‘Tis the season to be jolly

Christmas bells are ringing, Christmas carols fill the air and the dazzling lights so pretty everywhere.

My Spanish style dress is festive for celebrating the joy of Christmas time.


Can be worn off the shoulders.


It has a black velvet bodice, red satin and black lace ruffles perfect for Latin dances.


My red roses shawl keeps me warm while sitting and enjoying my dinner.


I curled my hair for the Christmas dance.


This high low design is high at one side and low at the other, a very unique asymmetrical style.


Don we now our gay apparel … fa la la la la la la la la …

Troll the ancient Yuletide carol!!

Christmas blessings!!!

❤ carmen


Tübingen, Germany

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Merry and Bright

Nothing says Christmas like red. My LRD was bought several years ago in Florida, made in USA. I wore it recently to a Christmas dinner party, a Christmas luncheon, a Christmas concert and an Old-fashioned Christmas Event with my grandchildren. Cost-per-wear, this dress owes me nothing. Doing the math, it probably cost me a dollar every time I wore it.


T’was the Night before Christmas: an old-fashioned Christmas event at a Westfield Heritage Village with Father Christmas (real beard, fake fur). It’s been awhile since I had my picture taken with Santa.


This pioneer village is a living museum with over 35 historical buildings; it’s like taking a journey back to the 1800s.


May your days be merry and bright!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


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Schafer Baillie Mansion on Capitol Hill

The Schafer Baillie Mansion is an exquisite Bed and Breakfast on Capitol Hill in Seattle–walking distance from Drizzle and Shine, my daughter’s eco boutique.

I wore my new gray Synergy top (fair-trade, made in Nepal) that I bought at Jean’s store. I love the hand-stitching and dolman 3/4 length sleeves.

s-b-mansions-b-mansion-2 Although the house has been renovated, it has kept its century-0ld charm. My favourite space is the sunroom where daylight pours in and bathes the room, an uplifting contrast to the dark, yet elegant, dining and living rooms.


We met Brenda, the friendly innkeeper with southern hospitality. She took us on a tour of the rooms and we spent some time in the library reading about the history of this luxurious mansion. Here’s the Photo Gallery Tour on their website.

I can imagine magnificent parties being hosted here in days gone by, a feeling of nostalgia overwhelms me.


Blooper … my photographer (AKA husband) was recording and didn’t know it.

Top: Drizzle and Shine
Jeans: Le Chateau
Shoes: Drizzle and Shine
Purse: Drizzle and Shine

sitting-on-chairThanks for stopping by!


This has been a memory of September in Seattle.

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Missoni ZigZag

November is gone with the autumn wind and an icy winter wind has blown in from the north. I’m glad we had a number of milder days to wear one of my favourite autumn coats that I bought several years ago.


My hemp scarf is bought at Drizzle and Shine, so much softer than wool and it’s an eco-fabric.

♥ so green it’s carbon negative
♥ strongest natural fibre
♥ pesticide free
♥ fast growing
♥ enriches the soil it is grown in
♥ produces no static electricity
♥ blocks UV rays


Missoni is an Italian fashion company that caught my eye in the ’70s when I first saw the colourful, knitted, zigzag designs. Although I never owned one, I found a Missoni inspired dress this fall. I love the autumnal colours.

1 2 3 My favourite purse from Drizzle and Shine: quality non-leather and eco friendly too.

4 5

The weather wasn’t warm enough on this day to go without a coat, just a quick photoshoot before my dance classes. Winter is on the way.


Have you ever bought hemp clothing?


Linkup: Turning Heads Tuesday

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Highland Park and Olympic Sculpture Park

September in Seattle is still vivid in my mind and these photos bring back happy memories of a month that passed too quickly. The weather was nothing short of fantastic. Only two days with some drizzle, not even enough to frizzle my hair!


