Thrift shopping: dressed up, dressed down.

The splendour of the blossoms have come, trees and shrubs garbed in delightful colours. Northern Gold Forsythia has prolific yellow flowers, the same shade as in my blouse that I bought in a thrift shop in Seattle.

The blouse is a slightly peplum style with bell sleeves. It’s pieced together with lace, chiffon and sheer fabric, in colours of orange, beige, brown and northern gold, just like the blossoms. The little orange buttons are covered with fabric.

Dressed down with brown corduroys for a casual country road walk …

Dressed up with a handkerchief skirt (also thrifted) to go dancing …

I love it when something I buy goes with something I already have, especially when I didn’t even know it would.

The colours in the skirt match the colours of this blouse. There’s a subtle leopard pattern in this print and so I wore my animal print necklace, made in Canada.

What’s for dinner?

We recently invested in a zucchini spiralizer, so I was happy to find this recipe on Susan’s blog ~ a Little Sage.

Bon Appetite!


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Blue Denim

Version 2Meandering through the mall with my grandchildren recently, I passed by Northern Reflections (Canadian women’s apparel) and this denim blue crocheted cardigan caught my eye. Of course, I had to buy it because it reminds me of my mom and my crocheting days. She taught me how to crochet and we made lots of things, including a dress, vest, scarf and hat. Do you crochet?


Northern Reflections opened their first store in Guelph, Ontario in 1985. Known for comfort and style, there are now over 155 stores coast to coast.


Looks great with jeans and I’m wearing a lace blouse to dress it up.


I bought the scarf there too.


My grandchildren don’t mind going to the mall when they have a treat riding the animals. Makes shopping fun for them. First time I ever saw  theses were in Germany.

Do you have these rides in your mall?



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April Showers

What a cheerful way to brighten up dreary, rainy days in April in my navy blue raincoat with polka dots. I bought it at Drizzle & Shine.


We’ve had a number of rainy days this month. My red rubber duck boots add a pop of colour and I can splash in puddles if I want to.


It has pockets and the coat folds up into one of the pockets, very practical to take along and have it handy for some drizzle or a sudden downpour.


April showers,
bring May flowers!



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Easter Blessings

What do I have in common with Carrie Underwood? We’re both Christians and vegans.

“Carrie is an animal lover and a vegan. She stopped eating meat at the age of thirteen because she could not stand the thought of eating one of her own animals”

That’s how I feel, eating a pig would be like eating my own dog or cat. Unthinkable! As a child, I thought I was the only vegetarian in the world. I didn’t even know the word “vegetarian” – all I knew is that I would not eat animals. My family ate meat, all my friends ate meat and I was the only one I knew that didn’t eat animals.

I went to the movies during Holy week to see The Case for Christ. Have you seen it?

This Easter will be like all Easters: a time to remember God’s amazing love, a time to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, a time to sing and dance, time to gather with family to enjoy a meal together.

A time to sing …

A time to dance …

Easter dance

Happy Easter!


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Spring it on

Ahhh the birds are seranading and with the sound of spring comes warmer temperatures, not warm enough for sandals but I can wear shoes! No more winter boots for me!

mint and white 2

There are so many shades of green and this fresh mint top is perfect for springtime, a colour that captures the season. Another top I bought at Reitmans.

mint top

I paired it with white jeans and wore silver ballet flats.


This long, white vest is from a modelling show I did for Alia N TanJay. Besides it being fun to do the show, I always find something pretty. I’ll get lots of wear out of this vest and can wear it with many other tops in my wardrobe.

white vest

100% cotton. Love these cute side zippers!


Spring a time to dance!

time to dance


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These Boots are Made for Walking


It will be time to pack away my winter boots soon (I hope) and bring out my sandals again. I keep a few boots that are transitional and can be worn in spring like these ones that I bought at a thrift store for $10. Thrifting is good for the environment. I only buy second-hand shoes if they are like new.


This top is from Reitmans (a Canadian store based in Montreal, founded by Herman and Sarah Reitman in 1926). I love the detail of this top with buttons at the sides.

