Threads 4 Thought: eco-friendly fashion

A T-shirt dress is as timeless as a T-shirt.

T-shirt dress

I wore this simple cotton T-shirt dress on my vacation in NYC, styled for summer.


What I love about it is that I can add a long, cozy cotton cardigan and black tights and it transitions into fall and cooler weather, even winter. That way I get more use of my clothes and don’t need to pack anything away till next season.

It’s fabulous to have a dressing room instead of a closet to keep my clothes, the benefit of having a spare bedroom since the children have moved out. BTW this is not my dressing room, it’s my daughter’s eco-boutique.

T-shirt dress 3T-shirt dress 4

Threads 4 Thought is a sustainable fashion company.

I bought it at DRIZZLE & SHINE eco-boutique.

T-shirt dress 5T-shirt dress 6

It’s perfect for my dance classes. As much as I love dressing up, my lifestyle, teaching dance and most of my activities call for casual clothes, but that doesn’t mean shabby or frumpy.

When you have comfort + style, what’s not to love?

Cotton spelled C O M F O R T

Version 2

This has been a memory of September in Seattle. I’ll be going again soon!



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I Love Paris

Paris 1A city I’ve never been to and dream of going there someday. In the meantime, I was so happy to see we have an Eiffel Tower now. It stands 14 feet tall inside the Cambridge City Hall, Ontario. (The city where I teach dance 5 days a week.)

paris-21.jpgParis 3Paris 4Paris 5

I happened to be wearing my Paris top on this particular day (and my little Eiffel Tower necklace) without knowing about this artistic display made entirely with over 10,000 vintage Meccano parts!

Eiffel Tower necklace and topVersion 2Paris 7


Our home has a Paris theme


The Centre for the Arts had an Attic Art exhibit where they sold previously own art at very reasonable prices. I met Rosemary who had a little purse with an Eiffel Tower.

RosemaryMeccano Eiffel TowerI love Paris

Linkup: Visible Monday

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Updated Hippy Style

Scrapbook dress

I was a flower child in the ’60s. Two of my favourite fashion trends at the time were flowers and tie-dyed clothes. I dabbled in tie-dying and turned a plain white T-shirt into a work of art.

When I saw this dress on Jean’s Drizzle & Shine website and Instagram, it reminded me of my T-shirt, same colours. Only this dress is far more stylish with bell sleeves and I love the addition of lace and tassels. far out — as I used to say!

Urban Dictionary: far out

When something is cool, you say Far Out! Often used by hippies.

Drizzle and ShineScrapbook Instagram

You can imagine my delight when the dress arrived in a package that Jean sent.

Made in the U.S.A. Scrapbook embraces a free-spirited energy and a true love for art, music, and all things vintage.”

Shop now with the promo code “BLACK FRIDAY”

Scrapbook 3

I wore it with black thrifted booties to go shopping at Hudson’s Bay on the weekend.

jacket and bootiesjacket

I was looking for booties and found this cute pair of velvet (non leather) booties with a floral print.

Scrapbook dress 4Version 2

Silver necklace with flower, butterfly and dragonfly, and peace-sign earrings and rings for a ’60s vibe.


I can’t wait to get back to Seattle for another shopping spree!

Drizzle and Shine

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and family!

leaf with heart

Let’s support small businesses and ethical clothing.

blessings carmen


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Time flies when you’re blogging

As the old adage says, Time flies when you’re having fun! — I guess that means blogging is a lot of fun because it’s been six years (November 2011) since I began this adventure and it feels like yesterday. Thanks to my daughter Jean who started her fashion and lifestyle blog earlier in 2011 and inspired me, I’ve met some wonderful people in the Blogosphere.

It’s a creative way to journal and keep track of my wardrobe inventory, my travel adventures and memories of my life. It’s fun being my own boss with no dead-lines. It’s wonderful deciding what I want to write about and show.

It’s a bit like writing a book, one chapter at a time. Sometimes I wonder if it’s time to write the final chapter. I’m thinking about posting less often. I’d rather dance than sit at my computer and I don’t ever want blogging to become a chore.

I’ll take you through these six years starting with my first post.

2011 (11 posts) My first post

The photo was taken on the steps of my front porch at the little house on the river. This is where I lived when I started blogging.

first post

My office where it all began.


2012 (40 posts) My 60th Birthday


The year started off with a winter getaway to Florida to meet up with Jean. Seeing my first alligators in the wild was something that impressed me immensely. This fellow was only a few feet away, too close for comfort. Needless to say, we decided to turn around instead of walking by him. He was larger than life–15 feet long!


