Happy Canada Day

This is the Canadian long weekend. On July 1st we celebrate 146 years of Confederation.

During my trip to Costa Rica in April, I wore this outfit and I will wear it for Canada Day. It’s more of a sailor look with a boat-neck and I’m wearing a rhinestone anchor necklace for a nautical style. I have red deck shoes to complete the look.

red and white jerseyWhile driving by a car repair shop, I had an opportunity to have my picture taken in front of a Karmann Ghia (my favourite car). The owner restores Volkswagens and was very friendly. I would have loved to take this car home!

Karmenn Ghiaanchorcanadian flag towelhappy canada day

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8 Responses to Happy Canada Day

  1. Agnes Lindsay says:

    Hi Carmen
    Loved your website
    Will get back to you soon


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Agnes! It was great having you dance with us, glad you found my blog! Look forward to hearing from you again!

      You can practice the dances that I post and join us on your next visit to Canada! 😉


      ❤ carmen


  2. I like how different this top looks with white pants compared to the blue capris. Both looks are great. It goes to show that you can mix and match for many different looks. That will come in handy when packing for a trip! And the car is amazing! I wish you could have driven it home.


    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Jean! It’s true, mix and match gets more mileage and different looks out of our clothes. And speaking of trips, I will be needing to pack soon for my summer holiday. I prefer traveling light to get through borders and clear customs quickly.

      As for the Karmann Ghia – I will continue to dream! 😉

      Pura vida!! ❤


  3. Suzanne says:

    Happy Canada Day! I love that last photo of you draped in the flag : )

    I used to own a 1968 convertible Karmann Ghia in cherry red. I miss that little car : (



    • carmen says:

      Thank you, Suzanne!! I actually wanted to take the towel to a lake so I could have the beach for a backdrop.

      How cool that you had a cherry red Karmann Ghia!! That’s the colour I would choose and being a convertible is a bonus!! Nothing like a ride with the top down on a summer evening.

      I’ll be dropping by your blog in the morning!

      Pura vida!!

      ❤ carmen


  4. josepmbadia says:

    Hi Carmen, happy Canada Day. I like the outfit with white pants, it is even more sailor. The sweater is beautiful and the sandals too. It’s a pity we can not see better the necklace. Your photo with the flag is fantastic, a true icon of Canada.


    • carmen says:

      I appreciate your thoughts and I agree with you. Looking at both pictures (with jeans and with white pants) – I prefer the white. I will add a close-up of the necklace tonight. I’m off to the Canada Day celebrations now!

      Have a good evening!!
      Life is good!! ❤

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