Autumn Days and Fireside Evenings

I absolutely love the vibrant design of this tunic which looks like an abstract painting. I bought it at Zacks (Canadian Store). It’s like wearing a work of art. Designed by a Canadian artist Claire Desjardins whose work reminds me of Karen Gadient an American artist, designer and illustrator. You can check out her blog here.

“I help to create happiness by infusing moments of joy in everyday lives.” ~Claire Desjardins

Autumns in Ontario are very colourful and great for taking leisurely drives just to enjoy the scenery along the country roads.

When evening falls, it’s great to relax by our virtual fireplace. I hope to have a real one someday. In the meantime, I’m content to have a warm place to come home to.

Let’s be thankful for what we have!



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12 Responses to Autumn Days and Fireside Evenings

  1. karengadient says:

    You always look so fantastic, Carmen! ❤ Belated thanks for mentioning me! Not sure where my brain was when I only left a 'like' in November (but 2020 was a very strange year here). Much love, always!

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  3. josep-maria says:

    How beautiful is your multicolored shirt! I love your pendant with the symbol of peace, something that also binds the two of us. Your patterned socks are also beautiful. Your style reaches all the prends. Beautiful photos of autumn in Ontario, a dream paradise. And … I love your hair with those gorgeous curls, you look so beautiful.

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  4. Oh my you look stunning in this pretty tunic Carmen ! It definitely looks like a work of art and you wear it well. Such lovely Autumn pics that you have. I love your virtual fireplace, it looks so cozy to sit by! Happy Sunday, Terri xoxo

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  5. utesmile says:

    The colours are very vibrant, I like it. I do love your doughnut socks, hehe in front of the fire. I would like areal fire place too one day. As you say , I am thankful I am in a warm home. Much love and warmth from Ute ♥

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much! I especially love vibrant colours at this time of year, so cheerful! Yesterday we were at my oldest son’s house to celebrate his birthday, he has a beautiful gas fireplace. I wore my doughnut socks again, haha! They are fun and warm!

      Warm wishes!

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  6. Maggie Li says:

    wow what a beautiful top , love the turquoise colour mixing with different colours . you sure pick a beautiful site for your photo shooting , love the rustic fences , and mature trees .

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    • carmen says:

      Isn’t it a lovely place for photos?! That’s what I love about driving off the beaten track, to enjoy the scenery and stop to snap a few photos. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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