Turn on the Brights: Patchwork Skirt

My daughter inspired me to do pattern mixing. Jean started when she was a preschooler and insisted on choosing what she wanted to wear. She perfected the art of pattern mixing through the years. I suppose patchwork quilts are the original pattern mixing.

This skirt caught my eye at Macy’s on a day trip to New York State. It looks like patchwork but it’s really not; it’s the print of the fabric made to look like patchwork. It’s so vibrant and cheerful and makes me feel like dancing, so that’s just what I did–I wore it to a dance party and for a date night on my birthday this month.

Typically, Jean and I stick to monochromatic pattern mixing, but this skirt is so artistically mixed with every colour of the rainbow and several prints like leopard, houndstooth and florals. All I had to do was play it safe with a black top and black bamboo tights from Drizzle and Shine, my daughter’s eco-boutique in Seattle.

The vintage scarf I bought is a perfect match! I just love it when something I already have goes so well with something new. I’m wearing two necklaces with animal print beads, both made in Canada.

(Above photos were taken at INTERNATIONAL HOME INTERIORS. This store showcases exquisite, quality furniture and unique art from around the world. It’s worth the drive to Kitchener if you live in southern Ontario.)

Scarf: antique store
Necklaces: made in Canada
Top: old
Skirt: Macy’s
Tights: Drizzle and Shine
Shoes: Maggie’s clothing exchange

If you can’t see the bright side of life,

polish the dull side!


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16 Responses to Turn on the Brights: Patchwork Skirt

  1. Carmen, what a magnificent skirt! This is how I was first introduced to print mixing…individual pieces that look like patchwork and I have loved patchwork ever since. Also, how wonderful that your scarf coordinated so beautifully with the skirt. I am so happy that you shared this gorgeous outfit with us for Style Imitating Art!


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    • carmen says:

      Thank you so much Shelbee! Style Imitating Art is a fabulous idea! The connection between art which we hang on a wall and art which we wear (or any art in general) is a reflextion of human creativity. I always admire the way people design clothes and the imagination we come up with, including how we put our outfits together. It’s so artistic, unique and fun! It certainly sets us apart from God’s creatures, we’re the only ones who make and wear clothes! 🙂 My EVERYTHING skirt! 🙂




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  3. Amy Johnson says:

    It’s a very unique skirt. You look lovely.

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  4. Hello Carmen , this Patchwork skirt is fabulous on you so very stylish! Everything in the outfit just pulls together, and the Vintage scarf goes great with it. I love what you said at the end if you can’t see the bright side polish the dull. I hope your weather is slowly starting to warm up , ours is here. Have a blessed day, Terri xoxo

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    • carmen says:

      Thanks so much Terri! This vivid skirt is just what I need to brighten up these dreary, dull days. The scarf has colourful floral hearts on a black background and anyone who knows me, knows hearts are my trademark. ❤️



  5. The scarf goes perfectly with the skirt. They both go perfectly with your great smile.
    But then again, everything does.

    Hope you are well Carmen.

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  6. I love IT when one item has mixed prints in it! That skirt is one I would love to wear!

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  7. utesmile says:

    I thought so too. The scarf matches perfectly. The skirt is lovely and different front and back, lovely with the black top. It is getting brighter in the mornings, Spring is coming Carmen. Yet in London it is so dull and grey with wind and rain, still it will be better soon. ☼

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  8. Jodie says:

    It is like the original print mixing!! And that scarf is gorgeous with it Carmen.

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