Twice as Nice: wrap tops from Drizzle and Shine

My favourite little dress shop!

These pretty tops are from my daughter’s eco-boutique in Seattle. Paired with skirts or pants, I love that they are as comfortable as a T-shirt but look so much more stylish. I love the wrap style and 3/4 length sleeves and I’m glad I bought two: one in charcoal and one in light maroon.

Three Dots, the luxury of comfort and beauty of style. Made in USA.

Willow trees are one of the last to lose their leaves in the fall and bring to mind this sad love song from 1964 sung by Chad and Jeremy (remember them?) written in 1932 by Ann Ronell.

Here’s a jazzy version by Sarah Vaughan 1957

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Fashion History Museum

The Fashion History Museum was founded in 2004; in 2015 they opened at a new location in the old post office of Hespeler, now part of the city of Cambridge, Ontario.

I drive by here twice a week on my way to my Tuesday and Thursday dance classes but this is the first time I’ve been inside. One of the exhibits is a chic showcase of French fashion.

“MADE IN FRANCE: Haute Couture and the French Fashion Industry 1870-1970
March 16 – December 22 2019       

Centuries of aristocratic patronage established Paris as a city known for its fine dressmakers, milliners, tailors and shoemakers. By the 19th century, the entire French industry had a reputation for quality design – something was chic by the mere virtue of being French!

​Copied or pirated around the world, the Haute Couture industry was at the centre of international style delineation until the rise of ready-to-wear in the 1960s.”

I’m wearing a lace-trimmed top, lace blazer and lace skirt.

Every Friday we have a fashion theme at my dance class and I decided to invite my fashionable ladies to join me. We met at a little cafe and then walked over to the Museum in the rain.

Maggie and me

Fashionable Friends

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a fashionable Friday!

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A walk by the river in my thrifted sweater

Thrifting is a great way to keep clothes and other items out of landfills. I found this multicolored sweater in a thrift store, perfect for layering and wearing with jeans.

Autumn is a lovely time for walks in the forest and by the river. The temperature on this particular day was exceptional and I could actually wear sandals! But that was last week and since then the weather has been miserable.

There’s an antique mall nearby where I found four beautiful vintage scarves (I am wearing one). Bought some furniture too I’ll show in the future.

sweater 4sweater 3sweater 5sweater 6sweater 7forest

Enjoy a walk in the woods!

autumn trees

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Leopards and Roses: ethical fashion

If you follow my blog, you know I promote SLOW FASHION: sustainable, eco-friendly, fairtrade, cruelty-free fashion. I support small businesses and thrift shops.

I often mention my daughter’s eco-boutique and show beautiful items I have bought at her store Drizzle and Shine in Seattle.

“We’re an eco-boutique in Seattle. You’ll find a carefully curated selection of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. We specialize in items that are kind to the earth and animals and that are made by people who are treated fairly. We donate a percentage of each sale to nonprofits that align with our values.” ~Drizzle and Shine

I was very happy to find an eco-boutique in Fergus, Ontario (closer to home) this summer. Jaboli ll is a Canadian, family-owned company selling ethical and vegan-friendly clothes and hand-made jewellery.

“Leopards and Roses Owner and Designer Anne Toube’s drawings are passionately created and then brought to life. Her concepts are designed in Canada, brought to Nepal and then transformed into handmade, recognizable and wearable fashions.” ~Leopards and Roses

Leopards and Roses 2

I bought this dress knowing it would take me into fall. Leopards and Roses, 100% organic cotton, fair-trade made in Nepal. I love the design and quality. My long cardigan is secondhand, made in Canada.

“Leopards and Roses.  Ethical Fashion.  Wearable Art.”

I was not always aware of these important things and now I try to do my part to make a difference by choosing eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Do you support small businesses?

Together we can make a difference for our environment, for people and animals. Let’s make the world a kinder place!

Fashion with compassion!

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Transitioning outfits through the seasons

When Jean sent me this pretty wrap dress from her eco-boutique this summer, I knew it was perfect for transitioning into autumn. I’ve styled it with a black velvet blazer (thrifted) and black bamboo tights (from Jean’s store). Booties are thrifted.

