CROSSING THE LINE in Black and White Gingham

police line

Last trip to Seattle I packed only black and white clothes. It was so simple to take a minimal of pieces and yet still have enough different looks to mix and so easy to match. Of course, knowing I’d be on a shopping spree in Jean’s eco boutique had a lot to do with my never-before traveling outfits. I chose black and white again for NYC, but I added pops of red and turquoise.

gingham blousegingham 2

This time I was not on a shopping spree. (Yes, you heard right, unbelievable, but true!) Undoubtedly, I bought a few things (like this cute off-the-shoulders gingham top or mini dress) but this trip was for making memories in one of my favourite cities, to enjoy the sights and sounds of life in the Big Apple.

gingham 3gingham 4

Here again in Central Park in black and white gingham. So many fashion bloggers have inspired me with off-the-shoulder tops; it’s a fresh, summery look.

bridge 1bridge 2

It’s pleasant to leisurely walk through the park in no hurry, no schedule, no stress–under tunnels, over rocks and hills.


You’d think you’re in a forest except for the towering buildings in the distance. 🙂


A little drizzle on this particular day, so I had my umbrella.

Version 2closeup

Leaving the park and strolling along the city sidewalks, everyone knows I’m a tourist, forever gazing up at the magnificent architecture, stopping to admire the rows of houses and taking photos at every chance.

Stuart Little’s House?

little houselittle house 2row housesAstro West

Walking all day builds up an appetite, so we headed over to Peacefood Cafe for delicious vegan pizza and the best vegan cheese cake ever!

Peace Food Cafe

Gingham has been very popular this season, just snapped some photos to show you what I didn’t buy.

I’ve always loved gingham. My mom had a pink and white gingham kitchen and I once had red and white gingham in my country-style kitchen. It’s a cheerful pattern with old-fashioned charm.

Do you wear gingham?

gingham carmen



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13 Responses to CROSSING THE LINE in Black and White Gingham

  1. Gingham !!! love this pattern. You are right – the off shoulder trend is soooo refreshing and young looking and yet suitable for everyone. With red accessories everything looks absolutely perfect.
    Your pictures from Central Park are fantastic, but of course my favourite one is Stuard’s house = I’ve never known it actually exists, I thought it was only ‘built’ for the purpose of the film. Thank you for showing me all of these great places. :)))) Kisses – Margot :)))

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  2. carmen says:

    Ha ha ha!! How fun this photo got the most clicks on TURNING HEADS TUESDAYS. Probably because it looks like I was getting into trouble in NYC. 😀


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  4. utesmile says:

    You look great with the red added. I didn’t know it is called Gingham. I did wear off the shoulder shirts too , they are great for Summer, I find! And look gorgeous as I can see on you. That little house is really squashed in between, well it looks like that really 🙂

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  5. jacqui says:

    Oh Carmen, this is a lovely post – you’re wearing the most perfect outfit and Love the gingham with pops of red. x Seeing you in Central Park reminds me of Home Alone, this is one place I’d quite like to visit. xx Nice blog to read – many thanks. x

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  6. Ileana says:

    Your outfit is simply lovely, meine liebe Freundin. Black and white with some red ‘spots’ make always an elegant combination. You reminded me that I have a black and white gingham skirt from Spanner, I’ll wear it soon for sure…😊
    Your photos reminded me also of Central Park in NYC my husband and I visited three years ago and, like you, enjoyed it very much! The photos you posted are beautiful! Did you have the chance to walk on the western side of the park where the John Lennon ‘Imagine’ Memorial is?

    Yes, there are some other parks very close to my heart: St. James’s Park in London UK, Park Güell in Barcelona (created by the incomparable Gaudi), Japonese Tea Park in San Francisco…

    Thank you, my dear Carmen, for your posts which show that you are not only a graceful fashionista but also a true lover of the nature and amazing places with which God blessed us all over the world.
    ❤️ Ileana

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  7. Jodie says:

    I only just got my first two gingham pieces this summer…and now I’m hooked!!
    And what a great trip in NYC. I think I’ve seen that little house between the 2 larger buildings!! That’s one of the reasons I love NYC so much—-the interesting architecture and styles–all right next to each other!!

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  8. patti says:

    Hi Carmen, you look fabulous, in the greatest city in the world. All these shots are so glorious. Thanks for linking up, xo

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  9. Sehr schön, steht dir alles gut. L.G.

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  10. josep-maria says:

    I love this delicate blouse of vichy, with the wonderful bardot neckline, so feminine, and that you dress with all your style. I love the design of the neckline and the sleeves and that length that works so well with your capris. Capris for everything, and yet, capris … And what I can say of the success when combining everything with those precious touches of red, that color that, along with the white, is so yours. Red gives strength and vitality to everything, it is pure life, pure passion. I like your sandals very much, they are very nice, also the bag I already know and that belt that fits your wasp waist. How nice the photos in Central Park, how nice the look, how pretty you (that’s normal) …

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  11. Maccabros says:

    So nice Pictures and a fine dress my dear 😘

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  12. Gorgeous scenery in the park! Love that wood bridge! Stuart Little’s house is funny!! Those gingham shoes were so cute!! I love your pops of red, with the black and white.

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  13. Travel Happy says:

    Cool fashion, trendy but elegant. And yes I, too, wear gingham 🙂 Nice photos!
    – Amor

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