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The Bee’s Knees

Bees have a great sense of colour coordination. I love how they pair black and yellow. It’s a hot colour combo this spring and I’m lovin’ it!! So sunny and cheerful. Black and yellow is the bee’s knees. (A phrase … Continue reading

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Then and Now

Back in the 60s I had a cute little mini dress which I wore with black riding-style boots. My daughter Jean submitted this photo a couple of years ago to My Mom the Style Icon. It had two little pockets. … Continue reading

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Time to hibernate … and call Maggie

I’m under the weather, taking time to rest and stay out of the cold. Thankfully, my dear friend and assistant, Maggie, can teach my classes while I recover and sip on echinacea tea with fresh squeezed lemon (vegetable soup is … Continue reading

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Turn on the brights!

I’ve been noticing my wardrobe shifting to neutral shades of black, gray and beige over the years. While these non-colours are good to have in our collection, we should be careful not to let our wardrobes go bland and dull. … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Day

A bad hair day makes a good hat day! I love hats and I have so many lovely hats, but don’t wear them often enough. I bought this black crocheted hat in California. I haven’t seen this much snow in … Continue reading

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The Queen of Capri

My dear friend Josep-Maria is a style expert. He grew up surrounded with fashion. His mother was a seamstress: sewing beautiful dresses, especially for parties and weddings. He is well known in fashion blogging circles because he has a blog … Continue reading

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Covered Perfectly: A Rave Review!

I’m like a kid on Christmas morning when a package arrives at the door: wide-eyed and a smile from ear to ear! This week I received my new tops from Covered Perfectly! I tried them on immediately. I am thrilled, … Continue reading

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The Olde Doon Mill

Yesterday felt like a pleasant summer day with temperatures in the 20s (Celsius, that is). I’m enjoying the last of the summer days immensely, it’s my most favourite time of the year! Not far from my home is the ruins … Continue reading

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Why can’t you wear white after Labour Day?

There’s a fashion rule that says we can’t wear white after Labour Day. I’ve never been one to follow rules when I have a different opinion. September is still summer and there are some pleasant sunny days. Besides, I even … Continue reading

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Two of a Kind: Matching Pink Tops

Originally posted on jeanofalltrades:
When I was a kid, my mom would dress me in outfits that matched hers. I was her Mini Me. Well, I’ve since developed my own sense of style and prefer a unique look, but we do…

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