Home for the Holidays

On Christmas Eve, snow flurries were floating through the air like a huge snowglobe being gently shaken and by Christmas morning it was a magical sight indeed! We celebrated Christmas with our youngest son, our oldest son and his wife, and our three grandchildren. Our daughter Jean called from Seattle, and we can thank Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone!

Relaxing at home in my new Covered Perfectly top which arrived just in time for Christmas. I was so disappointed that this American company–founded by Pauline Durban–has closed after 7 years. I’m glad I was able to purchase this red top before they closed. I have featured these tops on my blog several times through the years because they are so comfortable and stylish and I love supporting American companies.

I bought these leggings last year at a Christmas market. SweetLegs are super soft and comfortable too. The print has colourful VW beetles and vans with little evergreen trees. The red booties are 25 years old.

What’s in the mug?

Creamy Vegan Eggnog Smoothie


  • bananas 
  • cup of oat milk
  • tablespoons walnuts
  • teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

My granddaughter and her mom made Christmas cookies.

Christmas is not just a day, it’s a season and we are having a peaceful holiday, thanking God for His many blessings!

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy New Year!

And to all a good night!

❤ carmen

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

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Last Christmas

During the holidays, I’m enjoying reminiscing about Christmases past. This first photo is from last Christmas with my new Christmas shoes.

Christmas 1965, the last Christmas our family of four (Mom, dad, brother and myself) celebrated together. Little did we know it was to be the last Christmas we would ever be together again. My parents separated and my brother had a fatal car accident in 1968.

The last Christmas our family was together: mom, Johnny and me (my dad took the photo)

Christmas through the years …

My beautiful friend Maggie shared these photos of happy Christmas memories …

Christmas is a season of JOY!

but for many it is a time of loss and pain.

May God comfort those who mourn and suffer.

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White Christmas

And just like that, it’s Christmastime again!

Time to don our gay apparel with merry and bright colours. I’m wearing my red tartan Christmas blazer, red beret (secondhand) and red booties that I have had for over 25 years. The double-breasted jacket looks like wool but is a blend of polyester, rayon and cotton. The plaid has silver threads woven through which give it a sparkly festive look.

Beret: gift via thrifted
Tartan blazer: Marshalls
Non-leather purse: Stars (Whidbey Island)
Booties: Made in Germany

I have a collection of berets, all are secondhand and my newest one is made in France with an Eiffel Tower embroidered on it.

My black top, skirt and tights have small polka dots that look like tiny snowflakes.

Necklace scarf: DIY
Top: ArmedAngels from Drizzle and Shine
Miniskirt: ArmedAngels from Drizzle and Shine
Tights: Organic cotton, made in Italy from Simons

May your days be merry and bright!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season!

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Red and Black Buffalo Checks

Or as we call this pattern in Canada–Lumberjack squares or Lumberjack plaid. 

I love these big bold checks and they get their name from the Canadian lumberjacks who wear jackets and shirts with this red and black plaid. 

While shopping on Black Friday, I bought two plaid tops at Eclipse. This one is dolman style and is made in Canada, a sporty look and I paired it with black velvet leggings.

Red accessories: beret (thrifted), vegan purse (bought on Whidbey Island) and new red booties from Walking on a Cloud.

Saw these cute black and red hens that match my outfit.

What’s your favourite plaid?

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Dress Up – Dress Down: Black and Beige Two-Tone Sweater

When I noticed this two-tone sweater on a mannequin, it was one of those moments. You know, the kind when you make an instant decision. Only one sweater left: fortunately, just my size and just my style! I love the dolman sleeves and contrasting V in beige.

First, I dressed it up with velvet cargo pants and leopard accessories for an elegant look. Velvet and faux fur add texture to this outfit.

Next time, I dressed it down with black jeans and a knitted beret for a casual look. Booties are faux suede with a knitted cuff.

This haunting melody echoes in my mind from my mother’s record collection. Nat King Cole–one of her favourites–the Autumn Leaves. The trees are barren now and Winter is knocking at the door.

This beautiful version by Natalie Cole

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Shopping at Simons

Simons–Canadian fashion destination since 1840

When I saw this pretty floral T-shirt and long cardigan on a mannequin at Simons, I immediately decided to buy the cardigan and went back for the T-shirt. It’s not the first time I’ve bought what a mannequin was wearing. 

I love this shade of raspberry pink and the florals are as colourful as autumn. 

There are so many wonderful things about autumn to enjoy …

  • a walk in the woods
  • autumn leaves crunching
  • crisp forest air
  • the fragrance of the pines
  • hayrides in the country
  • picking apples at an orchard
  • going to a pumpkin patch
  • coming home to homemade soup

It’s been an awesome autumn!

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Autumn Days and Fireside Evenings

I absolutely love the vibrantl design of this tunic which looks like an abstract painting. I bought it at Zacks (Canadian Store). It’s like wearing a work of art. Designed by a Canadian artist Claire Desjardins whose work reminds me of Karen Gadient an American artist, designer and illustrator. You can check out her blog here.

“I help to create happiness by infusing moments of joy in everyday lives.” ~Claire Desjardins

Autumns in Ontario are very colourful and great for taking leisurely drives just to enjoy the scenery along the country roads.

When evening falls, it’s great to relax by our virtual fireplace. I hope to have a real one someday. In the meantime, I’m content to have a warm place to come home to.

Let’s be thankful for what we have!



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Faux Leather and Lace: thrifted fashion

One of my favourite looks is mixing rough and refined. Faux leather pants are a tough biker look, but I’m a feminine kinda girl, so I paired them with a pretty lace top. Both are thrifted and my shoes are from Maggie’s clothing exchange. It’s a great autumnal look.

Top: Cleo (thrifted)
Faux leather pants: thrifted
Purse: thrifted
shoes: Maggie’s clothing exchange

My outfit cost under $20.

You don’t have to be rich to be in style!


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Peplum and a Pencil Skirt

When I started blogging nine years ago, my second post was about my dear mother. She had a profound influence on me. I am truly blessed to be her daughter!

My love for peplum started when I was a child, my mother wore peplum and she looked so elegant. When I wear peplum I feel elegant, especially with a pencil skirt, lace stockings and heels. This look reminds me of my mom and when I look at these photos, I see my mom. These black lace stockings belonged to her.

This organic cotton skirt is from my daughter’s eco-boutique Drizzle & Shine, made in USA by Blue Canoe.(eco-fashion).

Another SLOW FASHION outfit

Peplum top: Vera Moda (thrifted)
Pencil skirt: Blue Canoe (Made in USA)
Lace stockings: my mom’s from the 1960’s
shoes: Maggie’s clothing exchange

In memory of my mom❤️August 1926 – November 2001

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Sweater Weather Again!

My cotton sweater is made in Italy and I love this shade of pink. It’s oversized and feels so comfy! First time wearing it was to Crystal Beach to visit our dear friend Maria and go shopping and biking.

Maria’s home is a charming beach house and she has a flair for decorating.

Crystal Beach is not far from Niagara Falls and we stopped along the way to enjoy the view of the Niagara River.

We’ve had a beautiful Indian Summer and there’s so much I love about this season.

  • cozy sweaters
  • day trips
  • apple cider
  • homemade soup
  • coffee brewing and pumpkin pie

The only thing I don’t like about autumn is that winter comes next.



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