I don’t do winter very well, so decorating for Christmas and Valentine’s Day is fun and brightens up dreary, bitter-cold winter days and long, dark winter nights. We leave our Christmas tree up all January until I start decorating for Valentine’s. My birthday is in February so I wear my heart on my sleeve. <3


It was love at first sight when I saw this red top–from Reitmans– with black lace hearts motif. Hearts are my trademark: partly since I was born in February and also because I love romance. <3

red top with black lace hearts motif

My black lace choker looks good with it.

black lace choker

I decorate with hearts, candles and mini lights all year ’round because love is always in style. <3

red coffee pot

Suzanne has a flare for decorating and I just LOVE the way she decorated her mantel for February.

 love and blessings

I’m joining the fashion party at Patti’s

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Purple Passion

Growing up one of my favourite colours was purple. Any shade from pastel lavender and lilac, to deep purple. In my teens, my room was painted lavender; curtains and bedspread were vibrant shades of purple.

purple shirt

Nino and AprilPerhaps I was inspired by Nino Tempo and April Stevens with their hit song in 1963 DEEP PURPLE (originally written by Peter DeRose as a piano composition, published in 1933, with lyrics added in 1938 by Mitchell Parish).

(Click pic and listen to this romantic song)

When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls

And the stars begin to twinkle in the sky

In the mist of a memory you wander back to me

Breathing my name with a sigh…

At Christmastime I bought a new purple shirt at Reitmans. It is made with two different fabrics: a silky one and sheer chiffon. It’s synthetic, but ever so soft and comfortable. Photos were taken at one of the centres where I work by Pauline, my dance student.

Christmas blouse

This shirt is one of 12 tops I’ve bought since fall. You’d think I’d have enough but I couldn’t resist buying 4 more tops on my trip to Seattle in January. Now I think I better take a break from my shopping spree–at least until spring–and earn some more money!

purple shirt from Reitmans

I even have a purple bra … purple bra 

How much do you love purple?

a. LOVE IT ♥ ♥ ♥

b. Like it ♥ ♥

c. Like it a little ♥

d. don’t like it

I know at least two bloggers who love it: Joni and Melinda.

I can’t resist lace, always makes me feel feminine.


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Style Challenge: Ladies in Blue

This is a top I bought in December at The Hudson Bay Co; I immediately tried it on, bought it and wore it. Cool top for my dance classes and I love the Navajo inspired print with fringes on the hem.


I went back to buy another one as a gift for Jean as soon as I booked my flight reservation for Seattle. I was so glad they still had one left (her size!).

I like dressing alike but Jean rolls her eyes and can’t understand my obsession with it. We have similar taste (as well as very different tastes at times) so she came up with the idea how to style something different ways. We have done this before with our red dresses we got at the Swap Shop in Florida. LADIES IN RED

Jean styled her top with faded, boot-cut jeans and taupe boots.



 I styled my top with dark denim skinnies and black faux leather knee-high boots.

 carmenSame top but a different look. Jean still won’t go out with me dressed like this, but at least it’s a good way to show different possibilities and getting more millage out of our clothes.

Jean and carmen

Now I need a pair of faded blue jeans. These ones are capris.


Did you ever dress like your mom or daughter, or have any of the same clothes?


It’s time for VISIBLE MONDAY at Patti’s!

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Wrap dress styled for summer and winter

One of the things I love about NYC–well, actually any city–is shopping. There’s always something to find that I haven’t seen where I live, like this cute wrap dress from Bebenoir in Harlem. This photo was taken a few blocks from the shop on the steps of a charming old brownstone in August.

wrap dress

These days in January, I’m enjoying Seattle and browsing through shops and boutiques. I can only buy as much as I can pack in my little carry-on suitcase, but it’s a good thing most of the clothes I brought are going into the clothing exchange that my daughter Jean is hosting on Saturday. I’m so excited!

This dress is not going into the exchange. I can wear it all through the seasons, especially here in Seattle with days as mild as April. I added a black lace camisole, black tights, booties and can also wear a coral cardigan to keep warm.

wrap dress

It has three quarter length sleeves (as in the first photo) but they got pulled up from my coat and I didn’t notice till I saw the photos.

wrap dressI love the south-west colours and I wear either turquoise or coral (colour) jewellery. I made this necklace with round coral coloured beads and small silver beads.

wrap dress

I also wear it with a turquoise necklace I made (left) and I brought some beads to make a necklace while I’m here. I’m still working on it (right) and will have it finished before I go back home.

Do you enjoy making things? What projects are you working on?



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Sunny in Seattle

What a gorgeous day in January: sun shining, blues skies, green grass and so many green bushes and trees that it looks like springtime! I’ve even seen blossoms.

Seattle in front of house

Perfect day for riding the gigantic Seattle Great Wheel, with a spectacular view of Seattle and Puget Sound.

It’s not always so sunny at this time of year, so Jean and I took advantage of it and explored Pike Place and some of the nearby shops. It was mild enough that I saw women with bare legs and sandals. That is unheard of in winter where I come from.

