Clothes make the man

And in this case … the WOMAN.

What we wear is an expression of our personalities, our likes, our moods. It reflects our attitudes and values.

My mom had a profound influence on me, she always looked her best whether she was going to church on Sunday or grocery shopping. She dressed with dignity.

Many mothers would go shopping with curlers in their hair, but not my mom. She had every hair in place and looked like she just stepped out of the beauty parlour. My mom was a hairdresser and did her own hair.

She inspired me in my appreciation of fashion and taking care of myself. She never even owned a pair of jeans until later in her life and only wore them for gardening. In my childhood days, I still picture her mowing the lawn in her cute coral capris and a pretty little sleeveless top.

Dress with dignity, dress for success.

If you want to wear gray jogging pants or frayed BF jeans or flannel pyjamas in public, you can. However, the old adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover” does not really work in society. For example, if you go to a job interview looking like you just finished cleaning your yard, doubt you will get the job because people DO judge by appearance.

Workout clothes are for working out and swimsuits are for swimming. So it is with other items which are suitable for the activity.

If you are invited to a wedding, the bride will not be impressed if you decide to show up wearing cut-off shorts. It would be disrespectful. You want to make her happy too. Dressing for the occasion is important.

Whether dressed up or dressed down, we can still dress with style. There are so many thrift shops and second-hand shops, you don’t need to be rich to dress well.

When I look my best, I feel my best.

Having said that, we must be careful not to be critical or judgemental of others because we don’t know what a person may be going through. There are so many heartaches and difficulties in life. But I’m talking about being lazy and not caring.

My outfit

I bought these crop pants last year and recently bought a matching Kimono-style trench coat. It’s great for traveling because I can mix and match: I can wear it with the matching crop pants or dress up my jeans. It’s a perfect blend of a dressy and casual look.

I love the Japanese inspired print. I’ve also worn it as a lounging robe at home and to host a dinner party.

It’s so interesting that human beings are the only ones of God’s creation that wear clothes. Clothes do more than just cover us from the elements: keeping us protected from the sun, warm in winter and dry in the rain. Clothes are a way that we reveal our creativity and individuality.

Dress with dignity and take pride in your appearance!

You are special and of great worth!

❤ carmen

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Summer Staycation

This summer we are not venturing far from home.

This is my little place to escape. Sunlight flickers through the trees, the romantic songs of birds sarenading, soothing sound of leaves rustling in the breeze, the fragrance of the forest fills my senses overflowing! It feels like we have a little cottage in the woods, my summer place.

In German, we call it Gartenzimmer (garden room). It’s also called a Florida room, screens  all around to keep out the mosquitos and little creatures from wandering in. A roof so it’s shady and we can enjoy being in here even when it rains. I love a rainy night!

It’s our summer place for living and entertaining. We also call it our treehouse since our house is on a hill, it’s like being three stories high: overlooking our garden below, a great view of the forest and the woodland creatures.

The white wicker furniture is second-hand, as is most everything in this space. I often admire some of the modern garden furniture I see in stores, but I love the old-fashioned charm of this timeless style.

We start the day off with having breakfast at our bistro table (second-hand bought on Kijiji). The Paris scene on the chairs is perfect for our Paris theme. Most of the decor is from garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets. I change things around from time to time.

I have two different sets of wild rose dishes: one set made in California from the ’50s (purchased at an antique store) and the other set made in Germany by Villeroy and Boch (which my cousin Marion gave me my first few pieces and since then I have collected them on eBay).

A relaxing place to read and enjoy meals. I decorate with flowers, candles and mini lights. The evenings here are magical and romantic. A wonderful space to chill and we don’t even need to drive anywhere!

I grew up with this song echoing through the house. My mom’s record collection of love songs filled the air every day of my childhood! A song brings back a myriad of memories and music evokes emotions that makes my heart dance with joy!

Is it any wonder that I am an old-fashioned romantic? I would dance around the house and imagine life with a prince!

Here is the version my mom played so often …

Sometimes you don’t need to go anywhere. Just be thankful you have a home. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home!

