The Big Yellow House

I pass by this 19th century Victorian house on my way to work every Tuesday and Thursday. So when I saw the FOR SALE sign, naturally, I was intrigued and wanted to see what it looked like inside. It’s the sort of house you imagine stepping back in time and entertaining your guests with a garden party on a hot summer afternoon, serving lemonade and fancy little sandwiches. My mom used to live right around the corner.

The Garden Party

A spacious back yard with a patio and hot tub, something you wouldn’t have seen a hundred years ago.

Welcome and take a peek inside this gorgeous home.

It’s been beautifully renovated and updated, yet they have kept the charm of the time period. The owners have exquisite taste and I absolutely love this house!

Come on upstairs …

One more flight up to a huge fantastic master bedroom.

Unfortunately, the cellar is like a dungeon which is typical in most of these century-old houses, something I don’t like at all.


Drop by if you’re in the area.

310 Queen Street, Cambridge, Ontario

❤ carmen


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25 Responses to The Big Yellow House

  1. You look stunning in this little white dress. Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Mackenzie says:

    this is absolutely FABULOUS!

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  3. Hi Carmen this home is so pretty! It has all the old world charm which is hard to find these days. Photo of you in that lovely sundress would be a great selling point for the owners, you look gorgeous as ever❤ I am looking forward to writing and posting hi my blog this week it will be published tomorrow morning! Happy Friday hugs Terri 🏵

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  4. It’s gorgeous! I love dreaming about old-fashioned houses like that!! My budget is fixer-upper tho!

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    • carmen says:

      Indeed it is! I hear you Melinda! Our first house was a real fixer-upper, our second house needed renovations and major painting etc. Our third house need to be updated from top to bottom, everything replaced including the light fixtures. We are in our fourth house (where we are living now) also needed renovations, floors replaced and painting, new driveway, continuous work. Oh well, I appreciate I have a roof over my head and a clean cozy bed at night, lots to be thankful for. 🙂


      My dream vegan kitchen


  5. finbarsgift says:

    What a wonderful homey house!
    The only thing missing:
    a vine cellar *hehe*
    Have a pleasant day!
    Lots of greetings from Lu

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  6. josep-maria says:

    What a wonderful home, I love its architecture and its decoration. It has classic, romantic elements, but with a large dose of functionality to make everyday life easier and more comfortable, it is really beautiful. And if at the door you are, with your wonderful white dress, your hat with the yellow bow, beauty is already total. This house could not have a better owner than you, it is designed for you!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much! I can only dream of a house like this, it is marvellous! As I walked through, I could imagine living there. The kitchen is amazing, the photos from their website shows more.


      Be my guest for a delicious vegan dinner …


  7. utesmile says:

    I just looked at your link with more pictures. I need to go there. It is cheap compared to London prices for such a property. Amazing!

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  8. utesmile says:

    What a delightful house. It surely is expensive. I love that hot tub in the garden! Absolutely stunningly refurbished.

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