carmen cheeringThe atmosphere here was electric with excitement, and the game hadn’t even started!

What a game! I sat on the edge of my seat, my heart pounding:

Germany  – zero
Argentina – zero

Seven minutes to go …

Germany scores!!!

Prepared with our flags and air horn, we headed straight to the heart of our city Kitchener (formerly called Berlin), Ontario–a city settled by Germans over 200 years ago.

Every fan in Kitchener took to the streets; the black, red and gold colours were flying high! Every horn honking, every fan shouting, everyone smiling!


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I wore my Germany T-shirt which I bought on sale many years ago and have never worn it. Who knew that it was waiting for this moment in time and now has a special memory?

Did you watch the soccer game?

kiss me

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  1. Bob says:

    Like you, I’d rather be dancing. Hmmm….the closing heart delivers a delectable invitation….but I blush…….


  2. Violet says:

    I had no idea Kitchener was formerly called Berlin! That’s so cool!! I was rooting for them as I always did since I was a little girl. My dad got me into watching the World Cup every 4 years when we were in Germany. I was born in Germany and came to Toronto when I was little. 🙂 Loved watching every moment of the game! So exciting! Thanks for showing your enthusiasm for the German team here!!!


  3. Soooo happy GERMANY won too….rooted for them from Day 1 !!!!



  4. utesmile says:

    Wow, great to see so many Germans there. I didn’t know about your town. Fantastic you all celebrated so well. It is great that the Germans made it again! I usually am not interested in soccer but I did watch that game. So after 24 years they did it.Well done Germany. I am very happy and my English friend wants to be German now. He loves soccer. 🙂 He is happy to have a German friend….


    • carmen says:

      HOORAY FOR GERMANY! I was born in Germany, grew up in Toronto in the days of much discrimination; it was not a good thing to be German. As children, my brother and I were called Nazis, and my brother was called Hitler (at ages 5 and 7, we didn’t even know what that was). He came home from school bloody from a fight and asked, “Mommy, what’s a Hitler?”

      We moved to a suburb of Toronto and changed our names, we were ashamed to be German and we grew up not telling anyone we were born there. My fear continued till we moved to Kitchener, where it’s ok to be German and I can wear my button that says KISS ME I’M GERMAN!

      This is another reason I am celebrating: to finally be free and shout hooray for Germany! I can be proud of my country too! It was more than winning a soccer game for me, as I ran through the streets shouting – it was throwing off the shackles of fear and intimidation.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Give me a G
      Give me an E
      Give me an R
      Give me an M
      Give me an A
      Give me an N
      Give me a Y

      What does it spell?

      GERMANY!!! Rah rah rah!!!

      I ❤ GERMANY


  5. joni says:

    I’m going to be boring and say that I didn’t watch any of the soccer games, though they were on when I was sipping beer at a local brewhouse.
    I love seeing your enthusiasm though!


    • carmen says:

      Hi Joni, don’t tell anyone, but it’s only because Germany was playing in the finals and I was born there, plus my boys MADE me watch it. Normally I do not get excited about soccer, I’d rather be dancing! 🙂

      To be clear, I don’t consider someone boring just because they don’t watch soccer. LOL

      Have a great week!

      ❤ carmen


  6. jm says:

    I thought, Canadians, you were very serious people and passionless, and that these things we were doing only Latino or Mediterranean. I’m glad I was wrong, and that emotions are similar between us. I also was glad of the victory of Germany, because I feel more European than anything else. And, from a sporting point of view, made ​​it clear that Germany was the better team.

    And you even doing a little cheer, you look beautiful and elegant. Even with a shirt and capri you look wonderful. The glasses and sandals to match your clothes the black and gold of your hair are the best image of Germany. If I were President of Germany, I would use you as a symbol of the country. The Queen of Capri, is also the muse of Germany. I hope the title does not make you forget the other. The Queen of capri always the most important.

    Glückwünsche Deutschland! Glückwünsche Carmen!


    • carmen says:

      What a wonderful response to my post about the World Cup football (soccer) game!

      My dear JM! I’m very glad I can show you a glimpse of the enthusiasm we have here in Canada (that we are not passionless as you supposed LOL). 😉 Although there are always a few boring people in every country 😉

      Thank you for the sweet comment. I will always be your Queen of Capri no matter what I wear! If you were president of Germany, I would be honoured to be the symbol and muse of Germany ha ha ha!!!

      You and I are both Europeans from birth and share a love for life. Canada is a great country and I am thankful to live here. Europe is our mother; North America are her children (for most Canadians) and we don’t forget our love and gratitude for the homeland. I like to think of the world as a family. While watching the game, I thought, “How wonderful it would be if all wars and disputes could be settled with a football game.” I know that is unrealistic, but what a wonderful world it would be if we all cared for each other.

      Well, my reply is now longer than my post, but that’s what I like about blogging – a continued discussion on all topics from fashion, to health and serious, to frivolous topics.

      Your Queen of Capri ❤

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