In November we visited Jean in Seattle after a little detour to San Francisco. The sea lions were so amusing basking in the sun on Pier 39.

Pier 39

2013 (84 posts) Fashion Show

I was one of the ten fabulous women chosen in a contest looking for the most fabulous women over 40, an opportunity to model in a fashion show and be in a magazine–a fabulous experience!


Two travel adventures in 2013, Costa Rica


and a fantastic vacation in NYC with Jean.


2014 (79 posts) Another New York City vacation

I wore this one-of-a-kind dress in NYC (handmade by a local seamstress).



My cousin and her daughter came to visit from Germany. It had been 20 years since I saw her, much too long and too short a visit but we made the most of it, even seeing Niagara Falls twice during their stay.

Niagara Falls

2015 (77 posts) Diane von Furstenberg two-piece wrap dress that belonged to my mom.

It’s actually Jean’s now and she was kind enough to let me borrow it for my 63rd birthday. She met Diane von Furstenberg and wore this dress.


The fun never ends: another escape from the cold to spend January in Seattle


and in the summer I made a pilgrimage to my homeland, Germany. I had not been back since 1994. This is the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) in my hometown, Stuttgart. World’s first telecommunications tower constructed from reinforced concrete.


2016 (79 posts) A gift from my cousin

This dress belonged to my cousin. It’s genuine vintage from the 1960s. She brought it with her when she came to visit in 2015 and now it’s mine.


Seattle really feels like home. 2016 was my 4th visit since Jean moved to Seattle in 2000 and my first time in her eco-boutique.

Version 3

2017 (61 posts) Two-piece dress from Drizzle and Shine

I’m really proud of Jean for following her dream to open an eco-boutique, specializing in clothes and items that are kind to the earth and animals, and that are made by people who are treated fairly.


My oldest son graduated in June and is here with his son (my grandson).


We enjoyed another holiday in NYC this summer. Jean was too busy with her store so our youngest son came with us. Matching father and son muscle shirts are from Drizzle and Shine.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and special thanks to all who have taken time to comment and follow! It means a lot to me.

❤️Thank you with all my heart!❤️

Thank you WordPress for making it possible!

A total of 431 posts.

6 years

Much love to you all – MUAH!!!

blessings carmen

My favourite Linkup: VISIBLE MONDAY

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Autumn Lament


The sunlight is flickering through the leaves as some are dancing to the ground. I watch from my window as the beauty of the glorious colours start to disappear, leaving the barren trees looking naked like skeletons. As night falls, the forest behind my house looks eerie and the coyotes’ howls are frightening, making me feel sorry for the creatures who need to survive in the cold, dark nights.

I feel safe to be in our cozy, warm home, snuggled up on the sofa with a hot cup of herbal tea and lemon.

It’s been an awesome Autumn, with days warm enough to go swimming at Lake Erie in October. (Not that I swim but I love walking along the beach.)

Yet autumn brings a certain melancholy feeling with it despite the beauty of the forest. Not because of autumn itself. I actually do enjoy this season with mild temperatures and many warm, sunny days to enjoy walks in the colourful woods, the sound of leaves crunching with each step and the fragrance of the pines.

Grand Riverforestforest 2forest 3

The problem is that it will soon turn to winter–my least favourite season–and how cold it will get and how long winter will stay is depressing. I do try to make the best of it, but every year my dread of winter worsens and I find it harder to be positive and find anything good about Old Man Winter.

I find myself daydreaming of being a snowbird like some of my Canadian friends who are fortunate enough to fly south to Florida or Texas or Arizona and escape the winter and its furry. I would choose California. *big sigh*

So much for my annual autumn lament.

My granddaughter loves walks in the woods and scootering along the trails.

scooterwalking on log

Here’s how I’ve enjoyed some fall days in my cozy sweatshirt. The artistic feather print and unfinished edges makes it not-just-another-boring sweatshirt.

23feather jewellery

Afternoons at the market …

4sunflowersVersion 2

A day trip to the little town of Elora …

EloraElora 2Elora 3

My thrifted pleather purse is so soft and excellent quality with pockets and compartments inside and out.

gray pleather purse


We had our first snow flurries to remind us that Christmas is on the way!

The best thing about autumn is looking forward to Christmas!


