Dressing up Denim

Denim dressed up with white

Everyone needs a denim jacket. I love the contrast of rugged and feminine.

denim jacket

I’ve dressed up a denim jacket with a long, white cotton dress.

white dress 1

white dress

Denim dressed up with black

Dressing up denim with black is dramatic and creates a totally different look.


My denim jacket worn over a cami with lace trim and faux suede asymmetrical skirt.

Version 2

I added a black “lace” necklace (it’s actually metal) and a black flower for extra femininity.


backThese faux suede boots are so comfortable even though they have three inch heels. They look and feel like black velvet. I bought them ten years ago and hope to find a replacement someday.




How do you dress up denim?

   ❤ carmen



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We Are Family

Even though we’re an ocean apart and times together are few, my family in Germany is very dear to me.

March 2015, I received the sad news that my dear cousin Marco passed away. I wasn’t able to attend the funeral, but I made plans to visit my family in the summer.

This post is specially in memory of Marco. He was a wonderful man with a generous heart and fun-loving personality. Marco and my brother Johnny had the same beaming smile and loved to play drums.


 I stayed with Marco’s wife for a few weeks and even got to sleep in his bed.

Marco and Beate

I enjoyed feeding the tortoises. I had a tortoise whose name was Boris when I was a teenager and these guys brought back happy memories.

DSC02839These friends are vegans …:-)
tortoises Marco’s wife and I at a restaurant in Stuttgart.

Beate and carmen

We had fun shopping in Stuttgart, touring towns and enjoying time with many of my cousins and family.

I bought a silver heart tray on one of our shopping trips and the silver heart ornament is from Marco’s wife.

Memories to treasure but I missed that Marco was not there.

happy memory

Time and distance do not separate us from loved ones.

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Easter: more than bunnies and chocolate


Although I love cute bunnies, Easter is much more than bunny rabbits. The true meaning of Easter is about LOVE. GOD’S AMAZING LOVE!

Although I love dark chocolate, Easter is much more than chocolate. It’s when God showed us how much He loves us! EVERYONE in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Every Easter Sunday I do a dance at church in celebration of God’s love and the Resurrection.

It’s also wonderful to share the love with family and friends together for a meal.

Something delicious from Susan’s kitchen



I once had an adorable real-live rabbit that I named Benjamin.


Thought I’d show you some bunnies I collect …

Some of my bunnies were gifts from my dance students, family and friends.

DSC03881 DSC03274 DSC03272 DSC03236 DSC03863 DSC00330 DSC04153These two wanted to go for a hop in the woods, but decided to go tobogganing because of the snow.

bunnies tobagganing

Weather report in my corner of the world, well … take a look at photos taken this Easter weekend. Definitely does NOT look like spring! Crocuses were peeking through the ground on our front lawn last week in hopes of spring, but winter is not letting go!

It is definitely a magical sight to see trees of crystal sparkling in the sunshine (it is breathtakingly glorious!). However, it is sad that we lose trees and branches. There is continuous crackling sounds in the forest behind my house even as I type.

DSC05611 DSC05610

Happy Easter my dear friends!!
God is love!
pink heart

lamb pig

❤❤❤ Thank you❤❤❤


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Style Challenge: Pearl Gray Bouclé

Shopping in Fremont, Washington with my daughter Jean was a fun Girl’s Day Out. We saw this bouclé pullover in a shop window. It can be  dressed up like the mannequin, worn over a dress.

We both bought one while I was visiting her last year in Seattle, they are soft and comfortable, and a lovely shade of pearl gray. Very versatile. Jean wore hers with a red skirt, and red and gray scarf. I wore mine over a black top for a layered look and black corduroy leggings.

Jean and carmengray boucle

For a more casual look I wear it with skinny blue jeans (this photo taken when Target closed last year).


On the weekend, I paired it with my gray skinny jeans with pink roses (bought in Munich last summer).

DSC05565 DSC05564 DSC05571Usually, I wear a cami underneath, this time with dusty rose lace. I like pink and gray. I also like yellow and gray.

Version 2 closeup2

Our style challenge is to show various ways to wear something. This top has proven to be a very versatile one in my wardrobe. Gray being a neutral that can be paired with any colour: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, turquoise …

What is your favourite colour to wear with gray?

pink heart



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Genuine Vintage German Cape

… and still in style!

