I Love Paris

Paris 1A city I’ve never been to and dream of going there someday. In the meantime, I was so happy to see we have an Eiffel Tower now. It stands 14 feet tall inside the Cambridge City Hall, Ontario. (The city where I teach dance 5 days a week.)

paris-21.jpgParis 3Paris 4Paris 5

I happened to be wearing my Paris top on this particular day (and my little Eiffel Tower necklace) without knowing about this artistic display made entirely with over 10,000 vintage Meccano parts!

Eiffel Tower necklace and topVersion 2Paris 7


Our home has a Paris theme


The Centre for the Arts had an Attic Art exhibit where they sold previously own art at very reasonable prices. I met Rosemary who had a little purse with an Eiffel Tower.

RosemaryMeccano Eiffel TowerI love Paris

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23 Responses to I Love Paris

  1. Alan Stenson says:

    Love Paris, you’ve got to go ✌️

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  2. Joni James says:

    Carmen, this outfit shows off your perfect shape. So cute! I love a beret with everything too. I’m wearing one right now!

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  3. You look like a teenager !!! How do you do that??? Fantastic !!! And Paris – well it’s a great city, I hope you’ll be able to visit it one day – you’ll love it to bits :))))
    Kisses – Margot
    Carmen, I had some problems with my blog and due to certain changes one of your comment got lost. There is however my answer to it – sorry about that :)))

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    • carmen says:

      Oh, you’re so kind Margot! Dancing every day keeps me in shape and my vegan life-style is very healthy and makes me happy! 🙂 So, you’ve been to the Eiffel Tower? I’m sure it’s as magnificent as I imagine.



  4. Patti says:

    Your beret says it all! What a great photo shoot – be sure to have a cup of espresso at the Tower : > xox


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  5. josep-maria says:

    My favorite French girl … You know how much I like this skirt and how much I like that you get this French look, a bit romantic, a bit bohemian that suits your personality beautifully. The shirt is also cute and the game of black and white, always, always works on you. The look is perfect for you, the outfit is perfectly combined, and your image with it is perfect, so delicate, so attractive, so feminine, so seductive … Paris is the city of love, you are love made woman!

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much for your wonderful review and kind words Josep-Maria! Paris has always impressed me with it being a romantic place, to view the city from the Eiffel Tower must be spectacular. I have a huge picture of Paris hanging on our wall, perhaps you remember it?



  6. finbarsgift says:

    Your Paris-little-Eiffeltower is gorgeous together with you!!
    Liebe Grüße zur Nacht vom Lu

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  7. utesmile says:

    You look very French with your hat too. Paris is lovely and the Eiffel tower is impressive, I find. It is closer to us in Europe. You do indeed have lots of Paris related soft furnishings, beautiful!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you Ute! I feel a little French in this outfit. For now it’s only a dream, someday it could become reality. I’ve only shown a few of my Paris things, perhaps a bit of an obsession, but I blame it on my hopelessly romantic personality! 🙂


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  8. Tres magnifique Carmen! You are gorgeous in your cute outfit! I love the skirt and top with the tights and boots. You need to get to Paris as soon as possible, you will fit right in. Au revoir for now my friend, Terri xo.

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  9. Maggie says:

    Paris is one city I have never visit and would love to go someday ! A very romantic city ! But married to a unromantic husband, guess I definitely will not go with him, haha ! Love your black and white outfit!

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