Pink Camouflage Joggers

I’ve been wanting pink camouflage pants or leggings since before I even knew they made them in pink! Finally, I found these pink camo joggers in Collingwood, made in Italy.

I love these colours but I don’t like green camo because it reminds me of war and hunting. Pink makes me happy and reminds me of peace and compassion. Plus it’s my mom’s favourite colour, I have so many memories of her wearing pink!

A stroll through Victoria Park couldn’t be more comfortable walking in these unusual pink and silver non-leather sandals.

Normally, I don’t wear joggers, but these are different: very stylish, not frumpy gray ones. They are so comfortable and come in a variety of fabulous prints. This time I wore them with a white top but I think pink is a good choice too.


We celebrated our granddaughter’s 11th birthday! She wore PINK and the theme was pink and the icing on the cake was pink. My mom would have been so happy!


Madison Clothing Boutique now has an online store and I am going to order two more as soon as I decide which prints!

Life is beautiful! Enjoy it!

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6 Responses to Pink Camouflage Joggers

  1. Those are very cute camo Pants Carmen! The pink gives them the feminine touch . The Joggers a re a lovely compliment to your outfit and look comfy. Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter! She is a beautiful young Lady! Your Grandson is very active I see! Happy Sunday Dear, Terri xo.


  2. utesmile says:

    Your mum really would have loved it, all pink. Camouflage pink is unusual but looks rather nice. The sandals have a great patter/shape, sure they are comfortable. Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter. You have a lovely family Carmen! ♥

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  3. josep-maria says:

    Camouflage is not a pattern that I like very much, but yours is quite delicate when introducing pink and avoiding, as you say, the allusion to hunting and war. I love your shoes, they are very pretty. I love your collected hair and those wonderful locks that fall on your beautiful face. How beautiful your grandchildren, your granddaughter is growing up beautiful. I love the pink cake !!

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  4. Jodie says:

    I like pink camo and was looking for a pink camo top for awhile. I’ll still keep my eyes peeled, but I love these joggers. Maybe I’ll get them instead.
    And happy birthday to your granddaughter!!!

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  5. unexy23 says:

    I also love pink

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