Sporty Elegance

A white cotton sweater, black and white windowpane checked pants, a pair of gray polka dot sneakers and I have put together a sporty look to go to Hamilton marina again.

Add a blue/gray lace duster and now I have what I call sporty elegance.

I made that up but decided to check if such a term exists. Sure enough, it does! I suppose there’s nothing we can think of that hasn’t been thought of.

I wore this ensemble to the Hamilton Lakefront. We had a fun time line dancing and meeting a new friend who owns a sailboat. She invited me to go sailing, a fabulous adventure, but it was too windy! Better than swimming: I can enjoy the water and stay dry!

The perfect eternity scarf (100% cotton) with anchor print, hand-made by a dear friend. My sweater is 100% organic cotton bought in Seattle 8 years ago.

Wishing you all smooth sailing in the ship of life! Hoist up the sail of HOPE! Take the adventure, it’s worth the risks! 


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14 Responses to Sporty Elegance

  1. Jodie says:

    What a wonderful outfit Carmen. I LOVE the print mixing!!

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Jodie! It’s a safe way to mix patterns: little anchors on the scarf, windowpane checks, polka dot sneakers and lace – all in a shades of black, white and gray.



  2. utesmile says:

    It looks sporty and elegant. You combine your clothing always so wonderful, this is perfect for hte sailing trip. You totally look the part! Ahoi!

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  3. josep-maria says:

    I love your sporty and youthful look. The pants are gorgeous and I love your sneakers. The sweater and jacket are also beautiful. The whole outfit is really sporty elegance. I love those anchors that appear under your sweater.
    Again you look really wonderful and gorgeous. The foreground is a wonderful thing.

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  4. Maggie Li says:

    wow , I very seldom see you wearing so sporty , you look so young and energetic in this outfit , even in sporty clothing you look so elegant and beautiful .

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    • carmen says:

      You’re right Maggie, I don’t dress sporty very often. This was perfect for a nautical look by the marina. Thank you for your kind words! I always appreciate your comments because you are my example of a classy lady who always dresses with style! 🙂



  5. ToryBri says:

    Looking great as always.

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  6. This look is perfect for a day at the ocean in fall or even on the boat at this time a year. Love the mix of print and texture. It makes that all neutral look very interesting.

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