Shopping Spree at Drizzle & Shine

Shopping at DRIZZLE & SHINE is worth the trip to Seattle! Of course, visiting my daughter is the reason Seattle is now my favourite city!

My shopping spree included tops, skirts, socks and this grey organic cotton dress (that can be worn as a jumper) with black laces (that can be worn with the laces in the front or back). It made by INDIGENOUS–organic, fair trade, ethical and sustainable fashion.

I’ll feature the other items in future posts.

Have a fashionable weekend! Support local businesses and ethical fashion!

Fashion Party @ Nancy’s FANCY FRIDAY and Patti’s VISIBLE MONDAY

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Frank Lyman – Canadian designer

dsc06966I could never stand wool, too itchy and uncomfortable. That’s why I was happy to find this comfortable coat (Canadian designer Frank Lyman, made in Canada). This fit and flare coat is a high-low style with big bold houndstooth in black and burgundy, and a fabulous double collar which has wire in the piping for shaping.

frank lyman 2frank lyman coat 3frank lyman coat - back

This hemp scarf came in several colours, I chose burgundy and natural. All the clothes I have bought at DRIZZLE & SHINE are either organic cotton, bamboo or hemp.

scarf and collar

Rieker shoes are non-leather and so comfortable for walking everywhere in Seattle.

rieker shoes

I’m glad I’m allergic to wool (even so-called fine wool) or I would have bought it all through the years thinking it doesn’t hurt animals. I have never worn fur knowing the cruelty of abusing and killing animals. Wool is like milk and eggs, in the sense that we are duped into thinking these animals have a good life, when in reality the suffering is the same, if not worse.

Jean wrote an informative article about why we don’t wear wool (besides being itchy and allergic).

That’s why I support Canadian-made, USA-made, fair-trade, eco-friendly and cruelty-free companies.

Let’s make the world a better place with compassion!

Previews of posts to come

Linking up with NANCY at FANCY FRIDAY

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Seventh Heaven

Every time I fly feels like the first time! I never lose the excitement of driving to the airport and boarding the plane, the thrill of hearing the jet engines roar as we lift off and fly up to Seventh Heaven!

As I watch the world disappear, I am in awe of the whole experience, it feels magical!

Then there’s the anticipation of our destination, which is Seattle this time–my home away from home–because our daughter lives there.

The plane we are about to board in Toronto …

A stopover in Salt Lake City, just enough time for a stretch and to buy some post cards.

Seattle airport is a familiar sight, my fifth time visiting Jean’s beautiful city since she moved here.

My travelling outfit–first day in Seattle

Coat: Frank Lyman (non wool)
Scarf: (hemp and cotton)
Pants: Nygard (faux suede and faux leather)
Shoes: Riekers (non leather)

First time seeing LimeBikes– you can rent one wherever you find it with an App on your phone and leave it wherever you finish your ride.

Flowers growing in January!

Where did you go on your first flight?

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Scarf Inventory

Some woman collect shoes, I collect scarves.

Before going on my winter holiday in Seattle, I decided to take an inventory of my scarves, I have quite a nice variety that I’ve collected over the years. Some were gifted to me and many are thrifted, several belonged to my dear mom. I have a few scarves over 50 years old. While on holidays, I usually buy a scarf and so I have a souvenir of that trip.

My mom liked wearing scarves; her favourite kind were small silky ones that she would tie in a knot at the side, very ’50s style. I also use some of them to tie around the brim of hats or on the strap of a purse. This is one of her leopard print scarves.

Scarves put the fun in functional, not only keeping us warm in cold weather, but it’s an accessory that adds a finishing touch to an outfit. I have outdoor scarves and indoor scarves. The designs are so creative, it’s like wearing art.

I have six eternity scarves (four shown here) and three faux fur scarves: black, beige and animal print (a gift from my friend Debrah).

Five pretty lace scarves I bought (new) at a garage sale for $3 each

Since making this video, I counted about 75 scarves–give or take a few–which is not a lot considering I’ve been collecting them since the 1960s which means I buy 1.5 scarves a year. (Well, I’ve never bought half a scarf so I guess that’s three scarves every two years.)

Do you like scarves? How many scarves do you have?

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Express Yourself

Whether it’s a casual outfit for my dance classes or to go out on the town to a special event, I enjoy putting together something that expresses who I am and what I like.

When I go shopping for clothes, I am always amazed at the creativity of the designers of these garments. It’s like going to an art museum and standing back to admire each painting. (That’s not to say I like everything.) The atmosphere of many stores is artistic and I enjoy looking at window displays, which is also an art.

I love the design of this asymmetrical skirt: black and white mini houndstooth, it has a belt and a slit at the side. Although this print could be used for a man’s suit, the style is ultra-feminine.

I found this cross-body bag this week while shopping with my friend Maggie. It was on sale and has lots of compartments to organize. I’ll be taking it with me to our holiday in Seattle. The tiny, black change purse is just big enough for a Canadian looney (that’s our coin worth one dollar).

When I get dressed, I choose clothes depending on what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be going, but also how I’m feeling. As I put my outfit together, I’m creating a look, a piece of art, like a flower arrangement. It’s the satisfaction people feel when painting, making a craft, writing a story, doing anything creative.

We can change our style as easily as changing our clothes! It all depends on our mood and occasion. Thank goodness we are free to choose what we wear and change as we please.

