Dress Your Age

Dress Your Age?

What is that supposed to mean? I dress how I like, I wear what I want to. We should choose clothes that make us happy, that make us feel good and that suits our personal style and the occasion. Clothes that are eco-friendly is very important to me.

Health is more important than age and more important than what we wear. I’m another year older and another year closer to where I’m going. Another year of memories made and another year of breaking fashion rules.

With every year I gain more confidence and break silly rules. I’ve read so much ridiculous advice since I started blogging, for example: women over 40 shouldn’t wear shorts or mini skirts because our knees are ugly.

My daughter Jean wrote an excellent article Youth, Body Image and Aging. Here are ten of the forbidden things we shouldn’t wear after a certain age according to the list somebody made up. BTW I’ve broken all those rules.

  • Bikini, 47
  • Mini skirt, 35
  • Stilettos, 51
  • Knee high boots, 47
  • Leggings, 45
  • Swimsuit, 61
  • Tight vest, 44
  • See-through chiffon blouse, 40
  • Long hair, 53
  • Ponytail, 51

Here’s me at 66 breaking three rules and lovin’ it:

  • knee-high boots
  • leggings
  • long hair


What matters to me, no matter our age, is to buy ethical and cruelty-free clothes. People should have good working conditions and animals should not suffer for fashion.

Which fashion rules have you broken?



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Once Upon a Summer

My mom and grandmother took my brother and me to the CNE in Toronto when we were young. That was my first time in this huge amusement park, no pictures but lots of fond memories. Since then, I’ve had numerous adventures there and on this occasion I went with my oldest son and his family (my grandchildren) and visitors from Germany.

I wore a yellow tee and white capris, simple and summery.


The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE, also simply called The EX) is an annual event in Toronto, during the last three weeks of August, always ending on Labour Day. It kinda wraps up the summer holidays, as school and work starts again, even though it’s still summer on the calendar.

Besides midway rides there’s lots to do and shop and see. Entertainment everywhere all throughout the day. We stopped to listen to a jazz performance on a sidewalk cafe setting. Music makes me feel like dancing, so I did and to my surprise, Enrico Galante gifted me with his CD It’s Never Too Late For Sax. It felt like I was back in my Go-Go days!


The sand castles …

carmensand castle 1sand castle 2sand castles

Rock balancing …

rocksrock balancing

All part of a fun day with memories to last a lifetime.

Thinking of summer gives me hope that it will return again.

What’s your favourite amusement park?



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February Blues and Floral Booties

We’ve had more snow flurries and freezing rain this cold February, reminding us that winter is still here, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking spring and wearing flowers.

I’m so into florals this winter, kind of like a protest against the cold weather!

blue and floral booties 1

I was a flower child in the ’60s and you can imagine how happy I was when floral booties came in style! I bought these cute floral booties at Hudson’s Bay in the fall. They are velvety (non-leather) with comfortable block heels. Vegan purse with fringes from Drizzle and Shine eco-boutique.

floral booties

I paired this baby blue cable knit sweater from Ricki’s with skinny jeans for a casual, relaxed look.

Version 2blue and floral booties 2blue and floral booties 3floral bootieson sofa

Have you bought booties with patterns: floral, leopard, paisley, plaid etc.?

Thanks for stopping by!


Linkup with PATTI

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Happy Valentine’s Day

with love



In January I took the Christmas decorations off our Christmas tree and decorated it with snowflakes and pinecones for winter. Snowmen and penguins are everywhere! They make me smile.

winter tree



vegan pizza

For February I hang hearts on the trees and add red and silver accents.

hearts on treecandles

Hearts are my trademark.

I have an extensive collection of hearts from jewellery to home decor.




Beloved, let us love one another …

God is love!

yours forevercarmen2

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Little Red Dress and a Houndstooth Coat

It’s a title I’ve used before, Little Red Dress, this time with a completely different style. My dress from the Fabulous over 40 Model Search was ultra glamorous! This one is classy for everyday and yet can be dressed up to go to a birthday party (like my birthday 🙂 ) and a romantic Valentine’s dinner.

I’m celebrating 66 years!

 It’s only a number. I don’t act my age. The best is yet to come!

LRD and houndstooth coatLRD 1LRD 2

I bought this little red dress at Hudson’s Bay during their Boxing Day sales. The front is a very soft faux suede and I love the fancy faux suede stitching, gives it a bit of a western vibe. In this bitter cold weather, I’m wearing warm bamboo tights from Drizzle and Shine. I won’t need those when the weather warms up someday, but for now, they are perfect.close up

Oops! Caught in the act of refreshing my red lipstick!

red lipstickLRD 3

Houndstooth coat is thrifted and takes me from the house to the car to the restaurant.

Version 2

The little black heart purse was a gift from my daughter Jean for my 60th birthday.

houndstooth coatHappy birthday to my February friends 

and Happy Valentine’s to everyone!

Love never fails!

Life is good!


LRD and purse

Fashion party at Patti’s



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Sailor Stripes

Stripes have a nautical summery look and remind me of a cute sailor outfit I had when I was a little girl. I bought this top with stripes while in New York City at Anthropologie.