❤ carmen

Hand-made pillow, made by my daughter-in-law

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Detour to Niagara-on-the-Lake

If you’re ever in Niagara Falls, Canada, take a little detour to Niagara-on-the-Lake. This charming old town is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, at the mouth of the Niagara River.

I wore my white linen blouse, a wrinkled look with lace detail and bell sleeves, so summery and cool. It goes with anything and this time I paired it with my paisley jeans, rolled up for a capri style.

My cousin and his family are touring Quebec and Ontario. After seeing the fabulous Falls for their first time, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in Niagara-on-the-Lake and met by the Gazebo. It was a perfect summer day: a walk by the lake, a stroll through town with 19th century houses, flowers in full bloom and lunch on an outdoor patio.


Nadine, Tessa and Ingo

The Clock Tower in the heart of town

Tim Hortons is just the place to take our European visitors for coffee and donuts for a genuine Canadian experience.

Next, a drive to the Lavender shop. The heavenly fragrance envelopes you as you go through the purple doors and are greeted by a friendly employee who offers you a taste of lavender cookies. Once inside, no one can resist buying something.



This was one of those days that I wish would never end!

❤ carmen

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Gray and pink top from the Weathered Gate

My shopping excursions in St. Jacobs are always enjoyable and I’m sure to find something I like whenever I go there. Case in point, this pretty gray and pink top with asymmetric style and 3 buttons (bought at the Weathered Gate). I can also make the sleeves longer, if I undo the little buttons on the sleeves.

I’ve paired it with capris for a casual summer look and will dress it up with black pants and black faux suede booties in the fall.

My rhodonite pendant was purchased at a Christmas craft sale.

The Pioneer Tower is a Historic Site in Kitchener, Ontario: built in 1926, to commemorate the early German settlers from Pennsylvania. It is constructed with fieldstones and is 18.9 metre high.


It’s a lovely area to take a stroll and enjoy the scenery. The tower overlooks the Grand River.

These comfy cotton capris have a cute criss-cross detail on the hem.

People used to be allowed to climb up the stairs to the top, unfortunately, it is closed now.


Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a pleasant day!

❤ carmen

The Weathered Gate – fashion for women and lovely gifts and home decor

Weathered Gate

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Shopping in St. Jacobs

St. Jacobs is a quaint little village, perfect for a day trip if you’re in Southern Ontario (not far from Kitchener and Waterloo). I love shopping and supporting local businesses. The owners and employees are always helpful and friendly, small town hospitality.

On my last visit I bought this salmon colour top at Xclusive Elements. It was the laces on one shoulder that got my attention. The fabric is super soft and drapes nicely. The slight flare give it a bit of a peplum look.

I’ve bought several things at Rhumba. Ashley is the manager and was in today. She looked so fashionable, so I asked if I could take her photo and include her in my post.

 There are so many delightful shops and Magnolia’s is another one.

There’s a Maple Syrup Museum with a model train display (a replica of the village). Great to take the children (or grandchildren in my case).

The Eco Cafe has delicious vegan ice cream. We had strawberry and rhubarb.


There’s an art gallery (with beautiful paintings for sale) adjacent to the coffee shop.

If you go on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday durning the summer, you can stop by the St. Jacobs market for fresh produce and so much more. The rest of the year the market is open on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The Lavender shop

St. Jacobs is a charming tourist town, it makes shopping an enjoyable adventure!

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ carmen

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Heat Wave and a Cool Top

What sold me on this cool multicolour top is the unique print which reminds me of Saris: bright and colourful. It’s light and silky.

We’re having Florida weather with days hot enough to melt metal. Humidity so high my hair has frizzles. I thank God for pleasant evenings and cool breezes coming in the window during the nights.

White capris are from Lola Jeans, a Canadian company based in Montreal, bought from my Avon representative.

Sandals are Crocs (non-leather) a few years old.

I’ll keep this short and sweet (few words, mostly photos) as I’m busy getting ready for our guests (my cousin from Germany and his family living in Belgium). We’ll be doing touristy days trips! 🙂 Gotta love summer!


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Classic Cars: a museum on wheels

I enjoy going to car shows and automobile museums. There’s something about old classic cars that evokes happy memories of days of yore and takes me back in time.