Fashion is art!

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What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

I bought this skirt for New Year’s Eve a few years ago. Since then it has become part of my New Year’s Eve outfit. I wear it with a different top every year which gives it another look. I’ll be wearing it to a Ceili-Style New Year’s dance with this sheer top with fancy floral appliqué.

My new sparkly ballroom shoes arrived just in time for this special occasion. Previously, I’ve worn my strappy stilettos.

New Year’s Eve Past

Long silky black gloves for an elegant look.

This shrug with 3/4 length sleeves has a ruffled hem.

Happy New Year!

God bless everyone!

The best is yet to come!




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Teddy Bear Christmas

Welcome to the Museum of Childhood

My love for teddy bears began before I can remember. I had a small collection of teddy bears and dolls in my childhood, which unfortunately, were given away (against my wishes). In those days, my mom thought I was too old for dolls and teddy bears. I disagree, you’re never too old for teddy bears. For me they are not only comfort creatures and happy memories, but works of art.

Anyone who has ever been to my house knows I am slightly obsessed with these cuddly creatures. We never outgrow teddy bears, they are friends for life! Many of my bears are handmade by artisans from Canada, USA and Scotland. My favourite bears are made by Steiff, a German company which many believe are the original bears.

You can see my BIGGEST bear here.

I’ve been collecting teddy bears ever since I supposedly grew up. Some of my collection are artist bears, my favourite artist being Lorraine Chien. I first met her at the One-of-a-Kind Christmas show in Toronto. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to her home for private shows.

Being at Lorraine’s is magical and transports me to a place of wonder and imagination! It is filled with whimsical dreams and the innocence of childhood fantasies! Lorraine is an amazing artist and captures the heart of playfulness. Her creativity is awe-inspiring!

From the moment I step on the path that Ieads to her front door, the anticipation of the thriII of Christmas overwheIms me! And I feeI Iike a chiId once again! It is like stepping into a storybook where charming characters from every fairy tale come to greet you! I hope my photos have captured some of the essence of Lorraine’s art!

All through the years, I have opened my home for Teddy Bear Tea Parties and Teddy Bear Christmas, my guests range from ages 3 to 99.

My Teddy bears are hoping hibernation season will soon be over and are longing for spring!

What do you collect?

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What I wore to the Christmas Ball

Don we now our gay apparel

Christmas festivities are occasions to dress up. I bought this red dress from a vendor at the Apple Butter Festival this fall. (100% cotton, made in Peru.) I have the same dress in white which I wore in the summer; in red it was perfect for the Christmas Ball. My red polkadot shoes are a gift from my dear friend Roxanne.

Baby, it’s cold outside! 

These are busy days and I want to take time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year! I hope to write during the holidays, however, I’m getting ready for a trip to Seattle to visit our daughter Jean and this might be my last chance for the year to write. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, let’s remember the true meaning of Christmas and share love, peace and hope.

May the joy of the Christmas season warm your hearts all through the year!

PS. I have a draft prepared to post during the Christmas holidays that I hope you will enjoy – Teddy Bear Christmas

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Christmas Sparkles

Our neighbourhood sparkles with Christmas lights. Oh, what fun it is to drive along the streets in a warm car listening to Christmas songs on the radio!🎄

One of the churches in our area put a lot of love and labour into a marvellous event,The Walk of Lights with live scenes of the Christmas story along the path. This is the second year they have presented it, but our first time seeing it. As we walked through the tunnel, each scene had actors–frozen like statues–that came to life to tell the story of that particular event.

We’ve been enjoying the season’s festivities and activities: a wonderful Christmas Concert and shopping at several Christmas markets. I’ve included some links to websites of the vendors.

Red has been the theme colour of my outfits this month, I love how cheerful red is and it’s a traditional Christmas colour. My jacket was purchased at a second-hand shop almost four years ago. This casual outfit has four colours: red, gray, black and white. To top it off, I’m wearing my new gray hat with a big black pompom and also the gloves with sparkles that I bought at The Weathered Gate recently.

My new shoes were an early Christmas present (Riekers non leather) and I love the laces and zipper detail.

Pompoms on hats are very popular this season and I hope everyone chooses yarn or faux fur. Please do not support the cruelty of real fur.


A pompom is not worth an animal’s life.

Thank you for caring!

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My Christmas Coat

Every year the little town of St Jacobs has a special Christmas event when the town is dressed for Christmas and sparkles with lights. It’s almost magical. We enjoyed coffee and dessert in the town bakery and strolled along the street, window shopping and visiting a few of my favourite boutiques.

I wore my cherry red coat (pre-loved) with houndstooth accessories. You never know what treasures you’ll find in a second-hand shop. Easy on the budget, great for the environment and helps support a good cause. Win, win, win!

My hat is from Holt Renfrew (high-end quality women’s apparel, my mom used to work there part-time in the 1970s, no wonder she had such chic clothes) how happy I got it at a thrift shop. I tied my scarf in a pussy cat bow and my gloves were a gift from my grandmother in the 1960s, made in Germany. It’s a classic outfit, a bit of a vintage vibe and I felt like my mom because this is how she dressed when shopping.

I bought this cute gray hat with a black pompom and gray gloves with sparkles at The Weathered Gate.

These tartan leggings are from Rumba and I love how soft and comfortable they are. I’ve already worn them to my dance classes.

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