Why do women wear fur?

Or men, for that matter.

Every year since blogging I do a special post for my animal friends (as well as consistently promoting fashion with compassion).

My first memories of women wearing fur was my own dear mother. In the 1950s it was fashionable to wear foxes with their heads still attached and dangling. It was grotesque and made me very sad; no different than if you saw someone with a dead dog hanging around their neck. Shocking!

Cutting off their heads doesn’t make it less disgusting and repulsive. They’re still dead animals that suffered terribly and were killed as I have seen in videos.

My father was a hunter, so I connected cruelty with fur coats. I was raised in a carnivorous family. However, I refused to eat animals even as a little child and I abhorred fur coats long before I knew what the word abhor meant and long before I learned about the horrific conditions and suffering of these beautiful sentient beings.

You wouldn’t buy a fur coat made from dogs or cats, why wear fur from other animals?

If we like the look of fur, why not buy faux fur?
If we like the feel of real fur, why not adopt a dog or cat? 

Compassion feels good!

Thrifted leopard print coat made with velvet: soft and stylish.

old gas station

old gas station 2

My mom stopped buying fur; my dad gave up hunting and eating meat when he was 55.

I know we love to see cute pictures of darling dogs and cuddly kittens, but this is the reality of the fur industry, that I wish people would watch before buying fur.

I inherited my mom’s fur coats and could have donated them to charity, but that keeps fur in fashion, so Jean suggested donating to an animal shelter for bedding. This way they were put to a good use to help the animals and it will keep fur off the racks where someone will buy it and keep promoting wearing fur.

I am an advocate for animals and promote cruelty-free fashion, that’s why my blog is fur-free and you see the little bunny on my sidebar. Please click it to read Jean’s informative article (not graphic).

Let’s go fur-free for 2018 and beyond, it’s time to stop the cruelty.

Choose compassion! Put the KIND in humankind.




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Let’s make the world a better place with compassion. https://fashionableover50.wordpress.com/ https://www.instagram.com/4thejoyofit/?hl=pl
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21 Responses to Why do women wear fur?

  1. I agree – and at the moment there is such variety of faux fur that there is no need to buy real. However =, having own some from the old times it is sometimes justifible to wear them – well that’s at least my idea. But whta you did – donating yours to pet shelter is a really fantastic idea. Well done :)))) Kisses- Margot :))))

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  2. Gemma says:

    Such a great and informative post. I love to wear faux fur. I love your coat.

    Gemma x

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Gemma! As fashion bloggers, we can influence and be an example of a compassionate lifestyle. There’s no need for animals to suffer for fashion. Animals are the only ones who need their fur!

      Let’s make wearing fur history. 🙂

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  3. Hi Carmen, faux fur looks so good, and is 100% ethical, there is no guilt attached when wearing it. Such a cute look you are sporting in the pictures above, take care , hugs Terri 💖

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  4. I enjoyed reading this post Carmen, as I beleive too that there are enough faux fur coats out there that there is no need for real fur. my mil also and I were talking about this and she mentioned the story about her mother wearing the fox head coat, ugh! I am not a fan!! I had to get rid of a vintage stole I received as I just couldnt wear it. i love animals! You look lovely in this leopard faux fur coat and the beret so fab on you.
    thanks for linking
    jess xx

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    • carmen says:

      My heart smiles every time someone feels the way you do and chooses compassion. Thank you so much for caring and making this a kinder world. ❤️

      For the love of animals!


  5. josep-maria says:

    Dear Carmen, I am always touched by your compassionate and supportive posts. Your fight against the use of natural skins is something beautiful. So is your way of showing that you can dress in an elegant and sophisticated way without using them. Your synthetic garments are beautiful and the warmth and elegance they convey is perfect. I am excited by the use you gave to your mother’s coats, OMG few people would be so radical and consistent with their thoughts! On the other hand, you look really beautiful and wonderful in the photos of the post, this coat, this skirt and this top are beautiful, and your French look, with the beret, is gorgeous.

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much dear Josep-Maria! It makes me very happy to know you also care about the suffering of animals. We can all help to make this a better world for people and animals simply with a compassionate lifestyle.

      I’m so happy to hear that many designers and brands are going fur-free like MICHAEL KORS and GUCCI. STELLA McCARTNEY has never used fur or other animal products. RALPH LAUREN, TOMMY HILFIGER & VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, HUGO BOSS & ARMANI have also stopped using fur. Hope one day all designers and brands will no longer use fur simply because people won’t buy it anymore. 🙂

      What a wonderful world it will be,
      when we all live cruelty-free! 🙂


  6. I should also add that it’s not just the full-length furs people need to ditch. Fur trim is responsible for the deaths of millions of animals, and isn’t made up of “scrap” leftover pieces, like some people think. The brand Canada Goose kills thousands of wild coyotes every year for their stupid, overpriced coats. We can vote with our dollar and show companies that there is no market for cruelty!

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    • carmen says:

      I’m glad you mentioned this Jean. We can put a stop to this barbaric industry simply by NOT buying anything with fur and make fur history. One day it will be as unthinkable as slaughtering dogs and cats to wear their fur.

      With compassion ❤️


  7. Thank you for writing this! Unfortunately some people still need reminders that fur is cruel. Luckily, they can look to trendsetters like yourself and see all the cruelty-free ways to be stylish. I’m happy to see more and more designers are ditching fur. For such a modern, ever-changing industry, there’s no need to cling to the past.

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Jean! I appreciate all you are doing to promote compassion! It was wonderful being in your store on Fur Bearer’s Day. How generous of you to not only give 10% discount on all your inventory for your customers, but also give 10% of sales to a worthy organization who are helping animals and educating people about the needless cruelty inflicted on helpless animals.

      With compassion ❤️


  8. Thanks for sharing, Carmen. 🙏🏽

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  9. Jodie says:

    What a great idea to donate it to an animal shelter!
    Happy 2018

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  10. utesmile says:

    My mum used to have a coat too and it is long and very old fashioned. She said it is cat, from during the war. It looks terrible, thinking of my little cat at home. It is still in some wardrobe I think. I don’t know what to do when I find it again, probably bin it. I don’t think nowadays people wear fur anymore. Synthetic fur is nice too if one have to have one.

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