Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Although my favourite summer colour is white, I love to add pops of colour, like turquoise. My dear friend Josep-Maria featured me on SENSE CORBATA/NO TIE – a fashion blog with mature stylish women from around the world.

Turquoise purse and sandals (both are vegan leather). Turquoise necklace and bracelet.

Version 2

white and turquoise 2This rainbow–which appeared high in the sky among the clouds while I was watching my two grandchildren play soccer this week–is perfect for my post today because I have a colourful assortment of purses in every colour of the rainbow.


Bright floral and funky purses make fun accessories for my white summer outfits.


Going to a local farm to by fresh flowers, strawberries and asparagus with friends makes for a lovely afternoon. Our friends joined us for a refreshments on our back porch.

white with flowers flowers and necklacefresh flowers spuds and flowers

Rainbows and summer afternoons


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White Linen Summer Jacket

While shopping in Stuttgart last summer, I discovered this white linen jacket. (This photo taken by Beate in the shop where I bought it.)

white jacket from GermanyWhite is my favourite summer colour, always fresh and cool. This linen jacket is very lightweight and great for keeping the sun off me.

white jacket 1

The Hudson’s Bay Company had this little white lacy leopard top, only one left and it was my size.

leopard lace topleopard lace top 2

I made my necklace with a pendant I bought at a craft supply store.

close up

I love the high low style of this jacket.


Celebrate the Summer!

❤ carmen

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My Daughter: the American Eco Boutique Owner

My daughter Jean (from Jean of all Trades: a style guide and Sunshine and Slaughter: Vegan for Life) has had two monumental achievements this year: she became an American citizen and opened her own eco boutique Drizzle and Shine.


Jean followed her dream and took a leap of ‘fate’ to pursue her passion. After hard work and vision, she opened the doors of Drizzle and Shine on Capitol Hill in Seattle in May.


She’s had wonderful reviews and great support from friends and customers. The time is ripe and as more and more people are concerned about fair-trade and animal cruelty, her boutique for men and women is the place to shop ethically.


More than any other achievement, it makes me immensely happy that Jean is working towards making this world a better place for people and animals. If there’s one thing that makes me most happy, it’s to have a kind and compassionate daughter.

Jean has been an ethical shopper for many years. These purses are vegan, by Crystalyn Kae made in the USA. So soft and durable: feels and looks like leather. Jean says, “Showing up to a party with the same dress is unconscionable, but showing up with matching Crystalyn Kae purses is high-fiveable!”

Crystalyn Kae purses

Jean is also an animal advocate and has four furry friends living with her: Frankie the dog and three cats (all adopted).


Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July

God bless America!

❤ carmen


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Canada Colours for Canada Day

This red sundress was given to me by my cousin Marion from Germany, when she came for a dress 1

It belonged to her and she wore it in the ’70s.

red dress 2 red dress 3 red dress 4

The petite white flowers and eyelet trim add a nostalgic touch and I feel like I’m on Little House on the dress

Not only are the colours perfect for Canada Day, but it suits the time period of the annual Canada Day event at the Pioneer Village we attend every year.

red dress 5 red dress 6red dress 7

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

Happy weekend to all!

❤ carmen

God keep our land glorious and free!

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Instant Pattern Mixing: flowers and leopard

What I like about this dress is that it’s designed with a patchwork of pattern mixing: flowers, leopard and an abstract print.

pattern mixing

The front is different from the back and it’s also asymmetrical which gives it a unique designer look.

Version 2

I wore it recently to a garden party in the countryside on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.pattern mixing 3 pattern mixing 4

pattern mixing 2

My necklace is a string of beads of various animal prints: leopard, tiger and zebra (hand-made in Canada).

closeupnecklace Our gracious hostess gave me some of these beautiful perennials to plant in my garden, a lasting memory of a pleasant afternoon and evening at their lovely country home.


I love the countyside: green meadows as far as the eye can see and fresh air!

back 2

Do you like to mix patterns to create a unique look or have you ever bought a ready-made pattern mixed dress, skirt or top?

Happy Sunday!


