The Traveling Gingham Frock


Gingham, always in style and a favourite of mine because it brings back the happy memories of my childhood, living in a house with a pink gingham kitchen. I decorated the kitchen of our first home with red gingham; it looked like a cozy little Italian café.

This little black and white gingham frock made it’s debut on the beach of Lake Huron. It’s perfect for traveling during summer and I wore it on our holiday to Niagara-on-the-Lake (Lake Ontario) and Crystal Beach (Lake Erie). It’s part of a collection of pretty black and white gingham lingerie and loungewear that I bought at La Vie en Rose. Chic enough to wear in public on hot summer days when you don’t feel like wearing anything–so cool and comfortable!

Gingham–as timeless as a white picket fence.

LA VIE EN ROSE had a BOG3 sale (buy one get three) so I got the matching gingham capris and a T-shirt with a little gingham pocket.

I like it when I can wear something pretty and comfortable to lounge at home and be ready to go to town at the drop of a hat, or in this case, throw on a hat and some red sandals (Romika vegan) I’m ready for the classic car show in uptown Kincardine.

Click to watch the reel

Enjoy the last of the summer days!

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15 Responses to The Traveling Gingham Frock

  1. Ashley says:

    Gingham is such a classic print- love it, babe!

    I’ve got a new post up, I hope you’ll stop by!


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  2. Magdalene Li says:

    It’s just wonderful looking at your blog , all pictures are fantastic and beautiful , the outfits, the background, the post , the smile, all are just magnificent!

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  3. You are so right Carmen, gingham is always in style , I am sure your kitchen growing up and in your first house looked fabulous ! The gingham frock goes so well with white capris , so very stylish on you ! It sure can be worn just on its own. I love the t shirt with the gingham pocket and the the capris to match the pocket, you are indeed ready for the car show ! The hat is so classy also ! That is a nice photo of you walking past the flowers down the sidewalk . Thanks for sharing, Terri xo.

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  4. utesmile says:

    You look stylish in that, it is timeless and you can wear so many other things with it . Do make the most of the late Summer, Carmen! It gets colder again too soon.
    I love your area, it is like being always on holidays.

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    • carmen says:

      Oh indeed, I’m soaking up the summer to the last drop! The weather has been wonderful. It’s a blessing to live here by the sea but I do miss my friends in the city! I’ll be visiting Maggie and my friends tomorrow, and teaching dance.


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  5. finbarsgift says:

    Carmen … once again … just looking so beautiful in her outfits, especially here!
    Thanks for the presentation 🤗
    Have a pleasant day!
    LG from Lu

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  6. Jodie says:

    That’s such a fabulous gingham item Carmen. I swear it just goes with everything.

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