The Deadly Cost of Fashion

Tragedy in Bangladesh – Five Years Ago

We live in a global village and we all heard about it. Is it old news now? Not for the families of the victims who died and those who were injured.

Devastations like this happen and life goes on, but we need to care, and be part of the changes needed to make the world a safer place for everyone, where workers get a fair living wage. Let’s vote with our dollars.

My daughter Jean opened an eco-boutique two years ago–DRIZZLE & SHINE–everything compassionate: “kind to the earth and animals and that are made by people who are treated fairly.”

Jean has written many articles on her blog about ethical and eco-friendly fashion. She showed this film in Seattle.


As fashion bloggers, we influence each other and our readers, together we can make a difference.

Some beautiful outfits from Jean’s store: organic, fair trade, vegan.


This is the reality of fast fashion: cheap, disposable clothes, factories where employees are exploited.

The Deadly Cost of Fashion

I hope everyone watches this short video, and more importantly, that it changes how we shop. Saving lives is more important than saving a few dollars on a dress.

Let’s not forget what this cost the workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It cost them their lives.

Thank you!!

Fashion with Compassion

❤ carmen


About carmen

Let’s make the world a better place with compassion.
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24 Responses to The Deadly Cost of Fashion

  1. Yes, we should all unite to change the world and stop things like that form happening. Your daughter makes a difference :)))) what a beautiful person she is. Kisses – Margot :)))

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Margot! My daughter is the one who really got me thinking about the waste of fast fashion and how it exploits poor people and makes the rich richer. Not a good thing.

      Together, we can do it!


  2. Selfless beautiful hearts always create lovely spiritual gems for many to embrace! It runs in the family as your offerings always inspire smiles, Carmen! God bless!

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  3. Angie says:

    HI, Carmen!
    I am inspired to find your blog. These are things that need to be reminded because we are surrounded by fast fashion but not the eco shops, and it’s not as affordable either. I like that nikkidiscovers commented that she tries to buy at second-hand stores or make things by hand in able to afford it. I like to buy fair trade, but the cost is often high. I will keep an eye out for eco shops in Michigan now!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Angie, a pleasure to meet you! Looks like we have more in common than just being in our 60s and wearing fashionable clothes 🙂

      “I am passionate about the health and welfare of my loved ones, and all life forms on this planet—human life, animal life, plant life.” ~Angie

      I so agree! Health is worth more than clothes and compassion is more important than looking good! 🙂

      I confess, there have shopped at Walmart and bought cheap clothes without thinking, but it’s not too late to change our shopping habits and be more mindful of what we buy.

      Thank you for shopping fair-trade and caring. 🙂


  4. Wonderful post! Thanks for the shout out and for proving that there’s an abundance of Ethical fashion options.

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you Jean for opening my eyes to the reality of fast fashion. I just wish we had an eco-boutique in our city. I love shopping in your store; everything I bought is top quality and I get lots of compliments. 🙂

      Fashion with compassion!


  5. This is a great post but, I’m struggling to find brands in South Africa which are eco friendly and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Right now I’m just not buying any new clothes because I’m not able to support eco friendly products. I know that alot of clothes that comes to South Africa is made in China, Taiwan and Bangladesh. I try to rather buy at second hand stores or have things made. It’s really hard though. I’m happy that you are getting this message out there since people are often unaware.

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you Nikki! Thrifting is wonderful for our environment. The waste that fast fashion produces is hard to fathom as i’m sure you know. Thrifting is a great way to keep clothes out of landfills and it’s easy on the pocket book. Many of my posts include thrifted clothes. 🙂 So happy to share these concerns with you!

      Fashion with compassion,


  6. utesmile says:

    Great post. I love your daughters shop very much!

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  7. josep-maria says:

    Another wonderful post from the wonderful Carmen. I repeat, again and again, that your blog is different, that your blog is special. A fashion blog that exceeds the limits of style and fashion, to be focused on the moral conscience of production and dealing with nature and animals, a vegan blog absolutely convinced. and that makes you, also a special woman, a different woman, a unique woman. I can comment a lot on your looks, on your outfits, but it is better to keep quiet and add without hesitation to your message of respect and solidarity. Ethical consumption is fundamental in our current society, if we want to survive … People like you, and like Jean, are fundamental in this world. Thank you, Carmen, for introducing such an important message into such a superficial world.

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much for your sincere comment dear Josep-Maria! You are a man with a heart! This is an urgent topic that has connected us from the being. I had only been blogging a little over a year when this tragedy in Bangladesh happened and it was YOU who wrote a very meaningful post on your blog about this devastation that touched my heart. I could see that you really cared.

      We must not close our eyes to this reality while we watch beautiful women walk on fashion runways and admire all the beautiful clothes in shop window displays. While we do share a love for aesthetics, we know that there are important things that need to be changed, we are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

      This is why I will continue to promote ethical fashion and thrift shopping, and I am so thankful for your support and agreement!

      Fashion with compassion,

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  8. You are extraordinary
    You really arouse my interest in your person
    You’re just very attractive and tasteful
    Greetings to you

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  9. Jodie says:

    It’s so important to hear this and realize what our actions can do, Carmen!!!

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    • carmen says:

      I’m glad you care Jodie! Thank you for supporting small businesses and for shopping at Jean’s store on your visit in Seattle.

      Fashion with compassion,


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