Elisa Cavaletti and my new lace shrug

Elisa Cavaletti

I bought this white Elisa Cavaletti blouse and lace leggings in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany last summer. The design is unique, embellished with dazzling mismatched buttons and the quality is superb.

Elisa Cavaletti

A very unusual “V” shape high low style


The lace leggings are so feminine.

Blouse: Elisa Cavaletti
Leggings: Elisa Cavaletti
Shrug: Bux
Stilettos: gifted

Elisa Cavaletti leggings

Last week, while meandering through summer sales in the shops, I happened upon this cute little lace shrug that I hoped would match my leggings.

Version 2

Voila! – it matches, especially worn over the white blouse, I have a romantic look that makes me feel like dancing!

Elisa Cavaletti

Do you ever find things by chance, something you weren’t looking for but it was perfect for something you already have?



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White Shirt from Dear Goods, Berlin

white shirt

When Jean and I went shopping in Berlin, Germany last summer, we bought some lovely clothes. I bought three tops at Dear Goods (fair-trade) boutique. Now she has opened her own eco boutique in Seattle.

I have yet to post them on my blog, so here is the first one. This white shirt is a fine jersey knit cotton with a little pocket on the front.

white shirt 1

I dressed it down with these blue printed cropped jeans (rolled up cuffs for a casual look) but it looks beautiful dressed up with a skirt.cropped jeans

white shirt 4 Crops and capris can shorten the legs (who wants short legs?) but nude shoes elongate. The sandals, which are “accidentally vegan” bought at H&M, have little wedge heels and are so comfortable.white shirt 2Love the eyelet across the shoulder at the back.white shirt back back close upShirt: Dear Goods
Jacket: Spanner
Jeans: Smart Set
Non-leather sandals: H & Mwhite shirt 5

Enjoy the lazy days of summer!





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The Eagle has Landed

Looking for a place to take some photos of my white and blue tops yesterday, we found this huge statue of an eagle. It just so happens that these cool cotton tops were bought at American Eagle, so it’s a perfect place to snap a few photos before we went shopping and to visit our grandchildren.

I always pay attention to detail, it turns a plain T-shirt into something unique. My mom used to crochet and I did too for awhile, so of course, this top was specially for me. No time to crochet anymore since I started blogging.

navy blue top 1 navy blue top 2 navy blue top 3 Version 2


Twice as nice. When I love something, I buy two.

white top 1 white top 2 crocheted neclkine Version 2 I bought these pretty blue and white paisley cropped jeans at Cleo on Friday: a slight stretch and relaxed fit, very comfortable and I knew they’d look good with white or blue.

They were on sale and I got the last pair of size 2.

Size 2 ??

I have NOT lost any weight and I used to be a size 6 or 8, depending on the make. They must have changed their sizing so that we think we’re smaller than we really are.

Have you noticed a sizing change or is it just me?

blue paisley jeans

Stopped by for another photo on the way home.white top 3

What’s for lunch today?

Cold Cucumber Soup from Susan’s recipes

cucumber soup


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A Midsummer Day’s Dream

Every time I see bales of hay or straw in a country field I’ve wanted to do this. At age 64, my dream finally came true. Climbing up on this huge bale was so much fun!

bale 3

Not a big dream, but it was a big bale. And it’s the simple things in life that can be so enjoyable.

Version 2 bale 1Version 2 bale 6

My darling granddaughter is only 6 and she already had her first climb to the top!

bale 7

balesThis white T-shirt is embellished with a crocheted neckline. I bought another one in navy blue at American Eagle (a few years ago).

white and navy toops

Daisy hairband: American Eagle
Tops: American Eagle
Capris: Smart Set
vegan sandals


Have you ever wanted to do something you finally got to do?

Is there something still on your dream list?

❤ carmen


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Summer Holiday

Another song starts playing in my mind. Remember Cliff Richard? Well, he was my teenage idol. I went to see the movie and bought the album, played it till it wore out and got burned into my brain.

We’ll be flying out to Seattle to visit Jean, but in the meantime, day trips are part of our summer holidays. In fact, day trips are great anytime, but especially fun in warm weather.

On the way to Niagara Falls last month (we never rush because the moment we pull out of the driveway, the fun begins, I’m all about the journey and not just the destination) we stopped at Grasshopper Imports. A unique shopping experience selling: clothing, jewelry, pottery, home decor and so much more. The store has a ’60s vibe.

Grasshopper Grasshopper 2

Sometimes we detour a little and enjoy Niagara-on-the-Lake.

But not this time.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is just as magnificent as every time we go.

Niagara Falls 2

Always breathtaking.

Niagara Falls 3

I wore my green and black zebra print dress, one of the dresses I can wear anytime. On cool days with a cardigan. In the winter with black tights and boots.

greena nd black zebra print

Bare shoulders and keyhole cutout at the neckline is perfect for hot summer days.

closeupThis black lace cardigan is cool, just right for summer evenings and air-conditioned restaurants. It’s very thin and lightweight, also good to keep the sun off. It has a ruffle on the hem and happens to match the black lace ribbon around my straw hat.

