Camouflage: Pink, Black and Gray

Last summer, I was delighted to find a pair of pink camo joggers (lightweight cotton). Now I found a winter version of pink camo, fleece-lined leggings (warm and cozy) in fact, the company is called COZY. 

I stayed comforably warm with my pink puffer jacket (SAVE THE DUCK) and COZY leggings on our road trip to Hanover, Ontario. Our oldest son is moving to Hanover with his wife and children. 

Never having been a fan of green camouflage because it reminds me of hunting and war, I always wished they made it in pink, so when I found pink camo, I got a little obssessed and even bought pink camo PJs. 

Pink beret: Zacks
Pink puffer jacket: SAVE THE DUCK
Grey sweater: Northern Reflections via thrifted 
Black dickie: Northern Reflections
Pink scarf: thrifted
Camo leggings: COZY
Pink booties: old (from the last century)


SAVE THE DUCK a product that is animal, human and environmentally friendly.”


Road trip to Hanover

The road less travelled to Hanover is peaceful: a scenic winter wonderland and charming country homes.


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Let’s make the world a better place with compassion.
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18 Responses to Camouflage: Pink, Black and Gray

  1. moragnoffke says:

    Those colours really suit you 💖💞

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  2. josep-maria says:

    I don’t like camouflage clothing very much, it is a pattern that reminds me of armies or hunters, two things that do not fit into my idea of the world. But I love the rest of your look, the beret, the pink jacket …

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    • carmen says:

      Your thoughts are my thoughts! We both agree, that’s why I don’t like green camo as I wrote. Pink is a happy colour and makes me smile, like your comments always make me smile! 🙂


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  3. JNES says:

    Absolutely love these colours together! and the print! X

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  4. Jodie says:

    I just love that pink puffer…I bet you get to wear that quite a bit!!!

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    • carmen says:

      It’s my go-to winter jacket, best investment because i get so much wear out of it. It’s warm and lightweight. Best of all–cruelty-free. 🙂

      Fashion with compassion!

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  5. You even made leggings look stylish. You are a true fashionista Carmen.

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  6. utesmile says:

    You look lovely Carmen, suits you well. Perfect with the snow backdrop. We suddenly have snow in London, not much but you can imagine people are not used to it and it is already trafic chaos etc. I walk to work to I am just careful not to fall on icy pavements.
    Take good care Carmen ♥

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  7. Nancy says:

    Pink and grey is such a great combination.

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  8. finbarsgift says:

    Great combination, composition and …
    You’re looking gorgeous in it 💐
    Have a pleasant day and week…
    Herzliche Grüße vom Lu

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