100% Cotton–of course–for comfort.

DSC08987Necklace from Jean’s eco boutique Drizzle & Shine.DSC08989DSC08992DSC08997

I’m so envious of my fellow bloggers who are already wearing sandals.

I can hardly wait!

Have a fashionable spring!

❤ carmen

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Leopard and Red


You can wear any colour with animal prints–because this timeless pattern is neutral–red being my favourite. It always reminds me of my fashionable mother; she had quite a collection of animal prints in her wardrobe. The belt belonged to my mom, always makes me happy to wear it. Booties from the ’80s belonged to my daughter Jean.


How do you style your animal prints?

leopard carmen


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Comfort + Style = clothes I love best

knit dressThis is an important fashion must for me. I can’t wear things that itch, scratch, feel too restrictive, uncomfortable or cause pain, even if it’s a special occasion. I need to feel comfortable or else I can’t wait to take it off and it will hang in my closet wasting precious space. Anything itchy, scratchy, stiff, too tight, painful is not my style, no matter how beautiful.

knit dress 2knit dress 3knit dress 4

Comfort + style = clothes I love best! I don’t like wearing jogging pants and frumpy clothes, because it’s not my style. I’ve had this dress for over 3 years. I love the black and white print. Worn with my vegan riding-style boots I can shop and not drop all day!

vegan riding boots

My go-to vegan purse–love the fringes–from Drizzle & Shine.

Jeane & Jax

vegan purse

I will not suffer for fashion with what I wear. I have the same rule for garment workers and animals: no people, no animaIs should suffer for fashion. Please shop ethical and cruelty-free.

❤️ Thank you ❤️



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T-shirt dress for all seasons

When I bought this T-shirt dress at Drizzle & Shine, I knew I’d be able to wear it anytime of the year. My daughter Jean wore hers as a tunic with jeans and I decided to try it too. Perfect for September in Seattle.

carmen and Jean 2

The shades of gray, blue and pink go great paired with denim. My necklace (a gift at Christmas) is rhodonite, an ornamental stone in a pretty shade of rose.

Version 2

Worn with a denim jacket or cardigan and my warm bamboo tights, I can wear it in winter and cool weather.

DSC08603DSC08606DSC08607Version 2

My little zippered sneakers are thrifted (they looked brand new with price tag still on). I wore this outfit for dancing last Saturday night, where I taught dances from various countries, including the Canadian Barn Dance, Chicago Swing and Gay Gordons.


In the summertime, I’ll wear it barelegged with sandals. Of course, it’s cotton, fair trade and eco-friendly.

Guess we’re not the only ones who wear a T-shirt dress as a tunic. Here’s Jodie, Nancy and Charlotte who posted their versions yesterday.

Jodie Nancy Charlotte

Have you ever tried this fashion look?

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!


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How to beat the Winter blues – C’mon Get Happy!

When I’m happy, I do my happy dance.

When I’m blue, I put on my dancin’ shoes and dance away my blues!

I love to dance. I can escape reality while I’m dancing and forget about my troubles. Some people drink, some take drugs; I’d rather dance: no hangovers, no dangerous side affects.

In fact, it’s a very healthy activity for heart and bones and soul. Dancing helps keep us youthful.

I’ve been called the Dancing Queen because I teach dance. I love getting all dolled up for parties and special events.


We had fun taking our dance students to the Winter Whirl Ballroom Dance in February. Great way to beat the winter blues!


Here’s how my grandchildren beat the winter blues.

Staying active is important for any age and dancing is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a healthy life-style.

Dance does a body good! and here’s why I love to dance … ❤️

 ♥ Dance is good for the heart, lungs, muscles, bones, joints and brain.

 ♥ Dance improves strength, stamina and flexibility.

 ♥ Dance helps to have good posture and coordination.

 ♥ Dance can reduce stress.

 ♥ Dance builds confidence and skills.

 ♥ Dance provides opportunities to meet some wonderful people and     make new friends.

 ♥ Dance is a language anyone can learn.

 ♥ Dancing is FUN!


I hope you dance!

A merry heart does good like medicine.




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