With Love from Zacks

I love supporting Zacks: Canadian women’s apparel since 1921. The first Zacks opened in downtown Kitchener, Ontario, with 29 stores across Ontario today.

I fell in love with this cute graphic top because of the little red and pink hearts! It also has a drawing of red lipstick and nail polish (a woman’s secret weapons). I wore it for my birthday and Valentine’s Day! ❤️ 

“Zacks is a Canadian business that caters to the contemporary, fashion conscience, well-dressed woman committed to meeting her evolving needs.”

Those who know me well, know that hearts are my trademark. Perhaps it’s because I was born in February, the Valentine’s month. Or that I was born in Germany where hearts are common in folk art and jewellery. Or it could be because one of my favourite TV shows, when I was a child, was I LOVE LUCY and the opening theme song featured a heart. ❤️

Perhaps it’s because I am hopelessly romantic! In any case, when I see something with hearts, I simply can’t resist!

My favourite birthday present

Please be gentle with my heart

                            ❤️Some of my heart jewellery❤️

What is love?

Sometimes it’s a word thrown around for anything and everything: I love my shoes, I love my car, I love my job. There was a time when I didn’t use ‘love’ for things, instead I would say, I like my shoes, and I saved the word ‘love’ for people and animals and most of all God.

I look at love as having layers and levels; love has various depths and expressions.

The love we have for a spouse is different than the love we have for a parent or child. We can love a friend or our dog, but it’s not the same as the love we have for “The Love of our Life.” 

Is love a feeling or is it a choice? Both.

Falling in love is a feeling and staying in love is a choice.

In English, we have one word for ‘love’ — whereas In Greek there are different words for love.

  • agape – a strong, deliberate love, unconditional, a choice
  • phileo – affection, friendship, brotherly love (where Philadelphia gets its name–city of brotherly love
  • eros – romantic and passionate love 
  • storge – love of family, parents, children, siblings

Most of us love our spouses, family and friends. However, Jesus tells us to love our enemies. How is that even possibe? How do I love my enemies? With a level of love, a choice: I can pray for them, forgive them and not wish them any harm.

Have compassion. Be kind.

Don’t hate anyone. Wish everyone well.

Tell the ones you love that you love them.

Jesus loves you.

God is love.

Love never fails!


About carmen

Let’s make the world a better place with compassion. https://fashionableover50.wordpress.com/ https://www.instagram.com/4thejoyofit/?hl=pl
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16 Responses to With Love from Zacks

  1. Hi Carmen , Your sweater is gorgeous! You are right about the nail polish and Lipstick! I guess i am a hopeless romantic also. Happy belated birthday to you! Jesus does call us to love one another and through prayer we can do that, even for our enemies. Thanks for the beautiful post, Terri xo.

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  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Carmen.
    Your gorgeous smile never stops glowing

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  3. utesmile says:

    Carmen, what a wonderful and love filled post. I love your hearts everywhere. Wishing you a happy full of love Valentines Day. I am sending you much love over from me. 💕💖💕💐

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  4. josep-maria says:

    How wonderful this top with hearts, this print so yours! And I love your socks, they are beautiful, they are so … Carmen! The jewels are very beautiful. In the photos, Carmen, you look really beautiful. The years have passed since we met, and your beauty, style and elegance is increasing every day. Happy Valentine’s Day, something that lovers can enjoy in many ways …

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    • carmen says:

      A heart-felt thank you! You know me well over the years of blogging, what I love and my favourite things! And I am grateful for your continued support and encouraging words. ❤️

      Lots of love!

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  5. Nancy says:

    Oh you were born in Germany? We live near the German border. Have a great Valentine !

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  6. purpleslob says:

    Wonderful! I didn’t remember you were born in Feb! Me too! 24th.
    And my oldest daughter is a Valentine baby!! I’m SO glad she’s with her babies, today and tomorrow!! ❤

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