Shopping in Harlem NYC

While in New York City we stayed in Harlem. No matter what you’ve heard about Harlem in the past and possibly the bad reputation it once had, Harlem has greatly improved: friendly people, lovely shops, flea markets, fine restaurants, Starbucks, wine shops, grocery stores with a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables (we started every morning with a nutritious, fresh-made smoothie). Morningside Park has a great lookout point to sit and enjoy the view of Harlem.

lookout point - HarlemJean Bebenoir is a fashionable boutique in Harlem where Jean and I bought some beautiful clothes and accessories. This embroidered hi-lo blouse is so soft and it has a fabulous low-cut back. Jean is wearing her blouse in a recent post and the ring she bought at the flea market in Harlem (also, a necklace she bought at a flea market in Brooklyn).

white blouse and black and white pantsI love the print of these black and white pants. They’re so light and silky, it feel like I’m not wearing anything! I’ve worn them on a hot day and they feel cool. I can wear them to lounge, entertain and go out. Heck, I could even wear them to bed, they’re so comfortable!  Jean bought the same pants, too. We have similar taste!

We enjoyed walking around and shopping in Harlem.

What to do after a fun shopping spree? – relax at the Harlem Tavern for some sweet potato fries and peach beer! YUM! They have a huge sidewalk patio.

ordering sweet potato fries and peach beerHarlem TavernILoveNY

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22 Responses to Shopping in Harlem NYC

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  2. dan says:

    A lovable post! And you look so young!!


  3. Hi, I just found your site. Nice coverage of New York too!
    At we are focused on women over 50 – but good style is good style.
    Good work


  4. whatwewear says:

    we love your print pants, so fabulous! great photos!
    xx Vera & Rony


  5. nofearoffashion says:

    I like it very much that you give Harlem a boost. A neighbourhood which is doing so much to improve, deserves some PR.
    I think the blouse is lovely, very feminine and a very good combination with your black and white trousers. Don’t you love it when you have a clothing item which is not only gorgeous but also comfortable?


    • carmen says:

      Right you are! When an outfit is comfortable AND pretty, it makes it a pleasure to wear!

      I must admit, I was a little leery when I heard we were going to be staying in Harlem from all the stories I’ve heard, but things have changed: I felt safe and met some terrific people, both residents and sales people in the shops.

      Harlem was once a Dutch village, named after the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands.

      Thanks for your visit and compliments!
      ❤ carmen


  6. Bob says:

    Such a pleasure to read your blog, Queen Carmen, and the comments from your fans. You “forgot to dress”…never….you always present a total pleasing picture.


  7. beautiful! both of you, ladies, and the city too! oh, and that white blouse, just lovely!


  8. Suzanne says:

    I’ve wanted to go to Harlem forever. I can’t convince my husband that is worth the trip every time we are in NYC. It is great to discover a new neighbourhood.

    You look fabulous as always. So long and lean.



  9. This post brings back great memories about our trip to Harlem. I’ve also worn my pants, but I haven’t worn the top and pants together. I will! You’re so right about them being comfy (without being sloppy). I just read in Lucky magazine yesterday that PJ-styled pants are the ultimate luxury. The tip was to dress them up like you’ve done so it doesn’t look like you forgot to get dressed!


    • carmen says:

      Yes, memories are treasures of the heart. Glad we captured so many memories with hundreds of photos! I hope you will do a post with the same outfit soon. That’s a good tip, to dress the pants up, so I don’t look like I forgot to get dressed 😉


  10. josepmbadia says:

    They did fantastic trip. Your pantalones in black and white are beautiful, the whole look is. The print blouse is gorgeous and the “pirate queen” looks magnificent. We have prejudices about harlem? Thank you for opening our eyes.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Josep-Maria! You made me laugh when you said I was the “pirate queen” ha ha!

      Harlem still has more unemployment than othe parts of Manhattan, but the crime rate has dropped drastically.


  11. Lovely photos and outfits! How I wish to be in N.Y these days for a short vacation… lucky you.. Sara


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