Cool without Cruel

What do hedge hogs and wild boars have in common?

They are both animals on T-shirts from ARMED ANGELS: organic, fair trade and eco-friendly.

Jean and I love supporting ethical businesses because this way we can vote with our dollars. Tragedies like Bangladesh and not wanting to contribute to child labour and horrible working conditions for people, are reasons we care about what we buy. Animals do not need to suffer for fashion and our environment is also a concern.

Jean bought hers at Veganista in Munich–grey with a wild boar.

Jean 2

I bought mine at Dear Goods in Berlin–lavender with a hedge hog.

carmen 2

Since then Jean has opened her own eco boutique and carries apparel from Armed Angels.


I love how Jean tucked her T-shirt in at one side, giving a ruche effect that looks great with her ruched skirt.

Jean 3Jean 4Jean 5Jean 6

I wore mine with white skinny jeans for a fresh summery look.

Version 2Version 2carmen 5close up carmen

Am I putting in a plug for fair-trade and for our animal friends?

You betcha!!!

Fashion with compassion

❤ carmen



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Dominion Day in Red and White Gingham

It’s been 150 years since Canada became a nation. July 1st used to be called Dominion Day when I was young.

I live in a humungous village with 35 million people! Canada means “village” in Huron-Iroquois, and today our VILLAGE is 150 years old.

I bought this red and white gingham summer dress with a vintage vibe especially for a ’50s birthday party I was invited to. Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive on time for the party, but I’m getting lots of wear out of it during these Canada Day festivities.

Version 2

It’s a full circle dress, perfect for twirling on the dance floor.

gingham dress 2

Sweet 3D cherries

gingham dressgingham dress 3

It was a lovely day for our annual visit to Doon Heritage Village.

Canada Day 1Canada Day 2Canada Day 3Canada Day 4

The charming old covered bridge, a remnant from the last century.

Covered BridgeCanada Day 6Canada Day 5Covered Bridge 2

Go through the bridge and walk into a quaint little village with authentic houses and shops built over a hundred years ago.

Canada Day 7Canada Day 8

The villagers will greet you with smiles and wearing fashion from 1914.

Canada Day 9IMG_2885Village 2Village 1

Cherry jewellery, Canada sunglasses, red lipstick and a little Canadian flag on my cowgirl hat just for the fun of it.

Time to catch the train home at Petersburg Station after an enjoyable trip back in time to a more simple life. This train station was transported from the town of Petersburg. The locomotive is not actually in use, but it’s fun to imagine.


God keep our land glorious and free!

 Canada Day 150

Happy 4th of July to my American friends!

Canada USA



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White Denim Vest

My last post featured my black faux suede vest. I have invested in a number of vests, but I’ve never had a white denim vest. I love how adding a vest can make an outfit a little more fashionable.

This little white denim vest is from Ricki’s. These are a few of the ways I’ve styled it.

With black and white damask print pants and a black sleeveless top …

Drizzle and Shine

and white skinny jeans …

Tiny TreasuresSparkle

with black and white gingham capris …

white vestwhite vest 2

It’s so versatile and I love white.

How many vests in your closet?

❤ carmen

Welcome Summer!


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Faux Suede Black Fringe Vest

fringed vestfringed vest 2Version 2When one of my dancers came to class wearing a black fringe vest similar to one I have, I thought it would be fun to have our photo taken together. Ann is a very fashionable lady and always looks stylish and youthful.

fringed vests

I’ve worn it with apricot and with blue. This time a black and white look.

fringed vest 4fringed vest 5

Thanks for stopping by!



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Polka Dot Capris

Time to wear capris, they’re cooler than pants and more chic than shorts. These ones are black with white polka dots and great for a little pattern mixing.

polka dot capris

My happy feet are enjoying sandals again!

polka dot capris 2

This tunic is a few years old bought at Budds Department Store (a family business which closed its doors forever in 2016 after 89 years).


The back and one sleeve are black.

backpolka dot capris 3

If you can’t see the bright side of life,
polish the dull side!

❤ carmen

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Faux Layers

faux layersLayers add interest to an outfit as well as warmth that can be peeled off if need be. But what I like about faux layers is that I can have the look without bulk. Case in point, this lovely turquoise pullover that looks like I’m wearing a white chiffon blouse underneath.

faux layers 3faux layers 2

This could be an easy DIY project. I’ve got a a couple of sweaters that are a little short and I could make one myself by buying a thrifted blouse and bravely cutting a few inches off the hem and cutting around the collar. If I ever get around to it!

faux layers 4faux layers backnecklace

Top: Reitmans
Necklace: hand-made by Canadian artist
Jeans: Le Chateau
Vegan purse: Jeane and Jax
Stilettos: J.C. Penny


Do you have any faux layer tops?



