Black and White and a Gray Barn

Except for the grass, you’d think these are black and white photos.

Version 2 gingham-capris-2 gingham-capris-3

The nice thing about this lacy top is that I wear different coloured tank tops underneath.

Version 2 Version 2

I’m getting a lot wear out of my gingham capris because I have so many tops I can pair with these.

gingham-capris-4 gingham-capris-5 gingham-capris-6

Top: Pacsun
Capris: Ricki’s
Sandals: Le Chateau

That’s all for today because I’m packing and preparing for my trip to Seattle.


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Summer is not over yet.

Yes, it’s September.

Yes, school starts next week, but I don’t go to school.

I’m on summer holidays and going to visit my daughter Jean in Seattle for September.

Pleasant sunny days on the forecast and hopefully an opportunity to go to Toronto Island on Labour Day Weekend with family and friends.

black and white palid red black and white palid red 2 red top Version 2 red sandals Version 2 black and white palid Version 2 skirt black strappy sandals black and white palid back


One of the fun dances we do in class is by

Earth, Wind and Fire


Happy September!!


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Project Sister Act: SWT

love bloggingOne of the things I love about blogging is connecting with people. Similar interests draw us together: fashion, photography, scenery, travel, hobbies and much more.

Project Sister Act

When Sheela contacted me about her Project Sister Act I was delighted! Theme: styling a SWT (simple white tee). Style is ageless as you can see here beginning with Sheela’s daughter …


Tennis anyone? Here’s Eve ready for a game of tennis in her SWT paired with a black mini skirt. I love the tennis theme: very playful, sassy pose. Cute red shoes are the perfect pop of colour for this black and white outfit, and a nice touch of humour with the message on her tee. (The World According To Eve)



Jalisa looks simply stunning! – simple white tee with simple blue jeans, but it’s Jalisa that really makes it a knock-out look: pretty updo, sweet smile and sexy leopard heels! (The Style Contour)



Alice looks so cool in her Free People vest worn over her SWT. A touch of boho and a free spirit, carefree outfit. Love her sandals and minimalistic look. (Alice Typenu)



Sheela chose a vibrant blue polka dot maxi skirt to wear with her SWT and WOW, nothing simple here, she looks dazzling and could go to a party in this outfit! I love how she’s tied it in a knot at the waist for a fitted look. Her cute shoes peeking out means she’s definitely ready for something special. (Sheela Writes)



I never knew a white T-shirt could look this fashionable! I love how Debbie’s SWT is brilliant white and that she’s paired it with stylish green joggers. Her green and blue plaid shirt is not only practical if it gets cool and she needs to wear it, but I love it tied around her hips to add colour and style. Of course, it helps to have gorgeous tresses like Debbie’s to achieve this beautiful look! (Fashion Fairy Dust)



I bought my “new” T-shirt at a thrift shop (it had never been worn) specially for this occasion: Sister Act Project SWT.


I love the graphic design: a simple houndstooth ribbon and buttons; I only paid $6.

Version 3I paired it with these black and white gingham capris. My dear friend Ileana was with me when I bought them and she suggested I sew on a black and a white button. Great idea because I love little details like that. I knew my button collection would be useful someday. I have a million buttons I’ve collected over the years.


First time wearing this outfit at the museum, where this old locomotive makes an interesting backdrop. It was a rainy day, so I brought my matching black and white houndstooth umbrella.

T-shirt: thrifted
Capris: Ricki’s
Sandals: Hudson’s Bay
Umbrella: Sears

Thank you so much Sheela for organizing this fun fashion project and including me with these stylish ladies! Now I have a cute new outfit, thanks to you!

How do you style a SWT?


Linkup: Project Sister Act


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Twice as Nice

It’s a tradition: find something I like–buy it in another colour too.

My mom started this family tradition and my daughter Jean is carrying on with our tradition.

While at our annual car show this summer, I saw a lady with this beautiful lace top. Not being shy and always loving to compliment ladies who are fashionable, I asked her where she bought it (hoping it wasn’t from another country).


GREAT – we have a Ricki’s store.

When? (Holding my breath and hoping it wasn’t last year.)

Just recently.


So next time in Ricki’s, there they were in black and white … on sale.

back of lace tops

I tried on the black …

black lace

Bought it.

black lace 2 black lace 3

I tried on the white …

white lace

Bought it.

white lace 2 white lace 3

I love fashion traditions.




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Old-fashioned Picnics and the Simple Life

A Sunday afternoon picnic.
It’s such a simple pleasure in life.


I packed up a tasty little lunch in my watermelon picnic basket.


Avocado and cucumber sandwiches.
Hummus and radishes sandwiches.
Strawberries and grapes for dessert.
Lemon water 

Lovely place for a photoshoot at the old mill ruins by the Grand River.

Old Mill Ruins

Picnic 3A sun bonnet serves two purposes: protection from the sun and a feeling of a nostalgia like I’ve seen in romantic movies from days gone by.

sun bonnet This white skirt with layers of lace has delicate daisies; it was a sample skirt that I bought in Manhattan two years ago.

Version 2

A walk along the river.

Grand River by the old mill

Just what the doctor ordered–a simple life.


Have you been on a picnic lately?

❤ carmen from Germany has amazing photography of flowers, this daisy is my favourite.



