Dinkelsbühl: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time I lived near Dinkelsbühl in Germany. Memories come flooding back as I walked down the steps leading into this charming town.


One of many archway entrances into Dinkelsbühl. Once you step inside you are not in the real world anymore.


This medieval town is enchanted. It is a fortified city with walls all around. Walking on the cobblestone streets with gingerbread houses and castle towers that look like they were inspired by fairy-tales, is like stepping into the pages of a storybook. Hard to believe people actually live here!

cobblestone streetIf it wasn’t for the cars and people dressed in modern clothes you would think you are time-traveling! This picturesque place is a photographer’s delight!


It feels like the set on a fantasy movie. There’s magic around every corner. I even saw the Little Mermaid. Her hair is vibrant scarlet and she has the most beautiful smile.

Little Mermaid She took a photo of me.carmen

Even though we just met on the pages of this fairy tale, we sat down on the steps to chat and became instant friends.

on the steps

carmen, Maike and Elisabeth

No neon signs anywhere to be seen; every sign is beautifully hand-painted calligraphy on the walls of the buildings. Wooden shutters frame the windows and flowers adorn the window sills.

carmen elisabeth

I bought a new Elisa Cavaletti blouse with unique buttons.

shoppingand Elisa Cavaletti lace legging capris …

back of blouse

Relaxing at one of the charming sidewalk cafes.

sidewalk cafe

If there’s a prince and a princess somewhere in this little thousand year old town, I’m sure …


<3 carmen

Coming up next: a real-life fairy tale that happened in Possenhofen in the 19th century with a real princess who lived in a real castle.

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Ellwangen: another delightful town in Germany

With a myriad of little towns and villages sprinkled all over the countryside of Germany, one never needs to drive very far to get to another town. Each has its unique charm and all have a magical feeling of stepping back into history walking through the cobblestone streets.

carmen by doorbalcony

EllwangenEllwangenEllwangen 2 Ellwangen 3DSC03060

Visiting my dear friend Elisabeth was a chance to reminisce and spend a few happy days in Ellwangen and Dinklesbühl.

ElisabethShe prepared a delicious vegan breakfast every morning.

vegan breakfastMy cousin joined us for afternoon coffee and cake in the lovely garden.

DSC03041swinggarden Elisabeth’s front door welcomes every guest with these words.


Come take a drive with me on the Romantic Street to Dinklsbühl next stop on my blog …

i-love-germany <3 carmen

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Sunflowers in September

First day of autumn.

Autumn is lovely time of year: pleasant temperatures, leaves changing to glorious colours, sunflowers in the meadows, harvest time and the harvest moon. It still feels like summer at the moment, although the days are growing noticeable shorter with each passing day.

I love sunflowers and black-eyed Susans

MonetMonet close up

Perfect weather for bike-riding with my grandson today and going for walks in the woods or along the river path.

IMG_2498 DSC00450IMG_2615DSC00034

Now if only winter would last one month–like Christmas to the end of January–and then spring returns, that would make me as happy as a kitten rolling in catnip!


Click on the the photo to listen to one of my favourite songs … Harvest Moon.

moonHope you have a chance to watch the Supermoon eclipse on Sunday, September 27th!! It won’t happen again for another 18 years!

Back next time with more fabulous photos of Germany!!

Happy autumn to everyone!

<3 carmen

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Tübingen–a magical summer adventure in Germany!

Tübingen is an ancient city with a modern flair because it is a university town. (One out of three people living there is a student.) It feels like walking in the middle ages until I see students texting on their cell phones.

Tubingen 1Tubingen 3 Tubingen 2

Strolling along the lanes and narrow streets is like stepping into the pages of a storybook. The Neckar river flows through town and the Schwabian Alb mountains stand gloriously in the distance.


Jean and carmen

It’s almost difficult to think about shopping when I am surrounded by the charm of this city. My eyes are drawn to the peaks of the castle-like architecture, half-timbered buildings, window sills with flowers and old wooden doors. My mind is filled with wonder like a child watching their first fairy-tale movie.Tubingen

Tubingen 4Tubingen 5Tubingen 6I said ALMOST difficult to shop, but not impossible. I bought this top, first time wearing it today.

DSC04231close upDSC04237

Tübingen–a magical summer adventure!


<3 carmen

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Tale of Two Towns: Esslingen and Rotenberg

Two charming old towns, not far from Stuttgart, make lovely day trips. We visited both towns on the same day, spent the afternoon in Esslingen and then drove up to Rotenberg with its beautiful vineyards on the hills.

