The True Cost Film Screening

Let’s make  the world a better place for everyone!!❤


Being a fashion blogger has opened my eyes to a lot about the fashion industry—not all of it good. You may have noticed that I love to attend clothing exchanges and I love supporting local designers and small businesses. I also don’t wear animals. People, animals, and the earth are important but they are often exploited in the name of business.

true costLast year I watched The True Cost, and I learned a lot about the human and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. The film sheds light on the wasteful nature of fast fashion and the horrible working conditions in the factories where cheap clothing is made.

This groundbreaking documentary asks the simple question: “Who made my clothes?” It features activists and green fashion companies too (it’s not all grim). And it drives home the obvious fact that no one should die making the styles we love to wear.

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If you can’t beat ’em – join ’em

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of this season, but I can’t hibernate all winter.

sled 2

This sled is not just a decoration on my front porch. It is made in Germany and we bought it for our daughter Jean when we lived there in 1982. Since then our two boys have used it and now our grandchildren.

sled on porch

I used to cross-country ski (sold my skis at a garage sale some years ago) and I enjoyed skating (can’t find my skates since 2012 when we moved). Now I walk through the woods and go tobogganing when necessary.

carmen on sled

Red and black have been my go to colours this winter. Bright and cheerful, and fashionable for tobogganing with my grandchildren last Sunday. It was a perfect day, sun shining and the temperature was bearable.

granddaughtergrandson sled

Robins inspire me with their very fashionable look in black and red.robin

sled 1

Temperatures have been rising this week and all that snow has melted including this snowman. Goodbye Frosty!


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Black and White Plaid

Everything I wear pretty well has a memory and a story woven through its fibres. Case in point–this black and white plaid scarf with matching gloves. I’m a sort of matchy-matchy person, even though my daughter Jean has taught me not to match all the time. I learn a lot from her (including my vegan lifestyle).

black and white plaidcloseupblack and white plaid 2black and white plaid 3

This is a continuation of my last post featuring my Royal Stewart scarf with matching gloves; both the tartan and plaid sets were gifts from my dear grandmother.

royal stewart

I have several houndstooth scarves I can wear with this hat, but I decided to do some pattern mixing: black and white houndstooth with a black and white leopard print so I’m not always matchy-matchy.😀

leaopard 2 leopard houndstooth hat

The red boots were a gift from my dear friend Helga in Germany (1982).

Hat: little shop in Kitchener
Scarf and gloves: gifted from my grandmother
Vest: Spanner
corduroy leggings: Fred Meyer
Boots: gifted (made in Germany)

I can’t choose the weather, but I can choose what I wear!


Love is always in season!

love you more



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Royal Stewart Tartan: black and red

My grandmother gave me this Royal Stewart scarf with matching gloves in the 60s. She also gave me the same set in black and white plaid. Made in Germany.

red tartan

We had another snow storm last night. The wind was howling outside my window louder than the coyotes. The weather was not fit for man nor beast. Those are coyote paw prints in the snow to my right. Seriously, we see them sometimes, and we hear them!

red tartan 6

In the daylight, the wind had died and the sun was shining in all its glory!

red tartan 2red tartan 3red tartan 4red tartan 5

Vest: Spanner
Pullover: H & M
Corduroy leggings: Fred Meyer
Boots: Germany (1982)

Scarf and gloves: gifted from my grandmother

scarf and gloves




Thanks for stopping by!


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Winter is Back

Looks like a scene from Narnia.

Guess I spoke too soon, but I was hopeful when I wrote my previous post on Tuesday that Spring is in the air.

winter 1

My dance class was cancelled on Wednesday due to freezing rain. The weather has changed drastically since Sunday’s mild breeze and yesterday’s sun is GONE with the winter wind!!

What to do? Go for a walk in the woods. Sure it’s freezing but it is beautiful to see the magic of snowflakes falling and the scenery is breathtaking (the cold air is literally breathtaking too).

I bundled up with my winter white faux fur jacket and a fuzzy handmade hat I bought at a crafter’s market in Huntington Beach, California ten years ago.

winter 3

I’m thankful we have a forest behind our house, makes it easy to enjoy nature in every season.

DSC05334 DSC05333

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

❤ carmen

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Love is in the air

loveIt’s still February and spring is in the air! A balmy breeze welcomed me as I stepped out the door Sunday morning on my way to church. The sun was shining today and the days are getting longer again. Robins are back in our trees eating berries.

pink coat pink coat 2

I recently started my spring shopping and wore pink.

I bought this high low top at Reitmans. It has pale pink roses and short raglan sleeves with a lacy print. The back is all gray; it will look perfect with these gray and pink skinny jeans.

Shops are setting up Easter displays and spring decorations.

Spring is in the air!

pink heart

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Romance and Red Wine

A red rose is a symbol of romance.


Romance is always fashionable.


Red is a passionate colour.


I bought this red cardigan with big black buttons at Hudson’s Bay. Looks like I’m on the Brooklyn Bridge …

Brooklyn Bridge

I’m actually at IKEA.


Red warms up cold February days!

red jacket

A little wine warms up a cold February evening!


Jacket: thrifted
Cardigan: Hudson’s Bay
Pants: Le Chateau
Rubber booties: Cougar


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Lady in Red

Whether you’re going out on a date with your Valentine or celebrating a special occasion–dressing up adds spice to life.

red dress

 A lady in red will always be outstanding in a crowd.

red dress 2

I tried on this elegant gown in Le Chateau on my way home from work today. MADE IN CANADA; I love the ruching detail at one side and the bare shoulder looks sensuous and glamorous.

Long black gloves makes me feel like I’m in romantic movie scene. My little black satin purse is big enough for a cell phone, tissue and lipstick.

black gloves and satin purse

Gentlemen in Black look sophisticated and I have chosen two suit rentals from THE BLACK TUX that will look great with my red dress.

Ladies – which suit would you like your man to wear?

Gentlemen – which suit would you choose to impress your date?

Dress to impress!!


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Happy February … roses roses roses

February – the month of hearts and roses …

roses 1

Today’s outfit is monochromatic roses: everything from my top to toes.

roses 2

I love the textures of this long top: black velvet roses and a chiffon hem that looks like I’m wearing a blouse underneath–instant layering. The black chiffon hem is perfect for pattern mixing

roses 3

Top: Reitmans
Leggings: Aeorpostale
Boots: Target
roses 4

Leggings are a staple in my wardrobe because I teach dance and wear them to classes often, so I have more than a dozen pairs.

roses 5

These ones are faux lace. (Is there such a thing as faux lace?) At any rate, they have a pretty lace pattern.

roses 6

A close up view shows the lace print looks so realistic.

faux lace

I bought my faux lace rubber boots at Target when they were closing last year (boo hoo! so sad they closed after only two years in Canada).

rose rubber boots

I have a collection of silver roses jewellery; my necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring are roses.


 Happy Februarycarmen



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Monochromatic in shades of gray

Gray–one of my favourite neutrals.

gray top 1

This top is made to look like a lace top worn over a chiffon blouse with a ruffled hem–a layered look.

gray lace top

To keep these gray tones from being boring, I’ve added texture and floral patterned skinny jeans.

gray top 2

And silver metallic ballet flats …

Subzero temperatures outside and another gray day in January, but I’m keeping warm at the Butterfly Conservatory, enjoying the colourful butterflies fluttering about and the sparkling waterfall.


Butterfly ConservatoryI found this top in a thrift shop.

gray top 3

While on Facebook I noticed an ad with this same top!


They have a coffee shop as well, a lovely place to relax with a cup of herbal tea and a good friend!

life is like a sandwich



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