Summertime means classic cars will be seen on the roads as they gather together for car shows in many cities and towns in Southern Ontario all through the summer. Our city has an annual event every July with a parade of cars slowly cruising down the main street and then parking along the curbs, so everyone can enjoy looking at them and chatting with their owners. I love how well-kept they are and many have been beautifully restored.

Cruising on King starts with Show and Shine in Victoria Park where the cars can be viewed all afternoon. There’s entertainment after the parade, a fantastic family event!

The owner invited me to sit in the driver’s seat!

Jaguar 2


This year I wore my dress with red roses and polkadots with a retro vibe made me fit in with the times!


From Seattle to Toronto to Germany, it’s so fun to attend car shows and browse through car museums. You don’t have to own a vehicle to appreciate it. Below is a selection of photos taken during the past few years.


Last but not least, my little blue Beetle, a classic from 2000, that I plan to keep, and who knows, perhaps my Beetle will be in the parade someday with my grandson behind the wheel!

who is in the back seat

Have a wonderful weekend!



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VegFest and a Body Bag

Our city hosted its first VegFest on the weekend. I wore my body bag. Did you know that’s what they call fanny packs in Germany? They use the English words body bag! Apparently, fanny packs are back in style. I bought this one with a colourful, delicious, fruity pattern at a craft sale at Christmastime. This is my first time wearing it and its perfect for the occasion!

My granddaughter with her uncle (her dad’s brother).

Sea Shepherd was there and you can read more about our adventure on board the Martin Sheen vessel in Seattle.

Their mission: “Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.”

Frog Hollow Farm Sanctuary sells beautiful crossbody bags to raise money for feed for the animals. There are several delightful animal prints to choose from.

My pearl gray tank top has lace detail and a ruffled hem with a racer back. I bought it 7 years ago at Hollisters.

These crinkled white palazzo pants are cropped with slits and pockets on the sides. I never need to iron them. I bought them 10 years ago at Spanner.

Cherry earrings with a matching pendant, colourful bracelets and red vegan sandals complete the outfit.

There were long line ups for all the delicious vegan food.

Check out Maria’s blog for some sweet vegan recipes.

Did you ever use fanny packs? Do you think they are passé?


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Big Bold Polkadots

I’ve always loved polkadots ever since I saw Mini Mouse (one of my fashion inspirations) every size from tiny dots to big bold polkadots!

Version 2

My polkadot top is second hand ($3.) I bought it because it reminded me of my mom. It’s exactly the same colour with the same size polkadots as my mom had (a two-piece dress, matching blouse and skirt that looked like a dress but could be worn separately. She had several two-piece dresses). Wish I had her outfit.

I can wear it with blue jeans for a casual look.

polkadots with jeanspolkadots with jeans3polkadots with jeans 2

Polka dot top: thrifted
White tank top: gift
Blue jeans: Hue
White jeans: Le Chateau
Vegan sandals: Made in Italy

I’ve worn it as a vest over a white tank top with white jeans.

polkadots with whitepolkadots with white jeans

Rosa’s Garden

My dear friend Rosa used to be my neighbour for many years, our children grew up together. Although we both moved from the neighbourhood, we still live in the same city and keep in touch.

Rosa has a beautiful garden that she takes care of herself. She plants flowers and paints and decorates with such creativity. Her garden is an oasis in the city, with a Mexican ambience, lush and colourful. She paints with Mexico blue (paint she brought back from Mexico on one of her trips).

This is a place you can relax and enjoy a siesta!


$3 dollars is the least I have ever spent on a piece of clothing.

What is the best bargain you’ve ever had on a thrifted item? Please tell me in the comments!

God bless America!

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My Canada Colours: red and white

I wore my red and white gingham dress to our Ballroom dance class party.

What to wear to a Canadian Barn Dance 

Marilyn’s barn is the perfect setting for the festivities. Her county-style decor matches her country-style hospitality. Everyone enjoyed the dance and refreshments. Thank you so much for hosting Marilyn!

I wear red and white during this time, but I really miss BLUE. In my childhood, our Canadian flag was red, white and blue. If I had any say, I would have had the red maple leaf in the middle with blue on the sides. I’ve been wearing red and white to my dance classes and dance parties.

God keep our land glorious and free!

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