The panoramic view from Highland Park is a postcard picture, in fact, this is the spot where some postcards have been taken of Seattle with the magnificent Space Needle in the distance.

the-viewhighland-parkSome lovely homes in this area and this one is for sale.

highland-park-3 highland-park-4highland-parkNext we drove downtown to the Olympic Sculpture Park. This park is open and FREE to the public all through the year. An interesting place to walk and enjoy nature as well as artistic expressions.

bench-2 bench-3 Version 2olympic-sculpture-park olympic-sculpture-park-3

It was perfect day! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the tour of Highland Park and the Olympic Sculpture Park.


Happy Birthday Jean – it was a very good year!


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Seattle’s Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park is just a stroll down the avenue from my daughter Jean’s eco boutique Drizzle and Shine. This is my favourite purse from her store. Love the fringes!


On the way to the park we passed an elegant century-old mansion, now the luxurious Shafer Baillie Bed and Breakfast with superb hospitality. But that’s another story, or rather, another post.


In the park stands this unique water tower, built by the Water Department in 1906, looks like Rapunzel’s tower.


We climbed up the circular stairway to an observation deck. They had an art exhibit of some kind.

view-from-the-tower obsevation-deck observation-deck-2

This Black Sun sculpture is referred to as The Doughnut, looking through is a spectacular view of the Seattle skyline including the Space Needle. Volunteer park has a beautiful dahlia garden and meadows.

The Asian Art Museum is in the park

asian-art-museumHere’s a gallery for you to browse through.

And my favourite in the museum–The Indigo Room–the colour that changed the world. Everyone who wears jeans will appreciate this colour.

indigo indigo-room

The sound was rather eerie but added to the experience.

Time to walk back to Jean’s store and tell her about our adventure.

jeanThen off to No Bones–World’s first plant-based Tiki Bar with a beach atmosphere–where we enjoyed  a delicious dinner with Jean’s famous friend the Vegan MacGyver.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the tour!


This has been a memory of September in Seattle.

Linkups: Visible Monday and Turning Heads Tuesday

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Faux is the way to go

I’m finally old enough to wear leopard. Yes, leopard used to be for old ladies when I was growing up. I had leopard-print PJs as a teenager but never wore leopard-print in public.

Version 2

Now during my *ahem* mature years, I’m love love lovin’ leopard-print!


My coat is thrifted, made in USA, bought a couple of years ago.


What a great find to discover the matching hat this fall, made in Canada and also thrifted. Coincidently, it’s the exact same fabric.


We’ve had a lovely autumn with many mild days and glorious colours.


Warm and cozy in my hemp scarf bought at
Drizzle and Shine.

hemp scarf

I’ve been asked—why am I wearing a leopard coat if I’m vegan?
Ummm … because it’s fake! I have the look without cruelty.


My daughter Jean has a special event every month at her eco boutique Drizzle and Shine to support compassionate causes. While I was in Seattle, she had a sale 10% off everything in the store, as well as 10% of sales going to Fur Bearer Defenders.


Please take a moment to check out the links that will inform us of the needless suffering of countless sentient beings and how we can all help animals simply by not buying animal products.

These are the beautiful animals they kill for Canada Goose jackets. You wouldn’t buy coats made with dog fur, then please don’t contribute to this cruelty. Thank you!

This fellow was rescued by the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.


“Style isn’t worth the suffering.” ~Jean White

We can all make it a better world for all.

please-help-meWith compassion,
❤ carmen


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Pumpkin Orange: a warm autumnal colour

Orange was never a colour you’d see me wearing, that is until after I started blogging. Now I have various shades of orange in my wardrobe and the newest one is this lovely shade of pumpkin, a dress that I bought at Drizzle and Shine.


Jean looked gorgeous in her dress and I’m glad she still had my size!

jeanI wore mine on two special occasions. Jean told me ahead of time that there would be different people at both events.  And there’s no way she would wear her dress when I’m wearing mine.


What Jean wore–an elegant maxi dress that can be worn open as a duster.


The events were fundraisers for animals: with dinner, auction and silent auction.

