Let’s mention the Unmentionables

Most women want to look good on the outside, but what’s underneath is not always so pretty. My cousin worked in a lingerie department and told me that some of the nicest dressed women wore panties with holes and ill-fitting bras.

I like to look good in my intimate apparel even if no one else sees it. I do. I feel it and I am not comfortable in shabby panties or bras that you can’t wait to take off.

Quality vs Quantity I’ll choose quality. Well-made clothes last longer, especially if it’s a good company and you take care of them.

It’s important to choose good quality and well-fitting items; they cost a little more but are definitely worth it. Caring for them means they last longer, so in the long-run, they are worth every penny!

I want what’s under my clothes to look just as pretty and romantic too. My favourite is black lace, but most lace bras are uncomfortable, not this one by Thirdlove. It has memory foam cups underneath the lace.


Thirdlove, a company based in California, has this great advice for taking care of staples. Here’s a handy chart to keep for reference.

thirdlovethirdloveThirdlove has an iPhone app for proper fitting, they have half cup sizes and come with a 100% fit guarantee. Take a look at their cute bras.

You’ll save 15% using this code STAPLES.


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Fashion with Compassion

SusanOne of my favourite bloggers is Susan from A little Sage. Her blog is a delicious resource of nutritious recipes as well as a wealth of information about healthy living. Her photos look like a professional cookbook.

Susan has a great sense of humour and she is beautiful with a heart of gold.

Susan and her husband Pete are living proof of what a plant-based lifestyle can do for you. They have an incredible success story to share. You will find her about page entertaining and inspirational.

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Susan on her blog. read more

http://alittlesage.com/fashion-with-compassion/❤ carmen



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Tim Hortons – soy good!

Tim Hortons–Canada’s version of Starbucks–celebrated 50 years in May 2014. I was so glad that they started offering soy milk for costumers.

Tim Hortons 50 years

Enjoy the Soy!


Their pretzel bagels are delicious (made without dairy or eggs).

pretzel bagel

There are plenty of people who are lactose intolerant, as well as people like me who don’t drink milk because of compassion for dairy cows and people who care about their health. Throwback Thursday: celebrating 50 years of Tim Hortons doughnuts.

 soyIn case you’ve heard propaganda about soy, here’s Mic to explain it much better than I can. FYI – my breasts have never changed in over 15 years of drinking soy. Don’t you think soy companies would make a fortune if it were true? Women would no longer get breast implants.


Unless you’re allergic to it, soy is good for you (same goes for peanuts and other foods as well).

It’s not soy we should be worried about … it’s DAIRY!

My oldest son Daniel introduced me to these excellent videos on Youtube. This guy knows what he’s talking about and backs it up with well-documented facts.

Enjoy the soy!

❤ carmen

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Weekend Walk at Webster’s Falls

How I love to get away from it all to enjoy the fresh air and spectacular sights of Webster’s Falls. An adventurous day trip: great for a family outing, photography and exploring. Ontario has a myriad of breathtaking waterfalls besides the famous Niagara Falls.

on the trail

This weekend it was Webster’s Falls.

from the top view from the bottom

And Tews Falls (almost as high as Niagara Falls).

Tews Falls

It was the perfect spring day for another hiking adventure in nature: the view of the magnificent waterfalls, the sound of the falls echoing through the gorge, the fragrance of lilacs in full bloom, and sunlight flickering through the trees. This is one of Ontario’s panoramic scenes of the Niagara Escarpment.

This looks as dangerous as it is. I am high on a cliff of the Dundas Peak overlooking the forest far below and the cities of Dundas and Hamilton in the distance.

Dundas Peak Dundas Peak 2DSC06076 DSC06051

happy trails

Happy trails to you!

❤ carmen

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My daughter: the eco boutique owner.

Today the doors of a new eco boutique opened on Capitol Hill, Seattle.


9431779Drizzle & Shine is an eco boutique that grew out of a style blog. While blogging about fashion, boutique owner Jean White learned about major ethical concerns in the fashion industry. The more she looked for ethical options, the more she wished there was one place in Seattle to find clothes by companies whose values she shares.

She found eco clothing, but they were often made with wool, silk, and leather. She found clothing free of animal products, but didn’t often know how the items were made. At Drizzle & Shine, we’ve curated collections that are kind to animals, earth, and people.

Everything in the store is free of animal products. And everything is a combination of fair trade, organic, local, USA-made, and/or recycled. We choose brands who think big, have small footprints, and give back … more

Capitol Hill Seattle community news featured Drizzle and Shine in today’s blog 


Jean White has been vegan for years. Her new Capitol Hill eco boutique has been vegan for all of one day.

Drizzle + Shine opened Wednesday in a commercial space along 15th Ave E on the Group Health Capitol Hill campus.

“I’ve been vegan for 16 years,” White tells CHS. “I extended that to my clothing.”

