Pretty Peplum

My obsession with peplum started two years ago. (You can see my first peplum top I bought at Reitmans HERE.) I was so happy to see this new version of a 60s style my mom wore. So naturally, when I find a peplum top, and this one with a pretty floral pattern, with a net yoke AND on sale …

I couldn’t resist.

floral peplum top

It’s from Smart Set–a chain of ladies apparel stores that will be closing in August :-( . I purchased it during last year’s end-of-season sale and I’m wearing it for the first time.

floral peplum

 I have the same one in black. I often buy things I like in different colours.

black peplumI love tops with lace or net yokes for a feminine look.

floral peplum

My fuchsia purse is from the clothing exchange Jean hosted, she bought hers in Florida and I bought the same one in yellow. It’s great for essentials: cell phone, keys and money, tissue, lipstick. (Lipstick is essential, right?)

fuchsia purse

fuchsia crabapple tree

Have a lovely week and thank you for dropping by.

<3 carmen

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White Skinny Jeans and Apple Blossoms

I am in awe as I drive through our city streets and countryside, admiring all the trees in full bloom! These beautiful white apple blossoms made a pretty backdrop for my new white skinny jeans I bought at Le Chateau last week.

apple blossoms

Every woman needs a pair of white jeans and I finally found a pair I like; faux fly and faux pockets makes it perfect for a flat look when wearing a top over the jeans.

white skinnie jeans

They’re not too tight, so they don’t look skin-tight like leggings.

skinnie jeans

I love pastel pink paired with white for a romantic look.

pink jacket

I bought this pretty pink spring jacket with ruffled edges in NYC at Anthropologie. Silver jewellery adds some glitz. Pink fabric wedges are from Payless.

Anthropologie jacket

Fellow blogger Jess, recently posted her pretty pink jacket with white skinny jeans.


Do you think white jeans are a must?

Happy weekend everyone!

<3 carmen

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Mother’s Day in silver and white

Yesterday I bought this lacy, crocheted top at Anna Bella. Of course, I tried it on and loved it so much I wore it right away. (My new white skinnie jeans are in the Le Chateau bag; finally found a pair I like.) When I saw this top, I immediately thought of my mom; she crocheted and would have loved this top! White crop pants are from Spanner.

crocheted top

I am a huge fan of white and this top has silver which adds a sparkle.

silver and white top

A quick stop for a photo shoot by a gorgeous magnolia tree before the blossoms fall. Pink was my mom’s favourite colour.

Magnolia tree

My heart necklace is perfect for this top.

heart necklace

Silver earrings from Target and silver sandals from Aldo.

Some happy memories with my fashionable daughter Jean who not only has influenced my style as much as my mother has, but also got me hooked on blogging.

Seattle 2015

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I dedicate this post to my cousins Marion and Sylvia who love silver and crocheting!

My boys, taken Mother’s Day 2015!

my boys

To every mom, I wish you a happy

Mother’s Day!

with love,


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How to Wear Pajama Pants in Public

Le ChateauPajamas pants are not just for sleeping at night or lounging at home in the daytime. The new trend since the new millennium is to wear them in public.

It’s so comfortable wearing loose, lightweight pajama pants because it feels like I’m not wearing anything. In hot weather these pants are cooler than shorts or capri pants.

While shopping at Le Chateau (Canadian clothing store) looking for a red dress for the Rumba performance dance I am learning, I got sidetracked and found these pajama-style pants.

Black and white always gets my attention and this fabulous print had me sold.

Le Chateau pants

I wore a black top for a dramatic look: silver jewellery and silver stilettos.

pajama pants

And a white top for a summery look.


 From shopping to the playground with my grandson, these are perfect.


Great pants for pole dancing.

pole dancing

My grandson, the photographer.

my grandson

He’s not only a great photographer, but he teaches me tricks on our bikes on the way home from the park.

bike trick


I now have 5 pajama pants in my wardrobe. And all of them are black and white.

I would never wear frumpy, flannel pajama pants, not even to sleep.  The important thing is the fabric and pattern. Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh belong in bed. However, there are classy prints that make wearing PJ pants in public a fashion statement as well as being convenient and comfortable. Add some bling, accessories and pretty shoes to complete the outfit; making it stylish to wear in the house or on the go.

What’s your opinion?

love and blessings

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Ikea now serving vegan “meatballs”

As soon as I heard that Ikea will be serving meatless meatballs, I was thrilled and can’t wait to go again. That’s a good enough reason for me to go shopping at Ikea! The last time I shopped there, I wore my red blazer from JACOB and black roses skinnie jeans AMERICAN EAGLE.

red blazer

I have a collection of peplum tops ever since they started making them. So glad this retro style with a new twist has made the fashion scene. If they stop making them, no problem, I’ve stocked up on them.

black peplum top This one is black velvet with a leopard lace yoke and 3/4 length sleeves. I bought two of these in different colours. The other one is burgundy.

black peplum top

What I wore today–this photo taken this morning, wearing sandals! YAY!!

peplum and black roses

“Behind the scenes, PETA worked to convince the international company to go all the way and make the “veggie balls” vegan. We reminded IKEA that people are making the switch to vegan eating in droves — and offering vegan foods would ensure that all customers leave the store satisfied. We asked our members to support the effort, and more than 25,000 did just that! And it has all paid off!”



