The High Line NYC

After a fun morning of shopping at the Chelsea Market we climbed the stairs to the High Line, an abandoned railroad that has been recycled into a beautiful walking path with wild plants and benches to relax.

I wore my black jumper that my cousin from Germany gave me (she has great taste!) and my red belt is from the 1950s that belonged to my mom. Jean is wearing a casual cotton jersey dress. She always manages to make it look different. I love how she remixes to get more wear out of a garment. I consider her a thrifting specialist!

Jean and carmen on the way to the High Lineon the way to the High LineIt was fascinating to walk at night with Manhattan sparkling like diamonds; then again during the daytime on a lovely afternoon. It’s a perfect place for taking photos of the surroundings from an elevated view.

This was one of the highlights of touring New York City.


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8 Responses to The High Line NYC

  1. nofearoffashion says:

    You both look great. And thanks for reminding me to wear red with black. I have many black winter tops (wrong colour for me) but I also have a lot of red things like necklaces, scarfs and a belt.


    • carmen says:

      Thanks Greetje! Apparently, I’m not supposed to wear black, but I do anyway! However, I noticed if I don’t wear lipstick or eye makeup, then I look washed out. I never wear all black, but add a pop of colour so I don’t look like a widow 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      ❤ carmen


  2. Suzanne says:

    Such a different view of NYC from there. Did you spend time in Chelsea at the market? They have the best gelato there.

    I love your jumper!



  3. josepmbadia says:

    Beautiful photos and magnificent walk. I like the first picture houses, and terraces of Manhattan. And I like your “all black” with red accents, it’s fantastic. The red belt your mom is cute. Always happy walking with your daughter, right?


  4. Great write-up! I have pictures, of the High Line too and I’ll be posting about it soon. It will be fun to compare our posts! I liked your belt when I first saw it and had no idea it was vintage Oma! She always had great taste. And timeless too!


    • carmen says:

      Thank you Jean! It’s fun looking at the pics and remembering that fun day. Looking forward to your post about the High Line. I’m so glad I have many things from Oma that remind me of her!


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