The new store sells clothing and accessories from undies to sunglasses to shoes — for men and women …

“The environmental aspect is the central goal,” White says. read more

eco boutique

It’s been and exciting day for my daughter Jean (jean of all trades– a style guide). I wish I could have been there. She’s having the GRAND OPENING on Sunday, May 22, noon till 5. If you live in the Seattle area, I hope you’ll drop by.


Like Drizzle + Shine on Facebook 

Drizzle + Shine


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The Telephone City

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone near Brantford, Ontario, a city not far from where I live. It’s an interesting day trip to visit the Bell Homestead, one of Ontario’s oldest historic home museums, an educational  experience for my grandson.


Although Mr. Bell invented the telephone in 1874 in Brantford by the Grand River, he was born in Scotland and his family moved to Canada when he was 23 years old.

Telephone City

This is a monumental place when you think of the significance of this invention, one of the most important scientific inventions in history! The first long distance phone call was made from Brantford to Paris (that is Paris, Ontario).

Take a look inside …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used to spend hours on the phone, now I spend hours blogging.

P1010914 Bell HomesteadA perfect location for a photoshoot …IMG_0615IMG_0613-640 Version 2 DSC05963 DSC05970 non-leather shoes

A lovely afternoon in the countryside, this was a wonderful science, history, geography and biography lesson for my grandson.:-)


willow treeAre there any interesting historical sites in your area?


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Denim jacket and white jeans

Shopping at Homesense the other day, I couldn’t help noticing that I matched the furniture display, so I asked a shopper to take my photo. Thank you Paul!

DSC05815 DSC05812 DSC05809

I’m not the only one who likes wearing a denim jacket with white jeans.

My daughter Jean inspired me three years ago with her outfit and since then I’ve seen other fashionable women (both on blogs and in real life).


I got my purse at Jean’s Clothing Exchange (I got first dibs because it belonged to her). This one is handmade, and I love supporting artisans and crafters.

floral purse

She bought it a a flea market in Harlem on our summer vacation in 2013.


Denim jackets match everything and I love how the rough and refined look adds interest to an outfit. My jacket is thrifted ($7.99).

DSC05837 DSC05819

My denim shoes

shoesI am preparing a post featuring …

What Women Wear with their Jean Jackets.

I’d love to include your look.

What do you wear with your denim jacket?

❤ carmen

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A Horse with No Name

In 1960 my brother Johnny visited my grandparents in Germany.  I don’t know the name of the horse. but this photo was taken in Killesberg Park, Stuttgart. Johnny was ten years old and would be 66 today. (I was only eight so I didn’t get to go.)


Fast forward to 1989 …

During our summer vacation in Germany, we explored Killesberg park, searching for the horse with no name. It’s a huge park with several horses and I was thrilled to find the same horse! Here is my son Daniel at age ten!


In 1994 we made the trip to Germany again and this time my youngest son, Jonathan, had his turn to have a photo taken at five years old.

(I’m looking for the photo, please check back😉 )

Last summer I enjoyed a wonderful time in Germany again after 21 years and took a little train ride around the park. The famous Stuttgart horse …


My daughter Jean took this photo of me …


Happy memories!


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This is a question I never used to ask.

During Fashion Revolution Week in April, my daughter Jean wrote about the importance of buying ethically made clothing.

Her dress is by Synergy, a company that specializes in organic cotton clothing made by women in Nepal who are paid a living wage.

Synergy dress

Jean is so passionate about this that she showed the documentary THE TRUE COST in Seattle and is opening an eco boutique DRIZZLE AND SHINE in Seattle.

thrifted jacket

Her shoes are by Nicora. They are handmade in Los Angeles from eco-friendly fabrics. Jean is a Nicora brand ambassador. You may contact her for a discount code   toward a pair of their wonderful shoes.

Nicora shoes

It’s been three years since the tragedy of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed 1130 garment workers. We need to care and it’s time to ask, “Who made our clothes?”

You may have noticed my Site Tagline on the upper righthand corner of my blog–Fashion with Compassion. This means I care about people who make our clothes and also animals who should not suffer for fashion. Fashion is fun, but not at the expense of people, animals and our environment.

Who made your clothes?

Fashion with Compassion

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My Country Western Look

… with a southwestern flair!

faux suede vest

Nothing says country western more than a fringed vest and this one is faux suede that I picked up at Suzy Shier (Canadian women’s fashion store).

faux suede vest

Fringes are FUN!!!

faux suede vestAlthough sold separately, this southwest Navajo-inspired print top (made in U.S.A.) was displayed with it and they are great paired together.

Navajo inspired print

Add some faded blue jeans …


And some boots …


And I’m ready to kick up my heels and go dancing this weekend with my dance class at the Stampede Corral.


I’m a city girl, with a little bit country.

faux suede vest

Now all I need is a cowgirl hat.

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