It’s such an easy way to just add a jacket or cardigan and wear a camisole underneath, warm tights and booties. This way I get more use out of my dresses and skirts with no need to pack them away for the winter.

One of the things I love about getting dressed is creating different looks with a piece of clothing. Every morning my body is like a blank canvas and I enjoy the art of composing an outfit for whatever the occasion (I’ll be wearing it to church).

Happiness is finding joy in what you have!

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Houndstooth and Leopard: pattern-mixing

Two of my favourite prints together

Just by coincidence, in my previous post, I wore leopard print leggings and houndstooth leggings, which are two of my favourite prints.

I love the look of classic houndstooth. Leopard print is timeless, after all, leopards have been wearing these spots since the beginning of time.

I never would have thought to combine leopard and houndstooth. This top blends both patterns in black and white, one flows into the other seamlessly–so unique.

We’re enjoying an Indian summer, temperatures dropped drastically after a torrential storm. Then warmed up again and I can wear my sandals once more. I don’t want to pack them away till it snows.

Do you have a favourite print?

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How to wear leggings and look classy

Here’s my easy tip to look classy in leggings — wear a long top or tunic that covers your tushie. It’s that simple, yet I see so many women wearing a top that’s too short for leggings.

I have a drawer full of leggings because they’re my go-to clothes for working at home and going to my dance classes. I have solid colours and plenty of prints. I don’t do much pattern-mixing when it comes to leggings; I pretty much stick to solid colour tops with patterned leggings and printed tops with solid colour leggings.

Leopard print is a neutral in my opinion, so I love to wear various colours with them. This burnt-orange top dresses leggings up perfectly. Look for tops with pretty details or add accessories like jewellery and scarves to a plain top.

I paired these houndstooth leggings with a green peasant-style blouse.

Covered Perfectly makes fabulous tops in every colour that are long enough to wear with leggings. Shown here– Simple Comfort in beige, turquoise, and black. Made in USA

Buy two and get the third one FREE!

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Elephant Print Kimono and a Butterfly Pendant

While shopping in Port Dover recently, I bought this black and white elephant print Kimono. I love the comfort and style, but it was the elephants that made me smile. 🙂

Elephants are vegetarians, their size and strength amaze me! They remind me of BIG miracles. Butterflies are small and delicate, they remind me of small miracles.

No need to pack away my sandals just yet, October still has some pleasant days before the winds of November come blowing from the north.

Shopping in Port Dover

Thanks for stopping by!

Have an awesome autumn!

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Goodbye Summer, thanks for the memories!

All good things come to an end; saying goodbye to Summer is always a sad time for me because I’m a summer kinda girl. I love the long days and warm nights. I enjoy day trips around Southern Ontario as well as relaxing at home in our garden room, it’s my summer place where we entertain friends and family.

This summer was a special one because my third grandchild was born in August. I’ll reminisce and post some highlights.

July 1st kicks off the summer with Canada Day.

Car shows are a part of our summer fun and we enjoyed another nostalic event at the annual Crusin’ on King Street in downtown Kitchener seeing all the classic cars from yesteryear.

A road trip to a lavender farm was pleasantly intoxicating!

My first time to the annual Elvis Festival in Collingwood, Ontario was very entertaining.

The nearby beach is the longest freshwater beach in the world.

We don’t need to venture far to enjoy day trips to small towns to go shopping and blueberry picking.

There’s always time for a walk in the woods to just breathe fresh air and appreciate nature.

An afternoon shopping in Port Dover (I’ll show you what I bought in my next post) …

and a walk along the beach is always a perfect way to end the day.

Dear Summer,

thanks for the memories, see you next year!


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Cherry Wrap Dress and a Wicker Purse

While visiting my daughter in January, I had the opportunity to attend my first Fashion Trend Show in Seattle. It was so interesting and I watched how Jean chose and ordered clothes for her eco-boutique Drizzle & Shine.

She let me choose this dress but I would have to wait for it because all the clothes, jewellery and accesories were only samples for ordering.

I love the little cherries on a black background and this dress will take me into autumn with a black or red cardigan, and black tights with booties. Do you buy clothes that transition into fall?

This wicker purse was a gift from my dear friend Roxanne. It’s my favourite summer purse.

Life is a bowl of cherries!


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