Winterizing a summer dress


Since living in our present home–with all three of our children grown up and moved out–I had the luxury of turning a bedroom into my dressing room. So now I never need to pack away any out-of-season clothes–a fashionista’s dream!

With summer being too short for my liking, I can get more wear out of my summer clothes. This dress is an asymmetrical style with a wild leopard print and floral mix, it’s like wearing a crazy quilt. I just love it styled this way! 

I bought a leopard print halftee which works perfectly to wear under this summer dress. I’m also wearing a black dickie for a little extra warmth and a leopard scarf. With this long cardigan, cozy bamboo tights and leopard print booties, it’s warm enough to wear in winter in Canada!


Styled for summer with a straw hat

Happiness …

is finding joy in what you have!

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28 Responses to Winterizing a summer dress

  1. saree says:

    It’s a lovely outfit. Suits you perfect.

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  2. moragnoffke says:

    You have got such good ideas👍🌷

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  3. Jess says:

    Your dressing room sounds like a fashionistas dream for sure! I was just thinking I have to move wardrobes soon from one closet to the next. Love this mix of prints in your dress and your leopard booties, it looks wonderful
    jess xx

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  4. Hello Carmen , oh nice that you could turn one of your bedrooms into a dressing room. That would be so amazing! The half tee goes so well with the asymmetrical dress. I like the tights and booties. The cardigan is the perfect outer covering to walk out the door in . It is nice to find joy in what we have in our closet right? Wishing you a beautiful week ahead Carmen, take care, Terri xoxo.

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Terri! I don’t know how I managed when I only had a closet. I’ve had my dressing room for 9 years now, so I guess my wardrobe is growing as I tend to keep everything. 🙂


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  5. Gemma says:

    Such a lovely dress and love how you styled it for winter. Gemma x

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  6. pennysgreen says:

    I like layering up outfits but sometimes I forget that things can be used in various seasons – note to self to experiment more

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  7. Amy Johnson says:

    I did the same thing with one of my children’s old bedrooms! It was a great idea, and I have no regrets! Great look, and a great way to extend the season of our summer dresses.

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    • carmen says:

      Isn’t it great to have a dressing room?! I display all my jewellery, hats and shoes, everything organized and I call it my little boutique. My granddaughter and I have played “shopping” in my boutique with two big dolls as mannequins (one is hers and one is mine). The dolls are 3 feet tall. We take turns being the shop owner and shopper. Haha! Lots of fun! 🙂


      My granddaughter’s doll …

      My doll …


  8. utesmile says:

    It is a real good idea. I never did that, but shall probably have a go at it now. It looks lovely. You still got quite a bit of snow out there. We have more sunshine these day s, which is so welcome, it is a warmer feeling!
    Finding joy in what you have – so right, be happy and content with your life and things, the best way!
    Big hugs to you and have a great weekend. ♥

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    • carmen says:

      Glad I could inspire you: a little layering, a cardigan and stumpfhosen–and viola! You have an outfit that takes you into cooler weather. Always good to make the best of it, right! Big hugs to you too! 🙂


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  9. purpleslob says:

    Meow!! You’re a fierce fashonista!! You are so clever, to repurpose you outfits!! A whole dressing room? You are in high clover! ❤

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  10. I love wearing dresses so I often do this.

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  11. josep-maria says:

    How beautiful is your dress, it has a super original print. I love that amalgam of colors and drawings. And with your hat … a wonderful look. And you, always so pretty, so attractive and pretty. You are so graceful and wonderful.

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  12. Nancy says:

    That is great! I love to wear my summer dresses in winter. They are to nice to only wear them in summer right?

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  13. Wow, Carmen, what a smashing outfit…way better than just the dress alone! You’re an artist 😉 Thanks for the inspiration – Angie,

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