Playing Dress-ups

black and red dress 640

I’m not fond of Halloween, but I always loved playing dress-ups! As a child I chose friendly characters like Little Red Riding Hood, a princess, a gypsy dancer, a Hawaiian dancer, Roaring ’20s Charleston dancer, Spanish dancer (guess you can tell I love to dance). I had fun all through the year playing dress-ups with my mom’s clothes.

I’d wear her skirts (so long they trailed on the floor) and high heels (a few sizes too big for me) and I adorned myself with her lovely jewellery. Then I’d look in her full-length mirror–not too admire myself–but to take pleasure in fashion and use my imagination to pretend I was in movie scenes that I had watched on TV.

I have a collection of costumes, some of which I’ll include in this post.

Today’s costume and I also wore this to the Costume Ball on the weekend.

black and red dressblack and red dress close up

Dolly Parton and I showed up in the same dress.


They picked the winning costumes but this couple was my choice–The Captain and his first mate.

Captain and mate

Last week Maggie and I were at a Barn Dance. She’s the prettiest pirate I’ve ever seen and I was a black cat.

pirate and cat

Last year I was a gypsy dancer, just like my childhood days.


A dance where Maggie wore her Roaring ’20s flapper dress and I was Heidi.

Flapper and Heidi

Some of our dancers dressed up today and Monica was the star of the show when she came riding on a horse (man, can that horse dance!). I couldn’t stop laughing! Video to come!

Tuesday beginners

What’s your favourite costume that you’ve worn?



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10 Responses to Playing Dress-ups

  1. Unfortunately there is no tradition of fancy dress parties in Poland. Halloween costiums and parties are quite a new thing here, so really only kids and young people go to parties or some clubs. I’d love to have an opportunity of going to such party and creating a costium to kill hahahah . Dear Carmen, you look fantastic in all of your costiums :))) I’m sure you had a fantastic time :)))) Kisses – Margot :)))

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much dear Margot! I’m sure you could create a gorgeous costume with your designer and sewing talent! The Costume Balls are fun and we dance – Cha Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Bachata, Jive and Waltz. It feels like a chapter in a Fairytale story! 🙂



  2. josep-maria says:

    Dear Carmen, I am not a big fan of costumes, nor Halloween, but I can not do anything but admire your versatility to look beautiful with any look, even with the most daring costumes. This proposal in black and red is very attractive and helps to highlight all the attractiveness of your wonderful figure. Shoulders to the air, tight bodice to your beautiful waist and miniskirt to show off your sexy legs, a wonderful set with gauze and delicate fabrics, I love it! And I like to see your other costumes, all so well thought out and well put together, you never leave a detail at random. Dolly used your dress, but … And I am absolutely in love with your Heidi costume, which I already knew, that I had already seen again. Heidi could never appear more beautiful!

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    • carmen says:

      Dear Josep-Maria, I’m glad we agree about Halloween which has too many gruesome costumes and gloomy customs. There are always several occasions in October where costumes are worn and so I prefer to choose cheerful and pleasant characters. 🙂 As always, I appreciate your comments which are so encouraging!



  3. Oh my gosh you look really cute in all the costumes Carmen💗 we all like thinking back to our days of dressing up as kids. You and Dolly look good together, but my favorite is a tie between Heidi and the gypsy costume. 1950s housewife is my favorite costume. I just love the classy Style from that era. Have a wonderful day, hugs Terri xo

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    • carmen says:

      Oh, I so agree with you Terri! My favourite is the 1950s dresses, I think of “I LOVE LUCY” a housewife with lovely day dresses. My mom had a lovely collection.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. utesmile says:

    How funny, You look so sweet as Heidi. All costumes are great though. I used to go to the attic of my gran and found clothes of the 20s, and amazing hats. We used to dress up secretly as we were not allowed up there……It was so much fun though. Unfortunately all things have gone as my aunt had the house then and now my cousin. It was renovated, so all “junk” went. I do love the 20’s and I have several 20’s dresses.. like Maggie. I just looooove them. Otherwise I am not one to dress up so much. When I was a child I was a snowflake, and the picture came in the local paper. I need to dig it out I think my dad kept it. Hope you had a lovely Party.

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    • carmen says:

      Perhaps that’s why you love flapper dresses so much! Oh how fun to sneak into the attic and play dress-ups with clothes from that era! We would have been good friends! Hope you find the photo of you in your snowflake costume, I’m sure it’s cute. Was it for Fasching?

      As you might guess, I don’t like the gory and morbid customs associated with Halloween, so I always try to dress in happy, pretty things. It was a natural choice for me as a child, and I still prefer that. It was a whole week of dance parties: dance classes, Barn Dance and an elegant Ball.


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