Spring Cleaning

I’ve started my spring cleaning. First on my list was to get the “treehouse” ready to use. This is a covered deck (overlooking an enchanted forest) shelter from the rain and shade from the sun, with screens all around to keep the mosquitoes and flies out. I’m wearing a little frock and leggings. I like to dress stylish even when cleaning, because I like to. :-)

Vacuuming the carpet …


Cleaning the wicker furniture (I use NORWEX enviro cloths) …

cleaning with NORWEX

Washing the screens (I use my NORWEX mit) …

washing the screenswashing the screens

Time to relax for a few minutes sipping tea and listen to the birds sing.

tea time

This is what it will look like in a few weeks when all the leaves turn green. The early morning sun shining in is so inviting to enjoy breakfast before a busy day begins.


I also go out in this outfit, perhaps that’s why it’s called an OUT fit, because it’s fit to go out. I wear it to go shopping.


It has a lovely asymmetrical floral pattern on one side, a diagonal hemline with lace.


I wore it for crossing the Brooklyn bridge last summer.

Brooklyn Bridge

And for relaxing in the park

in the parkHappy Spring cleaning!!


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Celebration of the Swans

The Parade of the Swans is the official sign of spring in Canada. It takes place in the charming city of Stratford on the Avon River.

all white

I wore white for the occasion, with a pop of red: sunglasses and sandals (first time wearing sandals this year!). White doubled-breasted hoodie is from Hudson Bay, white cargo pants from Spanner.

white with red sandals

Every year the swans of Stratford march from their winter home, along the path to the scenic Avon River in Southern, Ontario. Crowds gather to watch these awesome birds strut by.

swans 1

Led by the parade Marshal – Mr. Goose

Mr Gooseswans 2

The Stratford Pipers are heard for miles around and it is a family affair.

Stratford Pipers

Although I’m not a swimmer–prefer to stay on the bank of the river–I love water.

Avon River

My grandchildren enjoyed the day with lots of fun activities for children of all ages.

my granddaughter

big swantrain ridetree climbingIMG_7722

bridge 2 bridge 1

And with colourful crocuses bursting from the soil, yes, Spring has come to Canada!

 I turned some heads in my all white outfit, time forTURNING HEADS TUESDAY and LINKUPWITH LISA and SYDNEY FASHION HUNTER and Visible Monday

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Missing My Target

Two years ago Target came to town!

Balancing on the ball – I always wanted to stand on one of those BIG red balls out front and finally did it on Monday. This is the feeling I had when Target arrived.

Balancing on the ball

Today Target is closing its doors forever in Canada.

on the ball

On the ball – I enjoyed shopping at Target and always found something I liked: dresses, cardigans, tops, pants, leggings, lingerie, undergarments, pajamas, accessories, shoes, boots and jewellery. Even my iPad and many household goods were purchased there. I like the quality with many items made in USA and Canada.

on the target

I suppose I should be wearing an outfit from Target on this post, but I have featured clothes from Target before and will continue to show things in the future that I purchased there.

The atmosphere was always pleasant with friendly and helpful employees. My shopping experience was positive and I will miss my Target!

Target employees

So sad to see one of my favourite stores close.



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The weather outside my window this morning looked more like Christmas than Easter, in fact, we did not have snow this past Christmas.


I always look forward to Easter even more than Christmas, perhaps because there’s not as much commercialism, but mostly because it is such a powerful demonstration of God’s love for everyone!


Easter week I was asked to print a scripture verse (John 1:1) on the arch of a wall in the hallway of a local church where I have taught liturgical dance for 20 years.

John 1:1I painted freehand without a stencil.

ladder 1ladder 2This morning I did a liturgical dance with banners, to an inspirational song by Michael W. Smith, Agnus Dei.



  Wishing you and yours peace and joy!!

Love and blessings!!

<3 carmen

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Style Challenge: Red and Black Stripes

While shopping in Seattle Jean found these cool tunics with diagonal stripes and handkerchief hems. She’s wearing hers with a black chunky chain necklace (wish I has one) and black faux leather leggings and I wore black corduroy leggings.

Jean and carmenJean wore vegan black booties and I wore my red rubber booties, perfect for a drizzly day in Seattle. I prefer my red vintage booties that Jean gave me years ago.

red and black tunicI layered the outfit with a red cardigan with ruffles and added my mom’s black belt.

DSC00593 Scarves are one of my favourite accessories and I bought this one in NYC last summer.

DSC00597I love the bold look of red and black. I wore this outfit to my dance class today.


I would buy all my shoes in red if I could.

Do you like bold colours?

love and blessings

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Farewell to Frosty

Two more sleeps!

