Ellwangen: another delightful town in Germany

With a myriad of little towns and villages sprinkled all over the countryside of Germany, one never needs to drive very far to get to another town. Each has its unique charm and all have a magical feeling of stepping back into history walking through the cobblestone streets.

carmen by doorbalcony

EllwangenEllwangenEllwangen 2 Ellwangen 3DSC03060

Visiting my dear friend Elisabeth was a chance to reminisce and spend a few happy days in Ellwangen and Dinkelsbühl. She’s even wearing Canada colours to welcome me!

ElisabethShe prepared a delicious vegan breakfast every morning.

vegan breakfastMy cousin joined us for afternoon coffee and cake in the lovely garden.

DSC03041swinggarden Elisabeth’s front door welcomes every guest with these words.


Come take a drive with me on the Romantic Street to Dinkelsbühl next stop on my blog …


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13 Responses to Ellwangen: another delightful town in Germany

  1. Bob says:

    Janet’s Uncle Fred, traveling in England, would wait endlessly to get a photograph without people in it. (He was a bachelor and traveled alone.) Wait he would!

    Certainly, the small charming towns are full of elegance and history.

    The vegan breakfast looks so tasty that I just went to get some assorted nuts for snacking. I am so thankful to have many vegan meals throughout the week.

    😀 ❤

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  2. Joni James says:

    Love these travel photos and you always look fantastic Carmen!

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  3. The balcony pic has a purple cast to it. 😉
    How fun that Elizabeth is holding a Canada bag! 3 gorgeous women enjoying God’s creation.

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  4. vajpayee04 says:

    Beautiful and lovely.

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  5. utesmile says:

    A lovely town, I don’t know. It looks very empty though or was it very early?

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  6. mihrank says:

    As they say elegant has its own beauty – lovely post!

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