Black and White Fashion

antique shop

As every fashionable woman knows, black and white is a classic combination: always in style, never out of date, forever chic. You can’t go wrong with black and white, this duo will always be in vogue: takes us through every season without looking dated and makes coordinating a cinch.

Version 2

That’s why I packed black and white clothes for my trip to Seattle last September, knowing I’d be shopping at my daughter’s new eco boutique — Drizzle and Shine. It was so easy to mix and match with only a minimum of pieces to pack and fit into my carryon. It was my first time ever choosing only black and white on a holiday.

Version 2Alki Beach 2Version 2

My white denim vest worn three ways.

With one pair of capris, two pairs of pants, 4 tops plus my white vest and a black cardigan, I was able to put together over 12 different looks which kept me going while I bought a new wardrobe in Jean’s store. I even bought more black and white outfits like these two below.

Left: Synergy Organic Clothing. Right: Threads 4 Thought

Also bought a black lightweight cotton coat with white trim, and a black and white scarf at a thrift shop.

thrifted coat

I decided to pack black and white clothes for my holiday in New York City, this time adding pops of red and a touch of turquoise. I won’t be taking too much because I always leave room for shopping!

I’m really looking forward to our trip to New York.

Happy summer holidays everyone!


PS. I’m in the Big Apple now! This post was written before I arrived in the USA. Next post will be my first one from New York City!  I ❤ NY


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8 Responses to Black and White Fashion

  1. I absolutely agree with you – black and white is a timeless combination. Love every single outfit of yours. Both sporty and elegant looks are always so stylish in black and white. Have a lovely weekend – kisses – Margot :)))

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  2. jacqui says:

    Black and white is stunning, especially on you! You have some super outfits, and a great idea to add pops of colour. Nice to meet you on the link up and have a lovely time in NYC. Jacqui

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  3. utesmile says:

    Enjoy New York, Wonder what you find there to buy….I agree, black and white is for anytime, though I do love my colours too! 🙂

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you Ute! I am already enjoying New York as I always do when visiting this amazing city! Great place to visit, but I would not want to live here. I’m spoiled with having my very own forest behind my house in Canada! Now if I could live in Central Park, well, that’s another story – it’s one of my favourite places in NYC. I could never drive in this huge city and I’d miss that for sure. Subways and taxis are fine for a few weeks. 🙂

      I agree, we need colour, who wants to live in a black and white world without colour? You’ll see how I add a pop of red or turquoise in every outfit.


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  4. josep-maria says:

    What you knew, dear Carmen! Besides a beautiful and stylish woman, you are practical and simple. This idea is great, combining white with black, with red touches and turquoise allows so many possibilities! And that shows well in your post! Your capris, your printed trousers, your beautiful shirts and those wonderful dresses, so yours, so for Carmen! I love the photos with the two dresses, both known, but both wonderful. You are the queen of Capri, but so much more!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you dear Josep-Maria! I am starting my holidays and you are back from yours! I hope your vacation in nature has given you new energy and that you are well rested with a needed break from work. I have limited time for blogging but I do have access to Internet so I will post a few times while I am in NYC. You will see only black and white, but with the element of surprise of red and turquoise to brighten things up. Hope you will like my summer looks in NYC and I look forward to your reviews! 🙂



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