Can’t wait to go to Ikea to try their new Veggie balls (hold the cheese pleeez!)

love and blessings

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Blue on Blue

As a line dance teacher, most songs are about falling in love or broken hearts. Feeling a little blue these days, but who says blue has to be sad? Blue skies have always meant happy times. We all go through times of sorrow; in life there’s no way to avoid it. Trouble comes along without being invited.

I wore my sheer blue blouse from HOLLISTER and HUE denim blues to my dance class today and danced away my blues.

blue    Feeling pensive …


     A smile hides a thousand tears …


    Profound words  …

this too shall pass a time to dance

I hope you dance!

What’s more fun than dancing? Going for coffee/tea with my friends after class!

And dancing at the Stampede Corral

Stampede corral



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Fashion Revolution: Who Made My Clothes?

Originally posted on jeanofalltrades:

Today is Fashion Revolution Day. This day marks the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed over eleven hundred people and injured thousands more.

I’m joining others as we ask, “Who made my clothes?” Check out Instagram hashtags for #fashrev, #whomademyclothes, #fashionrevolutionday, and #whomadeyourclothes for lots of inspiring photos. You might see photos of people wearing their clothes inside out to show the labels–transparency in fashion!

who made my clothes?

I know who made my clothes!

Lois Eastlund label

Lois Eastlund made my dress. It looks fantastic (even inside out) because it’s handmade and she paid a lot of attention to detail. She’s a NY-based fashion designer and one of the founders of La Fashionista Compassionista–an awesome (and free) online magazine that you should get your hands on!

Lois Eastlund dress

Moses made my boots. They’re handmade in a factory in LA. The company, Nicora Johns, is helping to keep the US shoemaking industry…

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Spring Cleaning

I’ve started my spring cleaning. First on my list was to get the “treehouse” ready to use. This is a covered deck (overlooking an enchanted forest) shelter from the rain and shade from the sun, with screens all around to keep the mosquitoes and flies out. I’m wearing a little frock and leggings. I like to dress stylish even when cleaning, because I like to. :-)

Vacuuming the carpet …


Cleaning the wicker furniture (I use NORWEX enviro cloths) …

cleaning with NORWEX

Washing the screens (I use my NORWEX mit) …

washing the screenswashing the screens

Time to relax for a few minutes sipping tea and listen to the birds sing.

tea time

This is what it will look like in a few weeks when all the leaves turn green. The early morning sun shining in is so inviting to enjoy breakfast before a busy day begins.


I also go out in this outfit, perhaps that’s why it’s called an OUT fit, because it’s fit to go out. I wear it to go shopping.


It has a lovely asymmetrical floral pattern on one side, a diagonal hemline with a faux lace slip.


I wore it for crossing the Brooklyn bridge last summer.

Brooklyn Bridge

And for relaxing in the park

in the parkHappy Spring cleaning!!


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Celebration of the Swans

The Parade of the Swans is the official sign of spring in Canada. It takes place in the charming city of Stratford on the Avon River.

all white

I wore white for the occasion, with a pop of red: sunglasses and sandals (first time wearing sandals this year!). White doubled-breasted hoodie is from Hudson Bay, white cargo pants from Spanner.

white with red sandals

Every year the swans of Stratford march from their winter home, along the path to the scenic Avon River in Southern, Ontario. Crowds gather to watch these awesome birds strut by.

swans 1

Led by the parade Marshal – Mr. Goose

Mr Gooseswans 2

The Stratford Pipers are heard for miles around and it is a family affair.

Stratford Pipers

Although I’m not a swimmer–prefer to stay on the bank of the river–I love water.

Avon River

My grandchildren enjoyed the day with lots of fun activities for children of all ages.

my granddaughter

big swantrain ridetree climbingIMG_7722

bridge 2 bridge 1

And with colourful crocuses bursting from the soil, yes, Spring has come to Canada!

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Missing My Target

Two years ago Target came to town!

Balancing on the ball – I always wanted to stand on one of those BIG red balls out front and finally did it on Monday. This is the feeling I had when Target arrived.

Balancing on the ball

Today Target is closing its doors forever in Canada.

on the ball

On the ball – I enjoyed shopping at Target and always found something I liked: dresses, cardigans, tops, pants, leggings, lingerie, undergarments, pajamas, accessories, shoes, boots and jewellery. Even my iPad and many household goods were purchased there. I like the quality with many items made in USA and Canada.

on the target

I suppose I should be wearing an outfit from Target on this post, but I have featured clothes from Target before and will continue to show things in the future that I purchased there.

The atmosphere was always pleasant with friendly and helpful employees. My shopping experience was positive and I will miss my Target!

Target employees

So sad to see one of my favourite stores close.



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