Pajama Pants in Public

I’ve seen a lot of young girls (as well as women) wearing pajama pants, in the middle of winter! The ones I’ve seen are frumpy flannel and too juvenile for me. It looks like they just got out of bed and were too lazy to get dressed, which is most likely the case.

However, I love the comfort of pajama pants, as long as they are stylish. There’s something comfortable about soft, loose-fitting, elastic waist pajama pants and lounge-wear that I can relax at home, have guests for coffee in the mornings, host ladies’ afternoon tea parties and also be able to leave the house still in my jammies!

My favourite real pajama pants bought in a lingerie shop (luxuriously soft cotton, black and white pinstripe) that I wear to entertain and if I throw on my shirt and some pearls, I’m all set to go out.

pajama pants

I bought these soft cotton pajama-style pants (just as comfortable as real pajamas) at Smart Set recently and wear them with slippers. I dress them up with my black peplum top …

pants with black topor my new white blouse. I’m getting so much wear out of this blouse, my favourite top this summer.

pants with white blouse

 Pseudo pajama pants from Bebenoir in Harlem, NYC, that I wear with black or white tops and red shoes for a pop of colour.

pants with black top

 Do you ever wear pajamas in public?


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12 Responses to Pajama Pants in Public

  1. utesmile says:

    They don’t look like PJ pants….they look fabulous. I do have pyjamas but they are all too short. In bed it does not matter but outside it does, I usually have extra tall legs on trousers. It is hard to find normal pairs which fit! I do love that super black top on you, It looks so classy!


  2. Dawn Lucy says:

    Just looks like you’re wearing fabulous drapey pants! You look adorable!
    Dawn Lucy


  3. Ralph says:

    Hi Carmen 😀 I don’t wear PJs, but the local women do here in this Spanish village. They wander around, sweep their bit of road, buy bread from the bread van etc. They probably wear their day clothes in bed ! 😉 I’ve not checked ! Hugs Ralph xox ❤
    PS. You look great in PJs !! 😀


  4. Patti says:

    These “PJ” pants are so stylish and I love the way you’ve accessorized them. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Patti! I do think wearing them with pretty tops and accessories makes a difference. But that’s the fun of it!

      Have a fashionable week!

      ❤ carmen


  5. jm says:

    The pajama pants are not my favorite in the women’s outfits, I think they lack just that, a little femininity. In your case, it does not matter, because you look attractive with anything, even with a potato sack. Those who have chosen are beautiful, the pattern I highlight black stripes, very elegant in color. But the width and design holgadez it’s a bit exaggerated. I’d rather see you with leggings and of course with your capris. The black peplum top and wonderful vintage style white blouse, I love it, you already know, but stand out more with another piece to the bottom, the beautiful skirts or pants that you already know. The landscapes you’ve chosen are wonderful, you’re wonderful, your smile is wonderful, but the pajamas …


    • carmen says:

      A potato sack is too itchy my dear, that is why you will never see me wearing one! LOL

      I see I do not have your approval for pajama pants. 😦 But I’m happy you are honest to say what you like and I’m glad you like my peplum top and the white blouse. 🙂

      I love my capris! 🙂

      ❤ your Queen of Capri!

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  6. You are such a pro at wearing PJ pants in public : )

    I have one pair of these and have worn them a couple of times with varying results. I haven’t given up on them yet though. They are too darn comfortable not to keep trying.



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