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Happy Anniversary Drizzle & Shine!

This month marks one year since my daughter opened her eco boutique in Seattle. I’m very proud of Jean, not only because she started her own business, but because compassion motivated her to make this decision. She explains in this video what Drizzle & Shine is all about. Please take a peek into her store by clicking the photo or here.

While in Seattle last September, I had a wonderful opportunity to help out in her unique store and meet some of Jean’s lovely customers. I bought a new wardrobe and featured clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories from Drizzle & Shine on my blog. Here’s my collection of ethical, cruelty-free and eco friendly clothing and items from Jean’s store.

It was great not having to check labels to be sure it was eco friendly and cruelty-free, because Jean has made sure of that.

Jean has always been fashionable since she was a little girl and more importantly, she was kind and loved all animals. It’s no wonder she grew up to be a compassionate fashionista.

She started her fashion blog before I had ever even heard there was such a thing. Jean’s love for animals and cruelty-free fashion caused her to start another blog, Sunshine and Slaughter, “Your portal to all things compassionate!” In this blog, she shares vegan recipes and restaurants, showing off the latest clothing, shoes, and beauty products from vegan companies, and shares information about campaigns to help animals. A great resource for vegan options.

“Style isn’t worth the suffering.”
~ Jean White


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Blue Roses

blue roses

My eyes light up brighter than a starry night when a package arrives from Seattle. I know it’s from Drizzle & Shine. Recently, Jean sent me three new things from her eco boutique: a blue tie-dyed dress, a black dolman-sleeved top and this soft-as-silk top with blue roses.

blue roses 2

This floral print is not the traditional kind you see on old-fashioned curtains. Rather, it reminds me of the art painted by impressionists and post impressionists like Claude Monet and Van Gogh. Apparently, pure impressionism avoids the use of black paint, but that’s what makes this pattern vibrant with pops of colours.

blue roses 3

In my opinion, it’s very impressive!

blue roses 4

It’s made in USA by Weston Wear (San Francisco)

blue roses 5

Just perfect for a Saturday morning trip to the bakery for fresh pretzels.

blue roses 6blue roses 7

“That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet 

Happy weekend dear friends!


Starry Night



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Synergy two-piece dress – Drizzle & Shine

This lovely skirt is one of the skirts I bought in Seattle at my daughter’s store.

Synergy skirt

It came with a matching top and I regretted not having bought the top. Thankfully my daughter (owner of Drizzle & Shine eco boutique) had one top left and sent it to me, so now I have three different looks.

Synergy outfit

Love the unique appliqué floral design, it’s a work of art!

Synergy outfit 2Synergy outfit 3

It’s the perfect length for the skirt.

Synergy outfit 4Synergy outfit 5Synergy outfit 6

The top is too short for leggings so I’ve added a black top extender. I can wear this top with black pants or white jeans, as well as some other colours.

Synergy top

This time I felt like a little pattern mixing with my “new” houndstooth leggings (one of my dance students found for me at a thrift shop).

Synergy top 2Synergy top 3Synergy top 4

The best part is that Synergy Organic Clothing is a fair trade company.

Every month Jean has a promotion for a good cause. This month was for Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and at the event a $450 spending spree at Drizzle & Shine was auctioned off. I was happy to be included with Jean in the advertising for Drizzle & Shine.

And this photo was shown on the big screen the night of the auction.

Chimpanzee Hoot

Some lucky ladies will enjoy their private shopping spree!

“Drizzle & Shine is an eco-boutique in Seattle with a carefully curated selection of both women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, specializing in items that are kind to the earth and animals and made by people who are treated fairly. You and up to 10 of your friends will be the exclusive guests at the Capitol Hill boutique for a private shopping spree where you will learn more about the brands that are featured in the shop while sipping on wine and enjoying some small bites. You’ll have a $200 gift certificate in hand, and all guests will receive 10% off of everything in the store, with another 10% of your spree going to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.”

“Doing good has never looked so good!”


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Florals Forever

Magnolia blossoms. One of my favourite times of the year–though brief and fleeting–is when the magnolia blossoms appear. Alas! The blossoms are vanishing like champaign bubbles and photos are all that remain.

floral blouseFlorals are here to stay and will never disappear because they are as timeless as nature. Who could ever get tired of nature? I wear florals through the seasons. I’ve always had florals in my wardrobe.

floral blouse 2

This semi-sheer blouse is shorter in the front and slightly longer in the back with delicate little pink and purple blossoms on a black background.

high low blouse

A keyhole in the front …

keyhole blouse

A keyhole in the back …

keyhole back

High low style with a flare hem makes it very feminine. My purple flower purse matches. I love tops that I can dress up or down.

Blouse: gifted
Pants: Le Chateau
Booties: Target (non leather)

Do flowers grow in your wardrobe?



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