Once discovered, never forgotten …

A weekend getaway in beautiful, picturesque Gravenhurst, Ontario is a perfect way to spend time with nature and family, even on a rather dreary, rainy weekend. The sun came out on the drive home. Thank you Mr. Sun.

Canadian Shield view from the hotel

bowlStopping along the way to shop at an outlet mall is a good place for a bite to eat and buy a new bikini for the hot tub at the resort. The Villeroy and Boch store is all decked out for spring. I bought a couple of these bowls for my Petite Fleur collection dinner for two.

Villeroy and Boch store 3 Villeroy and Boch store 2 Villeroy and Boch store 1

I wore my genuine FAKE leopard coat because it was a cool weekend. Frederick’s of Hollywood (made in USA) that I got at V.V. Boutique (Value Village) for $14.95.

genuine FAKE leopard coat

Relaxing at the Spa at Sagamo by the lake is always a treat.

at the spaNo flowers outside, but real orchids are in full bloom at the Spa.


The hotel was luxurious and much nicer than roughing it in a tent in the woods. I love nature in the daytime and a clean, warm bed at night.

fireplace 2 My Covered Perfectly top and these leggings are so comfortable to lounge around and still look stylish.

watching a movie kitchen living room/dining room bedroom bathroom balcony

Ana prepared a delicious vegetarian dinner for twelve. Later we soaked in the hot tub (sorry – no photos!)

bean salad, guacamoli, brussel sprouts vegan dinnerBreakfast at the fireplace was included; I had oatmeal and fruit, and hash browns.


On Sunday Ana introduced us to friends who have a gorgeous house on the lake. The house next door is for sale. A little cool today, so I’m glad I brought my cozy sweater, I love the detail of the knit on the neckline.

Kathy's kitchenBeing up north, spring is still lagging behind, especially after this harsh winter. I didn’t see any flowers and there were still some snow piles in MAY!

lake view

Ana gave me a beautiful French manicure. Thank you Ana!

 It’s always interesting to check out what the artisans are selling.


Ahhh springtime, rain or shine I love weekend getaways and day trips in Ontario!

Where do you like to go for a weekend?

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


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17 Responses to Muskoka

  1. Damien Wijerathne says:

    Beautiful photos..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jangrahammcmillen says:

    Marvelous you in adorable leggings … thank you so much for the tour. Feels like I’ve been away for the weekend now! (Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I enjoyed your photos a lot!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ron Taylor says:

    Love to visit the Gravenhurst Farmers’ market for great fresh foods!


  4. I love Gravenhurst and cottage country in Ontario – your post brought back lovely memories and oh how I wished I could have been on this weekend getaway with you!! 🙂 I was slightly mollified however to learn that there were still piles of snow there as we definitely still have snow, albeit melting, up in northern Manitoba! As for weekend getaways up here, well there is not much in the way of cute little towns so we do end up camping on the long weekends but last year we discovered yurts, a nice little combo of a tent/cabin and we are going to take advantage of them again this summer. Meantime, I am anticipating a weekend in Winnipeg in June; not my most favourite city of all time but since it is the closest to me (8 hour drive baby!), I have learned to appreciate and enjoy it. I am going for a nursing convention Monday through Wednesday but will fly down the previous Friday and spend the weekend with my BFF who will join me from Toronto, so I am really looking forward to that. Not Gravenhurst for sure but with an attitude of gratitude, this little heart of mine receives that blessing gladly!
    Ok, now I have written you a novel, lol. Saw your post and realized we had not connected in awhile … I have been struggling to post on my blog these past few weeks. Anyway, hope and pray all is well for you …
    Blessings … Julie:)

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  5. popcosmo says:

    Looks like an amazing trip and such inspiration from all the shopping and from nature 🙂 Your outfits are perfect for the weekend: comfortable but stylish! I think I’d be a little too casual around you – you look very glam for the outdoors!!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

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  6. Bob says:

    Tremendous blog….tremendous author……..psychological sunshine….no need for any therapist…..!!!!!

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  7. Danny says:

    I like your blog, nice shots. I go up every summer. You look amazing. Still can’t believe your age. Have a great day.

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  8. dan says:

    It’s a wonderful landscape, and a very pleasant place where to spend a holiday! Your look is great and I love Villeroy and Boch …very quality items!

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  9. utesmile says:

    Wow that looks so fantatsic, and you look fabulous too! A weekend like that …any time, it is great place to be pampered and enjoy evey minute of it! Thanks for showing it to us!

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  10. Maggie Li says:

    Wow, looks like you had a great weekend, very beautiful pictures, can’t wait to see your French Manicure .

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Patti says:

    It looks like a delightful and relaxing way to spend some time. And you look great too! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      Thank you dear Patti! You know how relaxing and peaceful it is to be by the water. The air in Muskoka is so fresh, a healthy place to get some R and R.

      ❤ carmen


  12. josepmbadia says:

    Beautiful pictures and a wonderful place. Looks like you spent it very well. A few days relaxed and healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carmen says:

      Thank you Josep-Maria! You would like it too.

      There are many tourists who come from other countries to visit this vast region of Muskoka: with a myriad of lakes to go canoeing or sailing, forests and hiking trails, and charming towns for shopping, places to camp in the rugged wilderness or amazing resorts to have more than the comforts of home!

      There are cottages for rent. Muskoka is known as cottage country and thousands of Canadians have cottages here – their home away from home.

      This was my first time in a such a beautiful hotel, with so much more than a bedroom.

      Have a wonderful week!

      ❤ carmen

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