Styling our SweetLegs

Leggings are must-haves in my wardrobe. I practically live in them at home and they are my go-to dancewear for my classes! When I discovered SWEETLEGS, I bought four pairs–two for myself and two for gifts.

I knew my daughter would love these ones with the little foxes, so I sent them to her as a Christmas gift. Not only are the red foxes cute, but the print is made to look like it’s knitted. Pretty cool! Love how Jean styled hers with this gray 3/4 Dolman sleeve ruched top and red shoes!

During this difficult time, Jean’s eco-boutique DRIZZLE and SHINE is temporarily closed under Washington State governor’s orders. Please visit her online store.Thank you!

“SweetLegs is a Canadian company that offers unbelievably comfortable and kitteny soft leggings in three sizes to fit most! From 00-28! We offer a variety of prints and solids to please everyone.”

My leggings also have a print that looks like they are knitted. I paired them with a classic black top from COVERED PERFECTLY. (Special—buy two tops and get the third one FREE.) The boot toppers are a hand-knit gift.

This carpet of little blue spring flowers is a sure sign that winter is over.

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Leopard and Roses: hand-crafted by talented artisans in Nepal

On one of our day trips last summer, I bought my first Leopard and Roses dress in an eco-boutique in the charming town of Fergus, Ontario. Since then I bought two more tunics made by Leopards and Roses while shopping in another little town, Elora. That’s one of the things I love about day trips, shopping in local shops and supporting small businesses.

“Our ethically produced apparel supports these communities, contributing positively to the livelihood of local artists as well as the global movement of fair-trade fashion.”

This is one of the tunics I bought. It’s sleeveless but because the weather is still quite cool–even though it’s springtime–I wore it over a black top and black tights. The other tunic is exactly the same but in a different colour which I’ll show another time.

I’ll be able to wear both tunics without tops underneath when the weather warms up. They can be worn in any season.

I’ve worn it with and without a belt. I have more belts than I need and don’t wear them often. What about you? Do you wear belts?

“Leopards and Roses. Ethical Fashion. Wearable Art.”

❤ carmen

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The Resurrection is not canceled


One of the joys in my life is celebration dance. Like the Bible says in Psalm 150 …

“Praise His name with dancing.”

Every Easter I have had the opportunity to dance as an expression of praise and worship. This year the buildings may be closed, but the church is alive and the Resurrection is not canceled!

I thank God for life and though most of us will spend less than a hundred years on this earth (and some a little longer) my hope is in the Lord and His promise of eternal life!

This season is all about God’s love for us …

For God so loved the world  (that’s us) that whoever (that’s anyone) believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. ~John 3:16

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Winter Wardrobe

April has arrived, the weather is still cool and there’s nowhere to go. All my dance classes are canceled. So I thought I’ll put together a collection of what I wore this winter.

Left – skirt from Maggie’s clothing exchange.

Right – Necknots: fabric necklace adds sparkle to my gray and black outfit, looks like jewellery but it’s silky soft. Cardigan is thrifted.

Left – tartan trim on these sleeves brightens up black and white.

Right – thrifted top with a fun print.

Left – top from DressBarn    Right – asymmetrical secondhand top

Left – Alchemy, ethical fashion.  Right – Leopards and Roses, ethical fashion

Pink was my go-to colour whether I wore a jacket or a coat this winter. Both are non-feather and vegan.

Our getaway in January was not south of the border as I had hoped but it was fun visiting Crystal Beach in Fort Erie for the first time in my life.

Wearing pink, florals, bright colours and lively prints makes winter a little more bearable.

Left – I wore my colourful patchwork skirt for my birthday dinner date.

Right – Pink sweater and floral jeans

I had a chance to wear green for a dance party before all my classes were canceled.

Polka dots liven up the dreary, dull days of winter. I bought fleece-lined leggings in black and burgundy.

Visiting my grandchildren and having the family over for my birthday was the highlight of February, including a tobogganing party.

Life is precious!

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ALCHEMY FASHIONS: ethically made, organic clothing

A recent find in a thrift store was this ALCHEMY FASHIONS dress–CANADIAN DESIGNED * MADE WITH LOVE. Alchemy is sweatshop-free: they pay more than fair and living wages to their garment workers and provide a safe workplace.

I had never heard of Alchemy before, so I checked out their website and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are an ethical company.

“We use only environmentally friendly, water-based, AZO-free dyes and softeners. This G.O.T.S inspection also certifies a high level of fair labour, and safe workplace, standards.

