Staying young


Staying young does not mean you must find the fountain of youth. As much as it is a state of body, so to speak, it is also a state of mind. Being “youthful” is easy if you follow some basic guidelines: stay active, eat healthy, look after your skin and hair, and remain fashionable with current trends in clothes and accessories that suit your body.

Being young at heart is an attitude, a gratitude of being alive.

A heart that loves is always young. – Greek proverb

❤ carmen

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6 Responses to Staying young

  1. jm says:

    Your main follower could not be absent from your blogger history. Since I discovered you, I could not get away from your blog. I want to recover all the time that I was absent. This photo and this outfit are the most beautiful. Stay young? Maybe. I think the most important thing you have achieved is to remain yourself.

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you JM for taking time to go back to the beginning of my blogging days. Staying young is not about age and the years that pass by, it is an attitude of the heart and mind. The heart does not need to grow old, as the romantic song goes … young at heart! ❤

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  2. Jack says:

    Hello dear Carmen.

    ❤ hope to see you soon! busy week this one. but in the next days i will have time to come back to your blog.I would really like to see you more in this looks, because you looking very fresh and young! ❤ amazing nice Fashion Blogger! xxx


  3. jack says:

    Dear Carmen* i love and like this outfit. you look like 30* thats very great. very nice woman. 🙂 would like to see more in this look.


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