Summer Wrap-up

Southern Ontario is a beautiful piece of God’s country. There are so many interesting places to visit, we don’t have to drive far to enjoy beautiful scenery and charming towns. Flowers are everywhere and make perfect backdrops for this sunny season.

These are a few of the places we visit in the summertime and we still have a lifetime of exploring to do in this wonderful province.

Visiting our oldest son and family in their new house in Hanover.

Helping our youngest son who moved to Kincardine, into a house that needs a lot of TLC – everything from painting, cleaning and new floors etc.

A day trip to Collingwood is always fun.

We never miss a chance to go to Elora once or twice.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

We don’t need to get on an airplane and spend mega-bucks to drive to interesting places and see beautiful scenery!

It would be perfect if it was summer all year long!

What places have you discovered in your country / state / province?

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20 Responses to Summer Wrap-up

  1. Hi Carmen, it is true that summer has come to an end but I have to say we are getting summer like temperatures right now. Southern Ontario is getting a really good sell for tourism by your blog ! It has such lovely small towns along with all the coastal towns. All your outfits go so well for a lady out and about in nature. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you during summer 2021. Have a lovely day, Terri xo.

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment Terri! Thankfully, October has many pleasant days, some warm enough to swim (except I don’t swim but I do enjoy the beach). It sure has been a busy summer with two sons moving, helping them and visiting them, as well as looking for a house because we are concidering a move too, and have actually been looking for years.

      Glad you’re getting settled in your new home. Is everything unpacked? 🙂


  2. utesmile says:

    You are so right, you have beauty so close to you. All pictures of you a fabulous with the flowery backdrops. You truly live in a beautiful corner of the globe. I am so with you , Summer all year, may be some Spring and a bit of Autumn, just no cold, I would be very happy.

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  3. josep-maria says:

    What a beautiful collection of looks. I love your white scarf with that beautiful bow, and all your floral outfits, and those hats, and your capris, those touches of red so yours, your hearts, your bags, your sandals, the beauty of your hair, your gray eyes … Carmen, this post is so many pieces of you, so much beauty, so much elegance … It is a wonderful post.

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks ever so much dear Josep-Maria! Dressing for summer is fun and easy, especially since we had so much time to visit our sons and enjoy the beaches of Lake Huron. Your comments mean a lot to me because you’ve been with me from the beginning and you’re a fashion expert! 🙂

      Que tingueu una setmana meravellosa! Abraçades!

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  4. Maccabros says:

    Pretty in Pink, white, blue, grey and so on… 😉👍 THE Beach is lovely there… 😎 Liebe Grüße an Dich… 🍀

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  5. finbarsgift says:

    Ein wundervoll schönes Kaleidoskop an Fotos von dir, liebe Carmen, was für eine tolle Vielfalt! 🌻💐🌻
    Herzliche Morgengrüße vom Lu

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  6. Jodie says:

    Boy, you sure know how to keep busy, Carmen.
    I think that’s true of anywhere. There are wonderful places in our backyard that we don’t always take advantage of. We’ve been trying to see all that Arizona has to offer since moving here two years ago.

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  7. purpleslob says:

    2 sons with new houses?? You’re a busy, proud Mama!! Love the lilacs, and that wisteria!! And your grayish outfit on the beach. So wispy and fresh! ❤

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