Day trip to see Les Miserables

ticketDunfield Theatre is just a short drive from where I live, and a great day trip if you’re an hour or two away from Cambridge, Ontario. The Grand Opening was March 2013.  A dear friend gifted me with a ticket and I went with some friends yesterday to see Les Miserables for the first time. (I’ve seen the movie staring Liam Neeson.)

Click the ticket!

All tickets are $40. plus tax. Free parking. Perfect view of the stage from any seat. A superb performance and you have till August 2 to see Les Miserables! You will not be disappointed!

Come early and enjoy browsing through Southworks Antique Mall (I’ll be posting some photos, so check back later) right next door.

I wore my new sundress: one of a kind, made by a local seamstress.


Ruffled black lace straps and trim on the hem.

sundresssundressThe unique print looks like an old mail order catalog.

sundress back

My metal butterfly necklace is made to look like black lace and I added another bracelet which has a ring attached to it. I have a matching necklace and earrings but I like this butterfly better with this dress. My small flower purse is perfect for the theatre: ticket, tissue, mints, lipstick and keys. I can travel light when I go to a dance, theatre or the movies. Cameras and cell phones are not allowed to be used anyway.

Call me as old-fashioned as my dress, but my cell phone is not attached to my hand as I see so many people.

necklace and bracelet

Goes great with my black strappy stilettos and I’m on my way to the play!


The play was excellent and the actors were magnificent! I’m so impressed with their talent!

Have you seen any plays lately or do you prefer movies?

Have a fabulous week!




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22 Responses to Day trip to see Les Miserables

  1. Bob says:

    Gorgeous pics…..gorgeous model….”Can’t take my eyes offa youuuuu” (I know…I know…I can’t sing….oh well, the tunes in my mind).

    We saw Les Miserables in Toronto may years ago….read the book too….I was interested in seeing it again in Cambridge but Janet has seen it three times….enough.

    How long would it take to read the print? ….Forever….you are simply too distractingly attractive to focus on reading.

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  2. I must say bravo…bravo…bravo. This is an awesome outfit. As a husband who shops for his wife, because I know all of her sizes and obviously her clothing style, I always notice subtle things here and there with others. This dress turned out very well. The seamstress did a great job. The way the lace blends with the heels–very nice combination here. My wife was just showing me strappy heels the other day and asking for my opinion. LOL. The butterfly goes well with the lace.

    Great outfit here. We have yet to see Les Miserables, though we have the movie. She saw the play and was really interested in checking out the movie.

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  3. utesmile says:

    Love that dress with the lace on and the beautiful matching shoes. You look gorgeous. I have seen Les Miserable in the West end in London twice and loved it. What a lovely night out!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you dear Ute! It’s a cute print, isn’t it? I actually had wallpaper like it that I bought to line my kitchen drawers.

      It’s always enjoyable to have a night out and see a play. Live performances are so amazing! I’ve also enjoy school productions and amateur plays and I’m very impressed with so much talent! I’ve seen Fiddler on the Roof, Anne of Green Gables, Sound of Music and Annie (to name a few) performed by teens and children, and I am flabbergasted with the talent!

      ❤ carmen


  4. OMG you look like an actress in this outfit Carmen….love how adorable that dress is & how it hugged your curves in all the right places! Love Les Mis whether its the play or movie version!



    • carmen says:

      How sweet of you to say!! It’s a good fit and so comfortable. It makes me feel curvier than I actually am. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

      ❤ carmen


  5. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Oh, well … this dress is perfect for Les Mis. Adorable. Was it the play or the musical? Loved the film versions of each, and I had a little weep when I clicked on the video … I always do when I hear that song.. Anne Hathaway did a great job of it. No matter how it’s done, this song always gets to me.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you my dear Jan! It was the musical. Quite different than the movie, of course, being a musical and having dance and comedy. The movie has a totally different mood being a drama, but both are very moving. The song is a classic for sure!

      ❤ carmen


  6. Absolutely LOVE the dress! I’d wear it. And Les Mis on Broadway in NYC where I grew up was awEsome. The set, esp.


  7. Ralph says:

    Hi Carmen 😀 What a lovely original dress. Now can you please turn round so I can read the sports page ! 😉 xox ❤


  8. Oh, I love that movie! I was watching it and crying, crying and watching.
    And you are so pretty here… 🙂


  9. Oh my Carmen! You look FABULOUS in this dress. What a gorgeous unique piece! I can really see why you were drawn to it. The fabric pattern is wonderful.

    Glad you had a good time.



    • carmen says:

      Thank you my dear Suzanne! You’d look beautiful in it too and it reminds me a little of your polka dot party dress! I wore this sundress to a garden party this month.

      ❤ carmen


  10. jm says:

    I love your dress, it’s so feminine and pretty! I love vintage design, and lace on the straps and bass. It’s beautiful, and I like the design on v neckline, stamping so romantic, and the pattern and length, which are adjusted perfectly to your figure. The hair tied behind, and supplements, are remarkable. The butterfly pendant is fantastic, I think I’ve seen in any other picture. bracelet with ring are wonderful, as are the shoes and the lovely bag, one of the nice pieces in your collection. A extraordinary outfit, and a look that seduces. Furthermore, the landscape, as country, so heterogeneous, it is perfect with your fashion choice. A country girl, in a tough and tender at once image.
    Les Miserables is a masterpiece, a fantastic piece of Victor Hugo romantic. I loved it and the track “I dreamed a dream”, despite its sadness, it’s really wonderful.
    A wonderful post, as always, on this special blog, in which culture, beauty, fashion, landscape and way of life are a whole. A special blog, a very special woman.

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    • carmen says:

      My charming friend! Thank you for your thoughts about my dress, jewellery and location. I try to find interesting places and I chose this one because of the contrast: a pretty dress and an old railroad no longer in use.

      Glad you like the song, although it is sad and makes me cry a little, especially the version with the now famous Susan Boyle singing. Her voice is beautiful and I am so happy for her that her dream came true, to become a singer as good as Elaine Paige.

      The story (Les Miserables) is one of my favourites because it is a romance but also has a very strong, meaningful message. The priest forgave Jean Valjean, and therefore Jean had another chance to make something good of his life and to help others. A story of passion and compassion!! We all need love and mercy.

      ❤ carmen the country girl LOL

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  11. joni says:

    There’s a version with Liam Neeson? I have to see it, he’s a favorite.
    Love your unique dress! The pictures are gorgeous here too.


    • carmen says:

      You will love it Joni! It’s the best version of Les Miserables (1998)! Check it out and let me know what you think. Here’s the trailer for a taste. I rented it from iTunes.

      Thank you for your sweet compliment!

      ❤ carmen


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