • carmen says:

      Great to meet you Kim and Chloe!! Thanks for stopping by and taking time to write. What a wonderful compliment coming from a couple of charming fashionistas!! It’s good to add textures, and makes outfits look interesting.

      Fashion is fun!!
      ❤️ carmen


  7. dan says:

    I have been wearing black in my teen age and neutral colours some years after. Now I like also having colorful clothes in my wardrobe…neutral tones can be sophisticated but also boring , adding colored accessories can be a good idea!
    You always look great , Carmen and have a perfect silhouette! Turquoise colour makes you even more beautiful!!


  8. Carmen, you, you look beautiful with any color, even neutrals and dark. The color in the dress is joy and help make life more bearable, but you do not need any color, you are the joy of living.


  9. utesmile says:

    I agree with you, I love colours and love wearing them. I got myself red skinny jeans and love them to bits, and it is commented on them too. I think colours show the zest for life and should be worn. I particularly like your paisley redish top, beautiful! I also love purple, and turqouise.
    colours brighten the dull grey winter up so let’s have it bright!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Ute!! Colours make us happy! They express the joy of life! We know how depressing it would be if we lived in a dreary, gray world, with only concrete and barren trees all the time. The red and blue paisley top was thrifted.

      Have a brilliant day!!
      ♥ carmen


  10. Amazing nice Carmen 🙂 ❤ Kisses Jack


  11. Brave look, but it looks great on you. I have seen these colorful patterned leggings in a store and always thought that once one is over 40 they would not work anymore. You proved me wrong. Thanks.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Nicole!! These leggings are rather flashy but I’m having fun with them and I hope I don’t look too ridiculous!! Ha ha!!

      Have fun with fashion!!
      ♥ carmen


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