Secondhand sweatshirt from a street vendor

Not your typical sweatshirt, this one has style!

Shopping secondhand is one of the ways I like to find treasures and keep things out of landfills. I found this gray BENCH sweatshirt ($6) on one of our weekends in Kincardine where vendors set up along the street selling everything from handmade jewellery and clothes to crafts and big soft pretzels (yummy).

My pretzel necklace is from Germany.

The best part of shopping in Kincardine is the beach only two blocks away where you can find treasures of another kind: fossils, rocks and some rocks which are painted (and left in random spots to encourge the finder) and a communtiy garden along the beach.

Ironically, my sweatshirt is made by BENCH and I found this PRAY stone on a bench at the beach!

What treasures have you found?

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Let’s make the world a better place with compassion.
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16 Responses to Secondhand sweatshirt from a street vendor

  1. a great buy to this eye!!!!!!!!!

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  2. purpleslob says:

    I’d be tempted to just stay at the pretzel stand all day, and buy 1 each time there’s a fresh batch! lol Did you find the pretzel necklace at the same time? A few years ago, Plant City did a big deal community thing about leaving rocks all over. There was even a prize for a certain one! Lots of fun!

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  3. That is such a nice find Carmen, it looks so comfy, just your size. It is great for a casual walk around Kincardine ! How lovely to find the painted rocks along the shore ! The garden is beautiful to relax in or get lost in thought . Have a great day, Terri xo.

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you very much Terri! It’s comfortable and I’m glad it was my size because there was only. The painted rocks are so fun to find. My granddaughter and I painted a few in the past and I am inspired to do it again, now that I found a place where rocks are in abundance and to think how these simple painted rocks can be a blessing to others! 🙂



  4. utesmile says:

    Lovely find Carmen, I love that Brezel necklace too :-). I do though always love long sleeves. I do love Kincardine, wonderful Community garden. It is here devinitely getting colder, so more jumpers for me to wear!

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Ute! It’s definitely sweater weather again and I always wear an Unterhemd, layering helps keep me cozy. You’d love the beautiful community gardens, I thought of you. 🙂


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  5. josep-maria says:

    The look is simple and beautiful, although I am not a fan of the camouflage print … but my dear Carmen, in these photos it is difficult for me to look at the look, I can only stare at your beauty, how beautiful and attractive you look in these photos . Your hair with such a wonderful mess, your eyes, your smile … You always look beautiful, but today more!

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  6. Jodie says:

    That’s a fabulous way to pick up new to us items Carmen. That necklace is so whimsical and fun!!

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