The long, lazy days of summer

It’s been a lovely summer filled with adventures, our first summer living in Kincardine by the lake. You never know how many friends you have till you live in cottage country, we’ve had lots of visitors!

Garden parties, picnics and bon fires are fun ways to enjoy the summertime! Summer is more fun with family and friends!!

Denim jacket: gift from a dear friend in Germany 2015
Monet Tshirt: The Metropolitan Art Museum in NYC
Jeans: Hollister California
Sandals Romika (non leather)

Lazy summer days? It has been far from lazy, most of the time we were occupied with lots to do: some exciting activities like kayaking, dancing on the beach, dancing in Victoria Park gazebo and dancing at the beach pavillion with a live swing band.

We enjoyed going to car shows, the Kincardine annual Scottish Festival, an Open House for our local Airport’s 50th anniversary, as well as day trips to other beaches on Lake Huron and weekend getaways to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

first time kayaking
July car show in Kincardine
August car show in Kincardine
September car show in Kincardine
Parade of the Pipe Bands in Kincardine
Kincardine airport’s 50th anniversary Open House
visiting our oldest son and family in Hanover
my beautiful friend Maria in Crystal Beach, Lake Erie
vegan dinner at a restaurant patio overlooking the lake
a pleasant summer afternoon with friends, refreshments served in a gazebo
There are dozens of decorated bicycles in this charming beach town – Crystal Beach

I will say the mornings are lazy and relaxed: wake up when I wake up (no alarm clocks!) enjoy a morning smoothie or a nutritious and delicious vegan brunch before the action starts!

One of my favourite dances – Sokkie from South Africa.

I’m thankful for the long days of summer even though summer is never quite long enough!

Dear Summer, wish you could stay longer but I know you are leaving us. Please hurry back! I will miss you so much!

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15 Responses to The long, lazy days of summer

  1. I am glad that you had a really nice first summer in Kincardine Carmen ! It was really nice that you got so many visitors to your new home. I think you will definitely be promoting tourism for Ontario! They are really gorgeous photos of all your adventures. I love the decorated bicycles ️ ❤️ that sure is a cute sign Sandy toes and salty kisses! I Echo what you said please hurry back summer! Wishing you a beautiful autumn day, Terri xo.

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    • carmen says:

      We sure enjoyed our first summer in Kincardine! Autumn is looking beautiful too, but I’m dreading winter. Our hope for the future is going south for January and February. We can dream! 🙂


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    • carmen says:

      Apparently, but the photos only show the good days. I try to delete the difficult days. I don’t like to complain when I know many others have it far worse. Yet, perhaps it’s beneficial to share real life with its ups and downs to help others with what they’re going through.

      Thanks so much for taking time to stop by! I hope to make it to Pickering one of these days, perhaps next spring. I will be hibernating as soon as the snow flies! I dream of being a snowbird someday!

      Blessings dear Inese!


  2. moragnoffke says:

    Sounds like you have had a wonderful summer with family and friends… ❤️💕God bless, Morag.

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  3. utesmile says:

    Carmen, that sounds absolutely fantastic. I love being retired and wake up when I wake up, enjoy every day. Since we are in our new house we enjoy the same as you, visitors always welcome, eating out in the garden, going places. I just love it!
    Your Summer has been full of fantastic activities, Life is wonderful and with friends and visitors even better. You are so loved Carmen and what better way than to celebrate life with others.
    Kincardine looks a wonderful place to live. I believe Autumn will be nice there too… and who knows you really might enjoy Winter there too! 🙂
    Your pictures are super with you and all the beutiful flowers there.
    Sending much love to you Carmen ♥♥♥

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    • carmen says:

      Indeed, it is a blessing of retirement and I value my sleep. Sometimes, so much that waking up is an interruption of this state of bliss I feel when sleeping and when I go to bed, I think to myself, “ahhh back in bed where I belong!” Haha!

      You’re right, autumn will be beautiful as the leaves change to gold and orange, and the splendour of the season is all around us. Harvesttime fills our hearts with thankfulness to God for His abundance. The best thing about winter will be that we now have a fireplace and I can hibernate. 🙂

      Life is good!

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  4. Such great photos Carmen! I’m glad you had such a good summer. Ours was quite hot with about 27 days over 100 degrees! Yikes!

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  5. Jodie says:

    No alarm clock is THE best thing about retirement. Well, there are other great things too, but that is the icing on the cake. It’s nice to be busy and take advantage of everything you have around you!!
    PS. BTW, it’s still summer here. At least until mid-November if you want to come for a visit. We have a guest bedroom available!!

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