I wore my new mod inspired tunic that I bought for this trip.

mod tunic

I often buy something and wear it home.

mod tunicA great 60s style that I can wear with my peace sign pendent I bought this summer in NYC at the Brooklyn Flea Market.

mod top close upThe view of Seattle and Puget Sound from the top of the Ferris Wheel is spectacular! We went around five times!

Do you like Ferris Wheels?

This one is my favourite!


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Ready, pack … GO!

Getting ready for a trip … packing my suitcase.

Going tomorrow!

My new cape will be perfect for milder temperatures in Seattle. I’m going to visit my daughter and experience my first ever clothing exchange! Jean has invited all her friends and I’m so excited to meet them.


This is my traveling outfit, my new top that I bought at Reitmans in December. I got a bit very carried away with buying tops recently, it’s not my fault that there are so many beautiful clothes on sale! Red booties from the 80s once belonged to Jean.


The black velvet roses caught my eye, I love the different textures of this top, with black chiffon fabric sewn on the hem making it look like it’s layered with a blouse.

 black velvet roses topblack velvet rosesThese booties are faux suede, with laces and gray knitted cuffs.

black velvet roses

 Which booties should I wear–red or black?


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Happy Anniversary

My youngest son and his wife celebrated their first wedding anniversary on January 1st. They decided to get married on the anniversary of when they started dating and that way they would always have fireworks to celebrate. My son will never be one of those husbands who forgets when their anniversary is, pretty clever!

It was a romantic, simple wedding. I wore a high low skirt with a lace blouse.

high low skirt - winter

I don’t like buying an outfit I can only wear once, I have worn it to dances and the sheer fabric makes it perfect for summer. Memories of warm, summer days, just what I need on this cold day in January.

high low skirt - summer


Anyone thinking of getting married, please watch this before you invest in rings …

August Gerstner Company

August Gerstner

“Wearing beautiful and precious jewellery is a privilege we are allowed to enjoy. We do not want this to happen at the expense of others.”

 This is where my son bought their rings; ethical and quality jewellery from Germany.



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Roses are Gray

Don’t let these photos fool you, it was a cold day in December, just before Christmas, but no snow. I took off my coat and braved the crisp, winter air for this photo shoot before going into Southworks Antique Mall in Cambridge, Ontario.

The skirt is from Le Chateau, a quality Canadian store. However, I was fortunate to find it in a thrift shop for $6. (No wonder I have too so many clothes!)

Le Chateau skirtIt’s a tweedy type of fabric and fully lined. The ruffled hem and black velvet trim detail is so flirty.

gray roses and velvet trim

I wore it with a black cami and black cardi from Esprit for a casual look, and I wear it with a black blazer for a more dressy look.

Black cardi and rose belt

Silver roses jewellery and my favourite black rose belt completes the outfit!

rose jewellery(I’m looking for my photos I took in the antique shop but can’t find them.)

No snow for Christmas but that has all changed! Baby, it’s cold outside!!



 Stay warm, stay safe!!


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The Not-So-Little Black Dress

Is my slip showing?

Free People skirt

Actually, this is a skirt I bought from Free People. It’s fitted at the hips and the delicate lace flares out with a scalloped hem, very dancy. The first time I stepped foot into a Free People boutique was in Seattle. I was mesmerized by the unique clothes; I found my style! Alas! Everything was out-of-my-price-range. So you can imagine the thrill of finding this $148. skirt for less than half price on Friday’s Boxing Day Sale!

black lace skirt

I bought this black lace blouse in Laguna Beach, California 8 years ago and I’m wearing it for the first time. Guess it was hiding in my closet just waiting for the right skirt to come along.

black lace blouse

My jewellery is from Spanner.

necklace and bracelet and earrings

I’m not usually black from head to toe (not even at a funeral) but I think black is a very elegant look. My favourite faux fur jacket keeps me warm, but my legs are freeezing!

black outfit with faux fur jacket


It’s the perfect skirt for dancing at the New Year’s Eve Ball tonight!

See the snow flakes on the screen? Well, tiny flurries are falling outside my window as I finish my last post for 2014.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2015!!

Photos taken at Sears Home in Kitchener –they have beautiful furniture and more; Dave is there ready to help you find what you need for your home!


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A Green Christmas

With temperatures above freezing, there was no snow for Christmas this year. Time for an impromptu photo-shoot on our way to my son’s house on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day

It wasn’t as warm as it looks, but I was able to take off my coat and scarf for two minutes before continuing to our destination.

Target dress with cardigan

I bought several dresses this summer, knowing I’d be able to wear them in winter with tights and a cardigan. I get more use out of my dresses this way.

Target dress

We had some lovely days in September when I wore this dress and planned to show it styled for warm weather as well as winter.

Target dress2

I can wear a belt high for an empire-style …

empire-style… or on my waist.

with beltI chose turquoise jewellery: I made this necklace, bracelet is from a flea market in Florida., ring from Silpada. The sheer net detail of this dress is so feminine.

DSC00657Industrial art (used for making rope many years ago) adds a touch of history along the path in Doon Village, once a little Scottish town and now part of Kitchener, walking distance from where I live.

Industrial art in Doon VillageEnjoy the holidays no matter what colour they are!


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