She Wore Red Velvet

Red velvet is one of my fondest childhood memories. My mom wore red velvet. This is the dress she wore in a modelling show in the 1950s. She also had beautiful matching red velvet dresses (fit and flare style) made for herself and me when I was eight years old. I loved my little red velvet dress and felt like a princess when I wore it.

Red velvet makes me feel regal: the feel, the look, the colour evokes memories of my dear mother. I was thrilled to find this vintage red velvet blazer in an antique mall. I wore it on my grandson’s 13th birthday dinner party.

I’m wearing it for Mother’s Day with my mom’s Diane Von Furstenberg skirt (which is actually part of a two-piece dress) I added my mom’s black belt.

Blazer: thrifted at an antique store
Top: H & M
Skirt: DVF (from my mom)
Pleather purse: thrifted
Faux suede shoes: Ross Seattle

Belt and cross: belonged to my mom

I miss her dearly every day.

My three children

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!



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28 Responses to She Wore Red Velvet

  1. Great story to share, Carmen. So sorry she’s passed on but she and those memories will always be with you. 😊

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day!

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  3. Your mom was lovely! Happy Mother’s Day, Carmen!

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  4. purpleslob says:

    Gorgeous, just like your Mom!! And Jean follows in your footsteps! Handsome sons!

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  5. Amna Blake says:

    Carmen your mother is so glamorous – what a role model! Love the dress and the memory you shared, and I love that you’re able to use her belt to accessorize your outfits! Love how you paired the blazer and skirt, and a great colour on you!

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  6. Carmen , your Mom is gorgeous and looks a natural on the catwalk. It is no surprise that she passed her beauty genes on to you. Its a beautiful red velvet dress. That red velvet jacket was a great find! It looks so nice with the DVF skirt and the purse is SO cute with the outfit! You will be a hit on Mothers day. It is a testament to your Mom that you miss her so every day. Lovely photo of you and the 3 kids, who are grown ups now! Take care and have a lovely day tomorrow, Terri xo.

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  7. utesmile says:

    This jacket looks perfect with this skirt. The same red. Your mum looked beautiful, as you do Carmen. Have a happy Mothers Day Carmen, with your beautiful children. In UK we had Mothers day in March. For me it will be the first Mother’s Day without my mum, and I have the long bought card still here. I will go to the Cemetery in 2 weeks time to visit my parents! ♥

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    • carmen says:

      Awww that is so sweet of you to say dear Ute! This is your first Mother’s Day without your mom, you’ll never stop missing her because no one can replace a mother. We can cherish the memories and thank God for the time we had them. 🙂 How wonderful that you are able to go to Germany so often! I would go every year if I could. *BIG sigh*

      Herzliche Grüße meine liebe Freundin!

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  8. Nancy says:

    What a elegant and beautiful woman your mother was! I wish you a happy Mothersday!

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you for your kind words! My mother is my biggest influencer and everyday I’m more like her, except I still can’t walk as well in high heels. 🙂



  9. Maccabros says:

    The song says BLUE Velvet… But red is OK… 😊👍

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    • carmen says:

      You are very clever! 🙂 That is the reason I chose this title; I changed Bobby Vinton’s song BLUE VELVET and those lovely lyrics play in my mind … “She wore blue Velvet” 💙 And I’m singing, “She wore red velvet … and I still can see red velvet through my tears.” ❤️



  10. Such a lovely post! Your mother was beautiful…and your children are SO happy! It is obvious that your children are loved and they love you! Happy Mothers Day!

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