Screen-printed top from NYC

Black and white remains a popular favourite duo in my wardrobe and when I found this handmade screen-printed top at a Pop-Up Shop in NYC I bought one for me and another one for my daughter Jean. I love the whimsical design of delicate branches with tiny birds around the neckline and the romantic writing. Well, it looks like a love letter in Spanish to me! ❤

screenprint sitting on stoolscreenprint pop-up shop

I’m looking forward to shopping again in NYC this summer.

Have you ever shopped at a Pop-Up Shop?


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12 Responses to Screen-printed top from NYC

  1. fashion railways says:

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    such a lovely post! love your style and your outfits!

    i think that are outfits look really similar!

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  2. Inese Poga Art Gallery says:

    It’s a very neat top, I’m just not that much in black and white. I’m avoiding black when possible. We’re also getting a new printing machine, and I’m wondering how nice my own designs will look on some bags or garments.
    I love NY stores, too, since there’s usually something interesting, but apart from that, I prefer sewing most stuff since it’s hard to get anything for very slim women in North American stores.
    Don’t you find it tough?


  3. Bob says:

    Oh, so many fine clothes…hope you have a system for rotating them to wear them in some kind of sequence….ha ha….


  4. Oh wow what a lovely shirt….I’m currently into graphic vintage-inspired shirts lately & this is pretty extraordinary! A pop-up looks like a swell idea!!!



  5. suzannecarillo says:

    What a pretty graphic!

    I have shopped in a pop-up before… in Toronto.



  6. utesmile says:

    Looks great and I love that shop! I definitely would have bought something there too. But what is a pop-up shop?


    • carmen says:

      Thanks Ute, I’m sure you would have found something you liked, with so many unique clothes to choose from. A pop-up shop is a temporary store set up at a location for a few days, weeks or months.

      Have a wonderful evening!

      ❤ carmen


  7. joni says:

    I would have bought one of those tops too, and it looks very cute on you! I love words on everything. I even have a lampshade I’m tempted to write tiny words on along the edges.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Joni! Great idea to write the words yourself, a fun craft project if you have nice handwriting (a lost art nowadays with computers). These days, the only time I hand-write is making a shopping list! I love words on everything too! On the walls, on pillows, table runners etc. I even have words on my laundry hamper!

      You are inspiring me to do a post about it! Perhaps when I get back from NYC.

      I leave you with these words …
      Have a lovely day!!

      ❤ carmen


  8. jm says:

    “La preciosa reina de capri en otro maravilloso post”. Dear Carmen, so I begin my article if I write in a Spanish magazine. And continue saying that again you find that lovely aesthetic balance that characterizes you. I would also love the black and white. And I like capri on you. The shirt is great, soft, delicate and with a design that falls. The plant detail neckline is very nice and the screen-printed the chest seems quite delicate. It’s a pity I can not read it well. Moreover, it perfectly fits your figure and your style. The photos are beautiful, especially the last yours, where light, smile and your natural elegance are stunning. And end my article with: “Carmen, realmente, es una mujer especial”.


    • carmen says:

      Gracias mi querido JM! Usted es muy simpatico! I cannot read it either and google translate is not able to figure out what the writing says. 😉

      This top is so soft on the skin and I love it when clothes are pretty, but also comfortable so I can wear it for my dance classes. In the last photo you refer to, this was taken in a little coffee shop after my class by one of my students.

      As for the capris, you know I am the Queen of Capri and so I have a big collection! LOL Thank you for giving me this very appropriate title. 🙂


      ❤ carmen

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