Something Thrifted; Something Gifted

gray peplumThis gray knit peplum top was rescued from a thrift shop. It looked hardly worn and has a place in my wardrobe now. I wore it on GRAY DAY at my dance class. Every Friday this year we’ve had a theme. My dancers are fashionable and we have fun with fashion!

close up

I paired it with my black and gray floral skinny jeans and wore a black cardigan which was gifted to me. It has a silver edging and I added a belt which belonged to my mom. Time to wear booties again. I miss my sandals already but at least there’s no snow … YET!

black cardiganblack cardigan 2black cardigan 3

Fashion is fun!

Happy Friday all my fashionistas!




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17 Responses to Something Thrifted; Something Gifted

  1. mummabstylish says:

    I’m loving your floral trousers, they look great with your black and grey ensemble. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui Mummabstylish

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  2. Lovely grey outfit 🙂 Your pants are great, I love floral pattrens and yours is perfect. Super belt – I also have a lot of things from my Mum and love wearing them. You look great :))) Kisses – Margot :))

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  3. Patti says:

    That’s a charming top, Carmen – so glad you freed it from the thrift shop! Thanks for linking up, you look fab. xo


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  4. josep-maria says:

    I like the look that plays with white, black and gray, which is the combination of balance and serenity. I like the printing of your pants, so delicate or soft. I love your top, so beautiful, so original, so soft. And I love your jacket, with these beautiful ruffles on the front. The whole look, as I said, is balance and the design of the jacket and peplum top are very original. I’m glad to see you so happy and smiling, and I also admire the beauty of your hair, so soft and thin moving in a delicate way in the wind. Fashion is fun, your fashion is wonderful!

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Josep-Maria! I appreciate how you notice every detail, a true fashion specialist! The ruffles trimmed with silver thread makes the cardigan very pretty and it looks better with a belt. Fashion is fun!

      ❤️ carmen


  5. Jodie says:

    I love that you added the belt over the cardigan, Carmen!!!!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Jodie for mentioning my favourite part of this outfit! My mom often wore a belt and it makes me happy to wear it, so it’s more than just a fashion accessory for me because it belonged to her. Tangible things have a way of keeping memories so vivid. 🙂

      ❤️ carmen


  6. A very nice top Carmen! I would be lucky if I could find it on a thrift store rack! Looks so well with the cardigan and cute jeans and boots. Love your Mom’s belt too. Fashion is so fun Carmen, and thank you for always showing us our dressing options, hugs, Terri xo.

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Terri! That’s the fun and frustration of thrifting, you need time and patience to find the treasures. Sometimes I find something really beautiful but it’s not my size. Everything comes in one size only. 😦

      ❤️ carmen


  7. mihrank says:

    fascinating – great colors!!

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  8. utesmile says:

    I just got my boots out too first time to wear to work. Sandals are at the back of the wardrobe now. I love your theme dancing class. I’ll happily join! 🙂

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    • carmen says:

      I just put away my sandals today and brought out the rest of my boots that I cleaned and stored away for the summer.

      I wrote this post last night but what a surprise I got this morning and looked out my window, a blanket of snow! I guess I spoke too soon when I said no snow yet. 😦

      The fashion theme has been so much fun! We went through every colour of the rainbow, and patterns like polka dots, tartan, paisley, stripes, and even funky socks and PJs!


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