Thanksgiving in Canada

Our Canadian Thanksgiving kicks off the autumn season: good timing as the leaves start their colourful dance to the ground, birds begin their journey south and harvest-time is here.

A time to give thanks

tweed jacket 1 tweed jacket 2 antique shopLately, I find myself being grateful for little things: a good night’s sleep, fresh bed sheets and a flushing toilet. These are things that we often take for granted, but there are countless people who have sleepless nights, many with no no beds to sleep on, and those who do not have enough to eat and still have outdoor toilets.


With an attitude of gratitude, we can count a myriad of blessings every day! I thank God for my family and friends, and that we will share meals together over the holiday weekend. Those who know me, or have read my about page, know I will not be eating or serving meat. This is my way of helping the planet that I appreciate, the animals I care about and staying healthy at 61 with no aches and pains, no heart disease or osteoporosis, no arthritis or cancer. And for that I am truly thankful because for me–without health, life is not worth living.

veggie turkey

Instead, I will be visiting an animal sanctuary to feed the turkeys, then a trip up north to visit family and last stop Ottawa, my first time visiting the Capital of Canada!

My friend Susan made a vegan turkey for me with veggies and hummus. YUM!

give thankscarmen4

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Let’s make the world a better place with compassion.
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9 Responses to Thanksgiving in Canada

  1. Suzanne says:

    That faux turkey is hilarious and I’m sure it tasted great.

    Enjoy Ottawa and be sure to visit Gatineau. It will be stunning at this time of the year.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. What a wonderful veggie and hummus turkey! I might have that kind when I celebrate Thanksgiving here next month. Last year, I went to an animal sanctuary for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed feeding turkeys instead of eating them. Did you know they love grapes? Are you planning to bring food for the animals? Pigs like carrots, pumpkin and bananas. Too cute!


    • carmen says:

      Thanks Jean! This is a turkey I can enjoy eating and I’ll be making one too!!
      They didn’t mention anything about bringing food for the animals (just for people, there’ll be a vegan potluck) but it can’t hurt to bring some grapes and carrots. 🙂


  3. josepmbadia says:

    How beautiful is the dish prepared by your friend. And how beautiful your story, so full of feeling and solidarity. You’re a great woman. And that pretty and stylish you are with your lace skirt, is gorgeous.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Josep-Maria for your kind words!! I enjoy fashion very much, but I know there are more important matters in the world, so I like to express my heart and thoughts and lifestyle. It’s all part of who I am. If I only show clothes, you will never really know me. As we share our thoughts we get to know each other better.

      You are a thoughtful and encouraging person and I sincerely appreciate that you take the time to read my blog and comment!!

      Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Spain?

      Have a wonderful weekend!
      ❤ carmen


      • josepmbadia says:

        Thank you, Carmen. In Spain not celebrated Thanksgiving day, at least the way you, the Anglo-Saxon countries, you do. We have other parties, more mediterranean. I like that you combine the style with your way of life, is a good way to meet you.


  4. Maggie Li says:

    I like all your thankful saying about yourself . Simple lifestyle is the best way to live a Happy Life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family !


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