On March 20th Spring will be arriving. We’ve had a few milder days which have certainly lifted my spirit and hopes that Spring is around the corner.

brown swearter

This designer cardigan is several years old, with unique features. I bought it at a hospital gift shop (of all places) while visiting someone. Earth-tones are still one of my favourites.

closeup brown sweater

Arm candy is new from La Creme and I love adding several at a time for a fun arm party.

I bought my faux suede boots in California in 2006 when my daughter Jean got married on Long Beach. They are still lovely and in style almost 10 years later.

I’m packing away my snowmen …

Farewell and I can honestly say,

I won’t miss you!!!

love and blessings

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High Low Dress for all Seasons

I got this chic high low dress at Hudson’s Bay in the fall. I’ve bought several high low dresses, skirts and tops ever since they made the fashion scene. The first time I laid eyes on one, I said – that’s for me!

gray high low dress

This dress has a lace waist and if you know me – I LOVE LACE!

high low dress with lace waist

The cutout design adds a unique detail.

high low cutout detail

It’s sleeveless, but I have been wearing it with a cardigan and tights this winter.

high low dress with cardigan

 The back has a zipper and the hemline is a subtle high low.

back of dress

As soon as it warms up enough, I won’t need the cardigan and tights, instead, I’ll wear sandals. I love dresses that I can wear all seasons. For a different look, I have a wide red belt which covers the lace but adds a pop of colour and then I’ll wear my red strappy sandals for a dressy occasion or red ballet flats for casual.

click photo to see Dana's shoes

click photo to see Dana’s shoes

International Home Interiors in Kitchener, Ontario is the perfect backdrop for this elegant dress. This store showcases exquisite, quality furniture and unique art from around the world. It’s worth the drive to Kitchener if you live in southern Ontario.

red arm chair

Do you like the high low trend?

love and blessings

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International Women’s Day

You are so beautiful!

Here are a few of the women I admire and who inspire me! I am working on adding links to the photos.

Dedicated to the remarkable women all over the world! God bless you all!

<3 carmen


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Style Challenge: Tartan Top Two Ways


Fremont (Seattle) has several unique boutiques. Jean and I saw this pretty plaid shirt in the window. The fabric is soft and drapes nicely. These tops are so unique: a blend of shirt and blouse!

Originally posted on jeanofalltrades:

You might be aware that my mom loves it when we dress alike. I happen to not like wearing the same thing as someone else. She started the habit when I was too young to know better. Now, I do it only occasionally–just to indulge her. Personally, I like having my own style and take on things.

Thankfully, during her recent visit we came to a compromise. A style challenge!

two ways to wear a tartan top

Blouses: Bliss Seattle
Pants: Lucky and Hue
Boots: Cri de Coeur and MIA
Necklaces: Thrifted and Fremont Sunday Market

This shirt caught our eyes because it’s such a unique cut. My mom focused on the blue in the top and paired it with dark denim leggings. The flowy top balances the skinny pants nicely.

mom's version

The wrap-style front and shirt-tails added a feminine flair to what might otherwise be a regular plaid shirt. The white running through it…

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The Long, Cold Winter

You know it’s wickedly cold when Niagara Falls freezes over! It’s a spectacular sight (actually, it isn’t completely frozen and the water still flows underneath). Bitter cold temperatures haven’t kept the tourists away, so there’s plenty of photos to view on the Internet. I still hope to see it, before they thaw as temperatures start to rise.

Niagara Falls

Here’s how the front porch looked just before I left for Seattle in January. Great packing snow!

black coat black coat

Now you can barely see the Muskoka chairs.

front porch Colourful winter coats, worn with pretty scarves, help to cheer me and keep me warm on these subzero winter days. Red always brightens my mood and I wear a different scarf every time.

red coat

Timeless houndstooth and other bold patterns makes a coat look stylish and impressive. This one is from a thrift shop and cost $20.

houndstooth coat

Of course, every woman needs a black coat too; goes with all my wild patterned leggings and colourful, printed skinnie jeans.

black coat

Pretty pink and florals worn during dreary winter months gives me hope that spring will return. This coat is washable faux suede with a faux fur trim. My earmuffs are a gift from my cousin when she came to visit in October, perfect to keep my ears toasty warm today.

pink faux fur coat

 The snow today is too powdery for making snowballs. Knit scarf and gloves are from Reitmans and my faux suede boots are from Payless.

pink faux suede coat

My father told me these encouraging German words.

Es geht alles vorüber, es geht alles vorbei.

Nach jedem Winter, folgt wieder ein Mai.

Everything will pass, everything will be over,

After every winter, comes again another May.


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