Boxing Day Sales at Zacks

The first Zacks opened in Kitchener, Ontario almost 100 years ago (1921). Today there are 19 stores across Ontario and Quebec: working with Canadian manufacturers and some importers. Everything in the store was 50% off for Boxing Day.

I bought this sweater because I like the tartan sleeves which gives this top a layered look. It’s everything I love in a sweater: style and cozy comfort and it’s long enough to wear with my burnt velvet leggings.

I wore it for a luncheon at my place during the Christmas holidays and for a day trip to Sarnia with my family.

Sarnia is a two-hour drive from where we live. We took a walk by the St. Clair River; across the bridge is the USA.

Thanks for stopping by!

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15 Responses to Boxing Day Sales at Zacks

  1. Gemma says:

    Sweater looks so nice with the check sleeves. Have a great week.
    Gemma x

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  2. That was a lovely purchase Carmen from Zach’s and a fun fact that the first store was in Kitchener . It does have the lovely layered look with the tartan sleeves. Wearing it with the black leggings and red beret is so stylish. What a great group of ladies at the luncheon , and a nice family photo by the St Clair bridge. I try my best to show kindness everyday. Have a nice week ahead Dear, Terri xoxo.

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  3. utesmile says:

    It looks very nice and what a nice trip with the family!

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  4. Jane Rosebery says:

    I wish we had Boxing Day in the US too. It’s so brutal to go back to work after Christmas Day.

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  5. Amy Johnson says:

    Such a cute top and a great casual look.

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  6. Jodie says:

    I’ve never heard of this store…but what a fun top!!

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    • carmen says:

      It’s a Canadian store with locations in Ontario and Quebec. I had never done the research until now and found out the first store opened in my city of Kitchener almost 100 years ago!



  7. purpleslob says:

    Beautiful! No matter what you wear, you always are!

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