Esslingen door

I bought this top and silver necklace in Stuttgart.

Esslingen Tom Tailor

blue top-silver pendantEsslingen 1 This guy is awesome!

Esslingen 2Esslingen German angle Esslingen houses 2Esslingen houses Esslingen

Anyone who has read Struwwel Peter will recognize these characters climbing up the wall of this building.



The Weinbergs of Esslingen. (Vineyards on the hills)

Esslingen Weinberg

The Weinbergs of Rotenberg. (Vineyards on the hills)


It’s like traveling through a fairy-tale!


<3 carmen

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STUTTGART: where my story begins

StuttgartStuttgart is the San Francisco of Germany; with hills all around, there’s always a spectacular view. It is the capital of Baden-Württemberg. The horse is the coat of arms of Stuttgart (meaning STUD GARDEN).

The Fernsehturm was closed while I was there, but at least I got a few photos.


And while we were in the area, my cousin took me to the house where I was born in Degerloch. Marion is very artistic with a camera and loves to take German angle shots.


The city is full of historical sights as well as modern malls and charming sidewalk cafes.

Stuttgart sidewalk cafes Hoffmann

Shopping is always a pleasant experience, especially because of the pedestrian zones, where no cars are allowed: makes parking difficult but shopping is easy and fun. Here’s my first things I bought: this cardigan at ONLY …cardiganpretzel… and pretzel earrings at Gerber mall which goes with my pretzel necklace that I bought in Berlin later.

I Bought this dress on sale at ZERO for 20 Euros. It rained one day so I had to buy an umbrella with little hearts! I love <3 s

Zero dress

We went to Killesburg park and took a little train ride around this beautiful park. For the adventurous, there’s a tower but no elevator, just a stairway to heaven and a glorious view of Stuttgart!


Jean went up too!

Jean on the tower

The gardens are amazing and you can imagine the fragrance!

sunflowers Killesberg

This horse in Killesberg park has a very special memory for me and I have a story to tell about it in a future post.

horse in Killesburg

Dinosaurs welcome you at the Museum am Löwentor.


take a chanceHaving fun on a trampoline near Killesberg park!!


I love pretzels. I had one almost every day.



<3 carmen

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It was a great summer in Germany, my homeland. I was born in Stuttgart in 1952 and came to Canada when I was five years old.

Here’s a preview of upcoming posts of the amazing cities and towns I visited during August.


Stuttgart Fernsehturm Stuttgart


Esslingen Esslingen 2


Rotenberg Rotenberg 2


TubingenJean and carmen


GoppingenYes, there’s a WOOLWORTH in Göppingen!








Starnberger Sea

Starnberger See




Brandenburg GateSpree Seai-love-germany

Happy Labour Day Weekend!!

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The last time I saw Paris

I’m not referring to Paris, the city of Love (France).

Paris, Ontario is a quaint little town on the Grand River, Ontario–a 20 minute drive in the car or a couple of hours traveling by bike.


It has charming shops and cafes with a view of the river, parks and places to walk and a trail great for biking. Unfortunately, no Eiffel Tower.

Paris by the riveron the bridge

I will always remember my days living in a little townhouse on the Grand River: the city out the front door with shops in walking distance and the spectacular Grand River in the backyard.

My dream is to visit Paris, France someday.

follow your dreams

I love Paris

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Elora – Part Two

There wasn’t enough time to see all when I stopped by Elora on my way to the dance party, so I went back the following week.

bench daisies closeup garden


storeREFIND Salvage featuring eclectic boho, rustic and shabby chic.

refind salvageJEZEBELS an exquisite shop of vintage jewellery and retro antiques. Owner Karol is wearing all white (my favourite).

ruins Elora

Elora Quarry

Elora Gorge DSC02364 copy

I wore this outfit to a garden party in July and to Toronto.

garden party

summer is fun

<3 carmen

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Detour through Elora, Ontario

Once a month, I lead a Ceili-style dance, which includes Irish and Scottish country dances, as well as other fun dances from around the world. These dances are usually held in various small towns around southern Ontario.


While on the way to the dance in the little village of Alma, we took a detour through the charming town of Elora and enjoyed a beautiful July afternoon. There are antique shops to browse through …

Antique shop

and unique clothing boutiques …


vintage shops (too late, this one is closed) …

vintage shopIMG_0090

My kerchief skirt is thrifted ($5.00) it light and twirls when I dance.

handkerchief skirt

There was not enough time to do everything so I’ll be back with part two.

Time to dance, but first a “ride” on the old train.

locomotive We danced till midnight.

dance in the moonlightlove carmen

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