Version 2


black and white Niagara Falls black and whiteNever too old to have fun!merry-go-round

Summertime: a time to make happy memories!

❤ carmen

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Made in Italy

This cool cotton summer top is made in Italy. It’s loose and flowy, comes with this cute scarf that I can wear around my neck, tied as a sash around my hips or worn as a hair band.

Version 2 Version 2white top 3 white top 4The top has a star appliqué on one side and sequins on the shoulders to add a touch of bling.

closeup and pursewhite outfit white outfit 2One of my flower purses adds a pop of purple which matches the scarf. These purses are funky and functional–puts the FUN in functional.

purple flower purse and metallic sandals

I wore it to our annual Company picnic. I am a Norwex consultant (a fabulous product) and going to this Norwex picnic is like a family reunion. What a lovely picnic at the Austen homestead with country-style hospitality. The setting is perfect for a countryside picnic, enjoyed by the guests of all ages!

The old mill ruins is a lovely place to take a leisurely stroll along the Grand River in Galt (part of Cambridge) Ontario.
old mill stairs

Summertime: a time for picnics
and friends to gather in the garden.


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Blue skies smiling at me

My life is a song, I always have a song dancing around in my mind. When I see a blue sky, I start singing, even if only in my head and no one can hear. I can hear the voice of Rod Stewart loud and clear, with a full orchestra.

white jacket

Sky blue is one of my favourite colours, especially paired with white.

white jacket 2

This blouse is one of the tops I brought back from Germany last summer, bought in Berlin. It’s 100% cotton but feels soft as silk. Serenity blue.

blue blouse

Beautifully embroidered detail and lace at the neckline.

closeup detail of blouse and necklace

High low style.

high low style

Enjoying a little “detour” (AKA shopping) while on a country drive in the quaint town of St. Jacobs is delightful.

Bon Weekend sky blue and white

So many beautiful things to choose from at the Weathered Gate, I decided on a pretty white top made in Italy which I’ll show you next week.

❤ carmen

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Although my favourite summer colour is white, I love to add pops of colour, like turquoise. My dear friend Josep-Maria featured me on SENSE CORBATA/NO TIE – a fashion blog with mature stylish women from around the world.

Turquoise purse and sandals (both are vegan leather). Turquoise necklace and bracelet.

Version 2

white and turquoise 2This rainbow–which appeared high in the sky among the clouds while I was watching my two grandchildren play soccer this week–is perfect for my post today because I have a colourful assortment of purses in every colour of the rainbow.


Bright floral and funky purses make fun accessories for my white summer outfits.


Going to a local farm to by fresh flowers, strawberries and asparagus with friends makes for a lovely afternoon. Our friends joined us for a refreshments on our back porch.

white with flowers flowers and necklacefresh flowers spuds and flowers

Rainbows and summer afternoons


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White Linen Summer Jacket

While shopping in Stuttgart last summer, I discovered this white linen jacket. (This photo taken by Beate in the shop where I bought it.)

white jacket from GermanyWhite is my favourite summer colour, always fresh and cool. This linen jacket is very lightweight and great for keeping the sun off me.

white jacket 1

The Hudson’s Bay Company had this little white lacy leopard top, only one left and it was my size.

leopard lace topleopard lace top 2

I made my necklace with a pendant I bought at a craft supply store.

close up

I love the high low style of this jacket.


Celebrate the Summer!

❤ carmen

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My Daughter: the American Eco Boutique Owner

My daughter Jean (from Jean of all Trades: a style guide and Sunshine and Slaughter: Vegan for Life) has had two monumental achievements this year: she became an American citizen and opened her own eco boutique Drizzle and Shine.


Jean followed her dream and took a leap of ‘fate’ to pursue her passion. After hard work and vision, she opened the doors of Drizzle and Shine on Capitol Hill in Seattle in May.


She’s had wonderful reviews and great support from friends and customers. The time is ripe and as more and more people are concerned about fair-trade and animal cruelty, her boutique for men and women is the place to shop ethically.


More than any other achievement, it makes me immensely happy that Jean is working towards making this world a better place for people and animals. If there’s one thing that makes me most happy, it’s to have a kind and compassionate daughter.

Jean has been an ethical shopper for many years. These purses are vegan, by Crystalyn Kae made in the USA. So soft and durable: feels and looks like leather. Jean says, “Showing up to a party with the same dress is unconscionable, but showing up with matching Crystalyn Kae purses is high-fiveable!”

Crystalyn Kae purses

Jean is also an animal advocate and has four furry friends living with her: Frankie the dog and three cats (all adopted).


Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July

God bless America!

❤ carmen


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