NW Trend Show – Seattle

What a wonderful experience I had going to my first fashion trade show in Seattle! The event is for wholesale buyers and I got a peek into what it’s like to see fashion before it gets to the stores, I was overwhelmed! My daughter Jean invited me to join her and I watched how she chose her spring and fall clothing lines and jewellery that she ordered for her eco-boutique Drizzle & Shine.

The venue was fabulous at Pier 91 with a gorgeous view of Seattle’s skyline, including the Space Needle.

With about 100 exhibitors showcasing apparel, jewellery, accessories and footwear, Jean is very particular with buying only eco-friendly, fair trade and cruelty-free items. This is what sets her store apart from other stores. Jean has already done all the homework and background checks, so her customers can be assured that everything in her eco-boutique is ethical.

“We specialize in items that are kind to the earth and animals and that are made by people who are treated fairly. We donate a percentage of each sale to nonprofits that align with our values.” ~Drizzle & Shine

Exquisite jewellery from Tasi – handmade from Portland

US designed and made fashion from Pink Wheels and organic and fair trade fashion from Indigenous

I wore my new colourful skirt from Drizzle & Shine made by Armed Angels sustainable fashion.


It was inspiring seeing all the spring clothing; I look forward to when the winter is over. Jean ordered so many lovely items including florals and cherry print dresses, and amethyst earrings (my birth stone, which I will buy from her store).

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Let’s make the world a better place with compassion. https://fashionableover50.wordpress.com/ https://www.instagram.com/4thejoyofit/?hl=pl
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30 Responses to NW Trend Show – Seattle

  1. purpleslob says:

    You’re a Feb. baby too? What ‘s your bd? Mine is 24.
    ❤ Melinda

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  2. josep-maria says:

    I imagine how well you spent it in that fashion show. How many exhibitors did you ask that you model for them?

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  3. I love your posts! Just an aside, though—could use your prayers. I’ve had Parkinson’s for nearly 3 years and I think it is beginning to affect my blogging frequency–or lack of it. Or sometimes I just get worn out—like the past several days. NOW ARE those jackets pink or mauve?

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    • carmen says:

      First of all, thank you Jonathan for your continued support of my blog. While fashion is fun, health is of utmost importance which is one of the reasons why I am vegan.

      I am a good example of a vegan lifestyle, at 67 (next week) I have as much energy as in my 20s, no osteoporosis (which some of my dairy-consuming friends have) and my doctor says I’m in excellent health.

      I am sad that PD has affected you and I will certainly keep you in my prayers. While prayer is important, God has given us a prescription in Genesis 1:29 of how He designed our bodies. I follow this plan because God knows best.

      Here is a video that will explain better than I can the science behind a plant-based lifestyle.

      5 Ways a Vegan Diet Can Help Parkinson’s Disease

      Animal consumption causes many diseases (although there are other causes as well). However, eating a healthy, well-balanced, plant-based diet has never killed anyone.

      Please take time to listen to Julieanna Hever on my post on HEALTH!


      Our health is our wealth!


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    • Bob says:

      Hi Jonathan
      Hugs, prayers, and God’s blessings to support you as you live with PD.
      Do seriously consider the merits of a vegan diet. To start, watch the vegan videos posted by Carmen.
      I am a new vegan as of Oct. 14, 2018.
      With God’s help, your efforts and skilled medical care, you can enjoy life.


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  4. utesmile says:

    That was super interesting for you I can imagine. I clicked your links and it is really interesting to read about the companies and how and what they make. I see you really enjoy Seattle with your daughter!♥

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    • carmen says:

      Thank you for checking out the links! Indigenous is “Always organic. Always fair trade.” I love how Tasi jewellery is a family business, handmade and features beautiful gemstones and antique beads from around the world.

      It’s been a wonderful time in Seattle with Jean!


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  5. Maggie Li says:

    haha , must be nice to shop like a pro , from all the pictures you posted , can see you really had a great time ,must be nice to do mother and daughter things and sharing the same interest in fashion .

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    • carmen says:

      That’s the best part of this holiday, sharing all these events and adventures with Jean! Thank you so much for stopping by and for taking care of my classes while I’m gone! 🙂



  6. Jodie says:

    OMG…I would be like a kid in a candy store there. How fun that you got to go too!!

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    • carmen says:

      It’s fun to see, but it’s like a candy shop where you can’t buy the candy. You can only order it if you have a store. Jean placed some orders of things I like, so I have to wait and be patient till the shipment arrives. I’ll be back in Canada by then. 😦



  7. Heidi Altree says:

    Sounds fun! I need to see if they are having one in Phoenix

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  8. What a fun event to get to before you leave Seattle Carmen! I am sure it was overwhelming for someone not in the trade with 100 exhibitors present. What a great mission statement from drizzle and shine : “We specialize in items that are kind to the earth and animals and that are made by people who are treated fairly. We donate a percentage of each sale to nonprofits that align with our values.” ~Drizzle & Shine
    That is such a pretty view of the City with the space needle and the snow covered mountain peak in ht background. I love your new skirt! It looks lovely with the black top ,tights and those red shoes , and the infinity scarf to finish off. Jean has a very cute outfit also, love the orange tights with the floral dress. Happy Thursday, Terri xo.

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