Fashion History Museum

The Fashion History Museum was founded in 2004; in 2015 they opened at a new location in the old post office of Hespeler, now part of the city of Cambridge, Ontario.

I drive by here twice a week on my way to my Tuesday and Thursday dance classes but this is the first time I’ve been inside. One of the exhibits is a chic showcase of French fashion.

“MADE IN FRANCE: Haute Couture and the French Fashion Industry 1870-1970
March 16 – December 22 2019       

Centuries of aristocratic patronage established Paris as a city known for its fine dressmakers, milliners, tailors and shoemakers. By the 19th century, the entire French industry had a reputation for quality design – something was chic by the mere virtue of being French!

​Copied or pirated around the world, the Haute Couture industry was at the centre of international style delineation until the rise of ready-to-wear in the 1960s.”

I’m wearing a lace-trimmed top, lace blazer and lace skirt.

Every Friday we have a fashion theme at my dance class and I decided to invite my fashionable ladies to join me. We met at a little cafe and then walked over to the Museum in the rain.

Maggie and me

Fashionable Friends

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a fashionable Friday!

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8 Responses to Fashion History Museum

  1. How exciting to have a fashion museum on your doorstep Carmen ! 19th century France was the place to be for fashion and dressmaking. Your outfit of lace top Blazer and skirt is very cute on you . Goes great with the tights. That is a lovely photo of you by the front door with the gorgeous flowers in the planter beside you. Your dance class sounds so fun with a different theme each week. Great group of ladies at the museum and I like the one of you and Maggie walking in the rain. The slideshow is lovely. I will try and have a fashionable Sunday, Take care Dear, Terri xo.

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  2. Jodie says:

    I can’t believe you’ve never been inside. This would be such a fun field trip for us and I think it would be the first thing on our list of places to go.

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  3. Amy Johnson says:

    Wow, now that sounds like my kind of museum. I would love to go there. You look very pretty in your outfit.

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  4. Maggie Li says:

    Wow another beautiful blog , my fashionable friend, the Friday Fashion theme in class is fun ! I like that picture of us walking in the rain ! Did you notice our feet steps are the same ! Ha

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  5. utesmile says:

    That looks like a great museum. They should have asked you to help with setting it up, as you know so much as a fashionable lady. Your Lace outfit looks so wonderful, specially the skirt, I really love! Well no, the top and the blazer are gorgeous too. Beautiful Carmen! ♥

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  7. How fun!

    I think fashion history exhibits are some of the funnest things to see!

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