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Denim Bustier and a White Denim Jacket

A little daring? Perhaps, but definitely cool for hot summer days.

denim bustier denim bustier 2

This white denim jacket is lightweight and a gift from my dear friend Elisabeth in Germany. We were shopping in Dinkelsbuhl and she bought it for me. That’s how memories get woven into the fibres and I think of her whenever I wear it.

bustier and jacket white denim jacket bustier and jacket 2 bustier bustier back denim bustier 3

One of my hobbies is making jewellery–the easy kind–stringing beads together.

bustier closeup and necklace bustier 2Jacket: gifted
Bustier: Sears
Jeans: Le Chateau
Stilettos: giftedbustier back 2by the river 2Summer has arrived !

Happy summer!

❤ carmen

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Peplum and Lace

Besides lace being romantic and elegant, it has a nostalgic quality. I bought these tops at Ricki’s in two colours (if you know me, you know I often have two of a kind).

magentaThis shade of magenta has a purplish tinge.

magenta magenta 2 magenta 3 magenta 4 magenta 5 lilacsdusty rose

This shade of pink is a very pale dusty rose.

dusty rose dusty rose 2 dusty rose 3 dusty rose 4 pink blossoms

Hat: New Dundee Fair and Classic Car Show, 2016
Tops: Ricki’s
Jeans: Le Chateau
Sandals: Sears

Do you fancy lace?


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Paisley Twins

Meet my twin sister.


Can you tell which one is me?

tea for twoAs a child, I always wanted a twin sister. I was intrigued every time I saw twins.  I was actually a little obsessed with it so much that my best friend and I used to dress alike sometimes. It’s probably why I didn’t mind my mom buying us matching outfits (or having the same dresses made for us) and why I loved buying mother-daughter outfits for Jean and me. Also, the reason why I still like buying the same clothes as her–besides the fact that I love her style! Heres are some of our same outfits.

I bought these lace blouses recently, first blue paisley …

blue paisley blue paisly2 blue paisly3blue paisley4

… and then red paisley …

red paisley Version 2 red paisley3 red paisley4

So now I have twin paisley blouses. I often buy things that I like in two or more colours. Do you?

Paisley gets its western name from the town of Paisley in Scotland (a centre for textiles where paisley designs were produced) but the design is actually a pattern originating in Persia.

My first memory of the paisley pattern was when it became popular in the ’60s; my brother had a colourful paisley shirt. Unfortunately, I only have a black and white photo.
JohnnyPaisley remains one of my favourite patterns because it reminds me of my brother Johnny.

Do you have any paisley?

carmen paisley




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Embellished Leopard – then and now

These printed skinny jeans from Forever 21 that I bought in San Fransisco have been one of my favourite jeans. Comfort + style. 

Then – 2012

The first time I wore them was touring San Francisco with my cousin. This photo taken in front of the famous Painted Ladies worn with my faux leather jacket.

painted ladies

Four years later and I’m still wearing them.

leopard print 1

Leaning on the lamppost

embellished leopard 2 leopard print 3

They have a very unique pattern – leopard embellished with other pretty designs.

embellished leopard

embellished leopard 1

I love animal prints because I can enjoy beauty without cruelty. I don’t wear fur as you can see on my sidebar widget, because I love all animals and do not want to contribute to the misery of sentient beings.

Thanks for stopping by.

Spring in Canada


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Let’s mention the Unmentionables

Most women want to look good on the outside, but what’s underneath is not always so pretty. My cousin worked in a lingerie department and told me that some of the nicest dressed women wore panties with holes and ill-fitting bras.

I like to look good in my intimate apparel even if no one else sees it. I do. I feel it and I am not comfortable in shabby panties or bras that you can’t wait to take off.

Quality vs Quantity I’ll choose quality. Well-made clothes last longer, especially if it’s a good company and you take care of them.

It’s important to choose good quality and well-fitting items; they cost a little more but are definitely worth it. Caring for them means they last longer, so in the long-run, they are worth every penny!

I want what’s under my clothes to look just as pretty and romantic too. My favourite is black lace, but most lace bras are uncomfortable, not this one by Thirdlove. It has memory foam cups underneath the lace.


Thirdlove, a company based in California, has this great advice for taking care of staples. Here’s a handy chart to keep for reference.

thirdlovethirdloveThirdlove has an iPhone app for proper fitting, they have half cup sizes and come with a 100% fit guarantee. Take a look at their cute bras.

You’ll save 15% using this code STAPLES.


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