We guarantee that all our workers have regular hours, breaks and holidays, and that they work in well-lit, healthy environments.”

The quality is superb 100% organic cotton. It’s so comfortable and has pockets. I love the simple style and artistic design with bold colours that pop! I’ve paired it with these pinstripe leggings.



❤ carmen

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This outfit is totally SLOW FASHION

If you are reading my blog for the first time you’ll find out immediately that I support SLOW FASHION. In a world filled with cheap, throw away, fast fashion–which is bad for our environment and even worse for the garment workers–we can each do our part to help.

Thrifting is one way of helping to keep clothes out of landfills and save money. Then we can spend the money saved to support small businesses that sell quality, eco-friendly and fair trade clothing. Thus, I bought this new necklace from a small boutique while visiting Fort Erie, Ontario.

This top has an asymmetrical, abstract design with black sleeves: makes it look like a vest and goes great with black pants. These ones bought at least 12 years ago. The shoes are from a clothing exchange party, making this outfit completely SLOW FASHION.

Top: Thrifted
Necklace: Village Boutique in Fort Erie
Pants: Le Chateau (12 years ago)
Shoes: Maggie’s clothing exchange party

Compassion for people, animals and our planet.



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DressBarn: gray top with paisley back

Jeggings are comfortable and practical, so I’m glad when I find tops long enough to wear with them. I found this top at the DressBarn in New York just before they closed their stores forever in December. Besides the length being perfect for leggings, I love that the back is a pretty paisley print and the sleeves also have a printed fabric sewn on at the cuffs.

I was pleased that the vintage scarf I bought in the fall goes so well with it. I wore this scarf in a previous post with my colourful patchwork skirt. It’s the perfect accessory for a casual look and an elegant outfit.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thrifted and Gifted

One of the ways I promote SLOW FASHION is to buy second hand. Thrifting saves money too so I have more to spend on quality clothes.

I love the artistic design on the front and back of this top. The label has been removed so I don’t know where it’s made or the manufacturer, but I can tell it’s a very good quality and super soft.

The jeggings were a gift from one of my dancers: faux leather and faux suede, very comfortable and I get a lot of wear out of them. Black pants are a must for every woman (and for men too) I can wear any top that I own with these.

No signs of Spring yet and it may be a while before she arrives here in Ontario. We’ve swept the snow off our front porch for photoshoots but here’s what our back deck looks like.

Happy March!

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Turn on the Brights: Patchwork Skirt

My daughter inspired me to do pattern mixing. Jean started when she was a preschooler and insisted on choosing what she wanted to wear. She perfected the art of pattern mixing through the years. I suppose patchwork quilts are the original pattern mixing.

This skirt caught my eye at Macy’s on a day trip to New York State. It looks like patchwork but it’s really not; it’s the print of the fabric made to look like patchwork. It’s so vibrant and cheerful and makes me feel like dancing, so that’s just what I did–I wore it to a dance party and for a date night on my birthday this month.

Typically, Jean and I stick to monochromatic pattern mixing, but this skirt is so artistically mixed with every colour of the rainbow and several prints like leopard, houndstooth and florals. All I had to do was play it safe with a black top and black bamboo tights from Drizzle and Shine, my daughter’s eco-boutique in Seattle.

The vintage scarf I bought is a perfect match! I just love it when something I already have goes so well with something new. I’m wearing two necklaces with animal print beads, both made in Canada.

(Above photos were taken at INTERNATIONAL HOME INTERIORS. This store showcases exquisite, quality furniture and unique art from around the world. It’s worth the drive to Kitchener if you live in southern Ontario.)

Scarf: antique store
Necklaces: made in Canada
Top: old
Skirt: Macy’s
Tights: Drizzle and Shine
Shoes: Maggie’s clothing exchange

If you can’t see the bright side of life,

polish the dull side!


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WORKSHOP in Fort Erie

Through the years we’ve gone to many WORKSHOPS. That is to say, my husband works and I shop. Whether a flight across the ocean to Europe or an adventure out west to Seattle, or it could be a cottage on Lake Huron or a condo in Florida, my husband will be painting for family or friends while I have an opportunity to go shopping.

On a recent workshop in Fort Erie, Ontario–my first time there–I enjoyed touring the town of quaint cottages with my dear friend Maria; some people have summer homes and others live there all year ’round. A charming section of Ridgeway has some lovely stores. I also love to support local shops and Canadian companies.

Crystal Beach is empty at the moment because it’s winter, but it will be a blur of bodies in the summertime.

Happy Valentine’s

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