My black cape was a gift from my grandmother when she came to visit from Germany in the 60s. It is timeless and I still wear it. It always makes me think of her.

She also gave me two scarves with matching gloves that I showed recently–Royal Stewart tartan. and black and white plaid.

cape 2 cape 3 cape 4 cape 5Although the snow has melted, we’ve still had some cool and rainy days; my cape is perfect for this weather.

vintage cape


Do you have clothes that were gifted from someone you love that make you smile?

❤ carmen

photography by Jonathan with his iPhone on a drizzly day

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

May the sun shine on your face and the wind not mess your hair! ☘
❤️ May love find you and all your dreams come true! ❤️

Happy St Patricks Day carmenAn Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
May the rain fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Irish Stew (a line dance we’re doing today) 

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The True Cost Film Screening

Let’s make the world a better place for everyone!!❤


Being a fashion blogger has opened my eyes to a lot about the fashion industry—not all of it good. You may have noticed that I love to attend clothing exchanges and I love supporting local designers and small businesses. I also don’t wear animals. People, animals, and the earth are important but they are often exploited in the name of business.

true costLast year I watched The True Cost, and I learned a lot about the human and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. The film sheds light on the wasteful nature of fast fashion and the horrible working conditions in the factories where cheap clothing is made.

This groundbreaking documentary asks the simple question: “Who made my clothes?” It features activists and green fashion companies too (it’s not all grim). And it drives home the obvious fact that no one should die making the styles we love to wear.

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If you can’t beat ’em – join ’em

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of this season, but I can’t hibernate all winter.

sled 2

This sled is not just a decoration on my front porch. It is made in Germany and we bought it for our daughter Jean when we lived there in 1982. Since then our two boys have used it and now our grandchildren.

sled on porch

I used to cross-country ski (sold my skis at a garage sale some years ago) and I enjoyed skating (can’t find my skates since 2012 when we moved). Now I walk through the woods and go tobogganing when necessary.

carmen on sled

Red and black have been my go to colours this winter. Bright and cheerful, and fashionable for tobogganing with my grandchildren last Sunday. It was a perfect day, sun shining and the temperature was bearable.

granddaughtergrandson sled

Robins inspire me with their very fashionable look in black and red.robin

sled 1

Temperatures have been rising this week and all that snow has melted including this snowman. Goodbye Frosty!


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Black and White Plaid

Everything I wear pretty well has a memory and a story woven through its fibres. Case in point–this black and white plaid scarf with matching gloves. I’m a sort of matchy-matchy person, even though my daughter Jean has taught me not to match all the time. I learn a lot from her (including my vegan lifestyle).

black and white plaidcloseupblack and white plaid 2black and white plaid 3

This is a continuation of my last post featuring my Royal Stewart scarf with matching gloves; both the tartan and plaid sets were gifts from my dear grandmother.

royal stewart

I have several houndstooth scarves I can wear with this hat, but I decided to do some pattern mixing: black and white houndstooth with a black and white leopard print so I’m not always matchy-matchy.😀

leaopard 2 leopard houndstooth hat

The red boots were a gift from my dear friend Helga in Germany (1982).

Hat: little shop in Kitchener
Scarf and gloves: gifted from my grandmother
Vest: Spanner
corduroy leggings: Fred Meyer
Boots: gifted (made in Germany)

I can’t choose the weather, but I can choose what I wear!


Love is always in season!

love you more



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Royal Stewart Tartan: black and red

My grandmother gave me this Royal Stewart scarf with matching gloves in the 60s. She also gave me the same set in black and white plaid. Made in Germany.

red tartan

We had another snow storm last night. The wind was howling outside my window louder than the coyotes. The weather was not fit for man nor beast. Those are coyote paw prints in the snow to my right. Seriously, we see them sometimes, and we hear them!

red tartan 6

In the daylight, the wind had died and the sun was shining in all its glory!

red tartan 2red tartan 3red tartan 4red tartan 5

Vest: Spanner
Pullover: H & M
Corduroy leggings: Fred Meyer
Boots: Germany (1982)

Scarf and gloves: gifted from my grandmother

scarf and gloves




Thanks for stopping by!


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