Floral Blazer with Black and White

Florals are not only for every season but they are also timeless all through the decades! I remember making my own bellbottoms and matching top in the ’60s with colourful flowers on a black background. I still have them somewhere in a box.

This floral blazer looks great with black pants and pink accessories. I love how it matches my booties that I bought a few years ago at Hudson’s Bay (Canadian department store). I wore it today to go on a shopping adventure.

I’ve worn it with white skinny jeans and different accessories, sometimes with a black top and also with pink.

This round pillow is part of my shopping spree and looks perfect with my duvet and shams I bought recently.

It’s a joy to see crocuses popping up, the

first signs of spring and hope of new


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18 Responses to Floral Blazer with Black and White

  1. Nancy Dynes says:

    Hi, Carmen! I love your outfit SO much!! I just have to say it again, I adore everything about your style. I like all of the ways you’ve modeled your lovely floral blazer—and this is why I need you to style me— because I always go for the boring solid black thinking it is the most versatile, but you’ve just shown multiple ways to wear your floral. Seriously, I always go for solid black then I walk around looking like Darth Vader.
    I’m particularly partial to the first pairing with the pink sweater. It puts me in mind of Louis Vuitton’s rose ballerine color, which is my favorite pink at the moment, and the way you’ve put the pink and black together is perfection. The pretty pink beret gives that ‘just right’ finishing touch, but the shoes are the icing on the cake—and everyone knows that the icing is why we really eat cake to begin with—literally, I’m such a child that I actually cut off the bottom half of birthday cake to get a better icing ratio. Back in the 80’s (many years before my back injury when I could still wear any shoes I wanted) I was always matching my shoes to my outfits. It’s so FUN! Once a stranger approached me in the mall and said she loved my outfit and did I realize my shoes matched my sweater-lol. Now I must stick to shoes and boots that are designed for support and comfort, so I have basic black leather, saddle tan leather, gray leather, chocolate leather—are you noticing a trend here? I do so miss fun shoes and heels. But I can live vicariously through the gorgeous outfits you put together, so I can’t complain:-))
    I do need your advice about my solid black habit. Yesterday was shopping online for a handbag and had decided on this Givenchy Mini Anitgona in pink croc. As I am about to purchase it I start thinking how much more versatile solid black is and put that one in my cart instead. As I’m going through checkout there is a ‘systems error’ and I must start the entire checkout process over. At this point I stop because I feel the universe is telling me to get the pink one. I then spend an hour of my life being indecisive about it before I finally decide to sleep on it. What do you think? Play it safe with the black or listen to the universe and go for the pink? I should mention I also considered the red because red always adds a nice pop of color to my usual all black fashion statements. Thank you for bringing a ray of sunshine into my day. I send wishes for a wonderful weekend!

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    • carmen says:

      You made my day Nancy!! If ever a comment was so motivating for me to continue blogging, YOUR comment was it! You have a great sense of humour and you brought a smile to my heart! You are an excellent writer!

      As for my “advice” on which colour of purse, I would suggest that since you already have a black purse (perhaps several) go for the pink! After all, you like pink. I believe every fashionable lady should have a red purse too, as you mentioned, it adds a pop of colour to an outfit. Purses are more than functional, they are a fun fashion statement.

      Here’s a post with my red purse …

      Red and Black Buffalo Checks

      Let me know which colour you decide to get. 🙂

      Have a fashionable week!

      P.S. I had to check the calendar if it was a weekend already … haha! 🙂

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      • Nancy Dynes says:

        Thank you so much for your kind words, Carmen. I love your buffalo check outfit. And you’re right, bags are more than just function, they pull an outfit together and add personality and style. You’re also correct about every woman needing a red handbag in her collection. You have such an extraordinary talent for styling and accessorizing. I look forward to every new post to come. I’m holding back on my handbag purchase so I can go to the actual boutique in Atlanta when we (hopefully) visit our daughter over Mother’s Day weekend. Now I’m now leaning toward the red croc, but I have a feeling it will be helpful to try it on for the final decision. It will be our first visit with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren since the pandemic started (over a year now), and I’m so excited! it will also my first time inside a public building/shop that wasn’t a doctor’s office or physical therapist. I just passed my two week mark after my Pfizer vaccine and the rest of my family is vaccinated too, so we are counting the days to be together again.

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  2. Hi Carmen, florals are timeless for sure! As you know I love florals also. How nice to make your own clothing at an early age! Your outfit is so cute ! The blazer is very classy with the pink top and black pants. And those booties complete it! It does go really well with other outfits too. You can soon style it with the white pants. The pillow is something I would love to have! The duvet is a pretty accessory to the bedroom. I am happy your crocuses are coming up, spring is here!! Blessings to you and the family on Palm Sunday, Terri xo.

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  3. Amy Johnson says:

    So pretty! I use to have a floral cardigan similar to your blazer but I gave it to my daughter.

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  4. Jodie says:

    That jacket goes with the boots so fabulously!!!

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  5. Always looking amazing. I love the shoes the most I must say.

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  6. I have to admit that I don’t wear a lot of florals, but more than I used to. And one of my favorites is roses on a black or grey background. All your looks are wonderful but I’m so in love with that first one. That is just gorgeous!
    I got a kick out of your bell bottom make. I remember sewing up some pretty wild and crazy prints back then too-it was the times!
    Take care, Terri

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    • carmen says:

      Definitley Terri, it was the times! I had a lot of fun fashion with florals in the ’60s, you might say I was a flower child! Then for the longest time I got away from florals and prints in general. Now since blogging, I have an abundance of florals including several pairs of floral jeans, lots of tops and several dresses. I got a little obsessed, you might say! Even my duvet and shams are florals on a black background. Take a look I’ll add a photo.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  7. moragnoffke says:

    Love your outfit. 🌷🦩

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  8. utesmile says:

    Your outfit goes well with the cherry blossom…. I love your pink jumper as it looks warm and cosy. At least you can see signs of Spring, that is wonderful and the sun is shinig too. You are lucky you can go shopping, we are still very restricted. Enjoy your shopping trips… and the warmth in the sun! Much love Ute ♥

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    • carmen says:

      I’m delighted that Spring has arrived, actually a little early, I’m not complaining! 🙂 Although, our weather can be changeable at this time of year so I’m keeping my jumpers handy!

      I love supporting our stores, employees need their jobs! I always like to do my part to help the economy! 🙂


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