My favourite Linkup: VISIBLE MONDAY

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Something Thrifted; Something Gifted

gray peplumThis gray knit peplum top was rescued from a thrift shop. It looked hardly worn and has a place in my wardrobe now. I wore it on GRAY DAY at my dance class. Every Friday this year we’ve had a theme. My dancers are fashionable and we have fun with fashion!

close up

I paired it with my black and gray floral skinny jeans and wore a black cardigan which was gifted to me. It has a silver edging and I added a belt which belonged to my mom. Time to wear booties again. I miss my sandals already but at least there’s no snow … YET!

black cardiganblack cardigan 2black cardigan 3

Fashion is fun!

Happy Friday all my fashionistas!



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Ruby Slippers

ruby slippersWhenever I do a photo shoot with high heels, you can be sure I have a pair of flats in a bag with me. I do admit stilettos make a woman’s legs look more elegant, but as for me, I will follow Audrey Hepburn’s footsteps and enjoy the comfort of my ballet flats.

little library

However …

having said that, these 2.5 inch peep-toe wedges are as comfortable as flats. Made in USA by oka-B – quality and comfort. I walked the streets and neighbourhoods of Seattle last year when I bought them at DRIZZLE & SHINE.

little library 2little library 3

And this summer I walked through the parks and streets of New York City.


Then when it’s time to go home, I click my heels three times and say,

there’s no place like home!



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Playing Dress-ups

black and red dress 640

I’m not fond of Halloween, but I always loved playing dress-ups! As a child I chose friendly characters like Little Red Riding Hood, a princess, a gypsy dancer, a Hawaiian dancer, Roaring ’20s Charleston dancer, Spanish dancer (guess you can tell I love to dance). I had fun all through the year playing dress-ups with my mom’s clothes.

I’d wear her skirts (so long they trailed on the floor) and high heels (a few sizes too big for me) and I adorned myself with her lovely jewellery. Then I’d look in her full-length mirror–not too admire myself–but to take pleasure in fashion and use my imagination to pretend I was in movie scenes that I had watched on TV.

I have a collection of costumes, some of which I’ll include in this post.

Today’s costume and I also wore this to the Costume Ball on the weekend.

black and red dressblack and red dress close up

Dolly Parton and I showed up in the same dress.


They picked the winning costumes but this couple was my choice–The Captain and his first mate.

Captain and mate

Last week Maggie and I were at a Barn Dance. She’s the prettiest pirate I’ve ever seen and I was a black cat.

pirate and cat

Last year I was a gypsy dancer, just like my childhood days.


A dance where Maggie wore her Roaring ’20s flapper dress and I was Heidi.

Flapper and Heidi

Some of our dancers dressed up today and Monica was the star of the show when she came riding on a horse (man, can that horse dance!). I couldn’t stop laughing! Video to come!

Tuesday beginners

What’s your favourite costume that you’ve worn?



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GCGme Review: Lady in Blue

Anita royal blue 1Friends of ours are getting married on the weekend and this dress from GCGme arrived in time to wear for the wedding. The classic wrap style is elegant and can be worn for special occasions or dinner dates.

Anita royal blue

I chose royal blue and it makes me feel regal. I love the simplicity and that it’s a timeless style.

Anita royal blue 2

I have several events and luncheons coming up in November and it will be a perfect dress for the holidays!

 Anita royal blue 3

ANITA – Crossover Wrap 3/4 Sleeve Cocktail Midi Dress. Lots more gorgeous colours to choose from!

black,  royal blue, gray, navy blue, purple, dusty rose (and more)

Anita Dress

Have a wonderful weekend!

❤ carmen



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Sunday Best

The doors of this church building make a magnificent backdrop for my Sunday dress.

red door 1There’s a tendency for people to dress more casually nowadays. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to dress my Sunday best, not to show off, but because I dress up for weddings and special occasions–going to a church service feels like that.

red door 2

A bonnet, string of pearls and little white gloves completes my vintage style.

Version 2Trinity Anglican Church 2

I have so many lovely dresses and skirts not suitable for my work which requires casual, comfortable clothes. Having said that, my dressy clothes still need to be comfortable. This one fits the bill, a comfortable, fashionable day dress.

blue door 1blue door 2blue door 3

This is Trinity Anglican Church in the heart of Galt (now part of Cambridge, Ontario). It is a picturesque town with beautiful historical buildings. Taking a leisurely walk along the riverside on a Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed the view of the old stone buildings, steeples and bridges. Scottish settlers founded the town of Galt in the 1800s. There are unique shops, antique stores and restaurants for fine dining. This is a lovely place for a day trip.

Trinity AnglicanGalt on the Grand

red door 4red door 5red door 6

Happy Sunday!



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