My first linkup with SISTER ACT. You are invited back next week for a special Sister Act post.


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Elisa Cavaletti and my new lace shrug

Elisa Cavaletti

I bought this white Elisa Cavaletti blouse and lace leggings in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany last summer. The design is unique, embellished with dazzling mismatched buttons and the quality is superb.

Elisa Cavaletti

A very unusual “V” shape high low style


The lace leggings are so feminine.

Blouse: Elisa Cavaletti
Leggings: Elisa Cavaletti
Shrug: Bux
Stilettos: gifted

Elisa Cavaletti leggings

Last week, while meandering through summer sales in the shops, I happened upon this cute little lace shrug that I hoped would match my leggings.

Version 2

Voila! – it matches, especially worn over the white blouse, I have a romantic look that makes me feel like dancing!

Elisa Cavaletti

Do you ever find things by chance, something you weren’t looking for but it was perfect for something you already have?



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White Shirt from Dear Goods, Berlin

white shirt

When Jean and I went shopping in Berlin, Germany last summer, we bought some lovely clothes. I bought three tops at Dear Goods (fair-trade) boutique. Now she has opened her own eco boutique in Seattle.

I have yet to post them on my blog, so here is the first one. This white shirt is a fine jersey knit cotton with a little pocket on the front.

white shirt 1

I dressed it down with these blue printed cropped jeans (rolled up cuffs for a casual look) but it looks beautiful dressed up with a skirt.cropped jeans

white shirt 4 Crops and capris can shorten the legs (who wants short legs?) but nude shoes elongate. The sandals, which are “accidentally vegan” bought at H&M, have little wedge heels and are so comfortable.white shirt 2Love the eyelet across the shoulder at the back.white shirt back back close upShirt: Dear Goods
Jacket: Spanner
Jeans: Smart Set
Non-leather sandals: H & Mwhite shirt 5

Enjoy the lazy days of summer!





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The Eagle has Landed

Looking for a place to take some photos of my white and blue tops yesterday, we found this huge statue of an eagle. It just so happens that these cool cotton tops were bought at American Eagle, so it’s a perfect place to snap a few photos before we went shopping and to visit our grandchildren.

I always pay attention to detail, it turns a plain T-shirt into something unique. My mom used to crochet and I did too for awhile, so of course, this top was specially for me. No time to crochet anymore since I started blogging.

navy blue top 1 navy blue top 2 navy blue top 3 Version 2


Twice as nice. When I love something, I buy two.

white top 1 white top 2 crocheted neclkine Version 2 I bought these pretty blue and white paisley cropped jeans at Cleo on Friday: a slight stretch and relaxed fit, very comfortable and I knew they’d look good with white or blue.

They were on sale and I got the last pair of size 2.

Size 2 ??

I have NOT lost any weight and I used to be a size 6 or 8, depending on the make. They must have changed their sizing so that we think we’re smaller than we really are.

Have you noticed a sizing change or is it just me?

blue paisley jeans

Stopped by for another photo on the way home.white top 3

What’s for lunch today?

Cold Cucumber Soup from Susan’s recipes

cucumber soup


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A Midsummer Day’s Dream

Every time I see bales of hay or straw in a country field I’ve wanted to do this. At age 64, my dream finally came true. Climbing up on this huge bale was so much fun!

bale 3

Not a big dream, but it was a big bale. And it’s the simple things in life that can be so enjoyable.

Version 2 bale 1Version 2 bale 6

My darling granddaughter is only 6 and she already had her first climb to the top!

bale 7

balesThis white T-shirt is embellished with a crocheted neckline. I bought another one in navy blue at American Eagle (a few years ago).

white and navy toops

Daisy hairband: American Eagle
Tops: American Eagle
Capris: Smart Set
vegan sandals


Have you ever wanted to do something you finally got to do?

Is there something still on your dream list?

❤ carmen


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Summer Holiday

Another song starts playing in my mind. Remember Cliff Richard? Well, he was my teenage idol. I went to see the movie and bought the album, played it till it wore out and got burned into my brain.

We’ll be flying out to Seattle to visit Jean, but in the meantime, day trips are part of our summer holidays. In fact, day trips are great anytime, but especially fun in warm weather.

On the way to Niagara Falls last month (we never rush because the moment we pull out of the driveway, the fun begins, I’m all about the journey and not just the destination) we stopped at Grasshopper Imports. A unique shopping experience selling: clothing, jewelry, pottery, home decor and so much more. The store has a ’60s vibe.

Grasshopper Grasshopper 2

Sometimes we detour a little and enjoy Niagara-on-the-Lake.

But not this time.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is just as magnificent as every time we go.

Niagara Falls 2

Always breathtaking.

Niagara Falls 3

I wore my green and black zebra print dress, one of the dresses I can wear anytime. On cool days with a cardigan. In the winter with black tights and boots.

greena nd black zebra print

Bare shoulders and keyhole cutout at the neckline is perfect for hot summer days.

closeupThis black lace cardigan is cool, just right for summer evenings and air-conditioned restaurants. It’s very thin and lightweight, also good to keep the sun off. It has a ruffle on the hem and happens to match the black lace ribbon around my straw hat.

Version 2


black and white Niagara Falls black and whiteNever too old to have fun!merry-go-round

Summertime: a time to make happy memories!

❤ carmen

Linkups: Visible Monday

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