Seattle Area Feline Rescue  Jean has three rescued cats. She won a radio interview with Danny Bonaduce (Partridge Family) KZOK-FM in Seattle.

Stepping’ Out for Farm Animals We enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner. I won a weekend at the Farm Sanctuary (Watkins Glen, New York).

Jean wore an elegant purple dress.

steppin-out-for-farm-animals steppin-out-for-farm-animals-2

I received a beautiful card from Gene Baur (president and co-founder).


I wore my dress several other times during September in Seattle, it’s the kind of dress I can wear to go shopping and not feel overdressed or to a restaurant and feel stylish.

Comfort + style–wins every time!


I wore it on our day trip to Edmonds, Washington.

jean-and-carmen-2 edmonds beach

Dancing with the Sheep


Shopping at Target. I bought some tea towels.


tea-towelThe best part is that it’s eco conscious made in USA–BLUE CANOE and makes me feel good about shopping. It is 100% organic cotton and I can wear it through fall and winter into spring. I’m wearing it for Thanksgiving.     

               Click here for the real meaning of Turkey Day.    


Happy Thanksgiving to my American family and friends!

❤ carmen



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Sea Shepherd

If you know me, I often wear things right after I buy them.


Case in point–this unique patchwork top from Fremont Flea Market in September in Seattle. It’s an asymmetrical design made with three different prints sewn together in a unique swirly pattern with two pockets.


After leaving the market, Jean took us to the harbour where Sea Shepherd was hosting a two-day Open House. Perfect timing that we happened to be in Seattle!


We embarked the Martin Sheen (research vessel) and met the crew which were heading for Mexico in the next few days. Please check out the link! 🙂


The Open House was one of the highlights of our trip to Seattle.

sea-shepherd-3 sea-shepherd-4

What a pleasant surprised that Jean’s friend, Ruth, happened to be there!


They took us to the lower deck to watch some pertinent videos of what Sea Shepherd is exposing in the research they do, as well their recent endeavours.

Their mission: “Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.”

Please take one minute to watch …

I first found out about Sea Shepherd in NYC while at The Seed event (an inspiring vegan festival) in 2014.

In the evening, we started watching the Whale Wars television series, which we continued to watch every evening until the end of the season. We were riveted to our seats. You know the feeling when you can’t put a book down–this was like that and we couldn’t turn the TV off!

This is a reality show, real life as it unfolds for the courageous women and men of the Sea Shepard. Truly inspiring and as horrible as it was to see the cruelty of some humans, I was encouraged to learn that there are still compassionate people in the world who do care! We need them.

I hope you will take some time to check out the links and watch the Sea Shephards in action.

I thank God for the Sea Shepherds and all who make a difference to help people, animals and our planet. What a wonderful world! Let’s take care of it!

Thank you for reading!


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A funny thing happened on the way to the flea market

Actually, it wasn’t really funny, but it sounds like a great title for my post.

However, it was an interesting place to take a photo on our way to the Fremont Flea Market. I like industrial art. The green foliage, in contrast to this rustic what-ever-it-is, makes a unique backdrop.


We always go to the Fremont Flea Market every time we visit Seattle.
This trip–September in Seattle–we went there twice!!


I bought this colourful cotton dress/tunic with a zipper up the front.


Couldn’t resist this unique asymmetrical patchwork top.

top Version 2

I bought these funky leggings. Fun and comfortable to wear for my dance classes.


I enjoy meandering around aimlessly, chatting with interesting people, like the couple selling their personal collection of German pottery. I bought one for Jean and one to take home.

german-pottery germany-pottery-2

I’m happy to support vendors and artisans. I bought rings, earrings, bracelets; easy things to take back to Canada because I can wear them or put them in my purse.

I would have bought these pink mid-century garden chairs but they won’t fit in my suitcase.


A stroll around Fremont before heading to the harbour to see the Sea Shepherd, which I will post next time.

Version 2

An artistic fence made with skis and snow boards.


Do you shop at flea markets and what treasures have you found?


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