Fresh as a daisy

daisyMy favourite flowers have always been daisies. As a child I would weave them into a crown and wear them in my hair. I think every young girl has played the game daisy-petal-picking; he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me!

Click here to here a fun song by Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs.

I walked into Smart Set recently and saw this cute tank top with daisies on a black background. I can wear it with white for a fresh summer look or black bottoms for a more dramatic effect.

daisiesI chose yellow sandals and cross-shoulder purse; worn with my Elisa Cavaletti  shirt always makes me feel stylish and protects me from the sun, since I can’t wear sunscreen.


I love the crisscross straps on the back.


A meadow of daisies to dream …

meadow of daisies

 Floral prints are timeless, just like flowers;

always in style, always make me smile!

How many floral prints are in your closet?

Thanks a bunch for helping me reach 200 followers!


❤ carmen

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20 Responses to Fresh as a daisy

  1. Bob says:

    You are always as fresh as a daisy….I enjoyed clicking on the daisy….missed that song and most other songs during university years.
    Congratulations on 200 followers!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Violet says:

    You’re looking lovely in your floral/daisy outfit! 🙂 I love floral prints as well, and I think I have at least 10 of them for my summer wardrobe and even some of my purses have them! hehe Congrats on reaching 200 followers!! xo, Violet


  3. Dawn Lucy says:

    Loving your blog! You look totally adorable in this outfit!
    Dawn Lucy


  4. You’re indeed looking as fresh as a daisy in this ensemble Carmen….love the yellow touches you added which made the look more Summer! And I have a floral garden in my closet FYI lol!!!



  5. utesmile says:

    It looks lovely, I love flowers and floral printed things, I got a lovely blue dress with daisies on it too…flowers = smiles 🙂


    • carmen says:

      I was thinking of you again, knowing how much you love flowers and all the beautiful photos of flowers you have posted, especially your recent one. Your dress sounds lovely Ute. I’d love to see a photo of you in it.

      Thanks a bunch!

      ❤ carmen


  6. Ralph says:

    Hi Carmen 😀 You’re as pretty as usual. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers. Ralph xox ❤


  7. jm says:

    Daisies the most beautiful flowers. In Spain also used to see if our beloved loves us. The last time I did, just recently, I came a YES. LOL.

    And, of course, the most beautiful flowers are perfect in the most beautiful woman, the best combination. Seriously, I love this tank top, the stamping is really beautiful and, as you say, the back crossed straps are wonderful, beautiful design. And I love the design and color of accessories. I love the bag, and I told you when you posted along with other bags.

    I would have liked to see more closely the pendant, but I think I already know of another post. And the pants? Beautiful, I like the detail of the final. They look beautiful on you.

    Daisies in the garden? A good idea. I perhaps buy a flowerpot for my balcony.

    By the way, I love your hair, collected from behind, and I love the song you’ve placed under the daisies. LOL.
    “One little petal from the daisy
    Says That She loves me
    The next one says she loves me not
    So what am I gonna believe
    Well “


    • carmen says:

      That is so interesting that you have the same traditions! I have heard that this game originated in France, the country of romance! But I’m sure there are romantics in every country; love is universal.

      A better version is … he/she loves me … he/she loves me lots! That way one can be sure! LOL

      I remember the song from my youth (you might be too young to remember) I’m glad you like it! But you do have a great memory for remembering my purses! WOW! Glad you like my outfit and I must post a closer view of my accessories which I often forget.

      I love flowers on balconies and daisies would by lovely, reminds me of a meadow of daisies where one can lie down and look up at the blue sky and dream.

      Thanks a bunch!

      ❤ carmen


  8. There is something very pure and clean about daisies. Lovely fresh outfit and the daisies light up your lovely face…
    I do have a lot of colorful prints in my closet but not many floral … Sara


  9. joni says:

    Hi Carmen! I have maybe only 2 floral prints and one is a scarf. But I do love daisies and it’s funny you mention them here. Just yesterday I made the decision to plant some in my yard. I had them at my wedding when I was only 21 too. You look great in this outfit with the touches of mustard yellow.


    • carmen says:

      We share another similarity Joni, I had daisies at my wedding too, when I was 18. I need to grow daisies in my garden. They remind me of a simple life.

      Thanks a bunch! 😉

      ❤ carmen


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