I wore it to cross the Brooklyn Bridge with white capris …


… and to the Brooklyn Flea Market with black capris.

stripes 2stripes 3

What I especially love is that it has a yoke that looks like houndstooth from a distance but is actually little bunnies.


Jean is wearing mini stripes with thrifted jeans. Her black and white saddle shoes complete this casual outfit.

“I love stripes! They’re classic and timeless. I wore a t-shirt by the ethical, organic company Armed Angels today. It is a mini-striped shirt. No need to be worried about looking wider. Skinny stripes don’t have that effect.” ~ Jean


Patti is wearing her striped tee with a gray thrifted skirt. These pussycat tights makes this a fun look!

“It’s fun to mix vintage and modern styles, and to mix casual with dressy pieces.” ~ Patti


Jess’s black and white striped dress is elegant. Love how she added a pop of red with these cute shoes!

“I think I own one striped shirt, one striped jacket. Not many stripes. However, I find that if I like the cut of the striped dress, or some other unique quality in a striped skirt, it might attract me more.” ~ Jess


Stripes will always be popular.



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Flowers in February

No chance of real flowers growing in the frozen snow-covered ground of Ontario, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing florals. I’ve always worn florals in the winter and wrote about it a few years ago–Fake Fur and Florals. It cheers me up and makes me smile because it reminds me of my favourite season–summer! A Girl Can Dream!


I bought these pants last year and wore them with black tops. When I saw this pretty top with appliqué roses, I knew it would be perfect paired with my pants.

florals 2Version 2florals 4florals 5florals 6

Too cold for sandals but I have red booties and black booties until the snow melts and then I’ll wear my favourite footwear again–sandals!

Do you wear florals in winter?



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Dear Summer, I miss you!

You are my favourite season and I hope to see you soon. Your warm breezes caress me. I love your long days and pleasant evenings. As soon as you return, we shall once again dance in the moonlight and enjoy the starry nights sitting on the porch. We’ll run along the beach as we used to. You always make me so happy!

 Port Dover

I prefer to spend time with you, dear Summer!

Please, come back soon!


beach viewWe’re in the middle of winter and it seems like Summer is so far away. Now that I’ve lived through 66 winters, I don’t like winter anymore. I’ll admit, the magical view, that looks like a giant snow globe outside my window, is breathtaking, but when I go out, the frigid air takes my breath away! I’ve hung up my skates for good, sold my cross-country skis and I use my sled as a decoration on my front porch.

I’m breaking up with Winter, he’s no friend of mine.

German sled

I’d rather be on the beach relaxing on Muskoka chairs!

Muskoka chairs

Or enjoying the view from a beach house.

house on the beach

The best thing to do …

wear warm flannel pajamas and stay in bed.



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Walking on the Wild Side

leopard booties 1

Taking a walk on the wild side with my new leopard booties and wearing faux fur and fringes for a wild style. I love imitating the look without harming animals.

My jacket is faux suede, faux trim with laces on pockets and cuffs.

faux suede

Leopard from head to toe, with this velvety hat, made in Canada (thrifted) …

leopard hat

and leopard booties (non leather) that I bought recently at Hudson’s Bay, wearing them for the first time because there’s been too much slush and snow for these velvety dry-weather booties.

Version 2

My go-to purse made by Jeane & Jax (non-leather) with fringes from Drizzle and Shine eco-boutique. Hand warmers with cool fringes keep my hands warm while leaving fingers free.

Version 2

Accessories: velvet leopard hat, leopard print and crocheted eternity scarf, animal print bead necklace with matching earrings made in Canada, hand warmers with fringes. Displayed here on my leopard chair in my boudoir.

accessoriesaccessories 2These boots are made for walking on the wild side, comfortable block heels and fun for a walk in the wilderness by the river.

leopard booties 4leopard booties 5

How many leopard print clothes/shoes/accessories do you have?

leopard carmen

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Backdrops for Photo Shoots


In a restaurant, dreaming of warm summer days on the beach on a cold day in January

Part of the fun of blogging is finding interesting backdrops. I’m always on the lookout and I can’t help seeing a spot and thinking, “That would make a fantastic background!” There are great places to discover without going far.

We learned to take a camera along for when we see something we like. But whether in your own backyard or inside your home or an exotic place, choosing a background adds interest and a personal touch to fashion photos. We all have our unique ways of expressing ourselves.

Sometimes we happen upon the perfect scenery but I’m wearing an outfit I’ve already shown on my blog. Or I’m having a bad hair day. Or we simply don’t have time to stop.

Does that ever happen to you?

In this post artwork makes a fun backdrop

Brooklyn 1

The Ocean in Brooklyn

Brooklyn 2

Yacht in Brooklyn

Harlem 2

Harlem: I can almost hear the music of the jazz band



NYC subway

NYC Subway



Toronto Mall

Restaurant Mural

Version 3

Shopping Mall in Germany


Escalator in a Department Store

Here are a few more artistic backdrops …

Jean “painting” graffiti on the Berlin wall.






Seattle: love how the painting continues on the sidewalk

Jodie’s Touch of Style with Nancy and Charlotte always look like they’re having so much fun together.

Jodie Nancy Charlotte 2JodieJodie Nancy Charlotte 1

Have you used art for backdrops?

Share a link in the comments to your post with a fun backdrop and I’ll pop by to comment!


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