Endless Summer

S is for Summer.

This cotton top has a swirly “S” – it’s a patchwork of 3 different prints. I bought it at the Fremont Flea Market in Seattle five years ago and wore it to visit the Sea Shepherd at the Seattle marina.

Paired with these indigo jeans (secondhand) it’s a casual and stylish look for the marina and waterfront. The stretch denim makes them very comfortable, and cool because they are capris. This outfit takes me from the beach to shopping at the weekly promenade in uptown Kincardine. The vehicle traffic is closed Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays all summer long to allow pedestrians the opportunity to enjoy shopping and dining safely.

Today is sunny and breezy and we start every day by going to the beach and reading a chapter from the Bible. 🙂

I just love it when summer lingers a little longer, after all, the cold winds of November will be here too soon and then we’ll have pleanty of time to wear coats and boots and scarves and hats and gloves. *sigh*

Until then, I’m enjoying the gardens and beaches of Kincardine, Ontario–an extended summer holiday!

As I listen to The Endless Summer by the Sandals, my mind drifts back to the ’60s and my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. I had the opportunity to live in Costa Rica and spend Christmas in the tropics with sand instead of snow, but that’s another story for another time.

If I had a choice, I would live in a place that has eternal summers.

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11 Responses to Endless Summer

  1. Lovely. I’m a fan of summer too and dread the colder weather, even though it’s not as bad here as it is in Ontario. I believe that Sea Shepherd boat we toured was called the Martin Sheen. Coincidentally, it’s in Costa Rica right now (last I checked). If you like Sea Shepherd, I highly recommend the documentary called Seaspiracy. So eye-opening! It’s streaming on several platforms.

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    • carmen says:

      We must have the same genes, summer is in our blood. 🙂

      Yes, that was the Martin Sheen research vessel, such a great and important mission! Interesting that it’s in Costa Rica at the moment. I have not seen Seaspiracy, will check it out. Thank you for sharing! We need to know, we need to care. ❤


  2. purpleslob says:

    Do all your clothes know their letters?? 😉 Reading the Bible outside sounds so refreshing! Reminds me, I haven’t read mine this morning! ❤

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  3. utesmile says:

    Kincardine is the place to be , it looks so lovely , like you on hte beach and around the town. How wonderful they closed it for traffic during Summer. Brilliant decision. I was looking it up where Kincardin is, and I think that is on my list to visit too! I really need to see these places with my own eyes….. and visit you, lovely Carmen! ♥

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